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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View633 Post AVE New Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyNew Post Station, Seattle Steam Company
View314 Occidental WAY Sportscaster and Company Building(more recent)/ Cracker and Candy FactoryBurke Building, (part of) State-Burke Building
View520 W Raye ST W Arthur A. Wright & Son Mortuary & ColumbariumButterworth Arthur A. Wright Funeral Home
View502 2nd AVE Smith TowerSmith Tower
View517 Crockett ST Stilwell, Samuel and Irene, House 
View322 1st AVE Capitol Brewing and Malting Company/ Capitol Brewing CompanyJackson Building
View222 S Main ST S Corgiat Building/ Main HotelMain Hotel Building
View616 1st AVE Lowman and Hanford BuildingLowman and Hanford Building
View1107 7th AVE Harp, Franklin, House 
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View200 3rd AVE Davenport Hotel/ Hotel UnionUnion Hotel Apartments
View2311 5th AVE Stewart, Kenneth & Mary, House 
View405 Olive WAY Bergonian HotelMayflower Park Hotel
View515 N 50th ST N Camelot ApartmentsCamelot Apartments
View2700 4th AVE Hermosa Apartments2700 Fourth Avenue
View2208 E MILLER ST E Watkins Residence11 Douglas Residence
View3311 NW 71ST ST NW  
View317 1st AVE Squires BuildingSquire Building
View80 S Jackson ST S Smith Building80 S. Jackson Street Condominium
View800-830 18th AVE Churhc of Immaculate Conception 
View2030 Westlake AVE Loft Building for Mr. J. C. McHugh/ Craftsman Press2030 Westlake Avenue
View410 Stewart ST Tyee BuildingCentennial Building
View1051 E Galer ST E Fetter, Harvey and Sallie, House 
View2010 E Galer ST E Boettiger/Corbett House 
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View232 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart ConventSacred Heart Shelter
View105 1st AVE Schwabacher BuildingSchwabacher Building/ Gatzert and Schwabacher Building
View301 S Jackson ST S King Street Station/ Union Passenger Depot (not current Union Station)King Street Station
View403 W Prospect ST W McElwaine, Myron & Irene, House 
View100 Crockett ST Childrens Orthopedic HospitalQueen Anne Manor
View109 1st AVE Terry Denny Building/ Northern HotelTerry Denny Building/ Northern Hotel
View1424 15th AVE Temple de Hirsch (Demolished 1992) 
View900 Madison Sorrento HotelSorrento Hotel
View315 2nd AVE Duncan and Sons Building/ Duncan and Sons Saddlery and ShoeDuncan Building
View4210 Brooklyn AVE Campus ApartmentsCampus Apartments
View220 2nd AVE Furuya BuildingMasin's Furniture
View807 Stewart ST Central Terminal (for Pacific Northwest Traction Company)/ Central Bus TerminalGreyhound Bus Terminal
View4600 22nd AVE Chi Psi FraternityChi Psi Fraternity
View4737 Brooklyn AVE Frederick ApartmentsFrederick Apartments
View1317 Boren AVE Sovereign ApartmentsSovereign Apartments
View219 S Washington ST S Graham Block/ 219 S. Washington Street/ Union Gospel Mission Hotel219 S. Washington Street
View204 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart SchoolSacred Heart School
View2610 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Residence50 Steinbach & Whimbey
View3620 Wallingford AVE   
View119 S Main ST S Union Trust BuildingUnion Trust Building
View119 39TH AVE   
View603 35TH AVE   
View117 S Main ST S Superior Candy and Cracker Company?Union Trust Company Annex
View2300 E Yesler WAY E Yesler LibraryDouglass-Truth Library
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