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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View800 RAINIER AVE Signal Gas Station & Auto ShopBudd & Company Auto
View1419 S JACKSON ST S Rainier OvenCambium Landscape
View1432 S JACKSON ST S Safeway DairySan Gennaro Foods
View4911 S GENESEE ST S   
View5003 S GENESEE ST S   
View5253 BRANDON ST   
View4125 49TH AVE   
View8316 BEACON AVE   
View6017 44TH AVE   
View3213 S FERDINAND ST S   
View3903 S HUDSON ST S   
View4755 39TH AVE   
View4751 39TH AVE   
View4715 30TH AVE   
View1231 S JACKSON ST S  Vina Denture Clinic
View5952 44TH AVE   
View10729 57TH AVE   
View5249 S MYRTLE ST S   
View7103 55TH AVE   
View3947 S FERDINAND ST S   
View4759 39TH AVE   
View6036 S ROXBURY ST S   
View4337 EVANSTON AVE Jorgen H. & Lulu Clausen House 
View4035 CASCADIA AVE   
View9701 RAINIER AVE   
View8316 46TH AVE   
View1500 HARVARD AVE unknownSegal Center, SCCC
View2230 1ST AVE Western Tractor and Equipment CompanyInterstate Supply/ Doty & Associates/ Allison & Ross Picture Frames
View2244 1ST AVE  E-Z Mini Storage/ 1st Ave Self Storage
View5033 1ST AVE Asbestos Supply Co./ J. W. Clise & Co.Craftsmen Ltd.
View1519 ALASKAN WAY Pacific Steamship Company1519 Alaskan Way S
View3801 E MARGINAL WAY E  Ash Grove Cement Company
View1420 BOREN AVE Embassy ApartmentsEmbassy Apartments
View1757 1ST AVE Unknown (1757 1st Ave S)Andrews Machinery/Cucina de Santis; Seattle Door & Window
View726 N 43RD ST N   
View900 E Pine ST E Boone & Company PontiacBlick's Art Supplies
View507 WESTLAKE AVE George C. Wheeler BuildingHerman Miller Store
View2320 25TH AVE Lindell Residence
View2507 E MCGRAW ST E Kimball Residence
View2525 E MCGRAW ST E Todd-Mackay Residence
View2427 E LOUISA ST E Albright Residence
View7217 Woodlawn AVE Green Lake Funeral HomeBillings Middle School
View2905 2nd AVE   
View2708 2nd AVE   
View2922 1st AVE   
View1819 NE 47TH ST NE Delta Chi Fraternity 
View2321 34th AVE   
View410 Stewart ST Tyee BuildingCentennial Building
View2918 2nd AVE   
View1622 E Yesler WAY E UnknownUnknow Auto Repair Shop
View7300 35th AVE Fire Station No. 37 
View2337 31st AVE   
View6415 Phinney AVE UknownRudy's Barbershop
View2203 30th AVE   
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View700 W Prospect ST W Hastie, Colin & Florence, House 
View2905 Mayfair AVE   
View2708 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View3913 Wallingford AVE   
View2540 Shoreland DR   
View6233 CARLETON AVE Edward H. Krafft House 
View4007 Latona AVE   
View119 Tower PL DeMille-Jongeward House 
View334 BOREN AVE Boren Investment Company WarehouseHome and Garden Furnishings
View353 Highland DR Unknown 
View3609 38th AVE   
View426 Broadway UnknownBart's Broadway Body Shop & 1 other
View2908 Mayfair AVE   
View6622 FLORA AVE Lucas and Kate Budnick Residence 
View3224 25th AVE   
View1911 33rd AVE   
View3033 19th AVE   
View108 Newell ST Unknown 
View22 W Armour ST W   
View165 22nd AVE Unknown 
View510 19th AVE UnknownBetty Lee Manor & 2 others
View728 S Concord ST S Unknown 
View2102 N 38th ST N   
View5200 16TH AVE Unknown 
View1631 1st AVE Unknown 
View2541 Westview DR White, Raymond, House 
View176 Highland DR Boldt, James & Grace, House 
View2704 Eastlake AVE Edgar CourtEdgar Court
View5219 Kensington PL   
View1921 33rd AVE   
View1382 33rd AVE   
View2726 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View1604 N 34th ST N Buchan Baking CompanyEssential Bakery
View422 16th AVE Unknown 
View3540 CHEASTY BLVD   
View2911 Warren Unknown 
View2310 N 56th ST N   
View3016 CASCADIA AVE   
View1903 31st AVE   
View2907 1st AVE Unknown 
View4554 12th AVE University Baptist Church 
View4506 17TH AVE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 
View4203 Brooklyn AVE Gellesley Apartments 
View1519 BROADWAY Eldridge Tire CompanyBroadway Café
View702 19th AVE Roycroft TheaterRussian Community Center
View8520-8548 Greenwood AVE Holmes Building #2Greenwood Books
View250-260 N 45th ST N noneGypsy Trader
View113-117 Summit AVE Biltmore AnnexBiltmore Annex
View3011 Beacon AVE Price-Rite GroceryHen Sen Herb Company
View2805 E Madison ST E noneGypsy
View1907-1911 E Aloha ST E Capitol Hill Branch LibraryLaurel Gifts
View1500-1506 E Olive WAY E Burlingame Residential HotelBurlingame Residential Hotel
View2045 Eastlake AVE Boston GrocerySerafina
View11201-11205 Greenwood AVE Waters GroceryFlowers Boxes, Etc.
View6521 Roosevelt WAY Garski's GrillThe Scarlet Tree
View1915 Rainier AVE Potlatch MarketConcepts in Wood
View410 Wheeler ST McGeough, Leo & Cathy, House 
View515 W Kinnear PL W Polson, Olaf & Fleta, House 
View1701-1707 N 45th ST N UnknownWells Fargo & Apartment
View2703 34th AVE   
View8320 10th AVE Uknown 
View2711 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View416 16th AVE Unkown 
View1904 NE 52ND ST NE Unknown 
View4231 2nd AVE   
View819 W Lee ST W Batley, William & Jessie, House 
View1608 N 37th ST N   
View4031 Latona AVE   
View2211 30th AVE   
View2915 1st AVE   
View2253 N 54th ST N   
View2906 Mayfair AVE   
View3241 35th AVE   
View172 20th AVE Herzl Congregation SynagogueOdessa Brown Neighborhood Health Center
View2326 33rd AVE   
View1902 30th AVE   
View Phinney AVE Woodland Park Standpipe 
View2271 N 54th ST N   
View8001-8007 Greenwood AVE UnknownAmerican Dance Institute
View738 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View2706 1st AVE   
View630 WESTLAKE AVE Lumber Shed 
View1622 E Yesler WAY E Unknown 
View1607 1st AVE   
View7547 Lake City WAY UnknownMinzel & Associates, Inc.
View339 22nd AVE Lucas, Richard & Effie, ResidenceHouse (Capitol Hill Housing)
View3017 CASCADIA AVE   
View6 W Armour W Unknown 
View3010 CASCADIA AVE   
View1611 1st AVE Unknown 
View1351 E OLIVE WAY E Cornelison Grocery, Paint & HardwareBaltic Room
View425 Smith ST Lackner-Turley House 
View415 McGraw ST Chase, Fred & Violet, House 
View2310 Rainier AVE Occidental Sheet MetalLiberty Sidecars
View3425 Stone WAY UnknownLackey Sound/Light Co.
View2914 S HILL ST S   
View2355 31st AVE   
View 4th AVE Queen Anne Pump Station 
View1606 1st AVE Unknown 
View2109 N 37th ST N   
View4753 36th AVE Elliott, Thomas and Nina, House 
View1756 S SPOKANE ST S  Jefferson Park Apartments
View1709 S LANDER ST S   
View3819 38th AVE   
View2808 Queen Anne AVE   
View2721 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2526 30th AVE   
View2361 31st AVE   
View1526 E Olin PL E unknown 
View2114 E Crescent DR E Kleinberg, Hortense, House 
View1947 14th AVE unknown 
View1245 Federal AVE White, Mrs. C. F., Residence 
View933 17th AVE unknown 
View5008 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2219 N 37th ST N   
View3926 Densmore AVE   
View4429 4th AVE   
View2311 33rd AVE   
View600 Olive WAY Garage Building for the Olive Way Building Company/ Fox GarageEuropean Antiques
View2030 Westlake AVE Loft Building for Mr. J. C. McHugh/ Craftsman Press2030 Westlake Avenue
View2030 8 AVE Store and Loft Building for George L. SeibertCosmopolitan Motors
View1800 8th AVE Bonair Apartments (1808-12 8th Avenue)Ray and Bonair Apartments (1800 8th Avenue)
View2003 4TH AVE Huston-Swanstrom BuildingMarshall Building
View2000 4th AVE Claremont Apartment HotelHotel Andre
View2110 E Crescent DR E Arensberg House #1 
View1428 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View4535 University WAY Egyptian Theater/Murphy BuildingRite-Aid
View1317 Boren AVE Sovereign ApartmentsSovereign Apartments
View2345 Franklin AVE 2345 Franklin2345 Franklin
View1705 Belmont AVE Charbern, TheCharbern, The
View604 E UNION ST E Union Arms/Union ManorUnion Arms/Union Manor
View2003 Boylston AVE 2003 Boylston2003 Boylston
View845 Bellevue PL Roundcliffe, TheRoundcliffe, The
View420 Wall ST Devonshire ApartmentsDevonshire Apartments
View2230 3rd AVE Peerless Yeast/Electricians Inc.Kelly's/Downtown Dog Lounge
View2121 Westlake AVE United Transfer & StorageAutosport
View420 Vine ST Davenport ApartmentsDavenport Apartments
View2306-10 4th AVE Nu Blue Cleaner/Western GrocerySeattle Micro
View2607 2nd AVE System Transfer & StorageRadarworks
View2132 1st AVE Standard Paint CompanyJai Thai/Taco del Mar
View306 Blanchard ST Cornelius ApartmentsCornelius Apartments
View2327 2nd AVE Lorraine HotelWilliam Tell Hotel
View2420 E MILLER ST E Gallo Residence
View5216 18TH AVE  
View4614 LINDEN AVE Hans B. & Josefine Grevstad HouseFischer/Smith Residence
View3829 WHITMAN AVE Chester & Mayme Streckenbach House 
View1515 14TH AVE  Porchlight Coffee
View124 TERRY AVE Brunswick BuildingBunge Foods
View2526 E MCGRAW ST E Pincus Residence25 Tufel Residence
View2525 E CALHOUN ST E Ostrow Residence25 Noll Residence
View2127 BOYER AVE Seiter Residence 34 Iseman Residence
View2022 24TH AVE Waller Residence 39 Wallace Residence
View2605 E LYNN ST E 41 Williamson Residence
View2018 BOYER AVE 43 Greer Residence
View2524 E LYNN ST E Palmer Residence
View2121 E SHELBY ST E Scholtes Residence 
View2158 E SHELBY ST E Dunn Residence 
View1827 E SHELBY ST E Friedlander Residence 01 Walther Residence
View2418 E MILLER ST E Seto Residence
View5219 19TH AVE  
View1961 22ND AVE 43 Omberg Residence
View1800 E SHELBY ST E 01 Phi Chi Fraternity
View2142 E SHELBY ST E Faber Residence 
View1857 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Johnson Residence
View2553 22ND AVE 06 Baker Residence
View2403 E ROANOKE ST E 08 Blakeney Residence
View2564 24TH AVE Scott Residence 08 Remole Residence
View2413 E LYNN ST E Collins Residence39 Perrott Residence
View2417 E LYNN ST E Eckford Residence 39 McMurray-Rose Residence
View2008 BOYER AVE 43 Brixey Residence
View2014 BOYER AVE 43 Loop Residence
View1826 E SHELBY ST E 01 Johnson Residence
View2008 E LOUISA ST E 06 Fein Residence
View227 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Davis Residence 
View1602 E LYNN ST E Murdoch Residence 
View2028 BOYER AVE 43 Hong Residence
View2026 BOYER AVE  43 Bouscaren Residence
View2032 BOYER AVE 43 Peterson Residence
View2044 BOYER AVE 43 Halfaker Residence
View2040 BOYER AVE 43 Duvall Residence
View1896 E HAMLIN ST E Cheese Residence 
View2501 22ND AVE Kessler Residence 10 Young Residence
View1726 BOYER AVE Bradner Residence46 Chen-Whe Residence
View1730 BOYER AVE McKillop Residence46 Rabkin Residence
View1723 26TH AVE Beal Residence46 Ferman Residence
View1727 26TH AVE DeFreece Residence46 Dhamdhere Residence
View1901 26TH AVE Freeman Residence46 Wiktor-Meher Residence
View1931 26TH AVE Graham Residence 46 Marsh Residence
View2462 W MONTLAKE PL W Bemiss Residence 
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View1922 BOYER AVE Tully Residence48 Periera-Intrach Residence
View1714 NE 58TH ST NE Unknown 
View2048 BOYER AVE 43 Residence
View2052 BOYER AVE 43 Catania Residence
View2111 E HAMLIN ST E Belford Residence 
View2137 E HAMLIN ST E Bailey Residence 
View1811 E SHELBY ST E 01 Baldwin Residence
View2111 E SHELBY ST E Hinz Residence 
View1852 E SHELBY ST E 01 Norwood Residence
View1869 E SHELBY ST E 01 Dubree Residence
View1874 E SHELBY ST E 01 Domenowske Residence
View2019 E LOUISA ST E Prakken Residence10 Weitkamp Residence
View2415 E NEWTON ST E 45 Gu Residence
View1710 26TH AVE Bell Residence 47 Von Rockmann residence
View1907 E MILLER ST E Davis Residence 
View2025 23RD AVE 37 Gee Residence
View2516 24TH AVE Boone Residence 
View2209 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Elwood Residence 
View1905 E LYNN ST E 36 Rhodes Residence
View1909 E LYNN ST E Thompson Residence 36 Arvold residence
View2017 24TH AVE 38 Meyer Residence
View2311 24TH AVE 31 Johnson's Antiques
View2415 E MCGRAW ST E Stockland Residence 32 Clark Residence
View1932 E CALHOUN ST E Stevenson Residence13 Berg Residence
View2465 20TH AVE Webb Residence13 Seto Residence
View2409 E MILLER ST E McHardie Residence 16 Bentley Residence
View2411 E MILLER ST E Finn Residence16 Petersen Residence
View2512 22ND AVE Asia Residence11 Hardy Residence
View2203 E LOUISA ST E Raymer Residence11 Nelson Residence
View2453 22ND AVE Spellman Residence 14 Bennett Residence
View2007 E MILLER ST E Convisar Residence 14 Bain Residence
View2025 E MILLER ST E Malmo Residence14 Chouhury Residence
View2029 E MILLER ST E Cave Residence14 Martinsen Residence
View2220 E CALHOUN ST E Stewart Residence 15 Schoolfield Residence
View2224 E CALHOUN ST E Bohling Residence 15 Whitson Residence
View2556 24TH AVE Backstrom Residence08 Mahon Residence
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View2463 26TH AVE Cochrane Residence 
View3403 NW 70TH ST NW  
View1926 BOYER AVE Navin Residence48 Dixon Residence
View1934 BOYER AVE Wicklund Residence 48 Denbeste Residence
View2228 E CALHOUN ST E Krause Residence 15 Fox Residence
View2017 23RD AVE Elwell Residence 37 Wartman Residence
View2463 26TH AVE Cochrane Residence17 Lewis-Baker Residence
View2455 20TH AVE Rogers Residence13 Hagman Residence
View2218 E MCGRAW ST E Norbom Residence 23 Grammer Residence
View4426 CALIFORNIA AVE Read Printing CompanyWest Seattle Eagles Lodge
View1417 NE 42ND ST NE University Branch YMCAEagleson Hall
View300 QUEEN ANNE AVE Aasten's GroceryMailbox
View561 ALOHA ST  Laredos, former Taylor Ave Market, Apartments
View2636 10TH AVE Homer, W. H. and Margaret K., HouseConley, Gerald R. and Fran, House
View2826 HARVARD AVE Schaefer, Ned A. and Anne E., HouseFrumin, Dan Y., House
View8343 32ND AVE  
View7354 18TH AVE  
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