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About Director's Rules

Our Director's Rules (DRs) are binding rules about land use, construction, housing, and other codes we administer. The rules are adopted according to the administration section in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC Section 3.06.040). We issue our Director’s Rules after we have published public notice in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

We number our Director's Rules chronologically, with the document number and the year it was published. For example, DR 24-88 means the 24th rule of 1988.

Our final Director's Rules available online are not signed by the Seattle DCI Director, but they do contain the official, approved text. If you need a signed copy, please call our Public Resource Center at (206) 684-8467.

Keeping Your Rules Up-to-date

We publish official legal notice for all Director’s Rules in Seattle's Daily Journal of Commerce. We also publish notice about land use rules in our Land Use Information Bulletin through the Seattle Services Portal. To receive an email alert when the Land Use Information Bulletin is posted contact our Public Resource Center.


Draft Director's Rules


DDR 18-2018 Implementation of the Fee Subtitle

View public notice


DDR 16-2018 Graywater Containment and Pumpout Requirements for Floating on water Residences (FOWRs) and House Barges expanding by more than 120 square feet

View public notice


DDR 4-2018 Early Community Outreach for Design Review

View public notice


DDR 9-2018 Clarification and corrections to energy modeling procedures of the 2015 Seattle Energy Code


Still Need Help?

If you have questions about superseded or rescinded rules, please contact Jill Vanneman at (206) 733-9062.