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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View4210 Brooklyn AVE Campus ApartmentsCampus Apartments
View633 Post AVE New Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyNew Post Station, Seattle Steam Company
View232 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart ConventSacred Heart Shelter
View314 Occidental WAY Sportscaster and Company Building(more recent)/ Cracker and Candy FactoryBurke Building, (part of) State-Burke Building
View301 S Jackson ST S King Street Station/ Union Passenger Depot (not current Union Station)King Street Station
View117 S Main ST S Superior Candy and Cracker Company?Union Trust Company Annex
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View520 W Raye ST W Arthur A. Wright & Son Mortuary & ColumbariumButterworth Arthur A. Wright Funeral Home
View219 S Washington ST S Graham Block/ 219 S. Washington Street/ Union Gospel Mission Hotel219 S. Washington Street
View80 S Jackson ST S Smith Building80 S. Jackson Street Condominium
View502 2nd AVE Smith TowerSmith Tower
View105 1st AVE Schwabacher BuildingSchwabacher Building/ Gatzert and Schwabacher Building
View517 Crockett ST Stilwell, Samuel and Irene, House 
View2300 E Yesler WAY E Yesler LibraryDouglass-Truth Library
View4600 22nd AVE Chi Psi FraternityChi Psi Fraternity
View4737 Brooklyn AVE Frederick ApartmentsFrederick Apartments
View322 1st AVE Capitol Brewing and Malting Company/ Capitol Brewing CompanyJackson Building
View3620 Wallingford AVE   
View109 1st AVE Terry Denny Building/ Northern HotelTerry Denny Building/ Northern Hotel
View900 Madison Sorrento HotelSorrento Hotel
View100 Crockett ST Childrens Orthopedic HospitalQueen Anne Manor
View222 S Main ST S Corgiat Building/ Main HotelMain Hotel Building
View119 S Main ST S Union Trust BuildingUnion Trust Building
View220 2nd AVE Furuya BuildingMasin's Furniture
View403 W Prospect ST W McElwaine, Myron & Irene, House 
View616 1st AVE Lowman and Hanford BuildingLowman and Hanford Building
View1424 15th AVE Temple de Hirsch (Demolished 1992) 
View317 1st AVE Squires BuildingSquire Building
View1107 7th AVE Harp, Franklin, House 
View315 2nd AVE Duncan and Sons Building/ Duncan and Sons Saddlery and ShoeDuncan Building
View800-830 18th AVE Churhc of Immaculate Conception 
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View204 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart SchoolSacred Heart School
View1051 E Galer ST E Fetter, Harvey and Sallie, House 
View2010 E Galer ST E Boettiger/Corbett House 
View200 3rd AVE Davenport Hotel/ Hotel UnionUnion Hotel Apartments
View2311 5th AVE Stewart, Kenneth & Mary, House 
View2030 Westlake AVE Loft Building for Mr. J. C. McHugh/ Craftsman Press2030 Westlake Avenue
View807 Stewart ST Central Terminal (for Pacific Northwest Traction Company)/ Central Bus TerminalGreyhound Bus Terminal
View410 Stewart ST Tyee BuildingCentennial Building
View405 Olive WAY Bergonian HotelMayflower Park Hotel
View1317 Boren AVE Sovereign ApartmentsSovereign Apartments
View515 N 50th ST N Camelot ApartmentsCamelot Apartments
View2700 4th AVE Hermosa Apartments2700 Fourth Avenue
View119 39TH AVE   
View603 35TH AVE   
View2610 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Residence50 Steinbach & Whimbey
View2208 E MILLER ST E Watkins Residence11 Douglas Residence
View3311 NW 71ST ST NW  
View900 E SHELBY ST E Mylroie, Alfred Wright and Lillian Olive, HouseGroothuizen, Johan M. and Denise R., House
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