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I-123 Alaskan Way Park
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Prop 1 - Housing Levy

August 2, 2016 Primary

Initiative Measure No. 123 (Alaskan Way Park)
Statement For
and Rebuttal

Statement For

Vote for Initiative 123 to preserve our existing elevated public view after the Alaskan Way viaduct is torn down and replaced with a tunnel and surface road. If the Citizens of Seattle do not act, our unparalleled views will be replaced with a street level sidewalk promenade next to the busy, noisy freight route where you can hardly even see the water or the mountains.

Our plan uses the same amount of money and funding sources proposed for the alternative SDOT/WSDOT plan, and it's also a viaduct replacement plan, just with much better oversight and results for the public, visitors, businesses, residents and citizens.

A mile-long elevated park promenade on a brand new garden bridge featuring that spectacular view would boost our entire region with a sustainable grand slam that has immense economic, environmental and cultural value we can pay forward. It creates a healthy, safe and car-free place like Green Lake to enjoy the view, get some exercise, gather with friends and family, take a walk with your dog and more.

Seattleites have always felt a great sense of pride in that view. A YES vote on Initiative 123 lets us keep the legacy going.

A future benefit study will prove, as preliminary studies did, that the $199M Local Improvement District taxing tool - the biggest piece of the funding pie for the waterfront projects - won't work with the SDOT/WSDOT plan because the projects add no value to the landowners around it - or the people of Seattle for that matter.

Putting a Local Improvement District tax burden on landowners legally requires that they receive special added value from the improvement. WSDOT viaduct replacement projects don't count in the calculation because those are paid for by the state, not the City of Seattle.

The freight route promenade does not add value. The enormous building-ramp from the market to Pier 62 does not add value. The vast unprogrammable and indefensible spaces created by the plan do not add value. They're all expensive mistakes.

The Initiative 123 plan is much smarter, adds tremendous value and has huge public benefits. Vote YES on 123 - "a park with a beautiful view, a waterfront for me and you". Visit for more information. Thank you.

Initiative 123 is endorsed by Ciscoe Morris, Seattle Green Spaces Coalition, Cass Turnbull, Cliff Mass, the 32nd District Democrats and State Representative Gerry Pollet - see website for more.

Submitted by:
Kate Martin

Rebuttal To Statement For

I-123 does not include any kind of "plan", cost estimates or financing.

I-123 does include a vague description of another elevated structure on our waterfront, including preserving a portion of the seismically unsafe Viaduct. It doesn't address how people will access our waterfront or even if the State of Washington, who owns the Viaduct, would allow it to remain.

I-123 creates an unelected board to develop this project, with no requirement for public input and no accountability to voters. It also gives this board unlimited access to the city's general fund and surplus land to pay for it - threatening funding for public safety, affordable housing and other important city services. That is just wrong.

I-123 would undo the years of planning and public input put into the current Waterfront project, some of which is already underway.

Please join us in voting NO on I-123.

Submitted by:
Thatcher Bailey, Seattle Parks Foundation
Lisa Richmond, AIA Seattle
Lillian Sherman, Pike Place Market Foundation