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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1505 36TH   
View1114 17th AVE Fleur de Lis, TheFleur de Lis, The
View317 W Highland DR W Moody, Robert, House 
View1429 7th AVE Warrack, James D., House 
View321 W Highland DR W Abrams-Peasley House 
View2510 N 42nd ST N   
View23 Highland DR Chappell, William C., ResidenceJapanese Consulate
View4731 18TH AVE Zeta Tau Alpha SororityZeta Tau Alpha Sorority
View5611 University WAY Unknown 
View920 22nd AVE Salmonetti, Fred, Residence 
View2012 43rd AVE Lakecrest/Shoremont ApartmentsLake Court Apartments
View1405 E John ST E Anhalt ArmsAnhalt Arms
View1855 E SHELBY ST E 01 Stoll Residence
View2441 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lawrence Residence  
View2523 ROYAL CT 09 Haley Residence
View2531 ROYAL CT 09 Macleod Residence
View1811 E SHELBY ST E 01 Baldwin Residence
View2018 E NEWTON ST E 37 Glass Residence
View2220 22ND AVE 37 Turbak residence
View2229 22ND AVE Dupar Residence37 Fitzgerald Residence
View1812 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Thomas Residence
View1954 E BLAINE ST E 36 Batthish Residence
View2535 ROYAL CT Port Residence09 Skanderson Residence
View1950 E BLAINE ST E 36 R.M. Land Company
View2229 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 15 Stevens Residence
View5300 BALLARD AVE Scandinavian American Bank / Canal BankBallard Inn
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