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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View913 S JACKSON ST S  Van's Produce
View4817 S OREGON ST S   
View4415 49TH AVE   
View4034 48TH AVE   
View4409 50TH AVE   
View4611 S BRADFORD ST S   
View3902 46TH AVE   
View3916 46TH AVE   
View3922 46TH AVE   
View3903 47TH AVE   
View5109 S HAZEL ST S   
View5103 S HAZEL ST S   
View4907 13TH AVE   
View4807 S AUSTIN ST S   
View2575 S GRAHAM ST S   
View2958 6TH AVE Robertson Freight Lines/ Warehouse for D. S. TobiasAlaskan Copper Employment Office
View2743 4TH AVE North Coast Seed Co. -Cutler HammerHD Holiday Decor
View2005 AIRPORT WAY Olympic Sausage CompanyOberto Sausage Co.
View1507 BELMONT AVE  Salon Lowe
View415 WESTLAKE AVE Unique Merchandise WholesalersKakao Cafe/Union Church
View2205 E ROANOKE ST E Goggin Residence
View314 FAIRVIEW AVE 314 Fairview Ave. N 
View505 3RD AVE Unknown01 Publishing
View2503 30th AVE   
View3511 Interlake AVE  A & B Auto Parts
View 38th AVE Magnolia Bluff Tank 
View3714 S Hudson ST S Esmay's Automotive Rebuild 
View535 PONTIUS AVE 535 Pontius Avenue NorthPayette Industries Inc.
View221 YALE AVE Metropolitan Laundry Garage BuildingPEMCO Claims Center Garage
View203 W Republican W   
View805 NE Northlake PL NE Office/Warehouse 
View1028 NE 65th ST NE Standard RadioVideophile
View4411 CALIFORNIA AVE Irwin Chiropractic ClinicCourtesy Accounting
View4341 15th AVE   
View1920 32nd AVE   
View4346 15th AVE   
View3102 13th AVE   
View1926 32nd AVE   
View1111 W Nickerson ST W   
View5801 20th AVE Ravenna Park Maintenance Shop 
View1505 32nd AVE   
View6900 35TH AVE SW Myrtle Street Reservoir 
View1914 Minor AVE M. J. Glerup CompanyAdvance Marking Systems
View1921 Minor AVE Office and Service Building for Mr. Preston FallerModern Digital
View2616 Western AVE Worthington Corporationunknown
View2400-2410 3rd AVE O. H. Carlson Electric Co.Cruise West
View3010 1st AVE Felix BuildingLaw Office of Horton Smith
View2323 3rd AVE Pittsburgh Testing LaboratoryBinder Products
View5145 S WILLOW ST S   
View4610 S BRADFORD ST S   
View3825 46TH AVE   
View3921 46TH AVE   
View4615 S ADAMS ST S   
View4203 47TH AVE   
View4150 1ST AVE Pacific Metal Company Daniel Smith Fine Art Supplies
View1900 AIRPORT AVE Charter ConstructionSODO Building LLC
View233 WESTLAKE AVE Peerless Yeast Comany & Acme BreweriesLake Union Wellness
View2019 19TH AVE O'Connor Residence34 Fillipi Residence
View5611 PARK RD  
View500 WESTLAKE AVE Philco BuildingUptown Espresso
View1841 23RD AVE 44 Manos-Dinter Residence
View1900 22ND AVE Miller Residence42 Miller Residence
View2504 25TH AVE Fasten Residence09 Sim Residence
View2512 E MILLER ST E Hocking Residence09 Abu-Alhashem Residence
View2518 E MILLER ST E Harschfeld Residence09 Arnstein Residence
View1914 26TH AVE Freeman Residence 47 Myhr Residence
View2517 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Barnett Residence09 Childs Residence
View1619 E LYNN ST E Herrett Residence 
View1627 E LYNN ST E Rosenwald Residence 
View1633 E LYNN ST E Sater Residence 
View1805 E LYNN ST E Naon Residence 
View1822 25TH AVE Perry Residence46 Calhoun Residence
View2508 E MILLER ST E 09 Bennett Residence
View1619 E LYNN ST E 35 McCrory Residence
View2142 BOYER AVE 35 Steinberg Residence
View3206 NW 77TH ST NW  
View2422 E MCGRAW ST E Gluck Residence 24 Lee Residence
View4744 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction MarketYummy Teriyaki
View6705 35TH AVE  
View6721 35TH AVE  
View509-521 4TH AVE 4th West Apartments
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