Charts and Graphs of contributions and expenditures to and from campaigns for Seattle Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Ballot Issue and Independent Expenditure campaigns.

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Total Contributions Average Contribution Size Contributions by District Contributions by Size Contributions by Type Independent Expenditure Summary
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 City Attorney
 City Council Position 8
 City Council Position 9
 City Council Undecided
 Recall - CC D3
 Homelessness & Housing - CA29
 Recall - Mayor
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$ Amount of
Number of
MAYOR $4,127,428
City Council Position 8 $493,359
City Council Position 9 $1,209,915
City Attorney $1,200,959
City Council Undecided $0
Recall - CC D3 $2,067,237
Homelessness & Housing - CA29 $1,266,428
2021 IE Committees $7,210,739
2021 IE Non-Committees $0
Recall - Mayor $5,293
Total $17,581,358