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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View903 25TH AVE   
View805 30TH AVE   
View1121 15TH AVE   
View903 14TH AVE   
View907 14TH AVE   
View919 13TH AVE   
View927 15TH AVE   
View925 15TH AVE   
View832 16TH AVE   
View825 16TH AVE   
View1711 E MARION ST E   
View818 19TH AVE   
View815 13TH AVE   
View828 13TH AVE   
View726 14TH AVE   
View723 19TH AVE   
View702 18TH AVE   
View220 24TH AVE   
View170 16TH AVE   
View1705 S MAIN ST S   
View4709 43RD AVE   
View4320 S FERDINAND ST S   
View5308 S ALASKA ST S   
View1707 MADRONA DR   
View1711 MADRONA DR   
View4442 S MORGAN ST S   
View4245 S GRAHAM ST S   
View9423 58TH AVE   
View3252 S FERDINAND ST S   
View3952 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View6102 S KEPPLER ST S   
View1416 31ST AVE   
View930 24TH AVE   
View1616 37TH AVE   
View1210 38TH AVE   
View1418 37TH AVE   
View767 32ND AVE   
View1332 14TH AVE   
View3125 34TH AVE   
View1715 MADRONA DR   
View917 HIAWATHA PL   
View423 30TH   
View1719 MADRONA DR   
View916 25TH AVE   
View2036 S NORMAN ST S   
View1408 21ST AVE   
View983 21ST AVE   
View1502 19TH AVE   
View1436 19TH AVE   
View936 19TH AVE   
View1506 19TH AVE   
View929 20TH AVE   
View903 16TH AVE   
View1132 16TH AVE   
View1629 36TH AVE   
View559 19TH AVE   
View318 17TH AVE   
View1501 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View339 17TH AVE   
View1837 24TH AVE   
View110 HARVARD AVE unknownKendrickson residence
View102 HARVARD AVE unknownEnslow-Pak residence
View207 10 unknownunknown
View918 E JOHN ST E unknownBroadway Locksmith
View602 N 41ST ST N   
View4227 PHINNEY AVE   
View726 N 43RD ST N   
View5616 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View1541 13th AVE   
View5201 16TH AVE Unknown 
View2123 E Union ST E Unknown 
View1916 14th AVE Unknown 
View848 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View1418 3rd AVE   
View1718 12th AVE   
View5612 11th AVE Unknown 
View5609 11th AVE Unknown 
View309 Wheeler ST   
View4233 Meridian AVE Whitham Residence 
View1509 8th AVE Unknown 
View1535 2nd AVE   
View2111 7th AVE   
View4237 11th AVE Unknown 
View2152 6th AVE   
View416 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View1202 N 49th ST N   
View2157 7th AVE   
View6756 Sycamore AVE Unknown 
View2707 9th AVE Unknown 
View5754 NE Greenlake WAY NE Procunier, T. H. HouseProcunier House
View2926 Mayfair AVE   
View2441 1st AVE   
View1920 4th AVE Bakenhus/Bowen HouseBakenhus/Bowen House
View5001 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View314 W Howe W Unknown 
View4210 12th AVE Unknown 
View5722 16TH AVE Unknown 
View1500 8th AVE Unknown 
View1803 7th AVE Lancaster, Leland & Thelma, House 
View1825 7th AVE   
View111 W Prospect ST W Robinson, Willis & Jessie, House 
View1611 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2523 34th AVE   
View2621 Nob Hill AVE   
View2203 31st AVE   
View310 W Howe W Unknown 
View4760 20th AVE Unknown 
View1505 4th AVE Unknown 
View1011 W Armour W   
View1327 13th AVE   
View1240-1242 1st AVE   
View1921 3rd AVE   
View4107 34th AVE Unknown 
View1947 5th AVE   
View4533 Eastern AVE   
View3002 4th AVE Unknown 
View5523 11th AVE Unknown 
View2343 33rd AVE   
View2116 8th AVE   
View400 Ward Unknown 
View1517 11th AVE   
View2303 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View1814 4th AVE Unknown 
View11 W McGraw ST W   
View308 Hayes ST Unknown 
View2423 8th AVE   
View2544 Beacon AVE UnknownPhillipine Video Plaza
View2511 10th AVE   
View815 HARRISON ST 815 Harrison St815 Harrison St
View2402 9th AVE Unknown 
View810 W Crockett W Unknown 
View2430 6th Unknown 
View1418 Willard AVE   
View1326 12th AVE   
View1633 10th AVE   
View1831 7th AVE Unknown 
View820 16th AVE Samuel Brown House 
View1629 8th AVE Unknown 
View2212 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2447 1st AVE   
View4112 Corliss AVE   
View403 Galer ST UnknownKerrihards House
View5245 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2312 1st AVE Unknown 
View2433 8th AVE   
View1205 W Olympic WAY W Unknown 
View1607 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View507 W Crockett W   
View2124 6th AVE   
View3236 CASCADIA AVE   
View1521 2nd AVE Unknown 
View5211 11th AVE Unknown 
View816 NE 59th ST NE Unknown 
View2008 5th AVE   
View3207 37th AVE   
View302 W Olympic PL W Foster, Harry & Angie, House 
View5608 17TH AVE Unknown 
View823 S ORCAS ST S Doris Rhodes House 
View1717-1719 1st AVE   
View3426 12th AVE Unknown 
View2220 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVilla Paradiso
View1514 Palm AVE Unknown 
View1332 14th AVE   
View2438 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View908 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View2502 8th AVE Unknown 
View139 23rd AVE Unknown 
View5248 16TH AVE Prudential Ins. Co./McKay Residence 
View656 W Galer ST W Burwell, Austin and Mary, House 
View2203 Nob Hill AVE   
View3042 15th AVE   
View511 W Crockett ST W   
View320 W Galer W Unknown 
View2422 Queen Anne AVE   
View1025 S Sullivan ST S Unknoqn 
View1621 4th AVE Unknown 
View318 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View4015 Cascadia AVE Keel HouseKeel House
View2401-2403 10th AVE UnknownMaxwell Chiropractic & 3 others
View611 W Comstock W   
View2923 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View1612 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2524 11th AVE Unknown 
View1831 8th AVE Unknown 
View1501 17th AVE UnknownVolunteer Park Market & Café
View2004 Nob Hill AVE   
View414 W Galer W   
View608 W Lee ST W Janson, A. HouseJanson/Anderson House
View3320 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2125-2125 1/2 6th AVE   
View1959 7th AVE   
View320 Harvard AVE UnknownUnknown
View2315 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1528 7th AVE Unknown 
View342 W Kinnear PL W McBride, Henry HouseMcBride House
View203 W Crockett ST W Unknown 
View2121 8th AVE Unknown 
View1627 8th AVE Unknown 
View473 McGraw ST   
View1918 5th AVE   
View1835 7th AVE   
View311 W Garfield ST W Unknown 
View1901 4th AVE Unknown 
View5524 16TH AVE Unknown 
View4206 12th AVE Unknown 
View502 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View2808 9th AVE   
View2719 2nd AVE   
View1600 11th AVE   
View10126 66th AVE Unknown 
View4054 7th AVE Unknown 
View5717 16TH AVE   
View5217 12th AVE   
View1307 W Boston ST W Unknown 
View902 NE 42nd ST NE   
View4119 12th AVE   
View4211 Brooklyn AVE   
View5203 Brooklyn AVE   
View5260 12th AVE   
View208 29TH AVE   
View314 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View2925 Warren AVE Dowd, Frank, House 
View4717 19TH AVE   
View806 NE 55th ST NE   
View1411 E SPRING ST E   
View2112 5th Unknown 
View1702 Warren AVE   
View1773 14th AVE Unknown 
View2223 4th AVE Unknown 
View725 N 76th ST N Unknown 
View2604 1st AVE   
View1615 4th AVE Unknown 
View2821 E Arthur PL E Unknown 
View358 Garfield ST Unknown 
View2004 32nd AVE   
View158 Galer Unkown 
View920 4th AVE Unknown 
View1901 4th AVE   
View220 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View2022 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus, D. House DELETEBakenhus/Hastie House
View3310 CASCADIA AVE   
View2139 N 64th ST N Unknown 
View1511 2nd AVE Unknown 
View3112 S DOSE TER S   
View716 W Garfield ST W Daub-Olwell House 
View1501 STURGUS AVE   
View1908 4th AVE   
View5513 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View1619 6th AVE Unknown 
View3903 Densmore AVE   
View422 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View3935 Wallingford AVE   
View2115 4th AVE   
View4138 12th AVE Unknown 
View312 Lee ST Butterworth, Frederick & Anna, House 
View1920 7th AVE   
View2403 7th AVE Duffy, Walter & Frances, House 
View2853 33rd AVE   
View2434 8th AVE Charouhas, Gus & Ruth, House 
View1734 13th AVE   
View417 W Galer W   
View221-223 W Republican W   
View2705 3rd AVE   
View903 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View810 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View2136 6th AVE   
View5025 12th AVE Unknown 
View2635 Nob Hill AVE   
View935 14th AVE Unknown 
View2731-2733 Nob Hill AVE   
View1930 9th AVE Unknown 
View1509 1st AVE Unknown 
View3612 EVANSTON AVE   
View5233 12th AVE Unknown 
View1612 44th AVE Unknown 
View506 W Crockett ST W   
View3238 14th AVE   
View4315 Eastern AVE   
View4123 12th AVE Unknown 
View2718 2nd AVE   
View1944 8th AVE   
View2634 Nob Hill AVE   
View4212 Pasadena PL Unknown 
View426 Smith ST Unknown 
View365 McGraw ST   
View318 W Galer ST W Brett/Petersen HouseBrett/Petersen House
View3620 Burke AVE Unknown 
View5501 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View5615 20TH AVE Unknown 
View1501 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View2126 7th AVE   
View403 W Comstock ST W Davidson, James & Annie, House 
View1207-1209 6th AVE   
View357 Garfield ST Unknown 
View5553 Wallingford AVE Unknown 
View2415 10th AVE   
View2012 1st AVE Unknown 
View334 18th AVE Unkown 
View474 Wheeler Unknown 
View2225 33rd AVE   
View7303 26th AVE Unknown 
View1921 10th AVE   
View1420 Warren Unknown 
View120 W Prospect ST W Cochran House 
View2737 34th AVE   
View2003 4th AVE Unknown 
View2529 9th AVE   
View5260 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4700 8th AVE Unknown 
View1026 1st   
View1506 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View4267 WHITMAN AVE   
View3402 14th   
View2108 10th AVE Unknown 
View321 Lee ST Unknown 
View601 W Comstock W   
View820 W Lee ST W Garrison, Thomas B., House 
View4319 9th AVE Unknown 
View1933 7th AVE   
View1503 42nd AVE Unknown 
View1244 3rd AVE   
View1009 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View314 W Galer W Brett/Helm House 
View5517 17TH AVE Unknown 
View5725 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2412 Nob Hill AVE   
View1215 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View1504 13th AVE   
View1750 19th AVE   
View2624 Warren AVE   
View1506 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View357 Galer ST Deibert-Turner House 
View1227 2nd AVE Strong/Sorenson House 
View606 Lee ST Moore-Hartshorne House 
View24 W Lee ST W Kleinogel, Thomas, House 
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus/ Hastie HouseBakenhus/Hastie House
View213 W Comstock ST W Jones, Algernon and Mary, House 
View652 W Galer ST W Whalley, John and Clara, House 
View320 W Galer ST W Brett HouseBrett/Jones House
View1525 6th AVE Wynn, Lucy HouseWynn/Manter House
View3208 NW 59th ST NW Sobey, J. HouseSobey House
View1303 6th AVE Unknown 
View756 N 76th ST N Harm, C. HouseHarm House
View319 W Kinnear PL W McDonald, Donald, House 
View606 W Blaine ST W Griffin, Hazel, House 
View1908 S WAITE ST S   
View2421 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View1728 Naomi PL Unknown 
View350 Lee ST Unknown 
View2115 10th AVE Unknown 
View1623 8th AVE Unknown 
View10006 61st AVE Bull House 
View660 W Lee ST W   
View1407-1409 1st AVE Unknown 
View1902 N 44th ST N   
View2124 8th AVE   
View1341 13TH AVE   
View3620 Wallingford AVE   
View1628 11th AVE   
View212 21st AVE Unknown 
View339 17th AVE Unknown 
View1407 6th AVE Kjos, Ole & Agnes, House 
View2707 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View413 Garfield ST   
View5131 S Mead ST S Unknown 
View5809 16TH AVE Unknown 
View2540 11th AVE Unknown 
View176 Highland DR Boldt, James & Grace, House 
View1817 9th AVE   
View5721 16TH AVE Unknown 
View3216-3218 13th AVE   
View1824 4th AVE Unknown 
View1624 11th AVE   
View339 22nd AVE Lucas, Richard & Effie, ResidenceHouse (Capitol Hill Housing)
View3664 Interlake AVE Unknown 
View2113 13th AVE   
View5516 12th AVE Unknown 
View356 Galer ST   
View1507 S HILL ST S   
View1121 34th AVE UnknownScottish Tea Shop
View5610 15th AVE Unknown 
View308 20th AVE Unknown 
View5724 17TH AVE Unknown 
View1008 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View409 Newton   
View1913 6th AVE   
View4272 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View110 Howe ST Unknown 
View317 20th AVE Unknown 
View1331 13th AVE   
View510 W Crockett ST W Hopkinson, Fred & Ella, House 
View5814 16TH AVE Unknown 
View2434 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View2524 10th AVE   
View2317 34th AVE   
View522 W Crockett ST W   
View8104 8th AVE Unknown 
View2326 N 51st ST N   
View108 Hayes ST Douglass, E. HouseDouglass/Hofreiter House
View2103 9th AVE   
View2018 1st AVE Unknown 
View2736 3rd AVE   
View1519 5th AVE   
View357 Garfield ST Unknown 
View2506 33rd AVE   
View503 W Crockett ST W   
View1739 13th AVE   
View1903 2nd AVE Unknown 
View1824 5th AVE   
View1424 6th AVE Ladas House 
View502 W Crockett W   
View2521 9th AVE Unknown 
View507 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View707 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View1716 1st AVE Unknown 
View746 S Elmgrove ST S Unknown 
View2451 5th AVE   
View1532 7th AVE Unknown 
View1607 7th AVE   
View1522 5th AVE   
View1216 6th AVE   
View4202 12th AVE Unknown 
View1749 13th AVE   
View9849 62nd AVE Unknown 
View825 S Rose ST S unknown 
View314 W Galer ST W   
View3833 Burke AVE Unknown 
View1528 7th AVE Johnson, Maurice HouseJohnson/Blomskog House
View1017-1019 Taylor AVE   
View4039 9th AVE UnknownQuaker House
View1808 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View942 16th AVE unknown 
View915 16th AVE unknown 
View1417 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View730 16th AVE unknown 
View1158 17th AVE Calvert, William, Jr., House 
View734 16th AVE unknown 
View955 16th AVE McCoy, Patrick, House 
View919 17th AVE unknown 
View1007 14th AVE unknown 
View1310 E Lynn ST E Walkinshaw, Walter & Jean, Residence 
View939 16th AVE unknown 
View729 12 AVE unknown 
View2322 Federal AVE Grinstein Residence 
View420 17th AVE Finlay, H. A., House 
View1212 E Harrison ST E Evans, Thomas, Residence 
View733 12th AVE unknown 
View902 17th AVE Schwabacher, Leo, residence 
View1727 15th AVE Gaslight InnGaslight Inn Bed & Breakfast
View1422 E Aloha ST E Cline, George W., House 
View626 14th AVE Tripple, Robert, Residence 
View707 17th AVE Leigh, Charles P. and Belle, House 
View904 E Miller ST E Chapman HouseEast Miller Condominium
View1155 17th AVE unknown 
View1812 16th AVE Martel ApartmentsMartel Apartments
View1421 E Aloha ST E unknown 
View703 17th AVE unknown 
View400 17th AVE Keeler, Henry E., House 
View922 16th AVE unknown 
View903 16th AVE unknown 
View1100 E FIR ST E   
View208 17TH AVE   
View4731 19TH AVE  
View4754 19TH AVE  
View5252 19TH AVE  
View1524 MELROSE AVE SFRapartment
View4724 16TH AVE  
View4729 16TH AVE  
View5033 16TH AVE  
View2813 BROADWAY AVE Wilson-Franklin HouseBryant-Williams House
View2817 BROADWAY AVE Cooper, William L. and Grace M., HouseShephard, John J. III and Carveth, Christine, House
View2827 BROADWAY AVE Ritchie-Klock HouseNelson, Richard Bradford, House
View4714 16TH AVE  
View4722 16TH AVE  
View5525 16TH AVE Piatt Allen Residence 
View5214 17TH AVE  
View5236 17TH AVE  
View5737 17TH AVE  
View5232 18TH AVE  
View1827 23RD AVE 44 Polissar Residence
View2137 E HAMLIN ST E Bailey Residence 
View2221 E NEWTON ST E 44 Cady Residence
View2143 E SHELBY ST E Pugsley Residence 
View1840 24TH AVE 45 Ruiz+ Murphy Residence
View1854 24TH AVE 45 Wood Residence
View7341 23RD AVE  
View2806 NW 60TH ST NW  
View3219 NW 60TH ST NW  
View2616 HARVARD AVE King-Friedman HouseMesher, Shirley Ann, House
View2712 HARVARD AVE Chisholm, William J. and Mary A., HouseTriplett, Derrel L. and Carroll, Michael J ., House
View2816 HARVARD AVE Hoehm, Bernard and Evelyn, HouseBassingthwaighte, Sarah. House
View2836 HARVARD AVE Dawson, Mamie C., HouseBaird, Janice D., House
View812 E SHELBY ST E Mifflin, Emmett R. and Mary R., HouseEmery, John S. and Marguerite J., House
View908 E SHELBY ST E Falknor, Alonzo J. and Lola, HouseFurlong, Richard M. and Xynthia K., House
View2707 10TH AVE Rhodes, Frank B. and May, HouseLorenz, Jr., Frederick J. and Marianne, House
View822 E SHELBY ST E Chavelle, Edward H. and Maud (Gray), House>Martin, Dale and Anne, House
View2837 10TH AVE Sutherland, Augustus A. and Rosalind, HouseMorrill, Richard L., House
View2717 10TH AVE Caldwell, Hugh M. and Sarah (Smith Howard), HouseMankoff, David, and Cho, Jean, House
View2726 10TH AVE Conly, Addie B., HouseLundin, John W. and Jane E., House
View2829 10TH AVE Riley-Kucher HouseMacKay, Chad Scott and Jennifer, House
View2833 10TH AVE Peterson, Neil S., HouseKohl, Jerome and Crickmer, Anna M., House
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