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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1041 S KING ST S   
View4320 S FERDINAND ST S   
View6020 S REDWING ST S   
View9839 62ND AVE   
View9850 62ND AVE   
View3910 S EDDY ST S   
View4221 DAYTON AVE Charles I. Anderson House 
View3923 S FERDINAND ST S   
View4614 S GARDEN ST S   
View4231 GREENWOOD AVE Albert W. Tallman House 
View4003 AIRPORT WAY Ontario HotelOntario Motel/ Teriyaki Plus
View500 N 43RD ST N   
View1422 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View5115 Wallingford AVE   
View4740 4th AVE   
View415 Wheeler ST Egerman, Stephen & Anna, House 
View2515 32nd AVE   
View2624 Eastlake AVE UnknownWashington Legal Escrow, LLC
View4747 4th AVE   
View6901 CARLETON AVE Joseph R. Huber Double House 
View4332 Burke AVE   
View1220 N 44th ST N   
View800 Harrison ST 800-810 Harrison StreetHarrison Apartments
View4012 Bagley AVE   
View620 20th AVE St. Mary's Church 
View202 W Prospect ST W Sparger, Robert, House 
View Beacon AVE Beacon Hill Reservoirs Gate House 
View2409 11th AVE Unknown 
View833 S Thistle ST S UnknownNew Hope Presbyterian Church
View121 NE 56th ST NE   
View4267 WHITMAN AVE   
View6445 CARLETON AVE Mathew and Anna Rieger House 
View1316 3rd AVE Queen Anne Christian ChurchQueen Anne Christian Church
View1407 6th AVE Kjos, Ole & Agnes, House 
View2037 32nd AVE   
View700 N 50th ST N Woodland Park Zoo Foreman's Residence 
View3641 Burke AVE   
View3202 23rd AVE Interbay Pump Station 
View3601 BEACON AVE Beacon Hill South Reservoir 
View2838 CASCADIA AVE   
View4202 Bagley AVE   
View4720 4th AVE   
View1170 Republican ST 1164-1168-1170 Republican StreetNeudorfer Engineering
View3642 Woodlawn AVE   
View2010 N 82nd ST N Unknown 
View4851 Rainier AVE Rector's 
View158 Prospect ST Knoff, A. E., House 
View5300 Keystone PL   
View6211 CARLETON AVE C. Smet House 
View7023 Greenwood AVE Unknown 
View4202 Wallingford AVE   
View4749 4th AVE Murphy House 
View2431 Westview DR Newbrand, David & Norvella, House 
View1635 Queen Anne AVE Queen Anne Apartments 
View1 Yesler WAY Bedford Hotel1 Yesler Way
View4318 Thackeray PL   
View6208 Phinney AVE UnknownLa Tavola Ceramica
View500/502 Minor AVE 502 -500 Minor Avenue N.502 Minor Avenue N.
View5022 17TH AVE   
View5225 17TH AVE Alberty, Louis C. and Ada, House 
View4716 11th AVE   
View4720 7th AVE  Thiel House
View17-19 W Thomas ST W Lannon Apartments/Buchman HardwareThe Duke Apartments
View514 Crockett ST Hull, Stephen & Rose, House 
View7300 12th AVE Green Lake Reservoir Pump Station 
View3226 HUNTER BLVD   
View2528 31st AVE   
View6511 ELLIS AVE Frances L. Lavender House 
View2844 CASCADIA AVE   
View5215 Wallingford AVE   
View100 Crockett ST Childrens Orthopedic HospitalQueen Anne Manor
View3210 S DOSE TER S   
View1203 N Allen PL N   
View 12th AVE Maple Leaf Reservoir Pump Station 
View6426 CARLETON AVE Antonio Banchero Residence 
View223 Pontius AVE 223 Pontius Ave. N.223 Pontius Ave. N.
View3227 37th AVE   
View2700 California AVE Hiawatha Playfield Field HouseHiawatha Community Center
View4229 Bagley AVE   
View4208 1st AVE   
View3632 Densmore AVE   
View3601 BEACON AVE Beacon Hill North Reservoir 
View2312 13th AVE   
View401 S Jackson ST S Oregon and Washington Station/ Union Pacific Station/ Union StationUnion Station/ Sound Transit Headquarters
View4706 4th AVE   
View2507 S Horton ST S   
View3907 Corliss AVE   
View5451 34th AVE Unknown 
View2221 Warren AVE Schnebele, Edwin & Esther, House 
View2023 32nd AVE   
View1809 10th AVE Calvert, Margaret, House 
View904 E Miller ST E Chapman HouseEast Miller Condominium
View1215 E Lynn ST E Green, Athol 
View539 N 66th ST N Unknown 
View2539 32nd AVE   
View4710 2nd AVE   
View5246 18TH AVE Unknown 
View1820 Terry AVE Taylor Plumbing and Heating1820 Terry Avenue
View619 3rd AVE Rector Hotel / Governor HotelSt. Charles Hotel
View1919 2nd AVE Hansen Bros. Building 
View2205 1st AVE Scargo Hotel/ Hotel ScargoHotel Scargo
View2201 First AVE Martin Block /Lewiston HotelLewiston Hotel
View2007 14th AVE unknown 
View1317 E Boston ST E Gilmore, John, House 
View1664 Federal AVE Booth, Lawrence, Residence 
View1017 E Blaine ST E Dovey, Thomas, House 
View1100 E Newton ST E Hewitt, John H. & Pauline, Residence 
View2500 Elliott AVE Marine Café & TavernSkyway Luggage
View147 N 82ND ST N   
View1509 BROADWAY unknownNeighbors Nightclub
View1400 BROADWAY Johnson & Hamilton MortuaryGilda's Club Seattle
View4204 S ORCAS ST S   
View1531 BRADNER PL  Our Lady of Mt. Virgin
View4710 17TH AVE  
View5201 19TH AVE  
View715 E PIKE ST E  Neal Apartments
View4714 17TH AVE  
View5031 16TH AVE  
View4317 LINDEN AVE   
View4417 LINDEN AVE   
View1001 E UNION ST E  German Auto Repair
View5027 16TH AVE  
View1818 23RD AVE 49 Lilly Residence
View2006 24TH AVE Christensen Residence 50 Sanborn-Oppenheim Residence
View2016 26TH AVE 41 Ingham Residence
View2022 BOYER AVE 43 Krauser Residence
View1937 25TH AVE 45 Pesce Residence
View4746 18TH AVE  
View5229 19TH AVE  
View1759 26TH AVE Eckhart Residence46 Tomchak Residence
View1953 26TH AVE Dykes Residence46 Arkans Residence
View5047 18TH AVE  
View1822 23RD AVE 49 Huster Residence
View2202 25TH AVE 40 Allor Johan Residence
View1854 24TH AVE 45 Wood Residence
View1962 BOYER AVE Dobb Residence48 Chapple Residence
View2001 E LYNN ST E 37 Onat Residence
View1909 25TH AVE 45 Fuller Residence
View5144 BALLARD AVE Club Tavern 
View1927 26TH AVE MacDougall-Dulmage Residence46 Smith Residence
View8302 13TH AVE  
View7003 26TH AVE  
View1739 26TH AVE 46 Marks Residence
View1743 26TH AVE 46 MacDonald Residence
View7305 18TH AVE  
View2609 BROADWAY AVE Johnson-Hanson HouseBroadway House
View2832 BROADWAY AVE Tucker, Wilm on and Lillian, HouseBaker, Abner B., House
View3036 NW 66TH ST NW  
View2706 10TH AVE Parshall, Louis A. and Martha I., HouseTodaro, Thomas Matthew, House
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