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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View109 15TH AVE   
View1505 38TH AVE   
View1501 38TH AVE   
View526 31ST AVE   
View812 14TH AVE   
View1315 E SPRING ST E   
View732 14TH AVE   
View152 15TH AVE   
View624 35TH AVE   
View128 30TH AVE   
View1529 36TH AVE   
View2512 E YESLER WAY E   
View831 15TH AVE   
View3212 E SPRUCE ST E   
View6027 S ROXBURY ST S   
View3249 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View1843 S LANE ST S   
View3933 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View1525 35TH AVE   
View1522 35TH AVE   
View406 29TH AVE   
View3906 E PINE ST E   
View1622 39TH AVE   
View1606 39TH AVE   
View1104 41ST AVE   
View1130 37TH AVE   
View1129 38TH AVE   
View769 32ND AVE   
View619 32ND AVE   
View615 32ND AVE   
View613 32ND AVE   
View1633 39TH AVE   
View1623 39TH AVE   
View1709 39TH AVE   
View3104 S IRVING ST S   
View815 20TH AVE   
View2007 S DEARBORN ST S   
View2600 E VALLEY ST E   
View1422 33RD AVE   
View1419 37TH AVE   
View1910 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View1920 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View975 20TH AVE   
View621 20TH AVE   
View518 19TH AVE   
View342 17TH AVE   
View427 30TH AVE   
View328 17TH AVE   
View1115 35TH AVE   
View1101 35TH AVE   
View1130 36TH AVE   
View958 21ST AVE   
View932 19TH AVE   
View168 Highland DR Roberts-Hartnagel House 
View153 Highland DR Riddle-Irwin HouseRiddle House
View1426 N 47th ST N   
View302 W Howe ST W   
View125 23rd AVE Unknown 
View918-920 2nd AVE Lyon HouseLyon House
View1349 13th AVE   
View3642 Woodlawn AVE   
View5246 12th AVE Unknown 
View4302 Burke AVE   
View5526 16TH AVE Wallace Residence 
View14 W Lee W Unknown 
View5203 18TH AVE Wheeler House 
View5825 16TH AVE Beck, Nemias B., House #1 
View5400 Keystone PL   
View1529 6th AVE del Grosso, Peter & Mary, House 
View1506 3rd AVE   
View1920 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View4115 Meridian AVE   
View2218 14th AVE Unknown 
View2502 4th AVE   
View736 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View1416 18TH AVE Unknown 
View113 13th AVE Stark, R. H., House 
View1067 E Harrison ST E Brew, H. D., Residence 
View418 10th AVE Walker, Wesley, Residence 
View927 17th AVE unknown 
View912 2nd AVE Ankeny HouseGowey House
View710 24th AVE Unknown 
View1817 E Howell ST E Ruddies, Jennie, Residence 
View331 17th AVE Ladley, H. D., Residence 
View330 18th AVE Watson Family Residence 
View1618 Lakeview BLVD Buschman, Peter, Residence 
View1108 17th AVE Murphy, George, House 
View1223 17th AVE Collins, John 
View2909 E ALDER ST E   
View141 39TH AVE   
View106 MAIDEN LN   
View113 MADRONA   
View3802 E JOHN ST E   
View107 DORFFEL DR   
View231 40TH AVE   
View1108 E FIR ST E   
View710 14TH AVE   
View4014 E PROSPECT ST E   
View1020 37TH AVE   
View3917 E OLIVE ST E   
View959 N MOTOR PL N   
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