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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1422 27TH AVE   
View824 17TH AVE   
View719 24TH AVE   
View1227 38TH AVE   
View726 N 47TH ST N Hans B. Grevstad House  
View3714 E UNION ST E   
View3617 E UNION ST E   
View503 31ST AVE   
View924 31ST AVE   
View4554 Latona AVE   
View4121 Sunnyside AVE   
View2301 N 44th ST N   
View4754 20th AVE Unknown 
View2512 33rd AVE   
View3415 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View5268 19TH AVE Unknown 
View2503 33rd AVE   
View4529 Eastern AVE   
View300 W Kinnear PL W Rhea-Lloyd House 
View2306 34th AVE   
View3913 Wallingford AVE   
View311 NE 53rd ST NE   
View4123 Woodlawn AVE   
View320 W Kinnear PL W Matzen, George, House 
View2803 33rd AVE   
View1616 NE 47TH ST NE Sigma Nu FraternitySigma Nu Fraternity
View5011 18TH AVE Bush House 
View2451 1st AVE Unknown 
View3611 TERMINAL CT   
View501 W Comstock ST W Stocking, Donald & Fern, House 
View2326 33rd AVE   
View4700 Wallingford AVE   
View700 N 50th ST N Woodland Park Zoo Foreman's Residence 
View1227 Warren AVE Unknown 
View3211 CASCADIA AVE   
View903 W Fulton ST W Luther, Otto, House 
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View5019 16TH AVE Coffman Dobson Bank & Trust Co. Residence 
View1218 N 46th ST N   
View2909 E CHERRY ST E   
View3104 34th AVE   
View313 18th AVE Unknown 
View1204 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View515 W Kinnear PL W Polson, Olaf & Fleta, House 
View415 Wheeler ST Egerman, Stephen & Anna, House 
View220 23RD AVE   
View1016 E Lynn ST E Vogue. E. E., House 
View1415 E Roy ST E McLean, M., House 
View1015 E Prospect ST E Hurlbut, Frederick R., House 
View1809 10th AVE Calvert, Margaret, House 
View1515 NE 56TH ST NE  
View5636 20TH AVE  
View5025 17TH AVE  
View5037 17TH AVE  
View4523 18TH AVE  
View4715 18TH AVE  
View2019 E LYNN ST E 37 Loveland residence
View2021 E LYNN ST E 37 Benjamin residence
View2044 23RD AVE  38 Manzin Residence
View3303 NW 71ST ST NW  
View8331 32ND AVE  
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