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Lists of contributors to Seattle campaigns for Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Ballot Issue and Independent Expenditure campaigns. Also, lists of those campaigns' vendors, and the employers of those campaigns' contributors.

Also, a list of City Contractors and a list of entities employing registered Seattle lobbyists. City office candidates are prohibited from accepting contributions from some City Contractors and some Lobbyist Employers.
Campaign Contributors and Vendors
Democracy Voucher Program Data, City Contractors and Employers of City Lobbyists
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Democracy Voucher Program Data?
Up to the minute information on vouchers, including vouchers submitted but not redeemed and redeemed vouchers not yet disclosed by the campaign.
Maybe you are looking for
a list of City Contractors?
Why? City Candidates are prohibited from accepting contributions from City Contractors who have received more than $250k in the past two years.
Maybe you are looking for
a list of Employers of City Lobbyists?
Why? City Candidates are prohibited from accepting contributions from Employers of City Lobbyists who have spent $5,000 or more in the past year lobbying.
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