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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1518 1ST AVE Frederick & Nelson WarehouseMcKinnon Furniture/Bogart Golf
View2401 UTAH AVE Sears & Roebuck & Co., (Seattle store)Starbucks SODO Center
View400 E PINE ST E Hirsch Cycle Co.Pine Bellevue Building
View220 2nd AVE Furuya BuildingMasin's Furniture
View210 3rd AVE Richmond Paper Company/ Westcoast Wholesale DrugThe Lofts
View307 3rd AVE Mottman Building/ Norris Safe Building/ NorrisMottman Building
View119 1st AVE Dexter Horton BuildingMaynard Building
View319 3rd AVE Pacific Drug Company/ Seattle Paint Company/ Stadium Furniture/ U. S. Rubber BuildingU. S. Rubber Building
View222 S Main ST S Corgiat Building/ Main HotelMain Hotel Building
View83 S King ST S Seattle Hardware Company BuildingSeattle Hardware Company Building
View409 Eastlake AVE Grand View ApartmentsGrandview Apartments
View61 Columbia ST Polson BuildingPolson Building
View316 1st AVE Walker BuildingSeattle Quilt Building
View206 3rd AVE Norton Building/ Northcoast Electric Company1904 Norton Building
View215 2nd AVE Lucknow Building/ Ruggles BuildingLucknow Building; Lucknow/ Waterfall Place; Lucknow Ruggles Building
View317 1st AVE Squires BuildingSquire Building
View611 Western AVE 611 Western Avenue611 Western Avenue
View419 Occidental AVE Manufacturers Building/ Manufacturers Exchange Building/ Stewart and Holmes/ McKesson & Robbins BuildingF. X. McRory Building/ McKesson and Robbins Building
View1111 E MADISON ST E Hunt Transfer Company12th & Madison Self-Storage
View1205 E PINE ST E McAlpin-Schreiner CompanyPackard Building
View1021 E PINE ST E Colyear Motor Sales CompanyVelo Bike
View905 E PIKE ST E Tyson Oldsmobile CompanyFrame Central
View1217 E PIKE ST E S. L. SavidgeElysian Brewery
View915 E PIKE ST E Graham Motor CarsShambhala Center of Seattle
View1525 11TH AVE Bocker BuildingValue Village
View1408 12TH AVE Bekins Moving & StorageTrace Lofts
View1205 E PIKE ST E Standard Brands1205 East Pike Building
View568 1st AVE Provident BuildingProvident Building
View402 2nd AVE Crane Building/ Goldsmith BuildingGoldsmith Building - Court in the Square
View562 1 AVE Bornstein & Sons, Inc. Warehouse562 1rst Avenue South
View83 S Jackson ST S Schwabacher Hardware Annex/ Old Theater OfficeSchwabacher Hardware Annex
View171 S Jackson ST S Chapin Building, Fuller Building, Northcoast BuildingNorthcoast Building, Court in the Square
View114 Alaskan WAY Prudential Building/ Fred Cole BuildingPrudential Building
View411 1st AVE Seller BuildingSeller Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Hambach Building)
View313 2nd AVE Hambach Warehouse/ Northwest Hotel SupplyMasin's Furniture
View100 S King ST S Hambaca Building/ Westland Building/ Tempco Quilters BuildingWestland Building
View502 2nd AVE Smith TowerSmith Tower
View310 1st AVE Marshall-Walker BuildingGlobe Building
View313 1st AVE Crown HotelCrown Hotel
View83 Columbia ST Journal BuildingJournal of Commerce Building/ Daily Journal Building
View419 1st AVE Hambach BuildingHambach Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Seller Building)
View620 Stewart ST Vance HotelHotel Max, formerly Vance Hotel (until recently)
View601 Stewart ST Lloyd BuildingLloyd Building
View812 Howell ST D. N. & E. Walter & Co.Roffe Building
View1417 4th AVE Holland BuildingMiken Building
View1215 2nd AVE Stone, Fisher & Lane Department StoreGalland Building
View211 Pine ST Haight Building 
View1601 2nd AVE Standard Furniture CompanyBroadarces Building
View51 University ST Pacific Net and Twine Company/ Pacific Marine Supply CompanyImmunex
View1024 E PIKE ST E Smyth Van & StorageMonique Lofts
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