Charts and Graphs of contributions and expenditures to and from campaigns for Seattle Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Ballot Issue and Independent Expenditure campaigns.

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Total Contributions Average Contribution Size Contributions by District Contributions by Size Contributions by Type Independent Expenditure Summary
All Groupings All Candidates All Ballot Issues
 Prachant Bradwell
 Gary E. Brose
 Casey Carlisle
 Tiniell Cato
 Jenny Durkan
 Jessyn Farrell
 Thom Gunn
 Greg Hamilton
 Michael Harris
 Bob Hasegawa
 David Ishii
 Lewis A. Jones
 Dave Kane
 Harley Lever
 Mary J. Martin
 Mike McGinn
 Cary Moon
 Ed Murray
 James W. Norton, Jr.
 Larry Oberto
 Nikkita Oliver
 Jason Roberts
 Andres Salomon
 Adam Star
 Alex Tsimerman 2017
 Keith J. Whiteman
 8-Ryan Asbert
 8-Tim Burgess
 8-Hisam Goueli
 8-Jon Grant
 8-Jenn Huff
 8-Roger Kluck
 8-Mac McGregor
 8-Teresa Mosqueda
 8-Sara E. Nelson
 8-Hannah Nye
 8-Rudy Pantoja
 8-James Passey
 8-Sheley Secrest
 8-Charlene D. Strong
 9-Ian Affleck-Asch
 9-Pauly Giuglianotti
 9-M. Lorena Gonz├ílez
 9-Pat Murakami
 9-Ty Pethe
 9-David Preston
 9-Marguerite Richard
 9-Eric W. Smiley
 William Sean Beavers
 Amanda Carter
 Angelina De Caracena
City Attorney
 Pete Holmes
 Scott Lindsay
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$ Amount of
Number of
8-Asbert $100
8-Burgess $960
8-Goueli $59,695
8-Grant $359,451
8-Huff $0
8-Kluck $300
8-McGregor $7,330
8-Mosqueda $458,960
8-Nelson $148,679
8-Nye $0
8-Pantoja $100
8-Passey $3,286
8-Secrest $19,149
8-Strong $49,541
9-Affleck-Asch $1,241
9-Giuglianotti $210
9-González $297,158
9-Murakami $172,397
9-Pethe $1,989
9-Preston $1,472
9-Richard $0
9-Smiley $2,052
Beavers $0
Carter $0
De Caracena $0
Total $1,584,070