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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View4625 46TH AVE   
View4720 42ND AVE   
View4214 S HUDSON ST S   
View5250 BRANDON ST   
View5253 S MORGAN ST S   
View5222 MAYFLOWER ST   
View10114 HOLYKE WAY   
View9022 S VALDEZ ST S   
View8419 BEACON AVE   
View8408 DUNCAN AVE   
View4229 S JUNEAU ST S   
View5120 S DIRECTOR ST S   
View3252 S FERDINAND ST S   
View5150 S OTHELLO ST S   
View3922 S FERDINAND ST S   
View5150 S ORCHARD ST S   
View8307 48TH AVE   
View4703 S ROSE ST S   
View6102 S KEPPLER ST S   
View5240 39TH AVE   
View4007 DAYTON AVE Pacific Finance Co. House 
View4226 PHINNEY AVE John C. Powell House 
View1109 N 47TH ST N Mary Haggerty House  
View111 N 50TH ST N Herbert A. & Eleanor Ward House 
View4011 GREENWOOD AVE Jesse & Methilda Jesson House 
View3922 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View1332 14TH AVE   
View3301 19TH AVE   
View5150 S OTHELLO ST S   
View5250 S BRANDON ST S   
View2200 1ST AVE Seattle Ice Company/Olympic Cold StorageZarrett's Office Building - Old Olympic Cold Storage
View2900 1ST AVE Glaser Beverages IncorporatedWestern Foil Corporation
View2910 1ST AVE Gibson Manufacturing CompanyRejuvenation
View1411 BELLEVUE AVE Lansdale ApartmentsNorthwest School
View4810 AIRPORT WAY Olympic Foundry CompanyOld Swan Net
View602 N 42ND ST N  Hillside Terrace Apartments
View314 E PIKE ST E Coleman's Used CarsBenson's Grocery/ Victrola Coffee
View548 N 76th ST N Unknown 
View1702 N 34th ST N   
View2311 Nob Hill AVE Geele, Ralph & Mary, House 
View1718 12th AVE   
View4233 Meridian AVE Whitham Residence 
View2913 9th AVE Shippee, Harry & Lulu, House 
View325 W Prospect ST W Kinnear, Roy, House 
View3257 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View110 S Prefontaine PL S Prefontaine BuildingPrefontaine Building
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Horticulture & Grounds Maintenance Facility 
View4630 Eastern AVE   
View226 1/2 Minor AVE 226 1/2 Minor Avenue N.Cascade Shelter Project
View218 W Kinnear PL W Pratt, Arthur & Dora, House 
View5720 17TH AVE Unknown 
View111 W Prospect ST W Robinson, Willis & Jessie, House 
View528 17th AVE Providence Hospital and Steam Plant 
View5849 15th AVE Cowen Park Shelter House 
View2425 1st AVE Brooks, John W., House 
View501 3rd AVE Arctic Club & Hotel SewardMorrison Hotel
View5224 19TH AVE Unknown 
View916 Queen Anne AVE Leona ApartmentsParkridge Apartments
View208 17th AVE Unknown 
View4534 Thackeray PL   
View212 17th AVE Unknown 
View1514 4th AVE Gaston, Lynn & Shirlee, House 
View5701 AIRPORT WAY Forsyth BuildingForsyth Hotel
View1401-1409 Madison UnknownPiecora's & 2 others
View724 N 79th ST N Unknown 
View3422 Wallingford AVE   
View400 Blaine ST Four Hundred Blaine Apartments 
View3815 Densmore AVE   
View1401 8th AVE Thomas, Harlan, House 
View5527 17TH AVE Unknown 
View722 18th AVE Firestation #23 
View413 Minor AVE 413 Minor Avenue North413 Minor Avenue North
View3934 Eastern AVE   
View1332 14th AVE   
View4403 Thackeray PL   
View3111 37TH AVE   
View3819 Densmore AVE   
View4722 Latona AVE   
View417 SW MINOR AVE SW 417 Minor Avenue North417 Minor Avenue North
View2523 32nd AVE   
View4736 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2802 30th AVE   
View355 W Kinnear PL W Chinn, Raleigh & Nora, House 
View1525 14th AVE Unknown 
View200 17th AVE Unknown 
View310 Aloha   
View2315 16th AVE   
View218 17th AVE Unknown 
View320 W Kinnear PL W Matzen, George, House 
View4221 34th AVE   
View2852 NW 68th ST NW Unknown 
View4719 Thackeray PL   
View508-534 1st AVE Seattle Security Company Warehouse/ Norfin WarehouseThe Florentine Apartments
View3724 Corliss AVE   
View5717 16TH AVE   
View5269 17TH AVE Fletcher, Charles and Annie, House 
View5260 16TH AVE Edmunds House 
View1802 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Heins, John, House 
View4719 9th AVE   
View4717 19TH AVE   
View5031 8th AVE   
View505 13th AVE Squire ApartmentsMohawk Apartments
View600-612 19th AVE Nash ApartmentsPelican Bay Art Cooperative
View4250-4256 Fremont AVE Northfield BlockNorthfield Block
View7100-7118 Woodlawn AVE Woodlawn Hardwarenone
View1901-1903 10th AVE Cut Rate DrugsThe Vintage
View6501-6509 Roosevelt WAY noneRoosevelt Shops
View1720-1724 N 45th ST N Valencia ApartmentsValencia Apartments
View4679 1st AVE noneWallingford Apartments
View4719 2nd AVE   
View1728 NE 55TH PL NE Unknown 
View3247 CASCADIA AVE   
View915 E PINE ST E IOOF TempleOdd Fellows Hall
View2712 SW 13TH AVE SW   
View2436 6th   
View4263 Woodland Park AVE   
View1631 4th AVE Verhulst, John & Clara, House 
View5030 17TH AVE Kirkwood Residence 
View1724 NE 55TH ST NE Unknown 
View210 17th AVE Unknown 
View3903 Densmore AVE   
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Cottage 
View2303 33rd AVE   
View1319 E Union ST E Algonquin ApartmentsHelen V Apartments
View3002 CASCADIA AVE   
View316 Alaskan WAY Terminal GarageOld Seattle Parking Garage
View5537 S Avon S Hawkes HouseHawkes House
View2731-2733 Nob Hill AVE   
View204 17th AVE Unknown 
View124 W Garfield ST W The Murette Apartments 
View4738 17TH AVE Unknown 
View Pioneer Place Chief Seattle FountainChief Seattle Fountain
View5615 20TH AVE Unknown 
View403 W Comstock ST W Davidson, James & Annie, House 
View5501 Kensington PL   
View1323 13th AVE   
View3919 Burke AVE   
View910 W Garfield ST W Dorsey, Hilen & Minna, House 
View5725 17TH AVE Unknown 
View1019 Sturgus AVE   
View2111-13 Nob Hill AVE Craftsman apartments 
View400 Yesler WAY City Hall/ Public Safety BuildingYesler Building
View83 S Jackson ST S Schwabacher Hardware Annex/ Old Theater OfficeSchwabacher Hardware Annex
View406-412 2ND AVENUE EXTENSIOIN Lexington Hotel (N portion)Monterey Hotel
View562 1 AVE Bornstein & Sons, Inc. Warehouse562 1rst Avenue South
View108 2nd Ave Extension 408 2nd Avenue Extension S. Leighton Center/ Leroy Helms Center/ Harbor Light
View202 1st AVE Brunswick Balke Collender Company/ Buttnick BuildingButtnick Building
View1902 N 44th ST N   
View209 NE 47th ST NE   
View216 17th AVE Unknown 
View3604 38th AVE   
View5503 Kensington PL   
View7750 35th AVE Unknown 
View4514 Thackeray PL   
View3258 SIERRA DR   
View1218 N 46th ST N   
View4422 2nd AVE   
View6222 FLORA AVE Henrietta Harki House 
View3126 37th PL   
View2807 33rd AVE   
View3125 37TH AVE   
View620 W Howe ST W Sparkman, J. M., House 
View2317 34th AVE   
View220 17th AVE Unknown 
View4324 Corliss AVE   
View2021 4th AVE   
View5249 17TH AVE Unknown 
View1420 N 40th ST N   
View4335 Meridian AVE   
View508 19th AVE UnknownCountry Doctor Community Clinic
View324 NE 50th ST NE   
View2120 Westlake AVE Unknown (2120 Westake)Denni Deli
View1800 8th AVE Ray HotelRay & Bonair Apartments (1800 8th Avenue)
View2013 2nd AVE Hotel NelsonHotel Commodore
View1924 1st AVE Rector Hotel / Madrona HotelCipra Building
View211 Pine ST Haight Building 
View116 Stewart ST Hotel ArchibaldSt. Regis Hotel
View1920 1st AVE Oxford HotelOxford Apartments
View2225 1st AVE Hotel Grace/ Utah Hotel/ Apex HotelApex Hotel, Apex Hotel Condominium, Apex Belltown Coop
View1108 10th AVE Hennig, Margaret, Residence 
View2233 16th AVE unknown 
View1815 10th AVE Price, Mary, House 
View902 17th AVE Schwabacher, Leo, residence 
View1000 E Garfield ST E Prosser-Hammond House 
View1821 Federal AVE Schmechel, Henry, Duplex 
View1439 E Ward ST E Burns, Frank E., House 
View1516 Federal AVE Gilmour, Ethel, House 
View411 E Thomas ST E Thomas ApartmentsThomas Park View Apartments
View2212-16 1st AVE Strand HotelKasota Building
View2112 1st AVE Wells Butchers' Supply Co.Federal Army-Navy Surplus
View2419 1st AVE Glaser Building/New Latona HotelAce Hotel
View5241 18TH AVE  
View5253 18TH AVE  
View5264 19TH AVE  
View1729 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1400 E PIKE ST E  American Artificial Limb Co.
View1623 14TH AVE  duplex
View1418 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View4746 16TH AVE  
View1719 26TH AVE Wakefield Residence46 Wallach-Hatch Residence
View2812 BROADWAY AVE Clericus-Mulvehill HouseFrank, Steven B., House
View2827 BROADWAY AVE Ritchie-Klock HouseNelson, Richard Bradford, House
View5011 17TH AVE  
View5034 17TH AVE  
View4718 17TH AVE  
View5235 17TH AVE  
View5518 17TH AVE  
View4722 18TH AVE  
View5225 19TH AVE  
View1911 25TH AVE 45 Bridgman residence
View1901 25TH AVE 45 Canale Residence
View1952 26TH AVE Gilbert Residence 47 Wood residence
View2208 E MCGRAW ST E Gerrick Residence23 Rezek-Brown Residence
View4775 BALLARD AVE Ballard Hotel / O'Donnell Block 
View5334 BALLARD AVE L.J. Shaffer Building 
View7341 23RD AVE  
View1725 NW 64TH ST NW  
View3219 NW 60TH ST NW  
View7013 17TH AVE  
View1911 NW SLOOP PL NW  
View2725 BROADWAY AVE Soderberg, J. A. and Martha, HouseVivekananda House
View2800 BROADWAY AVE Johanson, Dr. Nils and Katherine B., HouseAnderson, Larry S. and Kristen M., House
View2816 HARVARD AVE Hoehm, Bernard and Evelyn, HouseBassingthwaighte, Sarah. House
View812 E SHELBY ST E Mifflin, Emmett R. and Mary R., HouseEmery, John S. and Marguerite J., House
View912 E SHELBY ST E Prosser-Dowling HouseMayeno, James M. and Mary M., House
View2707 10TH AVE Rhodes, Frank B. and May, HouseLorenz, Jr., Frederick J. and Marianne, House
View2731 10TH AVE Finley, Francis B. and Elizabeth C., HouseKavalam, Jude J. and Brooke, Patricia M., House
View2808 10TH AVE Spencer, George K. and Mabel M., HouseWatson, Brant, House
View2817 10TH AVE Stevenson, Elizabeth, HouseGalpin, Amos and Lufkin, Elise, House
View2822 10TH AVE Phillips-Hyde HouseStout, Virginia F., House
View1000 E SHELBY ST E Dart, Frank V. and Nora A., HouseMcKinley, Todd, House
View2836 10TH AVE Patten, William T. and Irmengard, HouseWeber, Kent B. and Carolyn A., House
View2715 10TH AVE Lazelle, Dr. H. G. and Martha K. W., HouseYoung, Sharon, House
View2717 10TH AVE Caldwell, Hugh M. and Sarah (Smith Howard), HouseMankoff, David, and Cho, Jean, House
View2729 10TH AVE Packard-Bridge HouseWalters,Deborah, and Patterson, Daniel S., House
View2829 10TH AVE Riley-Kucher HouseMacKay, Chad Scott and Jennifer, House
View2832 10TH AVE Higgins, John C. and Lorene S., HousePickel, Charles Weber and Bossier, Shirley A., House
View2833 10TH AVE Peterson, Neil S., HouseKohl, Jerome and Crickmer, Anna M., House
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