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Director's Rules

DR 10-2012, Transportation Management Programs

Superseded by
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This rule interprets
supersedes 9-2010

Keeping Your Rules Up-to-date

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Draft Director's Rules


DDR 29-2015, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Exemptions From Environmental Review Requirements When Establishing, Changing or Expanding A Use


DDR 26-2015, Grading Season Extension


DDR 21-2015/SPU DWW-200 Director's Rule, 2016 Stormwater Manual


DDR 14-2015, Off-Premise Advertising Signs


DDR 13-2015/SDOT 6-2015, Brooklyn Ave NE, NE 43rd St and NE 42nd St Street Design Concept Plan


DDR 11-2015/SDOT 4-2015, Third Avenue Transit Corridor Street Design Concept Plan


DDR 10-2015/SDOT 3-2015, University Street, 8th Avenue, Terrace Street, Terry Avenue Street Design Concept Plan


DDR 9-2015/SDOT 2-2015, Pontius Avenue N Street Design Concept Plan


DDR 7-2015/SDOT 5-2015, University District Alley Activation Street Design Concept Plan


DDR 8-2015/SDOT 1-2015, Occidental Avenue S and First Avenue S Street Design Concept Plan.


DDR 4-2015, Additional General Duties and Responsibilities of Structural and Geotechnical Special Inspection Agencies


DDR 2-2015, Determining if two or More Development Proposals Must be Considered as One for Purposes of Applying SEPA Categorical Exemptions and Design Review Thresholds


DDR 22-2014, Noncommercial Speech on Signs

Still Need Help?

If you have questions about superseded or rescinded rules, please contact Jill Vanneman at (206) 733-9062.