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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View830 4TH AVE Sylvester Brothers FurnitureOld Squire Shop Bldg/ Turner
View1021 6TH AVE Frye Warehouses 
View85 S ATLANTIC ST S Pacific Commercial Building/Sound ProduceH. J. Heinz Company
View65 S ATLANTIC ST S Bemis Brothers Bag CompanyBemis Building
View616 8TH AVE  Reprographics Northwest
View1001 S JACKSON ST S  Dong Hing Market
View1032A-B S JACKSON ST S  Nam Phuong Bookstore
View1201 S JACKSON ST S Black & Tan ClubLucky An Dong Chinese Herbs
View1526 1ST AVE David Dow & SonsEmerald Market Supply
View2122 14TH AVE Toyo GroceryAsian Express Grocery
View5619 RAINIER AVE Keefe Building 
View1224 S JACKSON ST S  Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine
View1254 S JACKSON ST S  Pho Bac Restaurant
View2335 RAINIER AVE  Mutual Fish Co.
View1715 RAINIER AVE  Oberto Factory Store
View925 E PIKE ST E unknownNeumos
View1515 BROADWAY unknownSeattle central Community College
View2245 1ST AVE Eyres Storage No. 22245 1st Ave S
View2925 1ST AVE Pacific Sanitary Rag Co./ Keenan Machine WorksEderer Incorporated
View2963 1ST AVE R. R. Poppleton Inc.Dick's Restaurant Supply
View5033 1ST AVE Asbestos Supply Co./ J. W. Clise & Co.Craftsmen Ltd.
View800 S MAYNARD ST S Crescent Manufacturing Co./Knickerbocker CompanyRDA Building
View3100 AIRPORT WAY Bayview Brewery Co./ Rainier Brewery Co.Tully's Coffee
View2200 1ST AVE Seattle Ice Company/Olympic Cold StorageZarrett's Office Building - Old Olympic Cold Storage
View4003 AIRPORT WAY Ontario HotelOntario Motel/ Teriyaki Plus
View1530 11TH AVE Sunset Electricvacant
View1619 BELMONT AVE Consulate ApartmentsConsulate Apartments
View1100 E PIKE ST E unknownAnnex Theatre/35th North
View1110 E PIKE ST E  1110 Pike
View500 E PIKE ST E Mills Motor Company/Greenus BuildingBrocklind Inc.
View1213 E PINE E  Pine Building
View1576 12TH AVE  Public Storage
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View512 E PIKE ST E  Sun Liquor Distillery
View420 E PIKE ST E First Covenant Church GarageFirst Covenant Church Garage
View1530 MELROSE AVE  Warner Knapp Gallery
View1406 10TH AVE  Capitol Hill Housing
View1016 E PIKE ST E Seattle Automobile CompanyTen Sixteen Pike
View1521 10TH AVE Nickols Manufacturing CompanyElliott Bay Book Company
View1420 BOREN AVE Embassy ApartmentsEmbassy Apartments
View503 WESTLAKE AVE A. J. Eberharter Garage Antique Liquidators
View77 S Washington ST S Pacific Coast CompanyLutheran Compass Center
View1307 N 46th ST N UnknownBizzarro Italian Café
View6045-6049 California AVE UnknownStuffed Shirt Catering & 2 Other
View5416 20th AVE W. H. Murphy BlockChristian Science Reading Room
View2918 SW Avalon SW UnknownLuna Park Café
View4409-4411 50th AVE UnknownDick O. Bell & 1 Other
View2052 S Hill ST S UnknownStyle Crafters Family Hair Salon
View1411-1413 34th AVE UnknownFetch & 1 other
View200 3rd AVE Davenport Hotel/ Hotel UnionUnion Hotel Apartments
View8560 Greenwood AVE UnknownAndre Building
View1622 E Yesler WAY E UnknownUnknow Auto Repair Shop
View4480 Fauntleroy WAY UnknownDiva Espresso & Northwest Home Design
View5415 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Pharmacey & 2 others
View212 BROADWAY Broadway Hardwarevacant
View2224 N 56th ST N UnknownDutch Maid Laundry
View462 N 34th ST N UnknownCasa Compagna
View5429 32nd AVE UnknownNorthwest Senior Center
View5 W HARRISON ST W UnknownFive W. Harrison Building
View145 N 85th ST N UnknownGorditos
View429 15th AVE UnknownCoastal Kitchen
View1205-1207 NE 65th ST NE UnknownPresidio Bar & Gril & 6 others
View2464 S College ST S UnknownUnknown
View1516 NE 65th ST NE UnknownSilhouette Antiques & Gifts
View2252-2254 NE 65th ST NE UnknownGlenn's Barber
View2601 Yesler WAY Unknown 
View115-117 W Mercer ST W UnknownRadio Shack
View508-534 1st AVE Seattle Security Company Warehouse/ Norfin WarehouseThe Florentine Apartments
View4701 Roosevelt WAY UnknownAffordable Tire & Brake
View3520 SW Genesee ST SW UnknownField to Feast
View606 Post AVE Fischer and MacDonald Wholesale Store606 Post Avenue Condominium
View5501 AIRPORT WAY Bertoldi Block 
View4121 6th AVE UnknownWhite Cap Pro-Contractor Supplier
View5512 University WAY UnknownNorth Seattle Printing
View1128 S ALBRO PL S James Gordon Building 
View6317-6317 1/2 Roosevelt WAY UnknownCharles Londo Jewelry
View4400 NE 35th AVE NE Norman DeMeyer Real Estate OfficeYasuko's Teriyaki/Restaurant (Avalon Substation)
View6408 Latona AVE UnknownSmall Works Gallery/Goodwin Studio/Velzo & Stnadlee Accounting
View6517 35th AVE UnknownFamily Medical Clinic
View4112-4114 University WAY UnknownShultzy's Sausages
View4111 E Madison ST E UnknownPark Travel & 1 other
View2400-2402 Queen Anne AVE UnknownUrban Pet & Barg French Cleaners
View566 Denny WAY UnknownBank of America
View173 16th AVE Unknown 
View1500 1st AVE Broderick Building 
View4227 E Madison E UnknownMadison House LTd & 2 others/apts
View1515 Queen Anne AVE UnknownAce Hardware
View207 1st AVE Skagit Hotel/ Central Card RoomSkagit Hotel/ The Central
View2032-2040 NW Market ST NW UnknownRadio Shack + 3 others
View934 Elliot AVE UnknownPhillips Scale company Inc.
View4850 Rainier AVE Toby Building 
View6518 Ravenna AVE UnknownNational Barricade
View3111 27th AVE UnknownTupperware Home Parties
View1201 E UNION E Vanderbilt BuildingSeattle Academy
View6105 Roosevelt WAY UnknownEuro Esthetique European Day Spa
View4545 Fauntleroy AVE UnknownHuling Bros. Buick Co.
View334 BOREN AVE Boren Investment Company WarehouseHome and Garden Furnishings
View570 Mercer ST UnknownSatisfied Sport, Inc.
View2510 N 45th ST N UnknownSeattle Stained Glass
View219 N 36th ST N UnknownWright Bros. Cycle Works
View4230 NW LEARY WAY NW Triangle GroceryUnknown (vacant)
View4417-4419 Wallingford AVE UnknownMirage Confort Shoes & Terra Hemp
View558 1st AVE E. N. Fobes Building/ Westinghouse Electric Supply Company558 1st Avenue South
View4465 Fremont AVE UnknownCombined Insurance Services
View6511 15th AVE UnknownNeva's Barber Shop
View2246-2248 NW Market ST NW Manning's Coffee & TeaAnn's Teriyaki & Olsen's Scandinavian Foods
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Coporation
View5918 Phinney AVE UnknownPhinney Ridge Video
View5503 AIRPORT WAY  Cutting Board
View548 1st AVE Carstens Brothers Cold Storage/ Nordic Cold Storage548 1st Ave South
View226-232 1st AVE Bressi GaragePottery Northwest/Gardener's Complex
View3230 California AVE UnknownStyling Studio Hair Design
View6500 Ravenna AVE UnknownMcCarthy & Schiering
View2108-2112 NE 65th ST NE Schumacher BuildingSchumacher Building
View115-117 12th AVE UnknownUnknown
View1320 N 35th ST N UnknownL & O Distributing
View6411-6423 Latona AVE UnknownKrittika's Thai Cuisine/Café Lulu/Mana's/Latona by Green Lake
View516-518 Broadway UnknownThan Brothers' & 1 other
View10712 Aurora AVE UnknownAurora Auto Repair
View5913 AIRPORT WAY W.H. Maud BuildingDog's Dream
View1512 NE 65th ST NE UnknownFuntiques
View2420 N 45th ST N UnknownBudget Molding
View9040 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Beach Dental
View5270 University WAY UnknownNew World Oriental Foods
View7227-7231 3rd AVE UnknownUnknown
View6412 32nd AVE UnknownRain City Video
View2510 E Cherry E UnknownCustom Cherry Cleaners
View3043-3045 California AVE UnknownWestside Acupuncture & Herbs
View7531 11th UnknownUnknown
View2129-2131 Queen Anne AVE UnknownHilltop Ale House & Jamba Juice
View3109 E Madison ST E UnknownIsland Video
View228 9th AVE 228 9th Avenue North/ UnknownSellen Construction Company
View5028-5044 Wilson AVE UnknownIdeal Pet Shop & 5 others
View3407 California AVE UnknownGregor Books
View2609 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View1130 34th AVE UnknownVisual Abstractions
View5020 Meridian AVE UnknownMeridaian Apartments
View6016 Phinney AVE UnknownVal's Café
View6114-6120 Phinney AVE UnknownThe Park Pub
View1101 E PIKE ST E Liebeck GarageRetrofit Home
View1222 NE 65th ST NE UnknownAll Star Cleaners
View2408 10th AVE UnknownOne Acupuncture & 3 others
View8211 Aurora AVE UnknownNW Construction & Restoration Co.
View2251-2255 NE 65th ST NE UnknownShamiana & 2 Others
View616 1st AVE Lowman and Hanford BuildingLowman and Hanford Building
View1011 E PIKE ST E Reliable Auto PaintingMario's Pizza
View7514 Aurora AVE UnknownImport Service Center
View10311 Aurora AVE UnknownCafé Noir/Manila @ Seattle
View122 S Jackson ST S Ingels Block/ Crescent Manufacturing CompanyHerman Blumenthal Building/ Herman and Blumenthal Building
View300 W HARRISON ST W UnknownChurch of Scientology of Washington State
View95 Yesler WAY Bank of Commerce BuildingYesler Building
View3000 32nd AVE UnknownVacant
View712 NE 45th ST NE UnknownBlue Moon
View3311 YORK RD   
View1420 BROADWAY UnknownPerkins Glass and Mirror
View3208 Rainier AVE UnknownState Farm Insurance
View7305 Aurora AVE UnknownKangaroo & Kiwi
View171 S Washington ST S McCowan Block (western structure)McCoy's Tavern
View2125-2127 Queen Anne AVE UnknownParagon Restaurant & Bar and All The Best Pet Care
View318 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View117 1st AVE UnknownOtto Enger C. P. A.
View4709 Roosevelt WAY UnknownHalf Price Books
View904-909 Elliot AVE UnknownCity Team Ministries
View221 6th AVE UnknownVacant
View508 19th AVE UnknownCountry Doctor Community Clinic
View1401-1409 Madison UnknownPiecora's & 2 others
View5445 California AVE UnknownRandall Assoc. Rental Building
View1134 Broadway UnknownVacant
View4038 California AVE UnknownCutting Room
View4500 Fauntleroy AVE UnknownWardrob Cleaners
View1525 E Olive WAY E UnknownAmante Pizza
View7009 Greenwood AVE UnknownEntenmann's Bakery Outlet
View6418-6420 24th AVE UnknownB & J Auto Rebuild (vacant)
View511 2ND AVE UnknownUptown Creative Services
View625 1st AVE K & R Building/ Pioneer Office EquipmentEmerald City Building
View6600-6606 1st AVE UnknownJohnson Peters Tap Dance & 1 other
View75 S Main ST S Alaska Hotel, Alaska Commercial Hotel, Our Home HotelOur Home Hotel Condominium
View514-516 15th AVE UnknownOlympia Pizza & 1 other
View201 Yesler WAY Tyee SaloonCampbell Fuller Building
View2018-2018 1/2 NW 57th ST NW UnknownHarris Accounting
View109 19th UnknownUnknown
View6550 Ravenna AVE UnknownPerkins School
View1502 Queen Anne AVE Unknown5 Spot
View6285 AIRPORT WAY Vega Hotel & RoadhouseBoeing Field Apartments
View1303 NE 45th ST NE Neptune BuildingNeptune Theatre
View4546-4550 University WAY Lambert Building 
View4205 University WAY Nichols Building 
View600-612 19th AVE Nash ApartmentsPelican Bay Art Cooperative
View8956 Aurora AVE Smith's GroceryAurora Grocery
View10331-10333 Aurora AVE North Park Furniture & Variety StoreClassy Nails & Tanning
View5911-5919 15th AVE Fifteenth Avenue ApartmentsFifteenth Avenue Apartments
View1836 NW Market ST NW SafewayBallard Camera
View3011 Beacon AVE Price-Rite GroceryHen Sen Herb Company
View1412 34th AVE noneHi Spot Café
View2308 E Union ST E Richlen's GroceryThompson's Point of View
View2805 E Madison ST E noneGypsy
View1417-1425 31st AVE Mount Baker PharmacyThat's Amore
View4116-4118 E Madison ST E noneNubia's
View118-122 Broadway Chevalier ApartmentsMarynel Apartments
View1314 E UNION E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View1550-1560 E Olive WAY E Olive Way Improvement Co. BuildingSupercuts
View1100-1104 19th AVE Prospect MarketCapitol Chiropractic
View1510-1524 E Olive WAY E Olive Crest ApartmentsOlive Crest Apartments
View1900 E Aloha ST E Lou Herron & Co. CleanersH2O
View321 Broadway Rehan ApartmentsCasa del Rey
View1825 Nagle PL Marianne ManorMarianne Manor
View4201 Fremont AVE Buckaroo TavernBuckaroo Tavern
View7200 E Green Lake DR E Green Lake GrillGreenlake Bar & Grill
View776-780 N 73rd ST N Mt. View SundriesFotos & Frocks
View8501-8523 Greenwood AVE Brattain BuildingBrattain Building
View8537-8539 Greenwood AVE Davis BuildingDavis Building
View301 E PINE ST E Melrose BuildingMelrose Building
View721 E PINE ST E Safety Service CompanyBill's Off Broadway
View618-628 W McGraw ST W Harvey's Cash StoreCastillo's Custom Upholstery
View1420-1428 Queen Anne AVE Galer Crest ApartmentsGaler Crest Apartments
View2-10 Boston ST Standard BakeryBanjara/Chinoise
View1901-1903 10th AVE Cut Rate DrugsThe Vintage
View9-13 Boston ST Northfield BuildingBostonian Barber Shop
View6508 Ravenna AVE Van's GarageJim's Body Shop
View10228 Fischer PL LaVilla DairyThe Shutter Shop
View1915 Rainier AVE Potlatch MarketConcepts in Wood
View100 W Roy ST W Redding Hall/Queen Anne HallBehnke Center for Contemporary Performance
View511 QUEEN ANNE AVE Uptown TheaterSIFF Uptown Cinema
View600 Queen Anne AVE Seattle Engineering SchoolMarqueen Hotel
View513-519 QUEEN ANNE AVE noneThai House
View2215-2219 N 45th ST N Associated GasWalt's Radiator
View2914 SW Avalon WAY SW Boysen ApartmentsBoysen Apartments
View4554 CALIFORNIA AVE Campbell BuildingCampbell Building
View4520 CALIFORNIA AVE J. C. Penney/Russell Building Lyons Antiques/Windermere
View4532-4536 California AVE Teague's JewelryMenashe Jewelry/Margaret's Apparel
View9251-9259 45th AVE Trolley Stop CaféThe Original Bakery
View3860-3864 Delridge WAY Mrachke & SonYoshi's Teriyaki
View8517-8519 Aurora AVE Sun Hill MotelSun Hill Motor Inn
View1032 NE 65th ST NE UnknownBargain Book Co.
View1800 Queen Anne AVE UnknownQueen Anne Animal Clinic
View1412 12th AVE UnknownAshtanga Yoga & 1 other
View1523 E Madison ST E UnknownUnknown
View720 Nob Hill AVE UnknownSeattle Education Association
View5807-5821 Phinney AVE UnknownWoodland View Apts
View217 W Galer ST W UnknownD. Peterson & 2 more
View114 Alaskan WAY Prudential Building/ Fred Cole BuildingPrudential Building
View5701 AIRPORT WAY Forsyth BuildingForsyth Hotel
View3422 Stone WAY UnknownVacant
View333 1st AVE UnknownPremier Pacific Seafood
View2214-2224 S Jackson S Grinspan'sIglesia de Dios Penecostes & 3 others
View715 WILLOW ST Huber Apartments/Flats 
View3842 Stoneway AVE UnknownCat Clinic of Seattle
View321-323 1st AVE UnknownHecker & Felberg Legal Escrow & Kenneth Selanger Jr. Attorney
View6406-6408 32nd AVE UnknownWalter's café & Barber Shop
View420-428 Broadway UnknownBen & Jerry's & 4 others
View225 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVacant
View2725 NE 55th ST NE UnknownRavenna Auto
View6526 15th AVE UnknownUnknown
View3701 SW Alaska SW UnknownMary North Travel Store
View1000 1st AVE A. L. Palmer BuildingPalmer Building
View613-617 1/2 Broadway Lewis BuildingThai Garden
View603 Pontius AVE The CarltonThe Carlton
View406-412 2ND AVENUE EXTENSIOIN Lexington Hotel (N portion)Monterey Hotel
View2928 Eastlake AVE UnknownState Farm Insurance
View107 Occidental WAY Walker Block or Walker BuildingAl & Bob's Saveway
View4151 California AVE UnknownEmerald City Locksmith
View2715 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View823 5th AVE The Red & White Stores (1936)United commercial Traveler's Building
View430 Dexter AVE Seattle Tent and Awning Company/ Seattle Tent and Housing CompanyDay Wireless Systems/ Ratelco Communications
View606 Broadway UnknownJade Pagoda
View4736 University WAY UnknownRudy's Barbershop
View9367 Rainier AVE UnknownRossoe Energy Systems
View903 N 73rd ST N Mr. View DairyUnknown
View3617 NE 45th NE UnknownVarlamo's Pizza
View514 E PINE ST E UnknownKincora Pub & 1 other
View1902 N 34th ST N UnknownVacant
View612-616 Broadway UnknownSiam on Broadway & 1 other
View5247 University WAY UnknownFlowers
View4900 Stone WAY UnknownHome Realty Inc.
View6531 35th AVE UnknownB & K construction
View212 Queen Anne AVE UnknownErnest Jonson & Co., CPAs
View619 2nd AVE Bailey Building/ Harrisburg BlockBroderick Building
View155 N 85th ST N UnknownBig Apple
View2317 24th AVE UnknownLaw Offices
View4718 CALIFORNIA AVE New Luck Toy CafeTalarico's Restaurant
View5545 AIRPORT WAY Siena Grocery Building 
View81 S Washington ST S St. Charles HotelSt. Charles Hotel
View1134-1138 34th AVE UnknownMadrona Eatery & Ale House & 1 other
View109 NE 42nd ST NE   
View6236 STANLEY AVE White Front Hotel 
View4228 Fremont AVE UnknownSurf Cleaners
View1418-1422 31st AVE UnknownSoup Asylum & 1 other
View2920 SW Avalon SW UnknownThe Shack
View2021 Minor AVE Grocery StoreVacant
View4427 Califonia AVE UnknownUS West
View6609 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownJohnson Auto Detaililng & 1 Other
View5623 AIRPORT WAY Georgetown Garage (Wilkes & McKilrath) 
View200 Queen Anne AVE UnknownUptown China Restaurant
View5514 24th AVE Twigg BuildingClassic Consignment
View1622 E Yesler WAY E Unknown 
View4336 University WAY UnknownM. J. Feet
View5413 SW 6TH AVE SW UnknownUnknown
View1015 REPUBLICAN ST Warehouse for the J. M. Colman Company/ F. B. Connelly Lake Union BuildingConnelly Building/ Seattle Lithographics Building
View6550 Ravenna AVE UnknownPerkins School
View2910 Rainier AVE UnknownUS Bank
View7201 Greenwood AVE UnknownTrue Value Hardware
View4216-4218 6th AVE UnknownCollectible Doll Co.
View4110-4112 California AVE UnknownDawn Photo & 1 Other
View414 Broadway UnknownBailey/Coy Books
View4416 Fremont AVE UnknownMarketime
View7722 Rainier AVE UnknownFirst Center
View110 S Prefontaine PL S Prefontaine BuildingPrefontaine Building
View417 2nd Avenue Extension 417 Second Avenue Extension417 Second Avenue Extension
View170 Mercer ST UnknownPeasley Ross & Co.
View6105 Roosevelt WAY UnknownEuro Esthetique - European Day Spa
View6201 13TH AVE Victor L. Miller and C.H. Johnson Bldg 
View4736 CALIFORNIA AVE Pentecostal Church/Beulah TempleThunder Road Guitars
View610 E PINE ST E  Capitol Loans
View8404 Greenwood AVE UnknownCobblestone Used Furniture
View1512 NE 65th ST NE UnknownFuntiques
View1351 E OLIVE WAY E Cornelison Grocery, Paint & HardwareBaltic Room
View5215 Wilson AVE UnknownDeFranco - Merrill Insurance
View509 Dexter AVE McCauley-Cutting Company509 Dexter Avenue North
View542 1st AVE George Hoffman's Carriage Factory/ Washington Shoe CompanyWashington Shoe Building
View1519 12TH AVE Overland Pacific BuildingPolice Department East Precinct
View1611 BOYLSTON AVE Universal Repair Shop Universal Repair Shop
View124 Denny WAY UnknownChampion Party Supply
View11006 34th AVE UnknownThe Clearwater School
View2222 California AVE SafewayBlockbuster Video
View2201-2203 Queen Anne AVE S & N MarketRavenna Gardens
View8-10 W Mercer ST W UnknownStar Chiropractic & Scissors Palace Barber Shop
View601 21st AVE Unknown 
View3405 California AVE UnknownLeslie's
View500/502 Minor AVE 502 -500 Minor Avenue N.502 Minor Avenue N.
View210 Queen Anne AVE UnknownNational Association of Letter Carriers
View322 1st AVE Capitol Brewing and Malting Company/ Capitol Brewing CompanyJackson Building
View212 Alaskan WAY O. K. HotelO. K. Hotel
View2833 Eastlake AVE UnknownSeattle Caviar Company
View1927 5th AVE Eclipse Neckwear Manufacturing Co.Icon Grill
View221 NW 36th ST NW UnknownLoud Music Co.
View1501 E Olive WAY E UnknownJack's Roadhouse
View6870 Woodlawn AVE UnknownPSS, Plastic Sales & Service
View3013 3rd AVE UnknownAAA Fire & Safety Co.
View2509 E Cherry E Unknown3 B's Barbeque
View3425 Stone WAY UnknownLackey Sound/Light Co.
View2251-2255 NE 65th ST NE UnknownShamiana & 2 Others
View100 W MERCER ST W National Bank of Commerce, Queen Anne BranchBank Of America
View4464 37th AVE nknownWest Seattle Brake Service
View5059 Wilson AVE UnknownRex's Service
View1223 NE 65th ST NE UnknownNW Alternative Healing Center
View500 1st AVE Mueller Wholesale Block/ Norfin Block/ Nortin Block"101 King Street"
View350 Elliot AVE UnknownShanty Café
View5237 Rainier AVE UnknownDamascus Baptist Church Educational Center
View515-517 Aloha ST UnknownWood Photo
View6317-6317 1/2 Roosevelt WAY UnknownCharles Lando Jewelry
View1756 S SPOKANE ST S  Jefferson Park Apartments
View7301 Roosevelt WAY UnknownHolman's Body & Fender
View113 1st AVE UnknownMillionaire Club
View1032 NE 65th ST NE UnknownBargain Book Co.
View6518 Ravenna AVE UnknownNational Barricade
View5953 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View5531 AIRPORT WAY Georgetown Garage (Wilkes & McKilrath Garage)Revolver Vintage Interiors
View557 Roy ST UnknownSeattle Business Center
View204 N 85th ST N UnknownTaproot Theatre
View825 Taylor AVE UnknownA. LE. Breton Building
View407 26th AVE Unknown 
View416 Broadway UnknownDilettante Chocolates
View2358 California AVE UnknownWells Fargo Bank
View4426 Burke AVE UnknownRubber Tainbow condom Co., Vacant & Apartments
View2610-2618 NE 55th AVE NE UnknownFurniture Junkies & 4 Others
View5030 Roosevelt WAY UnknownScarecrow Video
View611 E PINE ST E UnknownSupreme
View3616 S Genesee ST S UnknownGenesee Fuel Co.
View7818 Greenwood AVE UnknownWing Dome
View6307 Roosevelt WAY UnknownAlexander's Bead Bazaar
View314 Occidental WAY Sportscaster and Company Building(more recent)/ Cracker and Candy FactoryBurke Building, (part of) State-Burke Building
View4043-4045 California AVE UnknownSalon Chateau
View100 NE 45th ST NE UnknownHandy Andy Rent-A-Tool
View1919 Queen Anne AVE UnknownPete's Pizza
View5951 AIRPORT WAY The Arcade MarketKassie Keith Shop
View16 W Harrison ST W Unknown16 W. Harrison Building
View4535 44th AVE UnknownUnknown
View411-415 15th AVE UnknownVictrola & Superb cleaners
View6417-6421 Phinney AVE UnknownPhinney Ridge Florist
View7107 Woodlawn AVE Green Lake TheaterPacific Color, Inc.
View2238 N Pacific ST N UnknownVacant
View1700-1712 12th AVE UnknownBeauty Supply
View8400-8402 Greenwood AVE UnknownRosewood Guitar
View2123 E Union ST E Unknown 
View5000 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownCooper Tires
View6200 Phinney AVE UnknownEdward Jones
View2901 E Madison ST E UnknownCafé Flora
View6206 CARLETON AVE Buhl Home and Grocery 
View8211 Aurora AVE UnknownNorthwest Construction & Restoration Co.
View922 Virginia ST Garage Building for William Fransenparking garage
View1120 Howell ST Chas Moore Second Hand Goods; Paine's Restaurant (1972) Re-bar Tavern
View1020 Virginia ST Office and Loft Building for Philip McBrideOrion Youth Center
View915 Howell ST Store for Midland Investment Company; Savemore Food Store (and other stores)915 Howell Street
View1809 Minor AVE Dairy Building for Carl H. PetersonUnknown (under renovation)
View2015 8 AVE Transport Motor Company Used Car Department2015 8th Avenue
View914 Virginia ST Candy Manufacturing Building for H. H. GulstineSpruce Street School
View2013 2nd AVE Hotel NelsonHotel Commodore
View1921 3rd AVE Kelley-Gorham BuildingHaddon Hall Apartments
View1413 3rd AVE Kingsbury HotelGlen Hotel
View400 Spring ST Hotel HungerfordPacific Plaza Hotel
View2030 5th AVE Jordan BuildingPalace Kitchen
View1012 1st AVE Schoenfeld Furniture Store Building 
View107 Pine ST Colonnade HotelGatewood Apartments
View1510 1st AVE Holmes, S.J. BuildingDéjà Vu Showgirls
View1216 1st AVE Diller Hotel 
View1924 1st AVE Rector Hotel / Madrona HotelCipra Building
View104 Pine ST Afton HotelAtwood Apartments
View405 Olive WAY Bergonian HotelMayflower Park Hotel
View110 Union ST Hancock BuildingHarold Poll Building
View1209 2nd AVE Brown BuildingSeneca Building
View1003 Alaskan WAY Pier 3Pier 54
View2601 Elliott AVE American Can CompanyReal Networks/ former Seattle Trade Center
View1301 Alaskan WAY Pier 6/ John B. Agen Dock/ The Milwaukee PierPier 57
View2201 First AVE Martin Block /Lewiston HotelLewiston Hotel
View2225 1st AVE Hotel Grace/ Utah Hotel/ Apex HotelApex Hotel, Apex Hotel Condominium, Apex Belltown Coop
View2234 1st AVE White & Hitchcock BuildingFlying Fish
View113-115 Bell ST Ice Delivery CompanyDriscoll Architects
View2105 6th AVE Robert Hall ClothingState Board of Tax Appeals
View2116 4th AVE Speed Roberts Auto RepairDean's Transmission
View2230 3rd AVE Peerless Yeast/Electricians Inc.Kelly's/Downtown Dog Lounge
View2216 2nd AVE Cash Register ExchangeShorty's
View2221 3rd AVE Bethel TempleDan's Belltown Grocery
View2230-34 2nd AVE Bell Street Auto RepairMama's Mexican Kitchen
View2101 8th AVE Metro Volkswagen garageToyota of Seattle
View2214 2nd AVE Mechanics Automotive ServiceTula's
View2112 1st AVE Wells Butchers' Supply Co.Federal Army-Navy Surplus
View2133 3rd AVE Super Brake ServiceMarkham Building
View81 Vine ST Frayn Printing Company81 Vine
View2100 5th AVE Western Printing/Crissey FloristPalace Ballroom
View2601 1st AVE Empire Children's WearArtech/Chartreuse
View2321 2nd AVE National Theater Co.Sports Specialties
View87 Wall ST Butterfield Trunk CompanyIllium Building
View2115 Westlake AVE Blaustein Tire RepairIlly
View2225 5th AVE Bowser, Inc.Seattle Glassblowing
View501 RAINIER AVE Nakagawa GroceryLinc's Fishing Tackle Shop
View312 BOREN AVE  Tru Line Fram & Wheel
View617 S DEARBORN ST S Pomerelle Company WarehousePacific Fish Company Warehouse
View4801-4811 BEACON AVE  Seatle Supermarket/Westinghouse Laundrymat/Mimi's Bakery
View1509 BROADWAY unknownNeighbors Nightclub
View1628 BELLEVUE AVE Ansonia ApartmentsAnsonia Apartments
View954 E UNION ST E unknownSeattle Museum of the Mysteries
View2203 1ST AVE Eyres Transfer and Warehouse CompanyOutdoor Research
View916 E PIKE ST E  Hayden Apartments
View1423 10TH AVE S. L. Savidge storage10th Avenue Building
View423 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Headquarters
View417 E PINE ST E Rowland MotorsPortofino
View1316 E PIKE ST E  Old School Custard
View3207 1ST AVE Swanson's Welding and ManufacturingVertigo Building
View1001 E UNION ST E  German Auto Repair
View1002 E SENECA ST E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View2301 24TH AVE Montlake Market31 Cafe Lago
View2317 24TH AVE Lustig Drug Company 31 Pay Northwest
View5101 BALLARD AVE Swan Hansen BuildingDock St. Brokers
View5140 BALLARD AVE Owl Saloon/Owl Cafe [The Owl] 
View5449 BALLARD AVE Halverson's Department Store 
View5006 20TH AVE Anchor Cafe 
View4513 CALIFORNIA AVE Washington State Liquor StoreVain/Beer Junction
View4448 CALIFORNIA AVE Clarence Zaar Real EstateKeller Williams Real Estate
View4707 CALIFORNIA AVE Save-Mor DrugsPharmaca/Great Harvest
View4538 CALIFORNIA AVE West Seattle Sporting GoodsVillage Woodworks
View5310 BALLARD AVE Kutzner Block / Queen HotelQueen Building
View5403 BALLARD AVE Portland HotelPortland Building
View4449 CALIFORNIA AVE Allison AttorneysPagliacci Pizza
View7000 15TH AVE  
View2300 24TH AVE Montlake Theater 32 Montlake Apartments
View5130 BALLARD AVE Chopard BuildingKathy Casey Studios
View5201 BALLARD AVE Barthelemy Bros. HardwareNew York Fashion Academy
View5335 BALLARD AVE Fremont Saloon 
View5424 BALLARD AVE Enquist Block / Anderson Furniture Co. 
View5433 BALLARD AVE Berg Realty Co.Sunset Tavern
View5348 BALLARD AVE Bowie Electric Co. 
View4412 CALIFORNIA AVE U.S. Post OfficeU. S. Post Office
View4505 CALIFORNIA AVE Radio ShackRadio Shack
View4720 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction HardwareElliott Bay Brewery
View4750 CALIFORNIA AVE Apollo Theater/Carlile FurnitureBang Bar/Kathy's Dance
View4528 CALIFORNIA AVE Marier Foto StudioMenashe Jewlery/Fleurt
View5215 BALLARD AVE Deep Sea Fishermen's BuildingInternational Schooner Tavern/Tractor Tavern
View5239 BALLARD AVE Bank of Ballard 
View4741 CALIFORNIA AVE TradewellSleepers in Seattle
View4535 CALIFORNIA AVE Jack Jones FurnitureLeisure Books/West 5/Discovery Shop
View5330 BALLARD AVE Lyman Building 
View4500 CALIFORNIA AVE A.A. Mullally BuildingSenior Center of West Seattle
View4315 SW OREGON ST SW Oregonian ApartmentsOregonian Apartments
View4529 CALIFORNIA AVE Sherwin-Williams Paint/West Seattle BakeryWild Rose's/Capers/Azuma/Zamboanga
View6525 ELLIS AVE Chris M. Perovich GroceryMini Mart City Park
View424 3rd AVE UnknownLovested Company
View505 3RD AVE Unknown01 Publishing
View2004 Westlake AVE 2004 7th Avenue2004 Westlake Avenue
View2030 8 AVE Store and Loft Building for George L. SeibertCosmopolitan Motors
View2030 Westlake AVE Loft Building for Mr. J. C. McHugh/ Craftsman Press2030 Westlake Avenue
View1932 9th AVE Unknown (1932 9th)Print Time
View1923 5th AVE Colony Club 
View1119 4th AVE Old National Bank BuildingStarbucks Coffee
View116 Stewart ST Hotel ArchibaldSt. Regis Hotel
View1919 2nd AVE Hansen Bros. Building 
View1414 Alaskan WAY Schwabacher WarehouseMarket Square/ 1414 Alaskan Wat/ 1415 Western Avenue
View1721 1ST AVE  Hooverville Bar
View2211 5th AVE Lewis Casing CompanyKaye-Smith Enterprises
View2218 4th AVE Automotive Service Co.parking garage
View2607 2nd AVE System Transfer & StorageRadarworks
View2510 1st AVE Metropolitan Credit ServiceMarco's Supperclub
View2218-20 1st AVE Mattson's Music HouseTia Lou's
View2330 3rd AVE Northwest Film ServiceSeattle Custom Framing
View2137 2nd AVE Supreme LaundryZoe's
View615 8TH AVE  Lindsay Industrial Tool
View1617 BOYLSTON AVE  Heath Printers
View1324 E PIKE ST E A. Buono PlumbingDave's Appliance Repair
View201 WESTLAKE AVE Eldridge Buick Co. ShowroomFormer Morning Star Academy
View325 WESTLAKE AVE Nash Motors Co. ShowroomMad Art
View410 ELLIOTT AVE Northwest Auto Supply 
View5135 BALLARD AVE Ballard Livery & TransferLagerquist & Morris Architects
View5313 BALLARD AVE Peterson Hardware & Plumbing Co. 
View4523 CALIFORNIA AVE MacDougall-Southwick Pecado Bueno/Pellegrini Market
View5144 BALLARD AVE Club Tavern 
View4717 CALIFORNIA AVE Poggie Tavern Poggie Tavern
View4444 CALIFORNIA AVE Greive Law OfficeCoastline Burgers
View4508 CALIFORNIA AVE West Seattle Flower ShopWest Seattle Cyclery/Lee's/Kamei
View4453 CALIFORNIA AVE E. H. Savage RealtyAllstate Insurance/Red Cup Espresso
View4711 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction Food StoreArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery
View1041 S KING ST S   
View1032 S JACKSON ST S  Viet Wah Supermarket
View2532 BEACON AVE   
View500 BROADWAY unknownImperial Grocery
View1911 1ST AVE MacWhyte CompanyThe Paper Zone
View2225 1ST AVE  Millwork Supply Company
View802 6TH AVE NePage-McKenny Co./ Nepage Electric Co.Wan Hua Foods Inc./ Old Pacific Fish Co.
View1510 MELROSE AVE  vacant
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories, Inc.
View314 E PIKE ST E Coleman's Used CarsBenson's Grocery/ Victrola Coffee
View6307 Roosevelt WAY UnknownAlexander's Bead Bazaar
View407 15th AVE UnknownJim's Barber Shop
View4243 Rainier AVE UnknownSpeedy Auto & Window Glass
View3600 S Genesee ST S UnknownStephan's Barber Shop
View2210 California AVE UnknownBrittan's Salon
View76 S Main ST S Boston Hotel/ Puget Sound HotelBoston Hotel/ Old Boston Hotel
View1701-1703 NW Market ST NW UnknownSeattle Eyewear
View423 Fairview AVE Granville Company/ Warehouse for A. C. GoerigWold Building
View1831 BROADWAY Avon ApartmentsCapitol Crest Apartments
View207 Boylston AVE UnknownFrankie's Personal Training Gym
View5631 University WAY UnknownKona
View5431 32nd AVE Jerry Dean Court ApartmentsNorthwest Senior Center
View412 NE 72nd ST NE UnknownAlpha Type Typesetting & 2 others
View150 Denny WAY UnknownSEIU, Local 6 & KCPSE Local 519
View6560 Latona AVE UnknownCameo Dance
View1414 BROADWAY Western Auto WreckingAker's Porsche Service
View201 1st AVE J & M Hotel. J & M Bar and Cardroom, Jamieson & Moffett Saloon, (Jamieson & McFarland, Proprietors) Seattle Bar SaloonJ & M Hotel
View209 1st AVE Hotaling Block/ Marathon BuildingMarathon Building
View211 1st AVE Parker Building/ Silver Bow Hotel/ Portland Hotel Lodgings/ Killion BuildingLucky Hotel/ Killion Building
View300 Occidental WAY State BuildingState Building/ (part of ) Burke-State Buiding
View904 1st AVE Anaconda Wire and Cable CompanyAutomated Equipment
View1604 N 34th ST N Buchan Baking CompanyEssential Bakery
View5125 25th AVE Unknown 
View2220 NW Market ST NW KressDollar Plus + 2 others
View426 Broadway UnknownBart's Broadway Body Shop & 1 other
View1000 E Madison E Unknown5 Point Cleaners & 1 other
View600 E Howell ST E UnknownHowell St. Grocery Store
View7811-7821 Aurora AVE UnknownContinental Spice/Rosemary Mediterranean
View8001-8007 Greenwood AVE UnknownAmerican Dance Institute
View7217 Woodlawn AVE Green Lake Funeral HomeBillings Middle School
View9402-9404 Aurora AVE UnknownFremont Fellowship/Dizzy's Coffee & Deli
View1060 N 39th ST N UnknownCandles Espresso Bar
View746 19th AVE Red MillTully's Coffee
View1130 BROADWAY UnknownGarage
View324 15th AVE UnknownMichael Wm. Farrell, Jeweler & 6 others
View7200 Greenwood AVE UnknownTerra Mar
View3801 SW Alaska ST SW UnknownHuling Bros & Enterprise
View4108 University WAY UnknownEuropean Pastry Shop
View307 3rd AVE Mottman Building/ Norris Safe Building/ NorrisMottman Building
View4214 Roosevelt WAY UnknownHardwick Swap Shop
View1205-1207 NE 65th ST NE UnknownPresidio Bar & Grill & 6 Others
View400-410 Broadway UnknownPayless Shoe Source, Seattle's Best and 2 others
View450-456 12th AVE The AnnidaConcepts by Design & 2 others
View6124 12TH AVE White Star Barber Shop 
View407-409 15th AVE UnknownRainbow Natural Remedies
View6601 CARLETON AVE County Inn (Roadhouse)Carleton Avenue Grocery
View325-327 Broadway UnknownBroadway Grocery & 1 other
View111 W Harrison ST W UnknownLondon Aviation Underwriters Inc.
View820 1st AVE 820 1st Ave S820 1st Ave S
View7717 Greenwood AVE UnknownPete's Eggnest/Antique Odyssey
View3640-3642 Wallingford AVE UnknownSirens & 1 Other
View6500 Ravenna AVE UnknownMcCarthy & Schiering
View4455-4461 California AVE UnknownNatureway Health Food & 1 Other
View2801-2805 Beacon AVE Treat-U-Rite MarketSalon Nouveau and Farry W. Yee DDS - Family Dentistry
View2715 California AVE UnknownOmni Construction
View2307 N 45th ST N UnknownVacant
View6058 35th AVE UnknownDoug's VW Service
View101 Prefontaine PL Tashiro Building and Exchange BuildingTashiro-Kaplan Building
View2123 N 40th ST N Durn Grocery / Durn Good GroceryIrwin's Bakery and Espresso
View6201-6209 15th AVE Del Ray ApartmentsUnknown
View305-307 NE 65th ST NE UnknownSoci Hair Salon
View1135-1139 34th AVE Madrona PharmacyPure Manifestations
View401-405 15th AVE Piggly Wiggly Marketnone
View2301-2305 Eastlake AVE Hines Public Market14 Carrot Café
View11201-11205 Greenwood AVE Waters GroceryFlowers Boxes, Etc.
View8000 Lake City WAY Richfield Service StationPuget Sound Radiator
View4417-4419 Rainier AVE Genesee Grocerynone
View17-19 W Thomas ST W Lannon Apartments/Buchman HardwareThe Duke Apartments
View4302 SW ALASKA ST SW Hamm BuildingHamm Building
View4147 University WAY UnknownJohnny's Flowers
View902 1st AVE Alaskan Copper Works902 1st Ave S
View3665 Stone WAY UnknownStoneway Electric Supply
View1158 BROADWAY  vacant
View2419 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View317 12th AVE UnknownH & I Automotive
View415 BOREN AVE C. B. Van Vorst BuildingC. B. Van Vorst Company
View501 E PINE ST E UnknownWarn Building/Travelers
View551 1st AVE Triangle Hotel/ Flatiron BuildingTriangle Hotel & Bar Tavern
View3423-3425 E Denny WAY E UnknownNorman Lundin Studio
View5740 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownFilipino Community Center
View1251 1ST AVE International Harvester Motor Truck BranchGreat Floors / Carpet Exchange
View1666 E Olive WAY E UnknownEvergreen Chiropractic Center
View6355 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Auto Body
View3256-3258 California AVE UnknownStar Nails & 1 Other
View2818 NE 55th ST NE UnknownAcorn Street Yarns
View4421 Wallingford AVE UnknownFamily Eye Care & Apartments
View8208 Greenwood AVE UnknownGreenwood Autobody
View1728 12th AVE UnknownCapitol Hill Market
View312-316 N 67th ST N UnknownStarbucks/Red Mill Burgers
View2253 N 56th ST N UnknownLuau Polynesian Lounge/Edward Jones Ivestments
View763 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View7918 Aurora AVE UnknownAurora Transmissions
View2915 Rainier AVE SafewayFirestone
View1905-1909 N 45th ST N Wilson BuildingStores Vacant & Apartments
View1626 Boren AVE Olive TowerOlive Tower Apartments
View3605-3615 NE 45th NE UnknownJohn L. Scott Real Estate & 2 Others
View203 W THOMAS ST W UnknownQueen Anne Beer Hall
View5415 California AVE UnknownProvidence Medical Group Clinic
View8335 Rainier AVE UnknownRose St. Auto Repair
View190-111 15th AVE UnknownYoga Arts & 1 other
View80 S Jackson ST S Smith Building80 S. Jackson Street Condominium
View401 NE Ravenna NE Green Lake BowlPark's Pharmacy & 2 others
View911 NE 45th ST NE UnknownIndoor Sun Shoppe
View501 3rd AVE Arctic Club & Hotel SewardMorrison Hotel
View3815 Rainier AVE UnknownWest Coast Auto Body
View505 13th AVE Unknown 
View418-420 Queen Anne AVE UnknownQueen Anne Auto Body
View500 19th UnknownCountry Doctor Community Clinic
View111 Yesler WAY Padden Block/ Mary McDonald Building/ Bohemian Café/ Eagle CaféThe Bohemian
View4753 Roosevelt WAY UnknownCinema Books
View300 N 85th ST N UnknownCheckers Night Club
View916 NE Ravenna BLVD NE UnknownRavenna Dental Building
View1752 NW Market ST NW UnknownMedicine Man Pharmacy (vacant)
View4501 University WAY Ives Building 
View4340 University WAY Masonic Building 
View422 E PINE ST E UnknownAuto Pro
View954 Elliot AVE UnknownCoast Products Inc.
View6701 California AVE UnknownLaPorte Eide
View506 E PINE ST E UnknownBimbo's Bitchin Burrito Kitchen & 1 other
View2940 SW Avalon SW UnknownMurphy's & Seaway Marina
View127-129 1st AVE UnknownTaqueria Jalisco
View301 1st AVE Matilda Winehill BlockBread of Life Mission
View304 14th AVE Unknown 
View8319 Greenwood AVE UnknownA Cut Above Hairstyling
View505 Harrison ST UnknownPolly Esther's Culture Club
View7115 Roosevelt WAY UnknownMarcello Ristorante Italiano
View5247-5251 1/2 California AVE UnknownRick's Barber Shop & 2 Others
View1807 42nd AVE UnknownMadison Park Café
View7329 35th AVE UnknownSunshine Cleaners
View9516-9518 35th AVE UnknownWedgewood Massage Therapy & 1 other
View2401 E MCGRAW ST E 32 Mont's Market
View5200 BALLARD AVE Junction Block [DeCurtin/Lombardini Block] 
View5421 BALLARD AVE Frank Pyle Building 
View5136 BALLARD AVE Theisen BlockKathy Casey Studios
View5429 BALLARD AVE Hopkins Block  
View5443 BALLARD AVE Markusen Building / Princess HotelPrincess Apartments
View5344 BALLARD AVE A. W. Anderson Building 
View4528 44TH AVE ApartmentsApartments
View4455 SW OREGON AVE SW West Seattle NutritionFunky Jane's/Many Moons
View4312 SW OREGON ST SW Campbell Retail BuildingFiddlehead/Brunette
View4540 CALIFORNIA AVE Vann's/Shafran's Van Building
View612 6TH AVE  TCC Printing
View700 S DEARBORN ST S   
View831 AIRPORT WAY Popich Sign CompanyOld Popich Sign Company Building
View512 BROADWAY unknownOur Lady Of Mount Carmel Center
View1943 1ST AVE O. B. Williams Company 1941 Lofts/ Cafe Macrina
View2724 1ST AVE Electric Steel Foundry Co./ Yates American Machine CompanyColumbia Printing
View2910 1ST AVE Gibson Manufacturing CompanyRejuvenation
View1555 4TH AVE Henry Disston & Sons, Inc.Filson
View3909 AIRPORT WAY Olympic Foundry Sales/ Woodtape IncorporatedSomerset Building/ Olympic Foundry Sales
View4025 7TH AVE Seattle Brass CompanyDavis Sign Company
View1522 12TH AVE Dawson Plumbingvacant
View1517 12TH AVE Ballou & Wright Automotive SuppliesNW Film Forum
View517 E PIKE ST E  Ragen Associates
View1515 MELROSE AVE  Melrose Market
View5315 Roosevelt WAY UnknownFriendly Foam
View2504 Alki AVE UnknownAlki Auto Repair
View1601 N 45th ST N Unknownalterations & Reweaving Center
View5401 Rainier AVE UnknownMy-Van Fashion & 1 other
View7700-7704 Greenwood AVE UnknownWish
View1929 9th AVE Pande Cameron Store 
View1929 3rd AVE Heiden Building 
View103 Pike ST Elliot HotelHahn Building
View1100 5th AVE Spring Apartment Hotel / Kennedy HotelVintage Park Hotel
View2301 1st AVE Oregon HotelOregon Apartments
View2132 1st AVE Standard Paint CompanyJai Thai/Taco del Mar
View2729 2nd AVE Universal Index Tab Co.Lighting Supply
View2212-16 1st AVE Strand HotelKasota Building
View2117 2nd AVE Seattle Radio SupplyD. W. Close
View2132 3rd AVE Brewer & Cone Sheet MetalMexican Consulate
View306 Blanchard ST Cornelius ApartmentsCornelius Apartments
View1005 E PIKE ST E  Caffe Vita
View1400 E PIKE ST E  American Artificial Limb Co.
View1515 14TH AVE  Porchlight Coffee
View1531 BELMONT AVE  Annapolis Apartments
View2900 NE Blakely NE UnknownAll for kids & Others
View1426 BROADWAY Associated Public GarageCapitol Hill Collision
View2603 Jackson ST Unknown 
View9015 Aurora AVE UnknownAcme Auto Electric
View2310 Rainier AVE Occidental Sheet MetalLiberty Sidecars
View1413-1421 NE 80th NE UnknownOlive Branch/Little Gym
View7545 Lake City WAY UnknownMogito Café
View3400 Wallingford AVE UnknownAvtech Corporation
View319 Nickerson ST UnknownFremont Bridge Mini Storage
View1319 E MADISON ST E Talbot BuildingCallahan's Auto Rebuild
View3644-3650 Wallingford AVE UnknownThe Smile Guy & Apartments
View4915 Rainier AVE The Boar's Nest/The Pink PoodleAngie's Tavern
View512 2nd AVE Florence Theater/ Paris Theater512 2nd Avenue
View522 Dexter AVE Washington State Liquor StoreGilbert and Sullivan Society
View916-918 NE 64th ST NE UnknownHealing Arts Studio & Alva Tube AMP Specialists
View2325 E Union E UnknownGeneral Barbecue
View105 1st AVE Schwabacher BuildingSchwabacher Building/ Gatzert and Schwabacher Building
View3501 Stone WAY UnknownPacific Inn Pub
View2012-2016 NW Market ST NW UnknownNorse Imports: Scandanavian Gift Shop
View413 3RD AVE UnknownSurefish
View4407 Rainier AVE UnknownSouthern Exposure Catering
View7301 Roosevelt UnknownHolman's Body & Fender
View313 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPetosa Music
View6448 FLORA AVE Parezanin Apartments 
View7200 Woodlawn AVE UnknownYoga Life
View301 S Jackson ST S King Street Station/ Union Passenger Depot (not current Union Station)King Street Station
View117 N 36th ST N Unknownartist studio
View1064 4TH AVE Columbia Steel / U.S. SteelRomac Industries
View711 6th AVE UnknownWizywig
View6745 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownOtto Rosenau & Assoc., Inc.
View1400 31st AVE UnknownUnknown
View1415-1423 10th AVE UnknownCrescent down works & 4 others
View5510 University WAY UnknownParadox
View2409 10th AVE UnknownPark Place Roanoke
View409 Eastlake AVE Grand View ApartmentsGrandview Apartments
View1612 BROADWAY UnknownAEI Music
View6220 Roosevelt WAY UnknownSpeaker Lab
View2008 WESTLAKE AVE Hotel WestlakeWestlake Hotel
View2120 Westlake AVE Unknown (2120 Westake)Denni Deli
View1329 N 45th ST N UnknownNaturopathic Clinic Inc.
View1839-1841 42nd AVE UnknownThai Ginger & 1 other
View2708-2710 1/2 Beacon AVE UnknownKing's Barbecue House
View5629 AIRPORT WAY H. & H. Chesbro, Inc. (Georgetown Dept. Store)Two Tarts Bakery
View627 1st AVE Silver HotelTotem Pole Loand
View4754 Fauntleroy WAY UnknownHuling Bros.
View5601-5607 University WAY Maxwell Building 
View4329 University WAY Meister BuildingVarsity Theatre
View5655 University WAY UnknownOasis Oriental Rugs
View3201-3207 Beacon AVE Hanford Street Grocery and BakeryKusina Filipina
View3309 E Union ST E Joe's Madrona Food CenterMadrona Homestyle Market
View2305 24th AVE Montlake MarketCafé Lago
View8410-8414 Greenwood AVE Becker BuildingGreenwood Antique Mall
View7910 Greenwood AVE Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253
View1405 11TH AVE  Madison Park Group
View6521 Roosevelt WAY Garski's GrillThe Scarlet Tree
View5619 Rainier AVE Keefe BuildingChildren's Corner Learning Center
View3600-3608 Wallingford AVE nonevacant
View2138-2140 California AVE Price-Rite GroceryCarlin Salon & Day Spa
View2344-2352 California AVE Perry's 10 Cent StoreZatz Bagles
View3401 California AVE Hiawatha PharmacySpiro's Pizza & Pasta
View5120-5124 S Brandon ST S UnknownUnknown
View801 NE 65th ST NE UnknownArco #4291 - am pm Mini Mart
View605-613 Queen Anne AVE UnknownPesos Taco Lounge & Sample Shop
View8601 8th AVE Unknown 
View512-514 2nd AVE UnknownAccurate Safe & Lock & King & Oliason
View222 2nd Avenue Extension Metropolitan BuildingSeattle Light Fixture Company
View519-523 15th AVE UnknownMuseum Quality Framing & 2 others
View150 Mercer ST UnknownVacant
View1902 S Main ST S Continental Baking Company Garage and ShopPratt Fine Arts Center
View2520 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Corporation
View6319-6319 1/2 Roosevelt WAY UnknownThe Landing Records & Disks & 1
View2908 E Cherry E UnknownPizza Express
View7118-7144 Beacon AVE UnknownYoung's Market + 4 others
View510 19th AVE UnknownBetty Lee Manor & 2 others
View5901 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View1101 E Pine ST E S-E Co.2nd Base & 1 other
View202 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View1801 N 34th ST N UnknownVarsity Inn Restaurant
View6031 AIRPORT WAY V.L. Miller BuildingBrass Tracks/Ground Control
View6726 Greenwood AVE UnknownKort Haus
View4235 Fremont AVE UnknownSwiftwater
View1022 1st AVE E. O Graves BuildingF & O Inc.
View814 NE 65th ST NE UnknownSuperbowl Noodle House
View1323 E PINE ST E Chester Apartments Chester Apartments
View1200 NE 64th ST NE UnknownUS West
View521 2nd AVE UnknownEaster Seals
View2119 E Union E Unknown 
View3616 Stone WAY UnknownStoneway Café
View5026 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownKathleen's Apparel & Bridal Service
View452 N 36th ST N UnknownCaffe Ladro
View117 Occidental AVE Star TheaterNew Stage Theater
View1618-1622 N 45th ST N UnknownVoodoo Barber & 3 Others
View3333 Wallingford AVE UnknownThe Gasworks Kite Shop
View1223 NE 65th ST NE UnknownNW Alternative Healing Center
View4749 Roosevelt WAY UnknownIndia House
View1512 Fairview AVE Fryer Knowles WarehouseLake Union Auto Sale/Body Shop
View2609 NE 55th ST NE UnknownEric's Auto & Carl's Foreign Car
View416 N 36th ST N UnknownM & S Grocery
View4850 E Green Lake WAY E UnknownAnna's Teriyaki
View12035 Aurora AVE UnknownSeal's Motel
View3100 Rainier AVE UnknownWells Fargo Bank
View6101 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View4560 University WAY College Center Building 
View905 NE 45th ST NE Muriel ApartmentsFin & Feather
View6508 Phinney AVE UnknownHansen Lamps & Shade
View3922-3924 California AVE UnknownMason - Wiggins Realty
View401-407 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPizza Eleni, Rvolution Tatto, Express Market, Apts.
View1223 W Nickerson W Canal Apartments 
View1821-1823 10th AVE UnknownCalhoun & Dejong
View1008 NE 65th ST NE UnknownRed Wing Shoes
View444 Elliot AVE UnknownGoodyear Tire Center
View1210 S BAILEY ST S Porcella & Company Building and GarageGriffin Fuel Company
View3916 California AVE UnknownCalifornia Tan
View6327-6329 NE 65th ST NE UnknownGaelsong & 2 Others
View4600-4606 Stone WAY UnknownLakeside Massage, Theo's Jewelry & Apartments
View118 W Mercer ST W UnknownTup Tim Thai Cuisine
View5914 Phinney AVE UnknownSanta Fe Café
View6001 Phinney AVE UnknownDr. Brian Peters
View2818 NE 55th ST NE UnknownAcorn Street Yarns
View7512 35th AVE UnknownWashington Mutual
View469 N 36th ST N UnknownKwanjai Thai Cuisine
View5619 California AVE UnknownIllusions Hair Design
View2101 9 AVE Garage Building for George L. SeibertThe Lenora Building
View1820 Terry AVE Taylor Plumbing and Heating1820 Terry Avenue
View2014 9th AVE Northwest Furniture Sales Company, Beebe and Runyon FurnitureYuen Lui Production Facility, Beebe and Runyon Furniture
View818 2ND AVE Marion BuildingMetropolitan Grill
View2025 3rd AVE Pathe Film ExchangePathe Building
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 4Pier 55
View815 Western AVE Carstens BuildingCommuter Building
View2216 Western AVE warehouse/ Greenbaum's United FurnitureMedusa Club/Office Building/ Venom
View2200 Western AVE Union Livery Stables/ Grunbaum Brothers Furniture2200 Western Avenue
View206 5TH AVE  Manila Bay / Tenoch Mexican Grill Restaurants
View106 Lenora ST Trading Post - garageDKA Planning & Design
View2100 1st AVE Trading PostPatagonia
View1115 E PIKE ST E unknownCrescent Down Works
View1620 14TH AVE Blewett ApartmentsDel Marco Apartments
View5229 BALLARD AVE Ballard Hardware & Supply Co.King's Hardware/Rudy's
View5233 BALLARD AVE Sankey & Grub Dry Goods Store 
View5337 BALLARD AVE Emerson Building 
View4509 CALIFORNIA AVE Miss Walker's ApparelBe's Restaurant
View4314 ALASKA ST BankWells Fargo Bank
View4435 CALIFORNIA AVE Van Gilder's FurnitureSeattle Fish Company/Ma'ono
View4744 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction MarketYummy Teriyaki
View4319 SW OREGON ST SW Walton ApartmentsOregonian Apartments
View2104-2108 N 45th ST N UnknownTully's Coffee & 2 Others
View400 DEXTER AVE 400 Dexter Avenue North/ E. J. Towle CompanyMetal Arts Group
View4460 37th UnknownWest Seattle Radiator
View2000-2006 NW Market ST NW Ballard Masonic TempleAll the Kings Flags
View7201 5th AVE UnknownNatural Medicine Works
View2108-2110 E Madison E UnknownCentral Area Chamber of Commerce & De'Charlene Beauty Shop & Boutique
View902 NE 47th ST NE UnknownAffordable Tire
View7531 11th UnknownVacant
View308-310 NE 65th ST NE Safeway?Aging Fancies Antiques & 1 other
View5038-5042 California AVE UnknownBel-Air Apts, Alki Style Barber & Images
View5420 Rainier AVE UnknownPaul Luu, M. D.
View115 3rd AVE Frye Car ParkFrye Garage
View1520 BELLEVUE AVE  Golden Lasso
View1621-1623 Queen Anne AVE UnknownMcGraw St. Frame Shop & Camille Coliazzo Opticians
View68 S Washington ST S Lowman and Hanford Printing and Binding BuildingWashington Park Building
View304 Alaskan WAY Oregon and Washington Railroad and Navigation Company/ Otto Sturham & SonsC & H Company
View536 1st AVE Kaufman WarehouseSluggers/ Chippers Restaurant; Sneakers
View562 1 AVE Bornstein & Sons, Inc. Warehouse562 1rst Avenue South
View133 Dexter AVE Store Building for A. J. EberharterWillamette Dental
View7000 35th AVE UnknownNortheast Cleaners
View6809-6811 Greenwood AVE UnknownVacant
View1028 1st AVE Geo. T. Maginnis Bottling WorksKalimantan/Bladesmith's Retail
View2060 NW Market ST NW  Tullys/Ballard Court Apartments
View524-530 1st AVE UnknownNonna Maria Italien Restaurant & GSS Jewelers
View1014 1st AVE M. F. Backus WarehouseOlympic Reprographics
View153 14th AVE Washington Hall 
View7750 Beacon AVE UnknownAutomotive Service
View722 NE 45th ST NE UnknownRainbow Tavern
View2929 NE Blakely NE UnknownUniversity Bookstore
View3400 N 34th ST N UnknownWFS - Western Fastners & Supply Co.
View312 9th AVE "Light Manufacturing Building for Coolidge and Andrews"Krekow Jennings Inc, General Contractors
View112 5th AVE UnknownBBFM Creative Marketing & Advertising
View564 12th AVE Commercial Co. Office & Shop BuildingJefferson Bus Base Exchange Office & Shop
View5020 Meridian AVE  Meridian Apartments
View1131-1133 34th AVE UnknownSt. Clouds Food & Spirits
View3005 NW 54th ST NW Jack Johnson Beer ParlorLock Spot
View3220-3224 California AVE UnknownThe Prudential
View2203 Eastlake AVE Odegard UpholsteryFour Seasons Cleaners
View1201 1ST AVE American Warehouse CompanyPyramid Alehouse
View4200 University WAY La Paz Building 
View4728-4734 University WAY Lewis Building 
View4700 University WAY WilsonianWilsonian
View9225 Aurora AVE Fitz Auto PartsAurora Auto Wrecking
View3127 NW 85th ST NW Mattson's GroceryThe Gob Shop
View2122 14th AVE noneAsian Express
View3059-3067 Beacon AVE Cora M. Graham Store BuildingBeacon Pub
View1713-1717 E Yesler WAY E Yesler HardwareCastle Café
View1500-1506 E Olive WAY E Burlingame Residential HotelBurlingame Residential Hotel
View2351-2359 10th AVE SafewayCassis
View1016-1024 E Madison ST E G. O. Guy Drugsnone
View3507 Evanston AVE Stone Buhr Milling CompanyHalsey Lidgard, Sailmaker
View8417-8421 Greenwood AVE Antika AntiquesPelayo Antiques
View1535 BELLEVUE AVE Timken Roller Bearing Co.Mud Bay
View1955-1959 6th AVE Home Supply GroceryColorwheel Studio
View610-612 W McGraw ST W Kildall InsuranceP. W. Kerr's
View4400 CALIFORNIA AVE Seattle Lighting CompanyDental Offices/Hotwire Expresso
View537 1st AVE Bartell'sRacha Noodles
View3604 S Genesee ST S UnknownFamily Affair Style Center
View315 2nd AVE Duncan and Sons Building/ Duncan and Sons Saddlery and ShoeDuncan Building
View408 1ST AVE Cunocar Accounting ServiceUnknown
View224 W Galer ST W UnknownPrentiss Architects
View9516-9518 35th AVE UnknownWedgewood Massage Therapy & 1 Other
View1911-1913 N 45th ST N UnknownWally's Scoop & Teahouse Kuan Yin
View3623 SW Alaska ST SW UnknownAlaska Street Dental
View2121 N 35th ST N UnknownWestern Homes
View220-222 Queen Anne AVE UnknownCurtis West Realty
View2513-2519 S Jackson S UnknownBebe Nails & Waxing & 1 other
View1600 N 45th ST N UnknownSun Cleaners & Apartments
View5400 Rainier AVE UnknownOowlo Travel Service
View914 NE 65th ST NE UnknownPC's & Printers
View10507 Aurora AVE UnknownCyndy's House of Pancakes
View2141 California AVE UnknownAdmiralty House Antiques
View8006 8th AVE UnknownJ. J.'s Grocery
View9411 Aurora AVE UnknownA Hot Wheels Hangout
View900 12th AVE UnknownPhotograph Center Northwest
View5828 Roosevelt WAY UnknownPeace Café
View619-625 Broadway UnknownDeluxe Bar & Grill & 6 others
View1749 1ST AVE  Direct Buying Service
View1222 S JACKSON ST S  Hoa's Hair Salon
View1237 S JACKSON ST S  Saigon Center
View916 E PIKE ST E unknownComet Tavern
View814 E PIKE ST E unknownHuitt/Zollars and Fetherston Gallery
View151 11TH AVE Abbotsford ApartmentAbbotsford Apartments
View1936 1ST AVE Standard Fence Co.Seattle Radiator Works & Home Basics/ Urbanadd Architecture/ Ryan Rhodes Designs
View1954 1ST AVE R. Hoe & Company, SawsKolbeh Restaurant
View1518 BROADWAY unknownTaco del Mar
View2915 1ST AVE Robinson Gear & Machine Works/ Caldwell Machinery & Co./ Harnischfleger CorporationYear of the Monkey/ Industrial Pump Sales
View2230 1ST AVE Western Tractor and Equipment CompanyInterstate Supply/ Doty & Associates/ Allison & Ross Picture Frames
View4740 AIRPORT WAY Polyanna Cafe, Dinty Moore'sDinty Moore's
View4809 AIRPORT WAY Kellogg & SonEmerald City Bindery
View722 E PIKE ST E  War Room/Pho Le
View1520 SUMMIT AVE  Steamworks
View725 E PIKE ST E  St. John Apartments
View1525 BOYLSTON AVE  Phil Smart garage
View1621 12TH AVE  Velocity Dance Center
View405 E OLIVE ST E Stephensberg ApartmentsStephensberg Apartments
View2020 NW Market ST NW UnknownWashington Federal Savings & Loan
View312-314 N 85th ST N UnknownVita Salon
View6226 STANLEY AVE Bruce Apartments (Flats) 
View6055 California AVE UnknownPaint Your Wagon
View823 5th AVE Aloha GroceryCrow
View417 2nd AVE UnknownKallback
View104 1st AVE Lippy BuildingLippy Building
View5000-5004 S Genesee ST S UnknownQC Cleaners & Kaya Yoga
View125-127 W Mercer ST W UnknownSpic'n Span Cleaners
View507-522 15th AVE UnknownJamjuree Thai Cuisine & 3 others
View900 1st AVE Roebling BuildingRoebling Building
View7714 Aurora AVE UnknownOld Technology Shop
View404 N 36th ST N UnknownKao Samai
View5816-5818 24th AVE Bob's Ballard TVArchitecture office & Massage Clinic
View501 2nd AVE UnknownArctic Printing & Graphics Inc.
View4907 25th AVE UnknownWashington Mutual & Other
View801 NE 65th ST NE UnknownArco 4291 - Am Pm Mini Market
View6413 Roosevelt WAY UnknownOlympic Pizza & Pasta
View1110 Elliot AVE Queen Anne Upholstery (1936)Queen Anne Upholstery
View5214 University WAY UnknownNoble Palace Chinese Cuisine
View314 1st AVE UnknownWashington State Labor Council
View946 Elliot AVE UnknownSeattle Cycles
View3801 S Graham ST S UnknownGeneral Automotive Service
View372 Roy ST UnknownOzaki Café and Apartment
View77 Yesler WAY Yesler HotelPioneer Square Hotel
View518-522 15th AVE UnknownAlterations Plus & 2 others
View318 N Nickerson ST N UnknownNickerson Street Saloon
View9003 Aurora AVE UnknownAcme Auto Electric
View524 BROADWAY UnknownYasuko's
View411 2nd Avenue Extension Circle Theater411 2nd Ave Extension S.
View7114 Roosevelt WAY UnknownNancy Mercer, N. D.
View2119 2nd AVE El Rey ApartmentsEl Rey Apartments
View7811 Aurora AVE UnknownJava Club
View3401 SW Graham ST SW nknownWest Seattle Market
View410 E Denny WAY E Budd & Co. (?)Studio 420 & 1 other
View501 1st AVE Seattle Hardware Company Warehouse AnnexSeattle Hardware Company Warehouse Annex
View229 Queen Anne AVE UnknownSeattle Mortgage
View4430 CALIFORNIA AVE O'Neill RealtyPrimp Salon
View1201 PINE ST Central Auto Top BuildingBooker Building
View221-223 1st AVE Taylor Court ApartmentsDonna's Barbershop
View7301 Roosevelt WAY UnknownHolman's Body & Fender
View1825 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVacant
View6311 Roosevelt WAY UnknownSushi Tokyo
View3333 Rainier AVE UnknownChubby & Tubby
View2000 4th AVE Claremont Apartment HotelHotel Andre
View2501 Elliott AVE Booth Fisheries(north bldg) & Puget Investment Company/ Skyway Luggage Company (both buildings)Old Skyway Luggage Company
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 5Pier 56
View2121 1rst AVE Colsky Building2121 1st Avenue
View314 Bell ST National Air Conditioning InstituteModa Presentation Center
View2200 1st AVE Alexandria HotelDonald Hotel
View425 Cedar ST 5 Point Café5 Point Café
View2501 Western AVE Northwestern Paper Box Co.Skyway Luggage Co.
View2121 Westlake AVE United Transfer & StorageAutosport
View2500 Elliott AVE Marine Café & TavernSkyway Luggage
View3024 1st AVE Artcraft CleanersCaffé Minnie's
View2213-19 4th AVE Tasty LunchSpitfire
View715 E PIKE ST E  Neal Apartments
View425 WESTLAKE AVE Farwest Lithograph & Printing Co.Tesla Motors Showroom
View2307 24TH AVE Montlake Confectonery 31 Traveler Pub
View5221 BALLARD AVE J.L. Andstrom Block 
View5205 BALLARD AVE J.W. Godwin Pool Room 
View5333 BALLARD AVE Bavery Building 
View5336 BALLARD AVE Morrison Building 
View5334 BALLARD AVE L.J. Shaffer Building 
View2215 NW MARKET ST NW Gerkes Pharmacy / Bartell Drugs - Store No. 4Matador
View4445 CALIFORNIA AVE Daniel & Brinton Undertakers/Carpenters HallJ. F. Henry Cooking & Dining
View4721 CALIFORNIA AVE A & P MarketNW Art & Frame/Husky Deli/Puerto Vallarta
View6201 15TH AVE  
View5816 24TH AVE  
View705 E PINE ST E unknownLinda's Tavern
View1531 MELROSE AVE UnknownMelrose Market
View2609 NE 55th ST NE UnknownEric's Auto & Carl's Foreign Car Service
View8214-8216 Greenwood AVE Greenwood Hall ApartmentsALC Antique Lighting Co.
View1924 Rainier AVE Arctic Ice Cream Co.Arctic Novelties
View1126 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownRed Apple Market
View201 S Washington ST S Apex BuildingApex Building
View7114 Roosevelt WAY UnknownNancy Mercer, N. D.
View89 S Washington ST S J & M Annex/ Walter Collins BuildingJ & M Annex (part of J & M Hotel Building)
View310 9th AVE 310 9th Ave North/ Gardner Brothers Oils and Jack E Way ManufacturersUnited Electric Motor Service?
View415 N 85th ST N UnknownGreenwood Medical Clinic
View164-174 Denny WAY UnknownDigicopy 'n' Print, Nail Center, Allstate & H & R Block
View932 12th AVE UnknownMoss Alley Motors
View327-333 2nd AVE UnknownThe J. Wm. C. Building
View2405-2407 10th AVE UnknownKristi's Grooming Co. & 2 others
View215 W Harrison ST W UnknownPemco Technology Services Inc.
View1275 Mercer ST Kenworth Motor Truck CompanyBargreen Ellingson
View2224 Queen Anne AVE   
View2601 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View2010 NW Market ST NW Seattle First National Bank - Ballard BranchBank of America
View318 2nd AVE Fulton Hotel/ Fulton Inn/ Totem Distributing CompanyOld Fulton Hotel
View323 N 85th ST N UnknownGeorgia's
View7720 Aurora AVE UnknownTop Nails
View4512 Stone WAY UnknownBlue Star Cafey & Pub
View14 Boston ST  Family Dentistry
View2219 N 56th ST N UnknownLeny's Taver
View4515 Meridian AVE UnknownApex Cleaners
View2433-2435 7th AVE UnknownUnknown
View10526 Aurora AVE UnknownSure-Fit
View6301-6311 24th AVE UnknownCopper Gate
View429 Eastlake AVE Rainwater & Company (1930s); the Green Tavern (1950s)Lobo Tavern & Glass Art
View1001 E PIKE ST E Triangle Auto PartsQuinn's
View1800 8th AVE Bonair Apartments (1808-12 8th Avenue)Ray and Bonair Apartments (1800 8th Avenue)
View1800 8th AVE Ray HotelRay & Bonair Apartments (1800 8th Avenue)
View114 Pike ST Liberty Building 
View2446 NW Market ST NW UnknownWestern Fire & Safety
View10202 Evanston AVE UnknownAnderson Magruder
View2912 NE 55th NE UnknownQueen Mary Tea House
View6729 Greenwood AVE UnknownRevive Boutique
View166 Roy ST UnknownBrenneke School of Massage - Clinic & Bookstore
View2128 Queen Anne AVE Salladay's PharmacyTully's Coffee
View2261 NE 65th ST NE UnknownCenter for Yoga
View165 W Mercer ST W UnknownOzzie's Diner
View5503 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownBracy Auto Body
View8408 Greenwood AVE UnknownDiscount Antiques
View122 1st AVE UnknownJalisco Mexican Restaurant
View4137 University WAY Hardt ApartmentsBucklin Building
View6500 3rd AVE Berg's IGA StoreAll Aboard 2nd Hand Inc.
View1400 34th AVE Benjamin Franklin Thrift MarketCafé Soleil
View4124-4130 E Madison ST E Broadmoor DrugsPlumlee's Pharmacy
View703 30th AVE Madrona ApartmentsMadrona Apartments
View127 BROADWAY Del-Teet FurnitureHollywood Video
View1907-1911 E Aloha ST E Capitol Hill Branch LibraryLaurel Gifts
View7223 Aurora AVE Green Lake Tire CompanyR & H Garage Ltd.
View1950 1ST AVE Seattle Auto Wrecking Company/ Far West TiresJuke Box City
View2224 1ST AVE 2224 1st Ave SCommercial Fabrics/ Greenlake Cabinets and Construction
View1533 BOYLSTON AVE  R Place
View6401-6405 Roosevelt WAY City Light DepartmentSunlight Café
View3404 NE 55th ST NE Bryant CleanersTop of the Hill
View4740 CALIFORNIA AVE Ware & Hosey Inc.Curious Kids Stuff
View4548 CALIFORNIA AVE Bartell DrugsWashington Management Co.
View5919 AIRPORT WAY The Brick StoreJules Maes Saloon & Eatery
View111 NE 45th ST NE Dick's Drive-In RestaurantDick's Drive-In Restaurant
View4619 37th AVE UnknownWest Seattle Furnace
View7401 Greenwood AVE Unknown74th Street Ale House
View213 1st AVE Branagan-Smith Building, Luck Hotel, Rocker Hotel"Hotel Building Converted Into Retail with Apartment Unit"
View563 Ravenna BLVD UnknownWestwind Computing
View4575 Sand Point WAY UnknownSand Point Way Medical Center
View10325 Aurora AVE UnknownGoldmark
View3235 Rainier AVE UnknownBrass Plumbing
View7001-7005 3rd AVE UnknownBodies in Balance Conditioning Studio/Eric Thorsen Construction
View8430-8432 Rainier AVE Falcon BuildingRainier Dental Center
View206 1st AVE Gottstein BuildingCity Loan Building/ Buttnick City Loan Building
View427 9th AVE Reo Northwest Sales427 9th Avenue North
View3811-3815 NE 45th NE UnknownProrobics & Laurelhurst Cleaners
View7208-7226 Linden AVE Linden GablesSeattle Tile/Park Building
View1506 Queen Anne AVE UnknownMarqueen Garage
View1820 N 45th ST N UnknownBartell Drugs
View2714-2826 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownCompongthom Market & 2 Others
View4452 CALIFORNIA AVE Helen's Hol-n-One DonutsKeller Williams Real Estate
View2252-2254 NE 65th ST NE UnknownGlenn's Barber
View2704 Beacon AVE UnknownPC Tax & Accounting
View409 YALE AVE Stokes Inc./Howard S. Wright General Contractors/ Fuller (Brush) BuildingSpruce Street School
View6514-6522 15th AVE UnknownUnknown
View4437 Rainier AVE UnknownAlpine Escrow
View3222 California AVE UnknownTracy Harris
View6415 Phinney AVE UknownRudy's Barbershop
View7318-7320 Greenwood AVE UnknownAndora
View1700 20th AVE UnknownEl Gallito Restaurante
View7-11 Mercer ST UnknownTitle Wave Books, Creations in Gold & Kit's Cameras
View4427-4431 Wallingford AVE Wallingford ApartmentsSeattle's Best Coffee & 2 Others
View4534-4536 University WAY Gelb Building 
View401- 5 YALE AVE Hugh Sweeney Grocer(y)/ Coffee Hut and ApartmentsCoffee Hut & Apartments
View1265 REPUBLICAN ST Supply Laundry1265 Republican Street/433 Yale Ave. N.
View101 S Jackson ST S Western Dry Goods Company/ Wax and Raine BuildingHeritage Building
View1818 Rainier AVE UnknownCar Care Center
View1516 NE 65th ST NE UnknownSilhouette Antiques & Gifts
View3757 Rainier AVE UnknownFine Line Window Tint/Car Stereo
View4517 CALIFORNIA AVE Peterson Investment CorporationJan's Beauty Supply
View4722 CALIFORNIA AVE Dr. Scott, DDSPeter Yi, DDS
View7337-7345 35th AVE UnknownDon Case Hair Design & 3 Others
View11006 34th AVE UnknownThe Clearwater School
View1110 E PINE ST E  Richmark Label/WSLCB
View7010-7020 Aurora AVE Ravenna GarageAdorn Antiques & 2 others
View7405 Greenwood AVE UnknownFlower Company
View590 1st AVE Seattle Plumbing CompanyOld Johnson's Plumbing Building/ Washington State Public Stadium Authorities
View547 1st AVE West Transfer Company Building/ Duncan & Sons BuildingDuncan/ Franglors
View7903 Rainier AVE UnknownAnnamarie Coin Laundry
View1 Yesler WAY Bedford Hotel1 Yesler Way
View2-12 W ROY ST W UnknownCounter Balance Bicycle, Shiki Japanese Restaurant, School of Oom Yung Doe & Reactor +
View4133 University WAY UnknownBig Time Brewery
View945 Elliot AVE UnknownContract Hardware Inc.
View118 5th AVE UnknownVacant
View1022 6TH AVE Frye Warehouses 
View708 RAINIER AVE Franklin DairyA-1 Chinese Buffet
View1214 S WELLER ST S  Royal Glass Company
View609 S WELLER ST S  Ocean City Restaurant
View614 MAYNARD AVE  Bush Garden Restaurant
View1220 S JACKSON ST S  Hoa's Hair & Nail
View1500 HARVARD AVE unknownSegal Center, SCCC
View1514 BROADWAY unknownBlockbuster
View2900 1ST AVE Glaser Beverages IncorporatedWestern Foil Corporation
View2909 1ST AVE John Mulhern & Co and Sales Offices for Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation (& others)Acme Tool/ Ajax Electric
View707 S SNOQUALMIE ST S Puget Sound Paper Box CompanySunny Arms Co-op
View99 S SPOKANE ST S The Simmons Co./ Buffalo Sanitary Wipers Co.Buffalo Industries
View4715 6TH AVE Yo Ne Macaroni-Spaghetti-Egg NoodleSun Food Trading Company/ Golden Grain Macaroni
View1512 11TH AVE unknownGrim's
View1121 E Pike ST E  Piston & Ring Building
View1607 SUMMIT AVE  Crawford Condominium
View1507 BELMONT AVE  Salon Lowe
View5305 BALLARD AVE Peterson Hardware Co.Bastille
View5354 BALLARD AVE Kelsey Building / Armstrongs' Dry GoodsOld Olsen Furniture Store
View5105 BALLARD AVE Oscar's Auto Repair Shop 
View5129 BALLARD AVE American Flag & Decorating Co.  
View5411 BALLARD AVE Dill Meat Market Volterra
View4501 CALIFORNIA AVE Washington Mutual Savings BankChase Bank
View4438 CALIFORNIA AVE Snow Ball Ice CreameryGreen Tree Animal Hospital
View4747 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction Feed & SeedBikram Yoga
View4553 CALIFORNIA AVE McReynolds JewelersOptix/Pegasus Books/Terjung's
View1521 2nd AVE Irwin Hotel / Forest HotelGreen Tortoise Hostel
View2801-2115 Elliott AVE 2800 Elliott Avenue West / Ainsworth & Dunn Warehouse/ Plant No. 2 for I. F. Laucks Incorporated 2801 Elliott Avenue
View1319 Western AVE Mutual Light and Heating Company/ Western Avenue Steam PlantSeattle Steam Corporation plant/ Western Avenue steam plant
View911 WESTERN AVE Maritime Building/ Pacific Warehouse BuildingMaritime Building
View100 Wall ST General Radio Inc.Vine Building (AT 31)
View809 Western AVE Mutual Creamery809 Western Avenue (part of Commuter Center Building)
View2332 2nd AVE Buena Vista Film Distribution Co.Marrakesh
View2230 7th AVE Bob Murray's Dog HouseHurricane Café
View3000 Western AVE Ruth Ashbrook Bakeryunknown
View1009 E UNION ST E  Auto Battery & Electric Co.
View1000 E MADISON ST E  Philips Cleaners
View510 WESTLAKE AVE Rhodes Bros. Co. Warehouse/Philco Bldg 
View906 S EDDY ST S Kettle Apartments 
View219 S Washington ST S Graham Block/ 219 S. Washington Street/ Union Gospel Mission Hotel219 S. Washington Street
View124 S Washington ST S Hotel InterurbanThe Last Supper Club/ 124 S. Washington Street
View5619 University WAY UnknownSeattle Bike Repair
View5901 California AVE Unknown50-50 Grocery
View1331 Stewart ST Edwards Auto Repair - 113 Eastlake Ave. E.Greg's Japanese Auto
View2240-2242 NW Market ST NW Nelson's FoodlandBest Regards
View9752 Beacon AVE UnknownAloha Market
View5500-5504 Rainier AVE UnknownVeldyke Realty & 1 Other
View909 E PINE ST E  International Student Center
View100 NW 36th ST NW UnknownCristy Carner Salon
View109 Yesler WAY Merchant's Café/ Sanderson BlockMerchant's Café/ Hotel
View202 1st AVE Brunswick Balke Collender Company/ Buttnick BuildingButtnick Building
View513 Dexter AVE Gabulson Packard Service and Hobbs Battery Co. Inc.Phototronics/ Glazer's Camera Supply
View113 Dexter AVE 113 Dexter Avenue NorthKEXP Radio
View5207 35th AVE UnknownRainier Signs
View3419 E Denny WAY E UnknownUnknown
View612 1st AVE Howard BuildingHoward Building
View5300-5304 Wilson AVE UnknownCreative Styles & 1 Other
View119 S Main ST S Union Trust BuildingUnion Trust Building
View124 5th AVE UnknownPrime Eye Clinic
View3005 Rainier AVE UnknownARCO
View6202 Phinney AVE Hardanger Apts.Seattle Dental Arts
View7531-7533 Roosevelt WAY UnknownPizza Time & 1 Other
View6048 California AVE UnknownKen's Mane Event Barber
View6526 15th AVE UnknownUnknown
View7100 Beacon AVE UnknownVictor Oishi Auto Service
View7501-7509 35th AVE UnknownView Ridge Pharmacy & 2 Others
View412 Queen Anne AVE UnknownRoy Potter Insurance Co.
View401 Broadway UnknownBroadway Market
View1706 NW Market ST NW Ballard IOOF TempleBallard IOOF Temple
View603 W 103rd W UnknownThe Early Learning and Development Center
View400 Occidental WAY J. M. Frink Building/ Washington Iron Works/ Washington Shoe Mfg. Company BuildingWashington Shoe Building/ Washington Shoe Company Building/ "The Shoe"
View4301 Fremont AVE UnknownUnknown
View1100 2nd AVE Baillaergeon, J.A. BuildingSecurity Pacific Building
View1513 3rd AVE Winter Garden TheaterAaron Brothers Store
View1041 1ST AVE Westinghouse Electric CompanyGerry Manufacturing
View1231 S JACKSON ST S  Vina Denture Clinic
View2424 1ST AVE Jobbers Supply Company/ Major BrandsAvernus Productions (formerly)
View4735 E MARGINAL WAY E Ford Motor Company Assembly PlantFederal Center South
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View1520 10TH AVE  Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & garage
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories Inc.
View6300 Roosevelt WAY UnknownZenith Supplies
View5333 Roosevelt WAY UnknownPaul's Auto Upholstery
View6401-6405 32nd AVE UnknownArt Chix, Body Intelligence, Sunset Hill Green Market
View2017 W Dravus W UnknownMulleady's Irish Pub
View117 S Main ST S Superior Candy and Cracker Company?Union Trust Company Annex
View107 Cherry ST Lowman BuildingLowman Building
View4749 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View4538 University WAY Robbins Building 
View425 NW Market ST NW I.G.A.StoreLe Gourmand
View2000 14th AVE Myers' Art Gallery & Frame ShopBeacon Hill Realty
View3318-3320 Beacon AVE noneDay Moon Press
View2045 Eastlake AVE Boston GrocerySerafina
View4250-4256 Fremont AVE Northfield BlockNorthfield Block
View85 S LANDER ST S Safeway StoresPhiloxenia Restaurant/ Surplus Too
View401 E PINE ST E Carr Brothers Auto RepairArea 51
View1834 6th AVE Weddle's IGA 
View6100-6110 Roosevelt WAY Pearl MarketSalvatore's
View4401-4405 Rainier AVE Renton Cash GroceryCalifornia Nails
View3540 Wallingford AVE Edgewater Grocerynone
View9439 16th AVE Rozella BuildingRozella Building
View6415-6427 32nd AVE UnknownRegnors Pottery, Complete Family Hair Care, Susent Garden Center
View305 2nd AVE Fire Station # 10Fire Station # 2
View7801 Aurora AVE UnknownCarburetor & Electric
View1700 1ST AVE Auto Freight TerminalPremier Night Club
View1635 Queen Anne AVE Queen Anne Apartments 
View133 Pontius AVE Apartment Bldg for J M BrewsterThe Brewster
View1417 12TH AVE  Pacific Supply
View3909 SW Alaska SW Daniels & Brinton MortuaryHowden Kennedy Funeral Home
View8914 Aurora AVE UnknownProski Service
View6315 Roosevelt WAY UnknownExperience Hair
View905 20th AVE Unknown 
View1222 NE 65th ST NE UnknownAll Star Cleaners
View169-181 Western AVE UnknownBullseye Graphics, Lambda Lighting & Western Avenue Woodworkers
View5046-5048 California AVE UnknownWest Seattle Licenses & Diva's
View6007 12TH AVE The HamiltonVia Tribunali/Hitchcock
View520 W Howe ST W   
View6510-6514 Roosevelt WAY UnknownAnimal Talk, Horizon Boots & Bengal Tiger
View6725 Greenwood AVE UnknownEspresso Dental
View1009 W Howe W Unknown 
View611 Post AVE Elgin Hotel/ Traveler's HotelTraveler's/ Post Mews
View619 E Pine ST E Paige Building ?R Place
View19 W Harrison ST W Le TastevinKaspars Restaurant
View6510-6514 Roosevelt WAY UnknownAnimal Talk, Horizon Books & Bengal Tiger
View572 Mercer ST UnknownDowntown Automotive Inc.
View3116 W Smith ST W UnknownRoseanne's School of Dance
View2519 S Jackson S UnknownUnknown
View506-510 2nd AVE UnknownEmerald Seafood Inc. & Ballard Bratsburn Inc.
View352 Roy ST UnknownThai Heaven Restaurant
View1100 E UNION ST E Chrysler PartsUnion Art Co-op
View500 John ST UnknownGraham, Lundberg & Peschei P. S., Inc.
View508 3rd AVE Pacific Coast Casket Co.Film Stop
View1314 Denny WAY Jorgensen's Furniture and Upholstery StoreAdatto Construction
View300 E PIKE ST E Gallagher's Fine CarsSix Arms
View5411 N Meridian ST N UnknownArthead Gallery
View115-117 Warren AVE UnknownVacant
View400 2nd Avenue Extension Chin Gee Hee Building400 2nd Avenue Extension South/ Kon Yick Building
View400 Queen Anne AVE Bystom & GrecoCentury Building & King FM
View1223 S BAILEY ST S C.H. Johnson Building 
View7311-7321 Greenwood AVE UnknownBirdem Turkish Rugs
View5511 AIRPORT WAY Bertoldi HallStellar Cafe
View5437 California AVE UnknownBodiworks & 2 Others
View525 21st AVE Unknown 
View1605 N 45th ST N UnknownAsteroid Café
View1201 S VALE ST S Horton Hotel/Union Savings & Trust Company 
View7203-7209 Woodlawn AVE UnknownAnderson Nautilus Fitness Center/My Friend's Café/1other
View10901 Aurora AVE UnknownRose Corner
View4547 Rainier AVE UnknownParkway Interiors
View228 Dexter AVE "Commercial Building for A. J. Eberharter"/ Pittsburgh Plate Glass CompanyAloha Printing and Copying
View131 Taylor AVE UnknownDV8
View6327-6329 Ravenna UnknownGaelson & 2 Others
View2725 NE 55th ST NE UnknownRavenna Auto
View1830 Broadway Broadway Automotive ServiceVacant (used to be Godfather's), Vivace & Van Home Arch.
View5041 Wilson AVE UnknownPCC Natural Market
View508 5th AVE UnknownFat City
View2724 NE 55th NE Clare RealtyBeyond the Garden Gate
View1715 N 45th ST N UnknownGuadalajara Restaurant & Apartments
View311 1st AVE Maud BuildingMaud Building
View601 6th AVE UnknownDemolition Derby Auto Repair
View2610-2618 NE 55th AVE NE UnknownFurniture Junkies & 4 Others
View4720 University WAY UnknownEarl's
View475 N 36th ST N UnknownRudy's Barber Shop
View5715 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownHonda Power Equipment
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