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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View4755 39TH AVE   
View164 Ward   
View3283 Conkling PL   
View1934 10th AVE Burroughs, Stephanie, House 
View1127 Olympic WAY Alexander Hamilton ApartmentsAlexander Hamilton Apartments
View3248 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1519 4th AVE Unknown 
View1401 8th AVE Thomas, Harlan, House 
View1740 23rd AVE Colman Playfield Shelter House 
View2838 CASCADIA AVE   
View1615 9th Unknown 
View2107 5th AVE Morris Apartments 
View422 16th AVE Unknown 
View3237 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View722 18th AVE Firestation #23 
View3274 Conkling PL   
View702 19th AVE Roycroft TheaterRussian Community Center
View4258-4262 Fremont AVE Redwood GroceryBrown's Collector Town
View307 NE Maple Leaf PL NE Masonic Lodge #149same
View8500-8546 Greenwood AVE E. B. Holmes BuildingWashington Mutual Bank
View7601-7613 Greenwood AVE Warrington & Carskadden Desoto-PlymouthPelayo Antiques
View250-260 N 45th ST N noneGypsy Trader
View1924 N 45th ST N Ernst HardwareNickola's Restaurant
View1720-1724 N 45th ST N Valencia ApartmentsValencia Apartments
View2462 Nob Hill AVE Berryhill-Henrickson, House 
View3053 10th AVE   
View2844 CASCADIA AVE   
View3317 S HANFORD ST S   
View3300 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2300 E Yesler WAY E Yesler LibraryDouglass-Truth Library
View311 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View4515 Burke AVE  Burke Avenue Apartments
View3320 CASCADIA AVE   
View1121 17th AVE Carmona, TheCarmona, The
View3219 10th AVE Galeno, Fred & Amelia, House 
View811 W Etruria ST W Gaffikin, James P., House 
View1953 11th AVE Olson, Ole, House 
View3630 Wallingford AVE   
View1108 9th AVE Franca Villa ApartmentsFranca Villa Apartments
View3290 Conkling PL   
View401-407 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPizza Eleni, Rvolution Tatto, Express Market, Apts.
View1115 9th AVE Gillespie, Thomas and Ella, House 
View807 Stewart ST Central Terminal (for Pacific Northwest Traction Company)/ Central Bus TerminalGreyhound Bus Terminal
View1254 10th AVE Collins, Wallace G., House 
View2055 E Crescent DR E Miller, Alice, House 
View1625 Federal AVE Leonard, A. W., Residence 
View509 Bellevue AVE Catalina ApartmentsCatalina apartments
View1741 Belmont AVE Dunlap ApartmentsEmerald Arms
View1645 10th AVE Alta CasaAlta Casa
View2012 43rd AVE Lakecrest/Shoremont ApartmentsLake Court Apartments
View455 N 44th ST N Sunset Heights ApartmentsSunset Heights Apartments
View2101 3rd AVE Goodwin TexacoSig's Barbershop
View2107 3rd AVE Metropolitan Printing Press Co.Brasa
View2327 2nd AVE Lorraine HotelWilliam Tell Hotel
View1648 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Wheeler Residence34 McTaggart Residence
View715 1ST AVE Leonard Apartments Leonard Apartments
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