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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1024 S KING ST S  Acme Poultry Warehouse
View4127 46TH AVE   
View4109 46TH AVE   
View900 BOYLSTON AVE unknownSt. Joseph's Baby Center
View2764 1ST AVE Seattle First National Bank (branch bank)Bank of America (branch bank)
View3405 6TH AVE Link-Belt Co.Alaskan Copper Works
View2724 4TH AVE Newell Brothers/ Overall LaundryCabinets and Granite
View4130 1ST AVE 4132 1st Ave SUrban Enoteca/ Impex
View2227 4TH AVE Veterinary HospitalAnimal Hospital
View4850 E Green Lake WAY E UnknownAnna's Teriyaki
View217 9th AVE V. Savinoff Furniture Studio/ Owen HampsonBanya
View4480 Fauntleroy WAY UnknownDiva Espresso & Northwest Home Design
View503 Temple PL W. Samuel Chinn House 
View4545 Fauntleroy AVE UnknownHuling Bros. Buick Co.
View115-117 12th AVE UnknownUnknown
View12543 Lake City WAY Tai Wan CaféToyoda Sushi
View4850 E Green Lake WAY E  Panko's Café / Anna's Teriyaki
View420 YALE AVE Northwest Electric CompanySeattle Wholesale Floral
View 35th AVE SW Myrtle Street Tank No. 2 
View1411-1413 34th AVE UnknownFetch & 1 other
View819 BOYLSTON AVE Marion ClinicBoylston Building, Swedish Medical Center
View901 3rd AVE   
View7351 E Green Lake DR E Green Lake Park Boat Rentals & Concession 
View2215 N 38th ST N   
View2601 1st AVE Empire Children's WearArtech/Chartreuse
View2225 5th AVE Bowser, Inc.Seattle Glassblowing
View222 DEXTER AVE West Coast Heating & Plumbing Co.The Barking Lounge
View416 DEXTER AVE Shields-Harper & Co. Industrial EquipmentHomegrown Offices
View817 REPUBLICAN ST Lexow & Son Custom Cabinet WorksAthletic Awards
View2520 25TH AVE 09 Rasey-Jackson Residence
View2615 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Maizels Residence 
View2514 25TH AVE 09 Tharalson Residence
View4523 CALIFORNIA AVE MacDougall-Southwick Pecado Bueno/Pellegrini Market
View10232 65TH AVE   
View815 4th AVE Seattle Public Schools Administrative Buildingsame
View4509 CALIFORNIA AVE Miss Walker's ApparelBe's Restaurant
View7720 30TH AVE  
View2124 3rd AVE Rex Land CompanySwenson Say Faget
View1121 DEXTER AVE Martineaus Auto RebuildPeter Stoner Architects, LLC
View2521 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Arensberg Residence 09 Taylor Residence
View2535 AIRPORT WAY Equipment Engineers/ "826 Lander St"American Trailer Repair
View900 BOYLSTON AVE Unknown 
View21 W Armour W   
View1165 Harrison ST Van Hoeter BakeriesTaco Del Mar
View165 W Mercer ST W UnknownOzzie's Diner
View1100 Olive WAY Smith Gandy Ford Building1100 Olive Building, Targeted Genetics
View221 9TH AVE R.N. Brodie Co./Tokheim Oil Tank & PumpArt Gallery
View1101 PIKE ST  Salvation Army
View225 BROADWAY Robert J. Nolan, FurrierPanache
View1305 N 41st ST N   
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