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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View520 12TH AVE  Wan Le Auto Service
View1265 S KING ST S  R S Auto Rebuild
View4214 51ST AVE   
View4708 S GENESEE ST S   
View4102 49TH AVE   
View1521 S PEARL ST S   
View9603 59TH AVE   
View2922 6TH AVE NW Motor Parts Corp.Zeppelin Studio/ Brake & Clutch Supply
View3667 1ST AVE Johnson Wax ProductsFantagraphics Books
View2701 4TH AVE 2701 4th Ave SBig O Tires
View16 S IDAHO ST S Behr-Manning CorporationSTC Industries
View2737 4TH AVE All Bearing Service IncorporatedMarshall Walton Design Group
View2228 OCCIDENTAL AVE Ocoma Brands/ McCauley's Incorporated2228 Occidental Ave S
View3600 S Genesee ST S UnknownStephan's Barber Shop
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park Comfort Station #3 (1948) 
View3918 14th AVE   
View1425 NW Ballard WAY NW Olympian Stone Co.Chef's Mobility Conversions, Inc.
View4006 24th PL   
View4636-4640 22nd AVE Unknown 
View4143 24th PL   
View306 Fairview AVE Graphic Photo Co.306 Fairview Ave. N
View3924 14th AVE   
View1729 32nd AVE Colman Park Storage Building 
View621 2nd AVE Puget Sound News Company 
View4133 24th PL   
View1010 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View1924 N 48th ST N   
View7722 Rainier AVE UnknownFirst Center
View3930 14th AVE   
View5801 S Pilgrim ST S Rainier Beach Playground Field House/Hutchinson Playfield Field HouseHutchinson Community Center
View118 Dexter AVE Parks Department HeadquartersSeattle Parks Department Headquarters
View4458 CALIFORNIA AVE Neilsen FloristShadowland/Forsythe Studio
View434 Yale AVE Office and Warehouse for O. E. Turnquist"Bubba Mavis Gallery" ( 2 other businesses)
View4103 Burke AVE   
View1212 N Midvale PL N  Wallingford Chiropractic
View1220 Republican ST 1220 Republican Street1220 Republican Street
View3706 S RIDGEWAY PL S   
View1851 E Green Lake DR E Green Lake Park Comfort Station #2 (1948) 
View1206 Queen Anne AVE   
View1524 32nd AVE   
View1914 8th AVE Mr. Charley'sHana Teriyaki
View1353 E Boston ST E Mayer, Harold, Residence 
View2217 3rd AVE Northwest Acceptance Corporationvacant
View2729 2nd AVE Universal Index Tab Co.Lighting Supply
View2412 2nd AVE Candy Distribution Co.Windermere Mortgage Services
View2218 5th AVE Sterling Engraving Co.vacant
View1150 EASTLAKE AVE Perry Machine Shop 
View525 DEXTER AVE People's National Bank of WashingtonSeattle Strength & Performance
View2524 E MILLER ST E Katz Residence09 Atlakson Residence
View2511 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD 09 Jamieson + Coe Residence
View2518 ROYAL CT 09 Stone Residence
View2156 BOYER AVE 35 Huynh Residence
View5420 BALLARD AVE Glenn J. Twigg BuildingEidem Upholstery
View4538 CALIFORNIA AVE West Seattle Sporting GoodsVillage Woodworks
View5616 S AVON ST S   
View4227 48TH AVE   
View9617 59TH AVE   
View3820 14th AVE   
View2625 1st AVE Rodgers (David) Park Comfort Station 
View206 Highland DR   
View2333 Western AVE Marine Firemen's Union BuildingTabella
View2148 BOYER AVE Gerber Residence35 Brillhart Residence
View1907 7th AVE "Parking Lot for Vance Lumber Company," Hotel Vance parking garageHotel Max parking garage
View401 WESTLAKE AVE Forsberg Indian Co. MotorcyclesWestlake & Harrison Building
View2164 BOYER AVE Brockway Residence 35 Cook Residence
View5816 24TH AVE  
View3200 6TH AVE Los Angeles Seattle Motor ExpressAlaskan Copper Works
View1310 Harrison ST Rectory- St. Spiridon Orthodox CathedralSts. Cyril and Methodius Education Building
View1924 Rainier AVE Arctic Ice Cream Co.Arctic Novelties
View2021 9th AVE S.L. Savidge Inc.Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
View4216 Corliss AVE   
View4042 24th PL   
View9607 59TH AVE   
View1264 S KING ST S  Settle Automotive Distributors
View401 DEXTER AVE J.W. Graham & Co. School SuppliesSeattle Print Works
View1212 5th AVE Lakecrest Apartments 
View5500 Phinney AVE Woodland Park Zoo Administration BuildingARC
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