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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1001 S JACKSON ST S  Dong Hing Market
View4321 S HOLLY ST S   
View5708 S RYAN ST S   
View5005 S FLETCHER ST S   
View3925 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View3937 S FINDLAY ST S   
View3941 S FINDLAY ST S   
View3617 S ORCAS ST S   
View1406 10TH AVE  Capitol Hill Housing
View200 BROADWAY King County Juvenile Detention HomeKing County Medical Society
View611 N 48TH ST N   
View1414 N 42nd ST N Central Presbyterian ChurchWallingford Presbyterian Church
View4335 Burke AVE   
View202 NE 47th ST NE   
View2912 1st AVE   
View3704 S RIDGEWAY PL S   
View9145 7th AVE Ferrucci Farm 
View1821 NE 52ND ST NE Unknown 
View159 Fulton Unknown 
View2701 Mayfair AVE   
View4625 Eastern AVE Bittman Residence 
View2302 N 54th ST N   
View5414 Latona AVE   
View6206 CARLETON AVE Buhl Home and Grocery 
View829 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View700 W Lee ST W Waechter, O. A., House 
View415 BOREN AVE C. B. Van Vorst BuildingC. B. Van Vorst Company
View1418 31st AVE   
View5521 17TH AVE Unknown 
View1845 N 52nd ST N   
View3105 CASCADIA AVE   
View152 Newell ST Unknown 
View2107 N 54th ST N   
View418-420 Queen Anne AVE UnknownQueen Anne Auto Body
View4225 Corliss AVE   
View502 25th AVE Unknown 
View2420 N 45th ST N UnknownBudget Molding
View161 Fulton ST   
View1712 1st AVE   
View3401 19th AVE   
View4232 Bagley AVE   
View3230 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View9302 7th AVE Unknown 
View18 W Armour W Unknown 
View903 W Fulton ST W Luther, Otto, House 
View306 24th AVE UnkknownPrince Hall Masonic Temple
View2923 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View215 W Lee W Unknown 
View1052 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View117 Occidental AVE Star TheaterNew Stage Theater
View4547 4th AVE   
View3706 Corliss AVE   
View1535 29th AVE   
View1006 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View1717 NE 55TH ST NE Johnson, J. A., House #1 
View301 E PINE ST E Melrose BuildingMelrose Building
View1511 S STEVENS ST S   
View1623 1st AVE   
View3114 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View345 16th AVE Unknown 
View1620 26th AVE Tallman House 
View1100 E UNION ST E Chrysler PartsUnion Art Co-op
View2912 3rd AVE   
View9316 7th AVE Unknown 
View2157 7th AVE   
View505 13th AVE Unknown 
View4026 2nd AVE   
View4728 18TH AVE Unknown 
View4532 1st AVE   
View2307 31st AVE   
View400 DEXTER AVE E. J. Towle ClockWest Earth Company Clock
View1925 6th AVE   
View3310 CASCADIA AVE   
View3944 1st AVE   
View3933 Burke AVE   
View407 26th AVE Unknown 
View2603 Jackson ST Unknown 
View1206 E Newton ST E White, Horace, House 
View1000 14th AVE Eckstein, Nathan, House 
View2318 N 38th ST N   
View4328 Burke AVE   
View3260 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2803 33rd AVE   
View1818 N 43rd ST N   
View2323 18th AVE   
View3322 HUNTER BLVD   
View1931 2nd AVE Puget Sound News CompanyTerminal Sales Building Annex
View2021 4th AVE Nesika ApartmentsStratford Apartments
View720 22nd AVE unknown 
View1010 E Lynn ST E Du Bois, A. B., House 
View304 Bell ST Adams ApartmentsAdams Apartments
View617 S DEARBORN ST S Pomerelle Company WarehousePacific Fish Company Warehouse
View1821 BOYER AVE Bartells Residence50 Plutt-Streckenbach residence
View5259 17TH AVE  
View5003 16TH AVE  
View4739 19TH AVE  
View1512 11TH AVE unknownGrim's
View5219 16TH AVE Crosno Residence 
View4731 19TH AVE  
View2217 E NEWTON ST E 44 Medferd Residence
View1754 BOYER AVE 45 Ellis residence
View1850 24TH AVE 45 Chavez residence
View1923 25TH AVE 45 Hamilton Residence
View2152 E SHELBY ST E Clegg Residence 
View2159 E SHELBY ST E Mary Houlahan House 
View4750 18TH AVE  
View5211 19TH AVE  
View2126 E SHELBY ST E 02 Ralph-Ott Residence
View1877 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Oppermann Residence
View5251 16TH AVE  
View1862 E SHELBY ST E 01 Loeffler Residence
View2810 MONTLAKE BLVD John W. Nordstrom House 
View1949 26TH AVE Kirshbaum Residence46 Gannon-Fernandez Residence
View2149 BOYER AVE Gray Residence 34 Harview-Watt Residence
View2112 E HAMLIN ST E Vandewall Residence 
View1806 24TH AVE 45 Beard Residence
View1816 24TH AVE Mayrand Residence45 Singer residence
View1824 24TH AVE 45 Byrd residence
View1851 E SHELBY ST E Wichman Residence 01 Fales Residence
View1856 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wener Residence
View2810 W PARK DR W Barnhart Residence01 2810 LLC Residence
View2303 19TH AVE Dickson Residence 
View2307 19TH AVE Murphy Residence 
View2025 E NEWTON ST E 36 Conn Residence
View2317 E LYNN ST E 38 Lynn St Apts
View1624 E MCGRAW ST E Olsen Residence 19 Uhlir Residence
View3041 NW 72ND ST NW  
View5205 BALLARD AVE J.W. Godwin Pool Room 
View1757 NW 60TH ST NW  
View2012 23RD AVE Neatby Residence38 Levin Residence
View2702 BROADWAY AVE Neterer, Jeremiah and Sarah E. (Becker), HouseSt. Patrick's Parish House
View3224 NW 61ST ST NW  
View7007 25TH AVE  
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