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SDCI cannot offer legal guarantees with respect to the information we provide in response to inquiries made via this website.

The standards in Seattle’s Land Use, Building, Rental Registration and Inspection, and other related codes and ordinances are subject to change. How these standards apply may also vary depending on specific details relating to the site, or other information not immediately available to us at the time we respond to your question. As a property owner or project applicant you are ultimately responsible for complying with code standards.

Some questions—due to their complexity or the need to refer to documents such as plans and maps—do not lend themselves well to emailed responses. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, you may be asked to visit our Applicant Services Center to discuss your question with us in person, or to send your question in writing, with necessary diagrams; or to schedule a pre-application conference. Response to some questions will require permit research, and some of these services cannot be provided without assessing a fee. If your question is one that we cannot readily respond to by email, we will write back to tell you how best to resolve your question and what fees may apply.

Information provided in response to your question is meant to be helpful, but we expressly do not assume liability for costs resulting from reliance on this information. In the event of a conflict between information provided in response to an inquiry via this website and a specific determination reached by applying our codes to a submitted project application, the latter applies.

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