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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1701 1ST AVE Kellog's WarehouseWine Outlet Shop
View1064 4TH AVE Columbia Steel / U.S. SteelRomac Industries
View711 S WELLER ST S   
View308 4TH AVE  Downtowner Apartments
View200 5TH AVE  Ascona Apartments
View10208 55TH AVE   
View4442 S MORGAN ST S   
View3229 S FERDINAND ST S   
View3106 S FERDINAND ST S   
View9614 57TH AVE   
View3910 1ST AVE   
View5124 S MEAD ST S   
View3907 S GRAHAM ST S   
View8311 46TH AVE   
View4626 S KENYON ST S   
View7251 46TH AVE   
View133 N 50TH ST N Frederick A. Poitras House  
View3923 S HUDSON ST S   
View1708 25TH AVE   
View105 14TH AVE St. George HotelSeattle Urban Leage
View2233 1ST AVE (2233 1st Ave S)Evergreen Energy Services/ Multi-ten Warehouse
View916 E PIKE ST E unknownComet Tavern
View1115 HARVARD AVE Minor Private HospitalSpring Street Early Learning Center
View2702 6TH AVE Canal Boiler Works/ Union Machinery & Supply Co. & Clough Equipment ServiceCanal Boiler LP/ Emerald City Trapeze Arts
View2724 6TH AVE Beebe BrothersIngersoll-Rand Shipping and Receiving
View3901 AIRPORT WAY 3901 Airport Way C S Company/ Goodyear
View127 N 50TH ST N   
View1512 BOYLSTON AVE Starbird ApartmentsStarbird Apartments
View517 E PIKE ST E  Ragen Associates
View725 E PIKE ST E  St. John Apartments
View151 11TH AVE Abbotsford ApartmentAbbotsford Apartments
View1943 1ST AVE O. B. Williams Company 1941 Lofts/ Cafe Macrina
View2201 E ROANOKE ST E Nickles Residence
View302 18th AVE Unknown 
View1420 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View2313 34th AVE   
View5108 Meridian AVE   
View1611 Nob Hill AVE   
View216 21st AVE Unknown 
View746 S Elmgrove ST S Unknown 
View3811 RENTON AVE   
View109 NE 54th ST NE   
View5719 18TH AVE Unknown 
View4112 Corliss AVE   
View1531 Bradner PL Monte VergineOur Lady of Mount Virgin Church
View1727 15th AVE Gaslight InnGaslight Inn Bed & Breakfast
View2013 18th AVE   
View1612 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2119 2nd AVE El Rey ApartmentsEl Rey Apartments
View4715 Latona AVE   
View5312 Keystone PL   
View5218 17TH AVE Unknown 
View3134 37th PL   
View2202 N 41st ST N   
View2113 13th AVE   
View2225 1st AVE Dolan, Terris, House 
View1906 N 44th ST N   
View1215 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View3212 HUNTER BLVD   
View300 E PIKE ST E Gallagher's Fine CarsSix Arms
View3308 25th AVE   
View9218 18th AVE Unknown 
View411 2nd Avenue Extension Circle Theater411 2nd Ave Extension S.
View6238 FLORA AVE Paul Plambeck House 
View7533 34th AVE Seaborn HouseSeaborn House
View1414 S Weller ST S Japanese Language School 
View10246 40th AVE Unknown 
View1249 S Donovan ST S Unkown 
View2817 33rd AVE   
View1031 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View2810 34th AVE   
View1512 NE 65th ST NE UnknownFuntiques
View4331 Burke AVE   
View1323 E PINE ST E Chester Apartments Chester Apartments
View3242 HUNTER BLVD   
View301 W Kinnear PL W Albers-Dikeman HouseKohl-Welles House
View2129-2131 Queen Anne AVE UnknownHilltop Ale House & Jamba Juice
View6226 STANLEY AVE Bruce Apartments (Flats) 
View6266 FLORA AVE Perry and Eura Barker House 
View9163 8th AVE Unknown 
View3921 Densmore AVE   
View4611 Eastern AVE   
View3208 CASCADIA AVE   
View5221 Ravenna AVE Unknown 
View4332 Thackeray PL   
View5249 16TH AVE Seydel Residence 
View61 Columbia ST Polson BuildingPolson Building
View1011 E PIKE ST E Reliable Auto PaintingMario's Pizza
View3243 13th Unknown 
View551 1st AVE Triangle Hotel/ Flatiron BuildingTriangle Hotel & Bar Tavern
View4406 Woodlawn AVE   
View2121 31st AVE   
View5609 CORSON AVE Bernardo and Rose Germani HouseThe Corson Building
View837 S Thistle ST S unknown 
View1412 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View1348 14th AVE   
View9369 8th AVE UknownVerdi Truck Farm
View515 18th AVE Unknown 
View2019 33rd AVE   
View5629 AIRPORT WAY H. & H. Chesbro, Inc. (Georgetown Dept. Store)Two Tarts Bakery
View1247 15th AVE Volunteer Park Shelter House 
View1024 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View5714 16TH AVE Ide Residence 
View3111 S DOSE TER S   
View1503 42nd AVE Unknown 
View5018 Rainier AVE Columbia City Post OfficeNew Freeway Hall
View1000 1st AVE A. L. Palmer BuildingPalmer Building
View1461 Magnolia BLVD Magnolia Park Storage Shed 
View523 18th AVE Unknown 
View611 Western AVE 611 Western Avenue611 Western Avenue
View517 Crockett ST Stilwell, Samuel and Irene, House 
View1735 24th AVE Unknown 
View1910 N 44th ST N   
View2506 33rd AVE   
View5203 18TH AVE Wheeler House 
View5827 16TH AVE Beck, Nemias B., House #2 
View5203 12th AVE   
View5047 12th AVE Moses, Melvin, House 
View1642 43rd AVE Pioneer HallPioneer Hall
View1111 E MADISON ST E Hunt Transfer Company12th & Madison Self-Storage
View1205 E PINE ST E McAlpin-Schreiner CompanyPackard Building
View703 30th AVE Madrona ApartmentsMadrona Apartments
View321 Broadway Rehan ApartmentsCasa del Rey
View401 E PINE ST E Carr Brothers Auto RepairArea 51
View618-628 W McGraw ST W Harvey's Cash StoreCastillo's Custom Upholstery
View1834 6th AVE Weddle's IGA 
View4400 CALIFORNIA AVE Seattle Lighting CompanyDental Offices/Hotwire Expresso
View953 E UNION ST E Otto's Radiator ServiceComplete Automotive Detailing
View1025 S Sullivan ST S Unknoqn 
View3208 HUNTER BLVD   
View3647 RENTON AVE   
View8316 12th AVE Unknown 
View1410 W Dravus ST W St. Margaret of Scotland ChurchSt. Margaret's Church
View9326 7th AVE Unknown 
View4233 Thackeray PL   
View1247 15th AVE Volunteer Park Comfort Station 
View Pioneer PL Pergola/ Comfort StationPergola
View1810 3rd AVE Tate, Ina, House 
View568 1st AVE Provident BuildingProvident Building
View2307 33rd AVE   
View2123 N 40th ST N Durn Grocery / Durn Good GroceryIrwin's Bakery and Espresso
View1212 Remington CT The Greswick 
View2106 N 55th ST N  Honey Bear Bakery / Tangletown
View1339 Sturgus AVE   
View5243 19TH AVE Unknown 
View4864 Rainier AVE Columbia Department StoreColumbia Gallery
View5131 S Mead ST S Unknown 
View2326 N 51st ST N   
View1410 S Cloverdale ST S Unkown 
View4334 Thackeray PL   
View10732 Evanston AVE Unknown 
View4611 2nd AVE   
View500 1st AVE Mueller Wholesale Block/ Norfin Block/ Nortin Block"101 King Street"
View2434 8th AVE Charouhas, Gus & Ruth, House 
View4758 2nd AVE   
View9556 3rd AVE Mitchell HouseMitchell House
View1605 NE 47TH ST NE UnknownUCU Fraternity
View715 25th AVE Unknown 
View3404 19th AVE   
View123 Prospect ST Myers, H. A. P., Residence 
View2518 17th AVE   
View425 Eastlake AVE 425 Eastlake AvenueSommerfeld & Co.
View2649 Shoreland DR   
View5208 19TH AVE Unknown 
View600 W Howe ST W   
View1501 STURGUS AVE   
View5204 18TH AVE Unknown 
View7201 E Green Lake DR E Green Lake Park Comfort Station #1 (c.1910) 
View1423 7th AVE Foss, Arthur and Ellen, House 
View2407 4TH AVE McGovern, Hugh, House 
View736 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View8526 ROOSEVELT WAY Maple Leaf Reservoir 
View1312 3rd AVE Shinkle, Ira and Lydia, House 
View5438 35th AVE Unknown 
View8519 Dallas AVE Unknown 
View2711 E John ST E Unknown 
View1056 NE 88th ST NE Unknown 
View4610 Sunnyside AVE   
View3080 S ANDOVER ST S   
View2156 8th AVE Westmoreland ApartmentsWestmoreland Apartments
View5318 Wallingford AVE   
View811 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View2027 19th AVE   
View536 1st AVE Kaufman WarehouseSluggers/ Chippers Restaurant; Sneakers
View618 22nd AVE Sullivan, Katherine, Residence 
View1424 E Ward ST E Crowe, F. T. 
View1211 22nd AVE unknown 
View951 22nd AVE Zucco, Gaetan, Residence 
View2523 34th AVE   
View7200 12TH AVE Green Lake Reservoir 
View2014 9th AVE Northwest Furniture Sales Company, Beebe and Runyon FurnitureYuen Lui Production Facility, Beebe and Runyon Furniture
View1921 3rd AVE Kelley-Gorham BuildingHaddon Hall Apartments
View2000 2nd AVE Calhoun HotelPalladian Apartments
View104 Pine ST Afton HotelAtwood Apartments
View110 Union ST Hancock BuildingHarold Poll Building
View410 4th AVE Crouley Building / Reynolds Hotel 
View911 WESTERN AVE Maritime Building/ Pacific Warehouse BuildingMaritime Building
View1414 Alaskan WAY Schwabacher WarehouseMarket Square/ 1414 Alaskan Wat/ 1415 Western Avenue
View2501 Elliott AVE Booth Fisheries(north bldg) & Puget Investment Company/ Skyway Luggage Company (both buildings)Old Skyway Luggage Company
View1254 10th AVE Collins, Wallace G., House 
View934 22nd AVE Gunn, J. A., House 
View1052 E Galer ST E Greer, Robert P. and Charlotte, House 
View1617 Federal AVE Schwabacher, Morton & Emilie, Residence 
View1230 Federal AVE Bond, Marshall, House 
View1027 Bellevue CT Ben Lomond ApartmentsBen Lomond Apartments
View416 E Roy ST E BambergBamberg
View2207 2nd AVE Mayflower ApartmentsPitcairn Scott/Wally's Grocery
View2609 5th AVE King's GroceryNorthwest Business Communications
View2501 Western AVE Northwestern Paper Box Co.Skyway Luggage Co.
View2700 Elliott AVE Hazel's Place RestaurantNorthwest Protective Services
View501 RAINIER AVE Nakagawa GroceryLinc's Fishing Tackle Shop
View6916 56TH AVE   
View3125 34TH AVE   
View3315 20TH AVE   
View170 11TH AVE Star ApartmentsStar Apartments
View1527 BELMONT AVE SFRApartments
View5214 17TH AVE  
View4711 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View4715 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View4719 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View915 N 48TH ST N Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View6215 39TH AVE   
View7227 S TAFT ST S   
View617 N 47TH ST N Fred J. Kerr Co. House 
View1531 BELMONT AVE  Annapolis Apartments
View1005 E PIKE ST E  Caffe Vita
View701 E PIKE ST E  Miller-Warren Apartments
View1521 15TH AVE  Paramount Apartments
View5026 17TH AVE Kauffmann Residence 
View1906 NE 45TH ST NE Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority
View4711 18TH AVE  
View5806 16TH AVE  
View5015 17TH AVE  
View5043 16TH AVE  
View2515 E CALHOUN ST E Lindroth Residence25 Williams-Murphy Residence
View1717 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1713 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1714 NE 55TH PL NE  
View5501 20TH AVE  
View5710 15TH AVE  
View5800-5804 15TH AVE Heather Arms ApartmentsHeatherfield Apartments
View5261 18TH AVE  
View110 NW 35TH ST NW   
View4415 BAKER AVE   
View5604 17TH AVE  
View5045 16TH AVE  
View5217 16TH AVE  
View1823 24TH AVE 49 Teeter Residence
View2133 BOYER AVE Hayes Residence34 Chin Residence
View2010 25TH AVE 40 Edgerton Tere Residence
View1220 S JACKSON ST S  Hoa's Hair & Nail
View5808-5812 15TH AVE Ravenna Parkside ApartmentsParkside Apartments
View1825 NE 58TH ST NE Unknown 
View5239 19TH AVE Unknown 
View2142 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Bordeau Residence50 Phillips Residence
View4714 18TH AVE  
View5710 18TH AVE  
View1916 25TH AVE Perknson Residence 46 Bear Residence
View1711 26TH AVE Roston Residence46 Pillarisetty
View1748 26TH AVE Knudsen Residence 47 Cline Residence
View1912 26TH AVE Jamieson Residence 47 Hopkins Residence
View2418 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Brazier Residence50 Spafford Residence
View2219 E CALHOUN ST E McMeekin Residence23 Shearer residence
View2303 25TH AVE Moore Residence32 Thompson Residence
View7302 22ND AVE  
View7040 MARY AVE  
View6507 12TH AVE  
View4750 CALIFORNIA AVE Apollo Theater/Carlile FurnitureBang Bar/Kathy's Dance
View815 6TH AVE  
View403 ROY ST Delmonte Apartments Delmonte Apartments
View819 E HAMLIN ST E Wentworth-Elliott HouseChristothoulou, George and Nooney, Rachel S., House
View920 E SHELBY ST E Slater, John C. and Carrie M., HouseMoore, James R. F. and Lauren A. F., House
View2608 10TH AVE Dalley, A. Harry and Olive W., HouseStokke, Larry E. and Diane R., House
View6013 20TH AVE  
View2813 BROADWAY AVE Wilson-Franklin HouseBryant-Williams House
View7558 16TH AVE  
View2716 10TH AVE Wolfe-Dowling HouseRosenkrantz, Elsa C., House
View2722 10TH AVE Cavanaugh, William E. and Alice, HouseCarlstrom, David and Lin Jin, House
View2809 10TH AVE Bardshar, Fred H. and Rachel, HouseAllen, Victoria Elizabeth, House
View2823 10TH AVE Mason, Leonard A. and Marion B., HouseChapman, Bruce and Sarah, House
View2015 NW 61ST ST NW  
View2818 BROADWAY AVE Marcus, Max and Frieda, HouseParthasarathi, Mukhopadhya House
View2612 HARVARD AVE Clemmer, John Q. and Sybil, HouseHoldridge, Albert and Barbara, House
View2616 HARVARD AVE King-Friedman HouseMesher, Shirley Ann, House
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