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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1041 1ST AVE Westinghouse Electric CompanyGerry Manufacturing
View5081 57TH AVE   
View4209 51ST AVE   
View8731 HAMLET AVE   
View6831 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 26 North - Bachelor Officer's Quarters (North Wing) 
View6310 NE 74TH ST NE NAS Seattle Building 30 - Hangar & Office Building 
View7700 63RD & NOAA AVE NAS Seattle Building 32 - Landplane Hangar 
View7700 NE 77TH ST & 63RD AVE NE NAS Seattle Building 33 - Landplane Hangar 
View6327 NE 74TH ST NE NAS Seattle Building 41 - Ships' Service, Gasoline Station 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 42 - Main Electric Substation 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 69 - Carport - Bachelor Officers' Quarters 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 101 -Tank Truck Loading Rack 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 116 - Sewage Pump House 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 119 - Dope Storage (Assembly & Repair) 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 328 - Officers Tennis Court 
View6524 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 330 - Married Officers Quarters "A" 
View6610 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 331 - Married Officers Quarters "B" 
View6622 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 332 - Married Officers Quarters "C" 
View5018 28TH AVE   
View2307 RAINIER AVE  Remo Borracchini's Bakery & Med. Market
View2415 E LOUISA ST E Steinbrecher Residence
View9632 Aurora AVE Unknown 
View2017 29th AVE   
View4115 Ashworth AVE   
View2600 NW Market ST NW Limback Lumber Co.Limback Lumber Co.
View6206 Roosevelt WAY SafewayDefinitive Audio
View1110 N 48th ST N   
View925 34th AVE Madrona Playfield Shelter House 
View766 John ST Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church/ First Norwegian Lutheran ChurchDenny Park Lutheran Church
View615 W Highland DR W Ohrbeck, Phyllis, House 
View665 W Highland DR W Black, Lyman and Marion, House 
View1106 N 48th ST N   
View1600 E Boston TER E Nichols Jr., Percival & Loyal, House 
View1111 N 49th ST N   
View3031 Western AVE Glaser Brothers Tobaccoparking
View3920 47TH AVE   
View2901 UTAH AVE  Washington Chain & Supply Company/ General Office
View2175 BOYER AVE Nisbet Residence34 Duthweiler Residence
View2455 24TH AVE Brashen Residence 
View2406 E CALHOUN ST E Hoover Residence 
View2425 E ROANOKE ST E Wilcox Residence08 Nelson Residence
View1628 E MCGRAW ST E Cathro Residence19 Eisenberg Residence
View1807 E CALHOUN ST E Hoff Residence 20 McElvain Residence
View1811 E CALHOUN ST E Markov Residence 20 Mjelde Residence
View2012 E CALHOUN ST E Wilson Residence14 Bruns Residence
View2014 E CALHOUN ST E Hymen Residence 14 Dubman Residence
View1520 E MCGRAW ST E Shindell Residence18 Layton Residence
View1802 E MCGRAW ST E Watters Residence 20 1802 E McGraw LLC Residence
View7755 33RD AVE  
View1808 E MCGRAW ST E Blumenthal Residence 20 Hauschka Residence
View1801 E CALHOUN ST E Barton Residence 20 Bundy- Light Residence
View1815 E CALHOUN ST E Forde Residence 20 VanLeuven Residence
View1821 E CALHOUN ST E Levy Residence 20 Toepel Residence
View818 E EDGAR ST E Milligan, Dr E.L. & Edith, HouseFerguson, Keith R. and Deborah W., House
View1812 E MCGRAW ST E Campbell Residence 20 Hedner Residence
View1816 E MCGRAW ST E Kent Residence 20 Graham Residence
View1820 E MCGRAW ST E Ewart Residence 20 Milam Residence
View4741 CALIFORNIA AVE TradewellSleepers in Seattle
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