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Seattle Voters' Guide
Guide to the upcoming election for City of Seattle voters. Background information on the election and statements from the candidates and ballot issue campaigns.
Which Voters' Guide?

Form of Government
I-123 Alaskan Way Park
Prop 1 - Housing Levy

August 2, 2016 Primary

Election Results

Local Results
King County Elections
Secretary of State

August 2, 2016 Primary Election

Initiative Measure No. 123

Proposition No. 1
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Other Offices and Ballot Issues
on City of Seattle Primary Election ballots

Information on candidates for these offices,

US Senate
US House of Representatives
State Offices
State Legislature
State Supreme Court
Superior Court

Can be found at the:
King County Elections'
Candidate Voters' Guide

Or Customize your Candidate guide for your particular precinct's ballot: King County Elections'
My Voter Guide


Information on statewide ballot issues

There are no statewide ballot issues on the August 2, 2016 primary election ballot.

Information on other local ballot issues

Voters in the City of Seattle will only see the two City of Seattle Ballot Propositions (see above) on their August 2nd ballot.

What will Seattle voters see on their November 8, 2016 General Election ballots?

Voters in the City of Seattle will see the following elections on their General Election ballots:

-US President
-US Senate
-US House of Representatives
-Statewide Elected Offices
-Washington State Senate and House
-State Judicial Offices
-Potentially statewide and/or local ballot issues


You will need Javascript enabled on your browser to navigate this voters guide. If you can't or won't enable javascript the PDF version of the voters' pamphlet will be available closer to the election.


Other 2016 Seattle Elections Information

Election Days

Primary Election: August 2, 2016
General Election: November 8, 2016

City Campaigns

There are no regularly scheduled elections for Seattle City Council, Mayor or City Attorney in 2016. The next regularly scheduled elections for city offices will be in 2017.

Here is a

List of 2016 Seattle Campaigns

that have formed to promote or oppose 2016 ballot measures.


2017 Seattle Elections

Offices scheduled to be on the 2017 ballot in Seattle (and the incumbent)

Mayor (Murray)
At Large City Council Position 8 (Burgess)
At Large City Council Position 9 (González)
City Attorney (Holmes)


Seattle City Council - District Elections

Charter Amendment 19, passed by voters on November 5, 2013, mandated the following schedule for Council Races:
Position 2015 2017 2019
1-Southwest 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
2-Southeast 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
3-East Central 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
4-Lake Union to Sand Point 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
5-North 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
6-Green Lake to Golden Gardens 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
7-Downtown to Discovery Park 4 Year Term Not on Ballot 4 Year Term
8-At Large 2 Year Term 4 Year Term Not on Ballot
9-At Large 2 Year Term 4 Year Term Not on Ballot
More information on the 7 City Council Districts can be found at the Seattle City Clerk.

Voting and Ballot FAQs

How do I register to vote?
What is the registration deadline?
How do I get a ballot?
How do I vote absentee?
Where is my polling place?
Which voting precinct do I live in?
What is Vote by Mail?
How do I find my voting location?
How do I get help with voting?
What districts am I in?

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