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Full Summary Report (C4) - 7/16/2019 to 7/29/2019
posted 7/30/2019 9:35:06 AM by Abbot Taylor

Committee NameABEL 4 SEATTLE
Mailing AddressPO BOX 20084
Final Report No

Contribution Summary Expenditure Summary
Total at Start of Period $9,686.00  Total at Start of Period $4,471.17
Cash Received $ 0.00   Cash Expenditures $ 0.00
In-Kind Contributions $ 0.00   In-Kind Expenditures $ 0.00
Subtotal Cash and In-Kind $ 0.00   Subtotal Cash and In-Kind $ 0.00
Loan Principal Payments $ 0.00   Loan Principal Payments $ 0.00
Corrections $ 0.00   Corrections $ 0.00
Net Adjustments $ 0.00   Net Adjustments $ 0.00
Total at End of Period $9,686.00  Total at End of Period $4,471.17
Total Pledges $ 0.00   

Cash Summary
Cash on Hand$5,214.83
Liabilities $ 0.00

Schedule A to C4 - Bank Account Activity

Bank Deposits
None Reported

Bank Withdrawals
None Reported

Schedule B to C4 - In-Kinds, Pledges and Debts

In-Kind Contributions
None Reported

None Reported

Orders Placed, Debts and Obligations
None Reported

Schedule C to C4 - Accounting Corrections

Corrections To Contributions and Other Receipts
None Reported

Corrections To Expenditures
None Reported

Refunds from Vendors
None Reported

Schedule L to C4 - Loans

Loan Payments
None Reported

Loans Forgiven
None Reported

Loans Still Owed
None Reported

Report Certified ByAbbot Taylor
Date Certified7/30/2019 9:35:06 AM
Treasurer's Daytime Telephone Number206-218-3108