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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View922 N 49TH ST N Michael J. & Rose Campbell HouseTom Veith House
View330 NE 54th ST NE   
View5115 Wallingford AVE   
View4740 4th AVE   
View414 NE 42nd ST NE Wedeen, N. A. HouseWedeen House
View2308 N 40th ST N   
View1414 N 42nd ST N Central Presbyterian ChurchWallingford Presbyterian Church
View3919 Burke AVE   
View1312 N 39th ST N   
View3501 Stone WAY UnknownPacific Inn Pub
View4200 Latona AVE   
View1307 N 46th ST N UnknownBizzarro Italian Café
View5108 Meridian AVE   
View3910 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View111 NE 45th ST NE Dick's Drive-In RestaurantDick's Drive-In Restaurant
View3900 Sunnyside AVE   
View4232 Midvale AVE   
View1511 N Dorothy PL N   
View4233 Corliss AVE   
View4603 2nd AVE   
View209 NE 47th ST NE   
View4747 4th AVE   
View3808 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View3644-3650 Wallingford AVE UnknownThe Smile Guy & Apartments
View4335 Burke AVE   
View202 NE 47th ST NE   
View2307 N 56th ST N   
View2307 N 45th ST N UnknownVacant
View3626 Corliss AVE   
View5020 Meridian AVE  Meridian Apartments
View2109 N 38th ST N   
View3705 Woodlawn AVE   
View2224 N 56th ST N UnknownDutch Maid Laundry
View4729 2nd AVE   
View1805 N 49th ST N St. Benedict RectorySt. Benedict Parish Center
View125 NE 54th ST NE   
View4065 Latona AVE   
View4201 Interlake AVE   
View2510 N 42nd ST N   
View4332 Burke AVE   
View5517 11th AVE Unknown 
View4317 Burke AVE   
View4600 Sunnyside AVE Swede Baptist Church (?)Elim Baptist Church
View3701 Woodlawn AVE   
View5200 Latona AVE   
View1220 N 44th ST N   
View2102 N 40th ST N Zion Lutheran ChurchGift of Grace Lutheran Church
View2403 N 44th ST N   
View2319 N 55th ST N   
View4012 Bagley AVE   
View109 NE 54th ST NE   
View4023 4th AVE   
View4402 Densmore AVE   
View4514 Thackeray PL   
View2121 N 35th ST N UnknownWestern Homes
View5419 Kensington PL   
View1920 N 36th ST N  Cascade View Apartments
View4112 Corliss AVE   
View4208 Meridian AVE   
View3815 Densmore AVE   
View4711 Thackeray PL   
View3815 5th AVE Freeway Hall 
View5432 Kirkwood PL   
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View4700 Wallingford AVE   
View1426 N 47th ST N   
View4006 Latona AVE   
View4232 Eastern AVE   
View3636 Densmore AVE   
View4018 Bagley AVE   
View3710 Wallingford AVE   
View5436 Kirkwood PL   
View4015 Wallingford AVE   
View313 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPetosa Music
View4625 Eastern AVE Bittman Residence 
View4511 Woodland Park AVE   
View4520 Sunnyside AVE   
View3701 Burke AVE Burke Avenue ChapelWallingford Bible Fellowship
View1815 N 43rd ST N   
View4232 Meridian AVE   
View2302 N 54th ST N   
View1902 N 34th ST N UnknownVacant
View4333 4th AVE Unknown 
View4604 Eastern AVE   
View4115 Ashworth AVE   
View3500 Interlake AVE SED Traffic Engineering Division Sign ShopsUniversity Child Development School
View1841 N 51st ST N   
View3730 Densmore AVE Unknown 
View1419 N 36th ST N   
View4233 Woodlawn AVE   
View4310 Bagley AVE   
View3800 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber Company
View4219 Corliss AVE   
View5414 Latona AVE   
View3607 Densmore AVE Densmore Residence 
View4411 Corliss AVE  Corliss Crest
View4034 1st AVE   
View4013 Corliss AVE   
View1605 N 45th ST N UnknownAsteroid Café
View3333 Wallingford AVE UnknownThe Gasworks Kite Shop
View4422 Thackeray PL   
View4018 Corliss AVE   
View4715 Latona AVE   
View4227 4th AVE   
View5312 Keystone PL   
View4210 Burke AVE   
View3400 Wallingford AVE UnknownAvtech Corporation
View4309 4th AVE   
View4515 Meridian AVE UnknownApex Cleaners
View3511 Interlake AVE  A & B Auto Parts
View5211 Kirkwood PL   
View4302 Burke AVE   
View3627 Ashworth AVE Andrews, C. HouseAndrews House
View4558 4th AVE   
View4233 Meridian AVE Whitham Residence 
View4123 Woodlawn AVE   
View4550 Latona AVE   
View3519 Wallingford AVE North HouseNorth House
View4214 2nd AVE   
View1522 N 40th ST N   
View3913 Wallingford AVE   
View2202 N 41st ST N   
View4425 4th AVE   
View3841 Interlake AVE   
View1409 N 47th ST N   
View3909 Interlake AVE   
View1906 N 44th ST N   
View4007 Latona AVE   
View121 NE 56th ST NE   
View3717 Wallingford AVE   
View1212 N Midvale PL N  Wallingford Chiropractic
View3620 Wallingford AVE   
View3721 Corliss AVE   
View1919 N 41st ST N   
View1845 N 52nd ST N   
View1805 N 42nd ST N   
View2301 N 44th ST N   
View4223 5th AVE Unknown 
View3726 Meridian AVE   
View3530 Burke AVE   
View2510 N 45th ST N UnknownSeattle Stained Glass
View5207 5th AVE   
View1601 N 52nd ST N  Daylite Studios and Apartments (per Assessor)
View3817 Densmore AVE F. G Reynolds House 
View1924 N 48th ST N   
View1003 N 47th ST N   
View2209 N 43rd ST N   
View4029 Meridian AVE   
View4532 Corliss AVE   
View3527 Carr PL Unknown 
View4417-4419 Wallingford AVE UnknownMirage Confort Shoes & Terra Hemp
View3807 Densmore AVE   
View4200 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View347 NE 52nd ST NE   
View132 NE 56th ST NE   
View211 NW 40th ST NW Unknown 
View2265 N 56th ST N  Nyberg Residence
View4333 Densmore AVE   
View4524 2nd AVE   
View4414 Woodland Park AVE Western Washington Corporation of Seventh Day AdventistsAmerican Heart Association
View3922 Eastern AVE Unknown 
View2218 N 41st ST N Wheeler House 
View4660 Sunnyside AVE   
View4401 2nd AVE First Church of the NazareneFirst Church of the Nazarene
View3641 Burke AVE   
View250 NE 50th ST NE   
View4536 2nd AVE   
View1908 N 36th ST N   
View4039 Whitman AVE   
View1906 N 34th ST N   
View1609 N 46th ST N Wallingford Arms ApartmentsWallingford Arms Apartments
View805-807-809 N Allen PL N Unknown 
View1909 N 42nd ST N   
View4030 Aurora AVE   
View1420 N 40th ST N   
View5018 Latona AVE   
View4065 4th AVE Unknown 
View1801 N 34th ST N UnknownVarsity Inn Restaurant
View4746 2nd AVE   
View350 NE 51st ST NE   
View3664 Interlake AVE   
View1225 N 47th ST N   
View2107 N 54th ST N   
View3664 Interlake AVE Unknown 
View4136 Meridian AVE Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company Melrose ExchangeArtists' Apartments & Studio Space
View103 NE 53rd ST NE   
View2253 N 56th ST N UnknownLuau Polynesian Lounge/Edward Jones Ivestments
View1320 N 35th ST N UnknownL & O Distributing
View4014 1st AVE   
View4202 Bagley AVE   
View3428 Woodlawn AVE   
View2102 N 38th ST N   
View4720 4th AVE   
View4714 4th AVE   
View2215 N 38th ST N   
View2115 N 46th ST N   
View4505 1st AVE UnknownSeattle Stained Glass
View4424 Sunnyside AVE   
View3640-3642 Wallingford AVE UnknownSirens & 1 Other
View4225 Corliss AVE   
View4469-4471 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View4127 Eastern AVE   
View2312 N 43rd ST N   
View5412 Kensington PL   
View4132 Burke ALY   
View2412 N 43rd ST N   
View2420 N 45th ST N UnknownBudget Molding
View2314 N 56th ST N   
View4331 Burke AVE   
View3906 Burke AVE   
View4217 Corliss AVE   
View3826 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View3642 Woodlawn AVE   
View4209 1st AVE   
View121 NE 54th ST NE   
View3609 Burke AVE   
View4315 Eastern AVE   
View3815 4th AVE  Stone Press Editions, Layne Kleinary Studio
View1900-1902 N 55th ST N   
View2413 N 39th ST N   
View4537 4th AVE   
View3903 Eastern AVE   
View4211 Meridian AVE   
View4033 2nd AVE   
View1603 N 48th ST N   
View3921 Densmore AVE   
View2304 N 43rd ST N   
View3929 Densmore AVE   
View4624 Eastern AVE   
View4611 Eastern AVE   
View2113 N 42nd ST N Wallingford United BrethrenChurchWallingford United Methodist Church
View4103 Burke AVE   
View4463 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View3803 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4232 Bagley AVE   
View1607 N 48th ST N   
View4119 Bagley AVE   
View1500 N 34th ST N Orowheat BakeryIguana Amerimex Furnishings
View4542 4th AVE   
View5020 Meridian AVE UnknownMeridaian Apartments
View4102 Eastern AVE   
View4103 Ashworth AVE   
View311 NE 54th ST NE   
View4324 Corliss AVE   
View5219 Kensington PL   
View4233 Burke AVE   
View4535 4th AVE   
View5300 Keystone PL   
View1612 N 54th ST N   
View3536 Ashworth AVE   
View4332 Thackeray PL   
View1553 N 38th ST N   
View1421 N 34th ST N  Collectable Dolls
View4023 Meridian AVE   
View2309 N 40th ST N   
View4528 2nd AVE   
View4114 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View4016 Burke AVE Unknown 
View1902 N 44th ST N   
View4514 Bagley AVE   
View408 NE 40th ST NE   
View5019 Meridian AVE   
View4549 Latona AVE   
View3934 Densmore AVE   
View3825 Wallingford AVE   
View4630 Eastern AVE   
View3936 Woodlawn AVE Unknown 
View4017 Latona AVE   
View3505 Burke AVE   
View4406 Woodlawn AVE   
View3819 Densmore AVE   
View4714 2nd AVE   
View1601 N 45th ST N Unknownalterations & Reweaving Center
View4202 Wallingford AVE   
View4850 E Green Lake WAY E UnknownAnna's Teriyaki
View4117 Whitman AVE Dailey/Kerr HouseDailey/Kerr House
View4753 2nd AVE   
View3918 1st AVE   
View1202 N 49th ST N   
View2109 N 36th ST N   
View4002 Corliss AVE   
View1218 N 46th ST N   
View3613 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4039 Whitman AVE Henry HouseHenry/Greene House
View4126 Sunnyside AVE   
View1604 N 34th ST N Buchan Baking CompanyEssential Bakery
View3646 Woodlawn AVE   
View3927 Burke AVE Unknown 
View5005 Meridian AVE   
View401-407 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPizza Eleni, Rvolution Tatto, Express Market, Apts.
View332 NE 51st ST NE   
View4749 4th AVE Murphy House 
View4545 5th AVE   
View3822 Densmore AVE   
View339 NE 55th ST NE   
View3636 Wallingford AVE   
View317 NE 47th ST NE   
View201 NE 40th ST NE University ArmsUniversity Arms Apartments
View3508 Densmore AVE   
View3935 Wallingford AVE   
View2502 N 40th ST N   
View303 NE Northlake WAY NE Ward's Cove Packing CompanyAlyeska Seafoods
View3835 Corliss AVE   
View4421 Wallingford AVE UnknownFamily Eye Care & Apartments
View4214 Burke AVE   
View1621 N 39th ST N   
View4318 Thackeray PL   
View2310 N 56th ST N   
View4272 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View4064 5th AVE   
View3902 WOODLAND PARK AVE Church of GodBuddhist Meditation & Study Center
View5103 Latona AVE   
View401 NE Northlake WAY NE  Ivar's Salmon House, Ivar's Fish Bar
View4547 4th AVE   
View309 NE 52nd ST NE   
View3706 Corliss AVE   
View4035 Burke AVE  Hardy Residence
View4212 Wallingford AVE   
View5319 Latona AVE   
View1809 N 42nd ST N   
View4226 2nd AVE   
View4032 Burke AVE   
View3833 Burke AVE Unknown 
View5501 Kensington PL   
View3819 Interlake AVE   
View4203 Woodlawn AVE Stapp Residence / North Central Outlook 
View2301 N 56th ST N   
View4203 Burke AVE   
View3644 Densmore AVE   
View1910 N 44th ST N   
View4228 Burke AVE   
View250-260 N 45th ST N noneGypsy Trader
View1924 N 45th ST N Ernst HardwareNickola's Restaurant
View1720-1724 N 45th ST N Valencia ApartmentsValencia Apartments
View1419 N 45th ST N noneAssistance League Thrift Shop
View1916 N 45th ST N Ernst HardwareTweedy & Popp Hardware
View2115-2219 N 45th ST N Guild 45th TheaterGuild 45th Theater
View1900 N 45th ST N Home GroceryMari-Don Healthway Foods
View2215-2219 N 45th ST N Associated GasWalt's Radiator
View3540 Wallingford AVE Edgewater Grocerynone
View3600-3608 Wallingford AVE nonevacant
View4679 1st AVE noneWallingford Apartments
View4224 4th AVE   
View4132 Eastern AVE Unknown 
View4221 Eastern AVE   
View3644 Meridian AVE   
View2325 N 56th ST N   
View3801 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber
View4118 Sunnyside AVE   
View1505 N 43rd ST N   
View1618-1622 N 45th ST N UnknownVoodoo Barber & 3 Others
View214 NE 50th ST NE   
View4009 Eastern AVE   
View5010 Keystone PL   
View2305 N 39th ST N Unknown 
View102 NE 50th ST NE UnknownAntiques
View4554 Latona AVE   
View3902 Meridian AVE   
View3534 Interlake AVE   
View4233 Thackeray PL   
View1901 N 35th ST N  Burke Street Townhouses Condominium
View315 NE 53rd ST NE   
View3723 Bagley AVE   
View4026 Latona AVE   
View4112 Sunnyside AVE   
View100 NE 52nd ST NE   
View4850 E Green Lake WAY E  Panko's Café / Anna's Teriyaki
View3824 Burke AVE   
View1701-1707 N 45th ST N UnknownWells Fargo & Apartment
View4533 Eastern AVE   
View1910 N 41st ST N   
View4064 Latona AVE   
View3422 Stone WAY UnknownVacant
View3523 Carr PL Unknown 
View3655 Ashworth AVE   
View5400 Keystone PL   
View3842 Stoneway AVE UnknownCat Clinic of Seattle
View5117 5th AVE   
View324 NE 50th ST NE   
View3903 Densmore AVE   
View5208 Kirkwood PL   
View2336 N 55th ST N   
View1821 N 47th ST N   
View5215 Wallingford AVE   
View4647 Eastern AVE   
View4231 2nd AVE   
View4323 Meridian AVE   
View4114 Wallingford AVE   
View222 NE 50th ST NE   
View4521 Latona AVE   
View4223 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View1608 N 37th ST N   
View5315 Latona AVE   
View2123 N 40th ST N Durn Grocery / Durn Good GroceryIrwin's Bakery and Espresso
View3616 Stone WAY UnknownStoneway Café
View311 NE 53rd ST NE   
View4722 Latona AVE   
View4031 Latona AVE   
View3925 Densmore AVE   
View4514 Latona AVE   
View2106 N 55th ST N  Honey Bear Bakery / Tangletown
View3728 Woodlawn AVE   
View1820 N 45th ST N UnknownBartell Drugs
View4111 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4211 Bagley AVE   
View4121 Sunnyside AVE   
View3530 Wallingford AVE   
View1203 N Allen PL N   
View2315 N 54th ST N   
View1615 N 41st ST N   
View114 NE 55th ST NE   
View4223 Bagley AVE Unknown 
View2326 N 51st ST N   
View5019 Keystone PL  Keystone Congregational Church
View4536 Thackeray PL   
View4112 Eastern AVE Unknown 
View1911-1913 N 45th ST N UnknownWally's Scoop & Teahouse Kuan Yin
View4034 Whitman AVE   
View4033 Wallingford AVE   
View4334 Thackeray PL   
View4110 Bagley AVE   
View2253 N 54th ST N   
View4900 Stone WAY UnknownHome Realty Inc.
View1701 N 48th ST N Bungalow Court 
View4116 Corliss AVE   
View4136 Eastern AVE   
View337 NE 51st ST NE   
View4324 Bagley AVE   
View1816 N 40th ST N   
View5103 Meridian AVE   
View5312 Latona AVE   
View2322 N 52nd ST N   
View3912 Meridian AVE   
View3515 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View2271 N 54th ST N   
View317 NE 54th ST NE   
View2113 N 37th ST N   
View4300 4th AVE   
View2343 N 51st ST N   
View109 NE 42nd ST NE   
View4124 Burke AVE   
View1914 N 40th ST N   
View4718 4th AVE   
View3620 Burke AVE Unknown 
View3400 N 34th ST N UnknownWFS - Western Fastners & Supply Co.
View4635 Eastern AVE   
View3643 Densmore AVE   
View1600 N 45th ST N UnknownSun Cleaners & Apartments
View5101 Keystone PL   
View5117 1st AVE   
View3815 Bagley AVE   
View4611 2nd AVE   
View1329 N 45th ST N UnknownNaturopathic Clinic Inc.
View3521 Ashworth AVE   
View4229 Bagley AVE   
View3902 Woodlawn AVE   
View4719 2nd AVE   
View4758 2nd AVE   
View4216 Corliss AVE   
View4132 Corliss AVE   
View4519 1st AVE   
View509 Northlake WAY   
View3934 Eastern AVE   
View1110 N 48th ST N   
View2509 N 43rd ST N   
View4208 1st AVE   
View3724 Corliss AVE   
View3827 Bagley AVE   
View4515 Burke AVE  Burke Avenue Apartments
View3815 Burke AVE   
View4612 Corliss AVE   
View4422 2nd AVE   
View4320 Sunnyside AVE   
View1416 N 55th ST N   
View1011 N 48th ST N   
View4427-4431 Wallingford AVE Wallingford ApartmentsSeattle's Best Coffee & 2 Others
View4600-4606 Stone WAY UnknownLakeside Massage, Theo's Jewelry & Apartments
View4039 2nd AVE   
View4023 2nd AVE Caselton HouseCaselton House
View4529 Eastern AVE   
View4323 Thackeray PL   
View2219 N 56th ST N UnknownLeny's Taver
View4541 5th AVE   
View2318 N 55th ST N   
View3632 Densmore AVE   
View128 NE 56th ST NE   
View1208 N 46th ST N   
View5503 Kensington PL   
View2258 N 54th ST N   
View4202 4th AVE   
View4009 Burke AVE   
View101 NE 51st ST NE   
View3823 Burke AVE   
View1717 N Northlake PL N Murphy-Francis MarineHarbor Patrol Office
View4741 Latona AVE   
View7745 Corliss AVE Unknown 
View4405 Corliss AVE Lisa Carol ApartmentsLisa Carol Apartments
View319 NE 53rd ST NE   
View5417 5th AVE   
View3809 Wallingford AVE   
View4400 1st AVE   
View4614 Sunnyside AVE   
View4541 4th AVE   
View3719 Wallingford AVE   
View3634 Burke AVE   
View4018 Burke AVE   
View4310 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View4031 1/2 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View5303 Latona AVE   
View5411 N Meridian ST N UnknownArthead Gallery
View1427 N 47th ST N   
View1501 N 55th ST N   
View4307 Meridian AVE   
View3645 Densmore AVE   
View4026 2nd AVE   
View4115 Meridian AVE   
View343 NE 52nd ST NE   
View344 NE 53rd ST NE   
View141 NE 53rd ST NE   
View3603 Burke AVE   
View1808 N 36th ST N   
View4532 1st AVE   
View328 NE 51st ST NE   
View5217 Latona AVE   
View5208 Latona AVE   
View1609 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View4512 Stone WAY UnknownBlue Star Cafey & Pub
View4128 Ashworth AVE   
View3661 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4706 4th AVE   
View4302 Woodlawn AVE   
View4649 Eastern AVE   
View4233 Eastern AVE   
View4303 Meridian AVE   
View321 NE 54th ST NE   
View4064 1st AVE   
View4215 Woodlawn AVE   
View3834 Meridian AVE   
View4534 Thackeray PL   
View3722 Bagley AVE Orre Residence 
View4011 Sunnyside AVE   
View4725 4th AVE   
View4303 4th AVE   
View4109 Eastern AVE   
View1402 N 46th ST N   
View1305 N 41st ST N   
View3907 Corliss AVE   
View3425 Stone WAY UnknownLackey Sound/Light Co.
View302 NE 44th ST NE   
View4427 Thackeray PL UnknownDick's Drive'In Community Center
View3823 Densmore AVE   
View3665 Stone WAY UnknownStoneway Electric Supply
View2508 N 50th ST N  50th Street Deli Mart ("Est. 1919")
View4128 Burke AVE   
View4335 Meridian AVE   
View4020 1st AVE   
View4000 Whitman AVE  Hope Bible Fellowship
View2327 N 54th ST N   
View4414 Thackeray PL   
View1707 N 49th ST N St. Benedict SchoolSt. Benedict School
View1815 N 38th ST N   
View1106 N 48th ST N   
View2210 N Pacific ST N UnknownThe Pacific Center for Cultural Arts
View2109 N 37th ST N   
View4229 Corliss AVE   
View4316 Bagley AVE   
View4610 Sunnyside AVE   
View2104-2108 N 45th ST N UnknownTully's Coffee & 2 Others
View3537 Wallingford AVE   
View3422 Wallingford AVE   
View3720 Woodlawn AVE   
View132 NE 55th ST NE   
View1325 N 38th ST N   
View1911 N 44th ST N   
View4719 Thackeray PL   
View3416 Densmore AVE Unknown 
View4334 Wallingford AVE   
View3944 1st AVE   
View3933 Burke AVE   
View1822 N 55th ST N   
View3703 Sunnyside AVE   
View3716 Densmore AVE   
View5318 Wallingford AVE   
View4236 Latona AVE   
View3629 Woodlawn AVE   
View3630 Wallingford AVE   
View4016 Sunnyside AVE   
View4263 Woodland Park AVE   
View210 NE 40th ST NE   
View4426 Burke AVE UnknownRubber Tainbow condom Co., Vacant & Apartments
View3938 Corliss AVE   
View3802 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View1905-1909 N 45th ST N Wilson BuildingStores Vacant & Apartments
View3619 Densmore AVE   
View1702 N 34th ST N   
View3501 Burke AVE   
View1715 N 45th ST N UnknownGuadalajara Restaurant & Apartments
View2318 N 38th ST N   
View1603 N 46th ST N Woodlawn Crest ApartmentsWoodlawn Crest Apartments
View4223 Thackeray PL   
View4735 4th AVE   
View2219 N 37th ST N   
View100 NE 45th ST NE UnknownHandy Andy Rent-A-Tool
View4532 4th AVE   
View4403 Thackeray PL   
View4307 Burke AVE   
View4710 2nd AVE   
View4217 Meridian AVE   
View4328 Burke AVE   
View1709 N 47th ST N   
View2238 N Pacific ST N UnknownVacant
View2306 N 56th ST N   
View4033 Corliss AVE   
View4541 Thackeray PL   
View4110 Woodland Park AVE   
View2337 N 56th ST N   
View3926 Densmore AVE   
View1818 N 43rd ST N   
View1700 N 49th ST N St. Benedict Church 
View4117 Whitman AVE   
View4429 4th AVE   
View4553 Thackeray PL   
View1111 N 49th ST N   
View2311 N 54th ST N   
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