Completing Your Timesheet

The web timesheet is used to record work hours (including out-of-class), leave hours, Summit Chartfield information, comments, and approvals.


New Timesheet


Description of Timesheet Menu

o    Home   Select to go back to the Home Page.

o    Timesheet  Select to fill out your timesheet.

o    Template  Select to set up or change your template.  A template is optional and is used to download pre-filled paycode and hours information.

o    Supervisor Approval  Used by supervisors to approve their employee’s timesheets.

o    OT Meals  Used by employees to record overtime meals for payment.

o    Log Out   To exit the timesheet

Header Information

Pay Period End. By selecting a particular Pay Period End Date, you can view timesheet information for prior pay periods, or fill out your timesheet for current or future pay periods.  The default date is the current pay period.

Available Leave Balances. Available balances for vacation, sick leave, floating holiday and comp time and other leave balances are displayed.  

The balances will be updated after each payroll is processed.


Entering Your Time

ErnCd  Earn Code is a type of compensation. The default value is AA for "regular pay". Select the appropriate Earn Code.  You may enter only one earn code per line.  To enter additional earn codes, click the “Add New Line” button.  You can search for the list of Earn Codes by double-clicking in the input box.

Click in the check box next to the code you want to select the appropriate Earn Code.

JobCode  Your jobcode will default.  If you are reporting “out-of-class” work you will need to enter the "out-of-class" jobcode in this box. Double-click in the input box to search from a list of values.

Org Department and Division you work for. Double-click in the input box to select from a list of values.

Summit Chartfields  Are used by some departments to record cost accounting information.  Your Supervisor should supply this information.  The chartfields you see on your timesheet will depend on your Department setup.  Double-click in the input box to select from a list of values.

Note:  You will see the description of the field values by placing your mouse over the field.




Activity ID. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Resource Type. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Resource Sub Category. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Resource Category. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Program. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Project. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


 Sub Class. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


 Fund. Used for Cost accounting transactions.


Enter Hours  Enter your hours in the spaces provided.  Hours may be reported to two decimal places.

Document number  This is used for industrial insurance claim numbers.  It may also be used to track additional information as your department may require.  Contact your payroll or HR Office with questions.

When you have completed one row of data, click Add New Line button to add another row.

Control Buttons

Delete  A Del button appears at the end of each line.  Click to delete the line.

Add New Line  Click to add a new line to enter other types of hours such as vacation, sick leave etc.

Download Template  If you have set up a template you can download your template by selecting the Download Template button. All lines in your template will be appended to your timesheet.

Save Timesheet  Use this button to save changes made to your timesheet.  When you are ready to submit your timesheet, review the FMLA notice below, click Employee Approval, click Submit.


Comments Box  Enter comments to further explain your timesheet entries, such as reasons for sick leave, overtime, out of class, funeral or emergency leave.



Family Medical Leave Act  Click yes if you believe that your need for leave such as sick leave or vacation qualifies you for FMLA.  If yes, you must contact your HR office to complete the necessary forms.  Click on the link for additional information.

Employee Approval  Click the check box to indicate your approval after you have completed your timesheet.  Your approval constitutes your signature of your timesheet.  Click Submit to transmit your timesheet.  You may make changes and resubmit your timesheet up to the point that your supervisor has indicated his/her approval.

Supervisor Approval  (For supervisor use only)  After the employee has indicated his/her approval, click the check box to indicate your approval then select Submit.  This constitutes your signature on the timesheet.


Printing Timesheets.  You can print timesheets directly from the Internet Explorer (IE) browser by following these steps.


To print a timesheet landscape

1) Open the timesheet page

2) Select File in the upper left hand corner with your mouse

3) Select Print

4) Select Properties

5) Select the Basics tab

6) In the Orientation section, select "Landscape"

7) Select OK

8) In the Print frames section, select "As laid out on the screen"

9) Select OK