Past Elections
A guide to information on past Seattle elections.

2003 to Present

Most available information can be found in other sections on the left, there is no archive. For example, if you are looking for a 2005 Voters' guide click "Voters' Guide" on the left and then "Previous Voter Guides", then select 2005.

Paper Election Report

The SEEC has been producing a paper election report since 1993. PDFs of these reports are available here:

2002 and Earlier

Limited information is available in other sections on the left, notably under Searches (but not Lists), as well as Law and Rules. All other information must be viewed in these archives listed below.

Please note: The archived pages available below are provided exactly as they were last published, a long time ago. They will contain:

  • - Links to pages that no longer exist
  • - Information that was true when it was published, but is no longer true, such as describing Mayor Norm Rice as "The Incumbent"
  • - Graphics and formatting that does not meet today's standards
  • - Confusing navigation for Searches, and for Law and Rules(it will send you back to this new interface with no way back)
  • - Information we hope you will still find useful if taken in its historic context

Past Election Results

Most Seattle voting statistics are available at King County Elections.

Limited results of previous Seattle City Office elections (back to 1870!) can be found at the City of Seattle Archives.