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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1445 S MAIN ST S Christ Temple ChurchAntioch Baptist Church
View800 RAINIER AVE Signal Gas Station & Auto ShopBudd & Company Auto
View707 15TH AVE   
View811 20TH AVE   
View4229 S JUNEAU ST S   
View5000 26TH AVE   
View5003 26TH AVE   
View2711 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2719 S FERDINAND ST S   
View4911 28TH AVE   
View4929 28TH AVE   
View4921 28TH AVE   
View3739 S BURNS ST S   
View3931 S BURNS ST S   
View2102 N 40th ST N Zion Lutheran ChurchGift of Grace Lutheran Church
View620 20th AVE St. Mary's Church 
View2406 E Spruce ST E St. Johannes Lutheran Church 
View2113 N 42nd ST N Wallingford United BrethrenChurchWallingford United Methodist Church
View1022 1st AVE E. O Graves BuildingF & O Inc.
View4554 12th AVE University Baptist Church 
View4550 11th AVE Seventh Day Adventist Church 
View3518 S Edmunds ST S Columbia Baptist ChurchChurch of Christ
View1222 Summit AVE Arcadia ApartmentsArcadia Apartments
View1100 8th AVE Lowell-Emerson ApartmentsLowell-Emerson Apartments
View2807 15TH AVE  St Peter Catholic Church
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