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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View119 24TH AVE   
View117 24TH AVE   
View610 7TH AVE   
View906 14TH AVE   
View924 14TH AVE   
View1510 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View707 15TH AVE   
View716 16TH AVE   
View1317 29TH AVE   
View1515 E SPRUCE ST E   
View2617 E ALOHA ST E   
View927 25TH AVE   
View1227 38TH AVE   
View3606 DAYTON AVE Walter J. Santmyer House 
View3832 EVANSTON AVE Frederick M. Cosman House 
View330 24TH AVE   
View1416 31ST AVE   
View2710 S DEARBORN ST S   
View415 30TH AVE   
View1422 33RD AVE   
View1611 E SPRING ST E   
View320 15TH AVE   
View318 17TH AVE   
View910 18TH AVE   
View316 17TH AVE   
View1815 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View1837 24TH AVE   
View918 E FIR ST E   
View159 10TH AVE   
View1222 E PINE E  State Farm Insurance
View1400 E PROSPECT ST E Volunteer Park Reservoir 
View1516 3rd AVE Unknown 
View4700 31st AVE Unknown 
View1409 N 47th ST N   
View3613 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4609 S Angeline ST S Unknown 
View1603 N 48th ST N   
View3515 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View1349 13th AVE   
View1621 N 39th ST N   
View4114 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View3625 EVANSTON AVE   
View5514 Brooklyn AVE   
View4211 Brooklyn AVE   
View1412 34th AVE noneHi Spot Café
View414 NE 42nd ST NE Wedeen, N. A. HouseWedeen House
View2316 FRANKLIN AVE   
View3980 MADRONA DR Denny Blaine Lake Park Realty OfficeDenny Blaine Lake Park Shelter
View1512 Nob Hill AVE Eyler, Ray & Blossom, House 
View1323 3rd AVE Plumer, Frank & Eleanor, House 
View168 Highland DR Roberts-Hartnagel House 
View1808 N 36th ST N   
View5 Dravus ST Unknown 
View917 N 36TH ST N Sewell P. & Mary Stone House 
View3428 Woodlawn AVE   
View1908 S WAITE ST S   
View171 S Jackson ST S Chapin Building, Fuller Building, Northcoast BuildingNorthcoast Building, Court in the Square
ViewFortson Square Fortson SquareFortson Square
View2326 14th AVE Smith, E. House 
View3817 Densmore AVE F. G Reynolds House 
View1019 N 36TH ST N Oscar A. & Hulda Olson House 
View101 NE 57th ST NE Unknown 
View5585 Kenwood PL Unknown 
View4327 S Morgan ST S Wharton/Little HouseWharton/Little House
View2311 N 64th ST N Unknown 
View3402 WETMORE AVE   
View915 16th AVE unknown 
View1708 18th AVE Fisken, A. F., House 
View331 17th AVE Ladley, H. D., Residence 
View2115 E Mercer ST E Wist, William, House 
View1526 1ST AVE David Dow & SonsEmerald Market Supply
View5403 BALLARD AVE Portland HotelPortland Building
View5323 BALLARD AVE G.B. Sanborn Block 
View1007 S WELLER ST S  Fa Shin Temple
View2629 E VALLEY ST E   
View976 20TH AVE   
View907 16TH AVE   
View1526 1ST AVE Electric Motors Inc.Emerald Manor Supply
View1525 31st AVE   
View3229 Rainier AVE   
View706 NE 43rd ST NE   
View4039 9th AVE UnknownQuaker House
View113 13th AVE Stark, R. H., House 
View6750 25th AVE Unknown 
View5345 BALLARD AVE Bourgett Block / Bartell Drug Store #4 
View2317 E ALDER ST E   
View1121 15TH AVE   
View5031 35TH AVE   
View541 19TH AVE   
View1443 22ND AVE   
View930 20TH AVE   
View909 16TH AVE   
View3519 Wallingford AVE North HouseNorth House
View4216 7th AVE   
View718 16TH AVE   
View5722 16TH AVE Unknown 
View923 TAYLOR AVE  
View2819 FRANKLIN AVE   
View811 N 36TH ST N Mary L. Downie House 
View3631 LINDEN AVE   
View1122 36TH AVE   
View315 28TH AVE   
View157 27TH AVE   
View918 E JOHN ST E unknownBroadway Locksmith
View156 11TH AVE   
View1601 13th AVE  State Farm Insurance
View1903 2nd AVE Unknown 
View 12th AVE Volunteer Park Reservoir Gate House 
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