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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View323 16th AVE La FlorLa Flor
View2022 Boren AVE Fashioncraft Building / Fashion Craft BuildingFairview Club, "Lisa Dupar's Juleps"
View1215 Seneca ST Piedmont ApartmentsTuscany Apartments
View1915 2nd AVE Northwest Building Co GarageSecond Avenue Parking Garage
View117 Yale AVE Rodgers Tile Company (117-121 Yale Ave. N)911 Contemporary Arts Center
View1907 3rd AVE Donohoe GarageBergman's Luggage (3rd and Stewart Building)
View830 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3836 COURTLAND PL   
View2315 4th AVE Hewitt's CaféTwo Bells
View2555 8th AVE 7th Church of Christ Scientist7th Church of Christ Scientist
View3246 10th AVE Constantine, Lefteros & Bertha, House 
View1915 3rd AVE White GarageDowntown Mini Storage
View2224 34th AVE   
View2003 4TH AVE Huston-Swanstrom BuildingMarshall Building
View348 W Olympic WAY W Spanish Court ApartmentsVilla Costella
View1004 E Galer ST E Johnstone, Frederick & Margarite, House 
View2458 Nob Hill AVE   
View2724 NE 55th NE Clare RealtyBeyond the Garden Gate
View2410 E Lynn ST E Montlake TheaterMontlake Apartments
View1005 5th AVE Walker, George & Bertha, House 
View1501 31st AVE   
View3042 10th AVE Grandey, Joseph & Ruth, House 
View2226 3rd AVE Seville BuildingPBJS
View1526 E Olin PL E unknown 
View6929 CARLETON AVE Loren C. and Vera Howden House 
View92 E Lynn ST E Linda Vista ApartmentsLinda Vista Apartments
View2345 Franklin AVE 2345 Franklin2345 Franklin
View4200 11th AVE El Monterey ApartmentsEl Monterey Apartments
View1000-1014 Madison ST noneBean Collection
View8420 Greenwood AVE Greenwood BlockUpper Crust Catering
View8520-8548 Greenwood AVE Holmes Building #2Greenwood Books
View168 Ward ST   
View1710 E Denny WAY E La QuintaLa Quinta
View4115 13th AVE   
View1450 E Republican ST E Astor CourtAstor Court
View421 Eastlake AVE Garage for A. A. Bain and A. D. Shafer/ Pontius GarageForeign Auto Rebuild
View2205 Bigelow AVE Barcelona CourtBarcelona Court
View3305 S HANFORD ST S   
View608 E Lynn ST E El CerritoEl Cerrito
View815 W Garfield W   
View Bikur Cholum Tabernacle 
View1505 31st AVE   
View1205 NE 42nd AVE NE Unknown 
View1543 E Olin PL E unknown 
View1511 3rd AVE Republic BuildingMelborne Tower
View1017 Olive WAY Northwest Motors, IncSeattle Honda
View1707 Taylor AVE Donaphilita Apartments 
View700 W Prospect ST W Hastie, Colin & Florence, House 
View1515 E Olin PL E unknown 
View906 1st AVE Seville CourtSeville Court
View2314 S ANGELINE ST S   
View1622 1st AVE Knott, James & Ruth, House 
View5609 CORSON AVE Bernardo and Rose Germani HouseThe Corson Building
View311 Smith PL Hansen, Harry & Natalie, House 
View6220 WILSON AVE   
View5233 S MYRTLE ST S   
View4255 LINDEN AVE Linden Crest ApartmentsFremont Crest Condominium
View3626 WOODLAND PARK AVE Peter Clausen House 
View3632 WOODLAND PARK AVE Wm. J Steinert Apartment HouseThe Steinert
View8816 RENTON AVE  Vince's Italian Restaurant
View5306 13TH AVE  St. George Catholic Church
View1515 13TH AVE  Public Storage
View2404 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Beeharry Residence
View2171 BOYER AVE Jones Residence34 Leonard Residence
View2122 E SHELBY ST E Murton Residence 
View2233 E MILLER ST E  
View2524 25TH AVE 09 Scoccia Residence
View2433 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bow Residence 
View2459 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lake Residence 
View2201 E BLAINE ST E Bragdon Residence48 Ellingson Residence
View1920 E CALHOUN ST E Burdick Residence13 Coldwell Residence
View5412 BALLARD AVE Eagle Block / Fitzgerald & Hynes Building 
View4719 CALIFORNIA AVE West Hill MarketTaqueria Guaymas
View8001 25TH AVE  
View8020 25TH AVE  
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