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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1136 31ST AVE   
View2812 10TH AVE Turner, Issac L. and Bethina, HouseBeale, John A., and Bonner, Megan, House
View1505 38TH AVE   
View544 29TH   
View111 24TH AVE   
View2706 HARVARD AVE Duhamel-Parsons HouseFoley, Robert M. and Linda A., House
View1315 E SPRING ST E   
View1411 E SPRING ST E   
View1425 E UNION ST E   
View100 6TH AVE  Ticino Apartments
View1315 E MARION ST E   
View817 17TH AVE   
View723 19TH AVE   
View719 19TH AVE   
View416 18TH AVE   
View905 30TH AVE   
View1529 36TH AVE   
View3249 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View3941 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View9570 S ROXBURY ST S   
View1606 39TH AVE   
View931 25TH AVE   
View3141 E MADISON ST E   
View813 25TH AVE   
View1106 HIAWATHA PL   
View917 HIAWATHA PL   
View930 HIAWATHA PL   
View2207 14TH AVE   
View1444 21ST AVE   
View935 21ST AVE   
View953 21ST AVE   
View956 20TH AVE   
View1649 21ST AVE   
View1425 21ST AVE   
View1433 21ST AVE   
View1108 19TH AVE   
View1629 36TH AVE   
View312 18TH AVE   
View4706 S THISTLE ST S   
View621 20TH AVE   
View352 17TH AVE   
View3001 E DENNY WAY E   
View423 30TH   
View334 18TH AVE   
View1440 21ST AVE   
View931 21ST AVE   
View920 20TH AVE   
View1413 20TH AVE   
View2909 E SPRING ST E   
View2207 14th AVE Unknown 
View825 NW 51st ST NW Unknown 
View544 18th AVE Unknown 
View1541 13th AVE   
View18 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View6657 Flora AVE Antonio and Mary Albanese House 
View4850 Rainier AVE Toby Building 
View1346 13th AVE   
View590 1st AVE Seattle Plumbing CompanyOld Johnson's Plumbing Building/ Washington State Public Stadium Authorities
View3633 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View2107 6th AVE Unknown 
View1825 7th AVE Unknown 
View4742 Martin Luther King WAY Unknown 
View1822 4th AVE Unknown 
View1517 1st AVE Unknown 
View1507 S HILL ST S   
View7467 Woodlawn AVE Minniemyer HouseMinniemyer House
View421 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View206 1st AVE Gottstein BuildingCity Loan Building/ Buttnick City Loan Building
View103 Highland DR Polson, Perry, HousePolson House
View4735 36th AVE  New Construction
View1131-1133 34th AVE UnknownSt. Clouds Food & Spirits
View1815 5th AVE Unknown 
View1503 14th AVE   
View9621 60th AVE Unknown 
View678 W Prospect ST W Osgood, Frank H., House 
View2821 E Arthur PL E Unknown 
View1332 13th AVE   
View2107 NW 65th ST NW Unknown 
View3855 S Brandon ST S Sandquist HouseSandquist House
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus/ Hastie HouseBakenhus/Hastie House
View229-235 BROADWAY Wilshire BuildingLota Building
View1605 17th AVE Caroline Kline Galland HouseSeattle Mental Health Institute
View6726 CORSON AVE Fred Heuschele House 
View1814 E Pike ST E Uknown 
View640 NW 52nd ST NW Unknown 
View2112 N 50th ST N Unknown 
View2112 13th AVE Unknown 
View334 18th AVE Unkown 
View5702 Woodlawn AVE Skone HouseSkone House
View2231 1st AVE Unknown 
View5511 AIRPORT WAY Bertoldi HallStellar Cafe
View2825 NW 67th ST NW Unknown 
View411 W Galer ST W James, J. A. HouseJames House
View1529 6th AVE del Grosso, Peter & Mary, House 
View606 2nd AVE Corona Building/ Oriental BuildingCorona Building
View1805 7th AVE Unknown 
View3409 25th AVE Unknown 
View4300 4th AVE   
View4526 S Mead ST S Adams HouseAdams House
View4239 S Juneau ST S Unknown 
View126 NE 65th ST NE Elliott/Cory HouseElliott/Cory House
View7334 Ravenna AVE Swanson FarmhouseSwanson Farmhouse
View19-21 Prospect ST Sherman, Mrs. A. B. HouseSherman House
View6414 FLORA AVE Barto Company House 
View7454 4th AVE McMillin HouseMcMillin House
View2318 N 55th ST N   
View2000 14th AVE Unknown 
View1417 10th AVE Unknown 
View325 W Kinnear PL W Cawsey, C. C. HouseCawsey House
View7745 Corliss AVE Unknown 
View542 1st AVE George Hoffman's Carriage Factory/ Washington Shoe CompanyWashington Shoe Building
View5754 NE Greenlake WAY NE Procunier, T. H. HouseProcunier House
View604 W Kinnear PL W Unknown 
View1501 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View1633 18th AVE UnknownUnknown
View5530 S Orcas ST S Juhlin HouseJuhlin House
View2218 14th AVE Unknown 
View5532 Woodlawn AVE Unknown 
View 766 Thomas St766 Thomas St/ Thousand Friends of Washington
View3661 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus, D. House DELETEBakenhus/Hastie House
View2133 7th AVE Munson, Mark HouseMunson House
View2421 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View6712 7th AVE Unknown 
View924 N 74th ST N Unknown 
View2200 N 77th ST N Remsberg, C. E. HousePiccardo House
View7000 Linden AVE Abbey HouseAbbey House
View1067 E Harrison ST E Brew, H. D., Residence 
View1412 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View1109 17th AVE unknown 
View806 14th AVE Bordeaux, Thomas, House 
View1007 14th AVE unknown 
View309 10th AVE McCowin, Charles, House 
View432-434 17th AVE Connor, Edward, Duplex 
View1417 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View8425 Rainier PL Unknown 
View4623 S Holly ST S Unknown 
View814 2ND AVE Melhorn BuildingMetropolitan Grill
View1801 10th AVE Hildebrandt House 
View1223 17th AVE Collins, John 
View1415 E Roy ST E McLean, M., House 
View222 23RD AVE   
View903 25TH AVE   
View106 MADRONA PL   
View903 14TH AVE   
View1020 37TH AVE   
View1722 MADRONA DR   
View1000 25TH AVE   
View2314 E WARD ST E   
View9570 ROXBURY ST   
View4302 6TH AVE William & Margaret Sanders House 
View1412 19TH AVE   
View6542 67TH AVE  
View6755 25TH AVE  
View2613 NW 63RD ST NW  
View2423 NW 61ST ST NW  
View6542 27TH AVE  
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