Seattle Lobbyist Disclosure

The City of Seattle’s Paid Lobbying Disclosure ordinance went into effect Wednesday, September 17th, 2008. On or after that date anyone qualifying as a paid lobbyist under the ordinance will be required to register and disclose their lobbying income and expenses. This registration must be filed before any additional lobbying is undertaken, but no later than 30 days after qualifying. In addition, the filer must also file quarterly expenditure reports disclosing all lobbying receipts and expenses.
Who must file?
To qualify for required disclosure under the ordinance a person must:
  1. Be paid to lobby, as a contractor or as some part of their regular employment duties; and
  2. Not qualify for one of these exemptions:
    1. Only lobby in public sessions of the City Council or its Committees, or;
    2. Lobby four days or less during any calendar quarter (appearances before public sessions of the City Council or its Committees don’t count), or;
    3. Only lobby on behalf of any local, state or federal government and do this as only a part of their regular employment duties, i.e. a person who is specifically paid to be lobbyist for a government must register and disclose under the ordinance.
Anyone who is paid to lobby and wishes to voluntarily register and report may do so at any time.
How do I file?
If you believe you may need to file paid lobbying disclosure reports please click the "Law and Filer Info" menu button to the left.
Where can the public view the reports?
Click on the "Disclosure Reports" option on the left menu of this page.
If you want to access the full text of a draft ordinance or resolution you see on a lobbyist’s report, click here to find the bill on the City Clerk’s website