I used to log in with my Customer Number. How do I log in now?

If you haven't created a User ID yet, you may log in with your Customer Number. We'll then take you to Your Account where you can create a User ID.

Why do I need a User ID instead of my Customer Number?

We've improved Seattle Electronic Filing System to make it more convenient for persons who do online filing for more than one business and for businesses who wish to grant access to more than one person.

What is a Pre-assigned Access Code (PAC)?

If you are an Administrator for a businesses' Seattle Electronic Filing accounts, you can create a pre-assigned access code (PAC) to provide another person access to the business. They can use this PAC to add the business to their account.

Can't I simply grant a user access myself?

Yes. If you are an administrator for the business and you know the person's User ID, you can immediately grant them access to the business. Use a pre-assigned access code only when you don't know their account ID, or if they haven't set up an account yet. When you give them this access code, they'll be able to create their new account and add the business to their list during the same visit to Seattle Electronic Filing.

Can more than one person use the same pre-assigned access code (PAC)?

No. For security purposes, once someone uses the PAC you set up for them, it is no longer available for anyone else.

What do the different roles mean?

Each role authorizes certain functions as described in this table.
Role NameUsers are authorized to...
Administrator Add/Edit/Remove Users
Update Trade Name
Update Address/Phone
Prepare Tax Return
Approve/Submit Tax Return
Pay Tax Return
Renew and Pay Business License
Tax Preparer - can prepare Update Trade Name
Update Address/Phone
Prepare Tax Return
Tax Preparer - can prepare, submit and pay Update Trade Name
Update Address/Phone
Prepare Tax Return
Approve/Submit Tax Return
Pay Tax Return
Renew and Pay Business License

Can a user have more than one role?

A user can have multiple roles for a single business, and can do anything authorized by any of those roles. And a user can have different roles for different businesses.

I don't like the roles I've been assigned. What should I do?

Contact an administrator for the business in question. Role assignments are maintained by the businesses, not by the City of Seattle.

I want to assign someone functions that don't match any role or combination of roles. What do I do?

We welcome suggestions for future enhancements to SELF. Contact Us

Can I edit or remove my own account from a business?

If you are the only person associated with the business, you may remove yourself.

If there is another person associated with the business, that person must be an administrator before you may edit or remove yourself. You can make another person an administrator by clicking edit.

Where do I find my Business Customer Number and Obligation Number?

They are on any current or old Seattle Business Tax form for your business. See the example below.

I can't add a business using Customer Number and Obligation Number. Why not?

For added security, if the business already has another user registered in SELF, that method of adding a business to your list will not work. Contact an administrator for the business to get the access you need.

If you don't think anyone else should already be accessing the business's data in SELF, contact us . (For security purposes, there will be some questioning of your request; user role assignments are normally maintained by the business, not by the City of Seattle.)

Sample tax forms:

Is the business a non-profit organization?

To be a non-profit organization, your business must be registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) corporation. If your business has not established itself with the IRS as this type of organization you may not claim this status on your City of Seattle Business License.

How do I determine my Worldwide Gross Income and/or Value of Products?

Worldwide Gross Income is the entire gross revenue received by a business (all locations) throughout the entire world.

What are Special Mailing Instructions?

Special Mailing Instructions are additional specific instructions for mail delivery. For example, it could be a particular tax department within that business location or a specific person that should be receiving the document(s).

What is a Trade Name?

The tradename is the name by which a business is recognized. This is often referred to as the D/B/A (Doing Business As...)

What is NAICS?

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was adopted by the United States in 1997 as the industry classification system to be used by the statistical agencies of the United States, Mexico and Canada. NAICS replaces the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).