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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View3818 S Edmunds ST S   
View1732 BROADWAY Bonney Watson MortuaryBonney Watson Funeral Home
View305 Harrison ST Washington State Coliseum/Coliseum Century 21Coliseum/Key Arena
View3815 S Angeline ST S  Glen Apartments
View305 Harrison ST The Seattle Mural/Century 21 MuralHoriuchi Mural and Stage/Mural Amphitheatre
View3100 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View305 Harrison ST Friendship Bell/Kobe Bell 
View1167 Mercer ST Messenger SignsMessenger Signs
View2009 Minor AVE Lake Union Community Psychiatric ClinicBush, Roed & Hitchings
View201 Mercer ST PlayhouseIntiman Playhouse
View305 Harrison ST International Fountain 
View8535 Phinney AVE UnknownShamrock Group
View305 Harrison ST National Aeronautics and Space Administration BuildingNASA Warehouse
View305 Harrison ST Monorail OfficeFun Forest Administration Building/Monorail Office/Frontier Gallery
View1313 S JUDKINS ST S  Pali Apartments
View301 Mercer ST Fine Arts Pavilion/Exhibition HallExhibition Hall/PNB Phelps Center
View305 Harrison ST Sweden Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsNorthwest Craft Center
View2416 15TH AVE Residence 18 Bauer Residence (2)
View410 4TH AVE  
View2565 22ND AVE 06 Ford Residence
View2100 BOYER AVE St. Demetrios Church 
View1529 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Haimer Residence
View1531 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Yasuda Residence
View1120 12th AVE UnknownUnknown
View2121 8th AVE Metro VolkswagenToyota of Seattle
View2412 E 15TH AVE E Residence 18 Bauer Residence
View4200 Latona AVE   
View3800 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber Company
View4800 40th AVE UnknownYWCA
View300 Mercer ST Parking GarageMercer Garage
View2411 Alaskan WAY Edgewater Inn/ The CamelotEdgewater Inn
View305 Harrison ST International Commerce & Industry BuildingsColiseum North Court Rooms/Northwest Rooms
View305 Harrison ST Great Britain Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsSeattle Art Museum Pavilion/Seattle Center Pavilion
View1526 E MCGRAW ST E Residence 18 Neuhart Residence
View270 S HANFORD ST S Hullen Transfer CompanyHullin Building
View305 Harrison ST Monorail Terminal 
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