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Welcome to the Human Services Department’s (HSD) Online Submission System Help Page. Help topics below explain each step of the submission process.

Prior to submitting your response, please review the submission requirements in the RFP/RFQ document to ensure that you are submitting all required documents.

Available RFP/RFQ
Submitting To An RFP/RFQ
RFP/RFQ Information
Step 1 - Your Agency Information
Step 2 - Additional Contact And Other Information
Step 3 - Attach Your RFP/RFQ Files
Step 4 - Submit All Information From Above
Submittal Confirmation
Resubmitting a Proposal

Available RFP/RFQ   (Top)

This page lists all funding processes that are accepting proposals. It is important to note the Name and Deadline of the RFP/RFQ as late proposals will not be reviewed or considered for funding.

If the published deadline is 4:00 p.m. a proposal is considered late if received at 4:00:01 p.m. or later. Please ensure enough time for your proposal to upload by the published deadline.

Submitting To An RFP/RFQ   (Top)

From the list of open RFP/RFQs, select the one you want to submit a proposal to by clicking on its name. This brings you to a new screen that displays the four easy steps to submit a proposal:

RFP/RFQ Information   (Top)
This box is automatically completed. Review it to make sure you are submitting to the correct funding process.

Please note that items with an * are required to complete the submittal.

Step 1 - Your Agency Information   (Top)
Enter basic information about the program, agency/business, and director/owner contact information.

Double check to make sure you have entered a correct email address as the system will email a receipt of the submission to every email address you enter.

Step 2 - Additional Contact And Other Information   (Top)
If the Contact Mailing Address information is the same as Agency Address information click on the check box. This auto populates the Contact Address information. You may directly key in information if the addresses are different.

Enter a Contact Email and Phone Number.

Amount Requested – Enter the amount requested in the proposal. If this is a process where no dollar amount is allocated, enter 0.

Comments – Enter any comments or special instructions.

Submitted By – Enter the name and contact information of the person who is completing the online submittal process. This allows the RFP/RFQ Coordinator to contact that person if there are any problems with the submission.

Step 3 - Attach Your RFP/RFQ Files   (Top)
This is the step to attach your documents for submittal.

Six document types are accepted by the system. These are MS Word (.doc, .docx & .rtf), MS Excel (.xls & .xlsx) and Adobe (.pdf). Please convert all other files to one of these formats before submission.

The size of all files uploaded cannot exceed 100MB. If total file size exceeds the limit, you will receive an application error message and will be unable to submit your application. Contact HSD_RFP_RFQ_Email_Submissions@seattle.gov for assistance.

To Attach Files - Click on the "Browse" button, select the file you want to attach, double click or click on "Open" to attach the file. The file is now attached and should be listed under Files Ready For Upload.

Repeat this process for any other files you will be submitting.

You may delete a file by clicking on the "Delete" button next to the file you want removed.

Step 4 - Submit All Information From Above   (Top)
Review all previous information for completeness, accuracy, and that all attached files are those required by the RFP/RFQ. Once you have completed this review, click on the "Submit Your Information" button.

Additional Buttons:

"Reset Form" – Clears the page of all content, except attached documents.
"Cancel Submission" – Leaves the forms page and goes to the list of open RFP/RFQs.

Submittal Confirmation   (Top)

Provides you with an opportunity to confirm that all of the information you entered is accurate and complete and that all attachments required by the RFP/RFQ have been included.

If all information is accurate and complete, please click "Confirm". If you want to make changes, click "Edit". If you want to cancel this submission, clear all content entered and return to the list of open RFP/RFQs, click "Cancel Submission".

Once you have clicked "Confirm", a receipt page is displayed with the status of your submittal. Print this page for your records.

The receipt will indicate whether or not your submission was received by the deadline. A reference number for your submission is also included.

The system sends a similar receipt to the email address of the Director/Owner, contact person, and the individual who made the online submission. Retain your copy of the email for your records.

Resubmitting a Proposal   (Top)

If you realize that an incorrect attachment was sent or an attachment was missing, you may still make corrections as long as it is BEFORE the RFP/RFQ deadline. Once the deadline has passed, no more corrections are accepted.

To resubmit an attachment or to add an attachment - simply follow the steps used to submit a proposal, making sure you use the Comment field to enter any special instructions i.e., “I forgot to add the Project Narrative to my previous submission, please add the attached file to our application package”.

Add the entire file, not just a page from the file.

We will add the new file to your existing application package. Remember, this must be done BEFORE the RFP/RFQ deadline.

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