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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View109 15TH AVE   
View622 34TH AVE   
View2755 E YESLER WAY E   
View1501 38TH AVE   
View211 20TH AVE   
View118 24TH AVE   
View716 39TH AVE   
View917 14TH AVE   
View924 13TH AVE   
View828 16TH AVE   
View825 16TH AVE   
View1619 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View2703 E YESLER WAY E   
View809 15TH AVE   
View4619 LUCILE ST   
View5128 S MORGAN ST S   
View4755 S BOND ST S   
View3251 S HUDSON ST S   
View907 14TH AVE   
View3928 S HUDSON ST S   
View1418 37TH AVE   
View1629 39TH AVE   
View1326 12TH AVE   
View1419 37TH AVE   
View1473 22ND AVE   
View944 20TH AVE   
View1414 20TH AVE   
View1643 21ST AVE   
View1441 21ST AVE   
View955 20TH AVE   
View1126 17TH AVE   
View317 28TH AVE   
View1501 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View333 16TH AVE   
View971 20TH AVE   
View915 16TH AVE   
View917B 17TH AVE   
View536 19TH AVE   
View339 17TH AVE   
View110 HARVARD AVE unknownKendrickson residence
View102 HARVARD AVE unknownEnslow-Pak residence
View936 20TH AVE   
View1475 20TH AVE   
View1473 20TH AVE   
View1132 16TH AVE   
View905 20TH AVE   
View4313 6TH AVE   
View4010 WHITMAN AVE   
View800 E DENNY WAY E unknownunknown
View633 Post AVE New Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyNew Post Station, Seattle Steam Company
View808 14th AVE Unknown 
View2020 14th AVE   
View809 15th AVE Unknown 
View117 S Main ST S Superior Candy and Cracker Company?Union Trust Company Annex
View5241 Lake Washington BLVD Unknown 
View400 W Highland DR W Claiborne, L. HouseClaiborne/Parish House
View5216 13th AVE Helber/Snyder HouseHelber/Snyder House
View8215 Interlake AVE Unknown 
View825 15th AVE Unknown 
View1832 4th AVE Unknown 
View1634 11TH AVE Manning's MortuaryHugo, Richard House
View825 24th AVE Unknown 
View6534 25th AVE Unknown 
View1701 4th AVE Williams, O. B. HouseWilliams House
View314 NE 57th ST NE Hudson, E. L. HouseHudson House
View4747 36th AVE Dodge-Elliott House 
View1414 E Columbia ST E Unknown 
View319 3rd AVE Pacific Drug Company/ Seattle Paint Company/ Stadium Furniture/ U. S. Rubber BuildingU. S. Rubber Building
View821 20th AVE Unknown 
View2301 N 56th ST N Unknown 
View2443 NW 61st ST NW Unknown 
View211 NW 40th ST NW Unknown 
View5029 51st AVE Unknown 
View5515 Wallingford AVE Unknown 
View306 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View2410 E Cherry ST E Walla Walla SchoolHorace Mann School
View314 W Galer W Brett/Helm House 
View416 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View1224 6th   
View4030 Aurora AVE   
View1408 1st AVE Unknown 
View212 21st AVE Unknown 
View3664 Interlake AVE   
View9 Crockett ST Unknown 
View4436 Francis AVE Unknown 
View3664 Interlake AVE Unknown 
View1522 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View812 14th AVE Unknown 
View803 15th AVE 1416-20 E Columbia 
View832 14th AVE Unknown 
View722 SW WILLOW ST SW Freda Germain House 
View339 17th AVE Unknown 
View1005 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View815 20TH AVE Unknown 
View1335 15th AVE   
View100 W Florentia ST W Unknown 
View4463 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View815 15th AVE Unknown 
View1737 NW 58th ST NW Unknown 
View1928 8th AVE Unknown 
View3203 S Holden ST S Unknown 
View5828 Woodlawn AVE Unknown 
View619 W Blaine ST W Domogalla, Guy & Gertrude, House 
View10057 65th AVE Unknown 
View302 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View817 20th AVE Unknown 
View2119 E Union E Unknown 
View811 20th AVE Unknown 
View2009 S Nye PL S Unknown 
View1121 34th AVE UnknownScottish Tea Shop
View2301 N 56th ST N   
View7549 Sunnyside AVE Unknown 
View114 Alaskan WAY Prudential Building/ Fred Cole BuildingPrudential Building
View3523 Carr PL Unknown 
View929 NW 49th ST NW Unknown 
View1554 NW 50th ST NW Dean HouseDean House
View816 14th AVE Unknown 
View4229 3rd AVE Anderson, W.H. HouseAnderson House
View814 14th AVE Unknown 
View117 24th AVE Unknown 
View800 14th AVE Unknown 
View826 14th AVE Unknown 
View805 15th AVE Unknown 
View823 15th AVE Unknown 
View6550 16th AVE Unknown 
View308 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View1331 13th AVE   
View4645 S Holly ST S Unknown 
View1519 10th AVE Unknown 
View2106 13th AVE   
View9714 60th AVE Unknown 
View5218 Meridian AVE Unknown 
View416 W Blaine ST W Unknown 
View1331 15th AVE   
View831 15th AVE Unknown 
View1303 13th AVE   
View2808 E Thomas ST E Unknown 
View830 14th AVE Unknown 
View1415 E Marion ST E Unknown 
View1811 5th AVE Unknown 
View819 15th AVE Unknown 
View1412 E Columbia ST E Unknown 
View1612 44th AVE Unknown 
View2903 E Denny WAY E Unknown 
View810 14th AVE Unknown 
View1411 4th AVE Unknown 
View7037 13th AVE Unknown 
View917 17th AVE Unknown 
View1532 24th AVE Unknown 
View1416 18TH AVE Unknown 
View317 20th AVE Unknown 
View627 14th AVE Mary & Martha Hall 
View626 14th AVE Tripple, Robert, Residence 
View104 1st AVE Lippy BuildingLippy Building
View1528 7th AVE Johnson, Maurice HouseJohnson/Blomskog House
View710 24th AVE Unknown 
View5951 AIRPORT WAY The Arcade MarketKassie Keith Shop
View119 24th AVE Unknown 
View6420 CARLETON AVE Peter Gessner/Dr. Corson HouseGeorgetown Castle
View2123 E Union ST E Unknown 
View1911 45th AVE Smith, S. HouseSmith, S. House
View6402 CARLETON AVE Harry Rogelet Houses 
View2801-2115 Elliott AVE 2800 Elliott Avenue West / Ainsworth & Dunn Warehouse/ Plant No. 2 for I. F. Laucks Incorporated 2801 Elliott Avenue
View2301 1st AVE Oregon HotelOregon Apartments
View1301 Alaskan WAY Pier 6/ John B. Agen Dock/ The Milwaukee PierPier 57
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 4Pier 55
View2821 Alaskan WAY Pier 14, Ainsworth and Dunn WharfPier 70, Graham and Dunn
View2114 Western AVE Rainier Boarding and Livery Stable/ Armory GarageElliott Bay Bicycles
View729 12 AVE unknown 
View1155 17th AVE unknown 
View917 16th AVE Loe, Dr. Adolph O., House 
ViewBuilding 417 Administration Building 
ViewBuilding 917 Quartermaster Stables 
ViewBuilding 906 Hospital Steward's Quarters 
ViewBuilding 759 Guard House 
View419 Denny WAY Rodeo CaféZeek's Pizza
View3012 E SPRING ST E   
View823 24TH AVE   
View2828 BROADWAY AVE   
View141 39TH AVE   
View4014 E PROSPECT ST E   
View988 21ST AVE   
View1133 16TH AVE   
View934 18TH AVE   
View713 E Olive AVE E  Duplex
View5824 16TH AVE  
View2209 HOWE AVE 44 Gruber Residence
View5215 BALLARD AVE Deep Sea Fishermen's BuildingInternational Schooner Tavern/Tractor Tavern
View5300 BALLARD AVE Scandinavian American Bank / Canal BankBallard Inn
View2852 72ND ST  
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