Charts and Graphs of contributions and expenditures to and from campaigns for Seattle Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Ballot Issue and Independent Expenditure campaigns.

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Total Contributions Average Contribution Size Contributions by District Contributions by Size Contributions by Type Independent Expenditure Summary
All Groupings All Candidates All Ballot Issues
 Jeffrey Applegate
 Clinton Bliss
 Henry Clay Dennison
 James Donaldson
 Jenny Durkan
 Colleen Echohawk
 Matthew F Ervin
 Jessyn Farrell
 M. Lorena Gonz├ílez
 Bruce Harrell
 Rodney Holt
 Andrew Grant Houston
 Asukaa Jaxx
 Thomas W Kennis
 William Kopatich
 Arthur K. Langlie
 Stan Lippmann
 Kate Martin (Mayor)
 Mona Radheshwar
 Lance Randall
 Don L. Rivers
 Casey Sixkiller
 Omari Tahir-Garrett
 Bobby Tucker
 8-Brian Fahey
 8-Jordan Elizabeth Fisher
 8-George Freeman
 8-Paul Glumaz
 8-David Ishii
 8-Jesse James
 8-Kate Martin (Pos8)
 8-Mike McQuaid
 8-Bobby Lindsey Miller
 8-Teresa Mosqueda
 8-Kaia Lisbeth Persson
 8-Alex Tsimerman
 8-Alexander White
 8-Kenneth Wilson
 9-Mercedes Carrabba
 9-Corey Eichner
 9-Claire Grant
 9-Xtian Gunther
 9-Isabelle Kerner
 9-Lindsay McHaffie
 9-Sara Nelson
 9-Nikkita Oliver
 9-Brianna Thomas
 9-Rebecca Williamson
 Kevin Soini
City Attorney
 Ann Davison
 Steve Fortney
 Pete Holmes
 Isabelle Kerner
 Nicole S Thomas-Kennedy
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$ Amount of
Number of
Applegate $0
Bliss $2,462
Dennison $0
Donaldson $19,637
Durkan $4,920
Echohawk $486,652
Ervin $0
Farrell $460,081
González $996,002
Harrell $1,373,152
Holt $412
Houston $464,236
Jaxx $0
Kennis $0
Kopatich $0
Langlie $144,720
Lippmann $2,401
Martin (Mayor) $50
Radheshwar $0
Randall $75,125
Rivers $0
Sixkiller $97,578
Tahir-Garrett $0
Tucker (2021) $0
Total $4,127,428