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August 1, 2017 Primary Election

City Council Position 8

Sheley Secrest

PO Box 75525
Seattle, WA 98175
(425) 918-0274

picture of Sheley Secrest

Written Voters' Guide Statement

I am the mother of three and a Seattle attorney. I advocate for justice. I work to house the homeless, find justice for the wronged, and bring fairness to business practices. I would like your vote for Seattle City Council.

I am an Advocate for Civil Rights

I attended Seattle University to be an advocate for my community. Nina Turner told me, “Fancy titles are nice, but purpose is everything.” My purpose in life and my purpose for running is to ensure Justice for All.

To ensure that every person feels safe when they leave their homes, we require a well-trained, culturally-competent police force. I served on Seattle’s Office of Professional Accountability, where I worked with the Council and Mayor to create stronger systems of civilian oversight of the police to improve the community’s trust.

I am an Advocate for Economic Rights

Economic Justice is a civil right. I see two Seattles, the gleaming towers and the tent cities. Between those two, I see full-time workers making less than a living wage and being priced out of their homes.

I see it on the ground. I’m the Economic and Development Department chair for the NAACP and I ran the jobs program at the Urban League. I have been fighting for good paying jobs for years. I successfully got Sound Transit to hire minority-owned businesses and I was a policy analyst with the Alliance for a Just Society when we organized the food worker’s strikes that led to $15 an hour. But there is more to do. I see the frustrations of the people who work to raise their families, but come up short. When $75,000 a year is not enough, what are we telling people who make $45,000 or less?

I am an Advocate for Housing Rights

We cannot grow forward and leave our people behind. We must make sure every person who works hard has a place to live, that’s why, while on the board of the Black Community Impact Alliance, we secured the purchase of the YK building, which will house 130 young adults making less than $19,000 annually.

I am Sheley Secrest and I am fighting for you. I will not stop fighting for civil justice, social justice, criminal justice, and economic justice until there is JUSTICE FOR ALL.

I am proudly endorsed by Democratic organizations across Seattle, Seattle Education Association, and Our Revolution Ballard.

This statement was provided by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.

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