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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1810 E FIR ST E   
View1215 S MAIN ST S  Charlie Dong Tax
View3417 E SPRUCE ST E   
View733 25TH AVE   
View1432 25TH AVE   
View724 21ST AVE   
View1924 46th AVE Young HouseYoung House
View400 2nd Avenue Extension Chin Gee Hee Building400 2nd Avenue Extension South/ Kon Yick Building
View111 Yesler WAY Padden Block/ Mary McDonald Building/ Bohemian Café/ Eagle CaféThe Bohemian
View314 1st AVE Nord Hotel/Thompson HotelNord Hotel/Nord Apartment and Retail Building
View1019 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View911 N 36th ST N Nelson, V. HouseNelson House
View519 3rd AVE Drexel HotelDrexel Hotel
View301 1st AVE Matilda Winehill BlockBread of Life Mission
View1414 S Washington ST S UnknownVictorian Landmark
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View164 S Washington ST S Nugent Block and Considine BlockBarney's Loans
View828 23rd AVE Unknown 
View311 1st AVE Maud BuildingMaud Building
View1238 S King ST S UnknownVictorian Row Apartments
View1206 REPUBLICAN ST 1206 Republican St.1206 Republican St.
View601 2nd AVE Butler Block/ Butler Hotel/ Butler BuildingButler Garage/ Butler Building
View901-905 15th AVE Unknown 
View808 E SHELBY ST E Brady-Alexander HouseO'Donnell, Mathew and Catherine, House
View520 W Kinnear PL W Marble HouseMarble/Lindsley House
View822 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1524 5th AVE Unknown 
View1810 E Fir ST E Unknown 
View1210 Republican ST 1210 Republican St1210 Republican St.
View818 23rd AVE Unknown 
View68 S Washington ST S Lowman and Hanford Printing and Binding BuildingWashington Park Building
View304 Alaskan WAY Oregon and Washington Railroad and Navigation Company/ Otto Sturham & SonsC & H Company
View110 Cherry ST Scheuerman Block/ Scheurman Block110 Cherry Street/ 700 1st Avenue
View216 1st AVE Squire Latimer BuildingGrand Central/ Grand Central on the Park
View109 Yesler WAY Merchant's Café/ Sanderson BlockMerchant's Café/ Hotel
View89 S Washington ST S J & M Annex/ Walter Collins BuildingJ & M Annex (part of J & M Hotel Building)
View221 S Washington ST S (building owned by Lou Graham) Graham Block (part of)Washington Court Building (Union Gospel Office)
View116 & 118 S Washington ST S Scandinavian Hotel and Clancy Building116 & 118 S Washington St
View816 23rd AVE Unknown 
View122 S Jackson ST S Ingels Block/ Crescent Manufacturing CompanyHerman Blumenthal Building/ Herman and Blumenthal Building
View4033 2nd AVE   
View1716 NW 60th ST NW Unknown 
View319 2nd AVE Wittler Block. Shanks & Mills Block, Derig Hotel, Elliott House, Star LodgeCadillac Hotel
View612 1st AVE Howard BuildingHoward Building
View3607 Densmore AVE Densmore Residence 
View304 26th AVE Unknown 
View318 2nd AVE Fulton Hotel/ Fulton Inn/ Totem Distributing CompanyOld Fulton Hotel
View8429 Dallas AVE Unknown 
View1633 S King ST S Unknown 
View1711 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1428 25th AVE Unknown 
View171 S Washington ST S McCowan Block (western structure)McCoy's Tavern
View2204 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House #2 
View1315 1st AVE Hotel Vendome -Post Edwards Building/ New Hotel Vendome Sultan Hotel -The Lusty Lady/ Tolias Building
View2202 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House 
View2224-28 2nd AVE Wayne ApartmentsNoodle Ranch/Lava Lounge
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