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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1821 6th AVE The Kai Lee 
View463 Lynn ST   
View2225 Queen Anne AVE UnknownApplied Health & Body Works
View1608 4th AVE Pacific States Telephone & TelegraphQueen Anne Masonic Center
View1629 11th AVE Unknown 
View2425 W Westview DR W   
View2111 8th AVE Unknown 
View2451 1st AVE Unknown 
View2308 Bigelow AVE   
View412 Smith Unknown 
View18 Highland DR Strom, Roy E., House 
View3451 10th Unknown 
View1517 11th AVE   
View707 W Bertona W Unknown 
View3421 10th Unknown 
View107 Galer Unknown 
View702 W Dravus W Unknown 
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Corporation
View824 W Etruria ST W   
View2531 1st AVE Unknown 
View2612 1st Unknown 
View314 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View1943 4th AVE   
View14 Boston ST  Family Dentistry
View2211 5th AVE   
View2111 4th   
View2905 2nd AVE   
View441 Smith ST   
View1400 Boston ST Unknown 
View506 W Crockett ST W   
View2411 Nob Hill AVE   
View200 Aloha ST   
View2708 2nd AVE   
View424 3rd AVE UnknownLovested Company
View466 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View1614 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1942 5th AVE   
View906 3rd AVE   
View811 W Armour W Unknown 
View2215 Bigelow AVE   
View415 Wheeler ST Egerman, Stephen & Anna, House 
View810 W Crockett W Unknown 
View168 Highland DR Roberts-Hartnagel House 
View331 W Kinnear PL W   
View1215 3rd AVE   
View814 W Halladay ST W   
View2429 3rd Unknown 
View1208 W Bertona W Unknown 
View717 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View2521 9th AVE Unknown 
View803 W Armour W Unknown 
View1116-1118 5th AVE Unknown 
View1825 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVacant
View1026 1st   
View2144 8th AVE   
View120 W Prospect ST W Cochran House 
View2922 1st AVE   
View413 Garfield ST   
View3307B 3rd AVE Administration BuildingPeterson Hall
View702 W Cremona W Unknown 
View1606 6th AVE Unknown 
View2566 5th AVE   
View915 1st AVE Unknown 
View2428 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View1245 Bigelow AVE   
View3409 13th AVE Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST Friendship Bell/Kobe Bell 
View500 W Barrett ST W Sternberg, Harold & Helen, House 
View2146 9th AVE Unknown 
View650 W Cremona W Unknown 
View2912 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1631 4th AVE Verhulst, John & Clara, House 
View1632 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1910 4th AVE Unknown 
View1924 10th AVE Unknown 
View452 McGraw ST   
View417 Ward   
View2426 1st AVE   
View2915 Warren AVE Unknown 
View919 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View2519 Nob Hill AVE   
View1424 6th AVE Ladas House 
View1215 W Ruffner ST W Unknown 
View411 W Howe W Unknown 
View3273 Conkling PL   
View729 W Dravus ST W   
View2736 3rd AVE   
View1611 Nob Hill AVE   
View1112 W Blaine W Unknown 
View2128 Queen Anne AVE Salladay's PharmacyTully's Coffee
View2510 Nob Hill PL   
View818 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View515 W Smith ST W   
View416 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View862 W Etruria ST W   
View301 Galer ST Unknown 
View1929 7th AVE   
View21 W Lee ST W Hillcrest Manor 
View2123 4th AVE Bostonian Apts. 
View1227 2nd AVE Strong/Sorenson House 
View3212 10th   
View1007 W Halladay ST W   
View407 Wheeler ST   
View2404 Nob Hill AVE   
View637 3RD AVE La Charme Apartments 
View2918 2nd AVE   
View503 W McGraw ST W   
View1948 6th AVE   
View2906 1st AVE Unknown 
View1613-1615 10th AVE Unknown 
View2658 10th AVE Unknown 
View124 5th AVE UnknownPrime Eye Clinic
View703 W Bertona W Unknown 
View3253 Conkling PL   
View232 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart ConventSacred Heart Shelter
View158 Galer Unkown 
View1951 3rd AVE Mise House 
View524 Highland DR Clifwood Apartments 
View1824 11th AVE   
View2104 7th AVE   
View2709 4th AVE Unknown 
View2223 4th AVE Unknown 
View2511 5th AVE   
View3311 9th AVE Unknown 
View1916 14th AVE Unknown 
View1903 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2426 5th AVE Unknown 
View1956 4th Unknown 
View1624 11th AVE   
View215 Highland DR Unknown 
View405 Prospect  405 Prospect Building
View2913 10th PL Unknown 
View904 W Barrett ST W   
View2921 10th PL Unknown 
View2916 4th AVE Unknown 
View2606 9th AVE   
View2912 1st AVE   
View1902 5th AVE Amhirst Apartments 
View1519 10th AVE   
View1023 W Newell ST W   
View422 McGraw ST   
View206 Hayes ST   
View2125 5th AVE   
View2526 8th AVE Unknown 
View1 W HIGHLAND DR W Treat, Harry Whitney, HouseGable House
View2584 10th AVE Unknown 
View1429 7th AVE Warrack, James D., House 
View2921 9th AVE   
View1422 Warren Unknown 
View502 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View1911 8th AVE Unknown 
View2004 Nob Hill AVE   
View3037 10th AVE   
View1323 3rd AVE Plumer, Frank & Eleanor, House 
View1019 W Galer ST W   
View307 Lynn ST   
View110 Howe ST Unknown 
View1929 6th AVE Unknown 
View1608 1st AVE Unknown 
View3257 Conkling PL   
View1908 11th AVE Unknown 
View1423 6th AVE Unknown 
View419 Wheeler ST   
View1810 6th AVE Unknown 
View2541 8th Unknown 
View18 Galer ST Unknown 
View815 W Fulton ST W   
View2400 8th AVE   
View500 John ST UnknownGraham, Lundberg & Peschei P. S., Inc.
View1232 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2530 10th AVE   
View1008 W Armour W Unknown 
View1627 8th AVE Unknown 
View327-333 2nd AVE UnknownThe J. Wm. C. Building
View709 W Halladay ST W   
View1628 10th AVE   
View3402 12th Unknown 
View2917 10th PL   
View223 W Prospect ST W Unknown 
View348 W Olympic WAY W Spanish Court ApartmentsVilla Costella
View2420 Bigelow AVE   
View3229 7th AVE Unknown 
View2810 11th Unknown 
View371 Prospect AVE   
View101 Prospect ST   
View3303 8th Unknown 
View1414 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2406 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View1000 Queen Anne AVE Fairview Apartments 
View4 W Raye W Unknown 
View310 W Highland DR W Lawlor, J. W., House 
View3308-10 3rd AVE Clean-M-Rite CleanersClean-M-Rite Cleaners/Styling Etc.
View16 W Harrison ST W Unknown16 W. Harrison Building
View2562 7th AVE Unknown 
View1919 5th AVE   
View319 McGraw ST Unknown 
View2110 7th AVE   
View3219 13th Unknown 
View355 W Kinnear PL W Chinn, Raleigh & Nora, House 
View164 Ward   
View312 Blaine ST Unknown 
View1103 Bigelow AVE   
View415 W ROY ST W Iris Apartments 
View462 Boston   
View17 W Garfield ST W   
View1620 11th AVE Unknown 
View814 W Newell ST W   
View1004 W Bertona W Unknown 
View322 W Comstock W Unknown 
View1509 8th AVE Unknown 
View1519 2nd AVE Unknown 
View321 Boston Unknown 
View1947 7th AVE   
View2320 Nob Hill AVE   
View1621 2nd AVE Unknown 
View3227 Conkling PL   
View1229 6th AVE Unknown 
View1100 5th AVE Unknown 
View3014 10th AVE   
View117 Galer Unknown 
View3020 11th AVE Unknown 
View2915 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View153 Highland DR Riddle-Irwin HouseRiddle House
View2722 5th Unknown 
View2465 4th AVE Unknown 
View356 Boston ST   
View2708 Nob Hill AVE   
View2208 Bigelow AVE   
View2131 5th AVE   
View2575 10th AVE Unknown 
View815 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View1301 6th AVE Unknown 
View220-222 Queen Anne AVE UnknownCurtis West Realty
View2514 Nob Hill PL Maxeiner, Alois & Bernice, House 
View911 1st AVE Unknown 
View21 W Armour W   
View803 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View2301 Bigelow AVE   
View2434 4th AVE   
View2419 Nob Hill AVE   
View3233 13th AVE   
View3301 8th AVE   
View1511 5th AVE Unknown 
View315-315 1/2 Crockett Unknown 
View2412 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View411 W Lee ST W   
View502 W Highland DR W Odland, Henry & Alice, House 
View358 Garfield ST Unknown 
View3433 13th AVE   
View2415 Nob Hill AVE   
View217 Kinnear PL   
View3444 11th AVE Unknown 
View2630 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1617 Taylor AVE Reaper, A. M. HouseReaper/Benson House
View508 3rd AVE Pacific Coast Casket Co.Film Stop
View352 Wheeler ST Taylor-Bise House 
View2912 4th AVE Unknown 
View1202 5th AVE   
View1008 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View2910 9th AVE   
View115 W Boston ST W Unknown 
View1633 10th AVE   
View115 W Prospect ST W   
View1502 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View1721 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2502 4th AVE   
View314 W Howe W Unknown 
View505 3RD AVE Unknown01 Publishing
View3305 6th AVE   
View302 Crockett ST Unknown 
View421 W ROY ST W West Roy Apartments 
View215 W Harrison ST W UnknownPemco Technology Services Inc.
View363 Garfield ST   
View3267 Conkling PL   
View5 W HARRISON ST W UnknownFive W. Harrison Building
View302 W Olympic PL W Foster, Harry & Angie, House 
View818 W Crockett W Sky View 
View901 3rd AVE   
View224 W Galer ST W UnknownPrentiss Architects
View1606 7th AVE Unknown 
View3255 10th Unknown 
View1600 11th AVE   
View2744 2nd AVE   
View333 W Kinnear PL W   
View2930 Mayfair AVE   
View700 W Raye ST W Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Office 
View201 Newell ST Stafford, John C., House 
View1616 Nob Hill AVE Lavik House 
View1509 Warren AVE   
View2231 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2005 5th AVE   
View1606 3rd AVE   
View1515 2nd AVE Unknown 
View3014 4th AVE Unknown 
View214 W Lee ST W Unknown 
View301 Lynn ST   
View2113 6th AVE Unknown 
View515 W Prospect ST W   
View1234 2nd AVE   
View421 Prospect ST Unknown 
View102 W Boston ST W   
View1212 5th AVE Lakecrest Apartments 
View111 W Harrison ST W UnknownLondon Aviation Underwriters Inc.
View315 Newton Unknown 
View355 Ward Unknown 
View1017 5th AVE   
View1001 1st AVE   
View2501 8th AVE   
View2529 10th AVE   
View1710 1st AVE Unknown 
View202 W McGraw ST W   
View3202 11th AVE Unknown 
View510 Lee ST Unknown 
View311 Galer ST   
View707 W Florentia PL W Unknown 
View159 Fulton Unknown 
View618 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View400 Queen Anne AVE Bystom & GrecoCentury Building & King FM
View2220 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVilla Paradiso
View305 Blaine ST   
View2411 Bigelow AVE   
View525 W Kinnear PL W   
View2924 9th AVE Unknown 
View106 Newell Unknown 
View2515 Nob Hill PL   
View2220 5th AVE Unknown 
View2514 11th AVE Unknown 
View361 Garfield ST   
View2302 4th AVE Unknown 
View2701 Mayfair AVE   
View2415 4th Unknown 
View1516 3rd AVE Unknown 
View3318 8th AVE Unknown 
View2533 8th AVE   
View323 W Dravus ST W   
View501 W Comstock ST W Stocking, Donald & Fern, House 
View121 W Prospect ST W   
View314 1st AVE UnknownWashington State Labor Council
View1026 5th AVE   
View2408 Nob Hill AVE   
View823 W Cremona W Unknown 
View14 Newell Unknown 
View3036 15th   
View2130-2136 8th AVE   
View172 Aloha ST Unknown 
View2816 11th AVE   
View703 W Etruria W Unknown 
View115-117 W Mercer ST W UnknownRadio Shack
View2920 11th AVE   
View2519 Nob Hill PL   
View1912 Warren AVE East Queen Anne Playfield Shelter House 
View2406 10th AVE Unknown 
View312 1st AVE Century 21 Headquarters/State of Washington Commerce BuildingWest Court Building/Sonics Team Shop
View316-320 Aloha Unknown 
View354 Queen Anne DR Unknown 
View3254 11th AVE Unknown 
View11 Smith ST Unknown 
View516 W Howe ST W   
View1952 10th AVE   
View2003 4th AVE Unknown 
View2565 4th AVE Unknown 
View814 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View521 W Raye ST W   
View1217 W Howe W Unknown 
View2416 4th AVE Wood, David & Marie, House 
View310 Blaine ST   
View2305 Nob Hill AVE   
View2423 8th AVE   
View19 W McGraw ST W Unknown 
View1935 6th AVE   
View360 Lee ST   
View1420 Nob Hill AVE   
View319 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View3250 11th AVE Unknown 
View204 Garfield ST   
View2419 7th AVE   
View3032 5th AVE   
View115 Raye ST Unknown 
View317 W Highland DR W Moody, Robert, House 
View315 Ward Unknown 
View700 W Prospect ST W Hastie, Colin & Florence, House 
View2582 Westview DR Unknown 
View1207-1209 6th AVE   
View809 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1019 W Fulton W   
View908 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View3243 Conkling PL   
View400 W Highland DR W Claiborne, L. HouseClaiborne/Parish House
View3283 Conkling PL   
View1535 2nd AVE   
View2412 1st AVE Trygstad-Gunnersen House 
View3246 10th AVE Constantine, Lefteros & Bertha, House 
View114 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View2113 3rd Unknown 
View315 Howe ST   
View1003 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View714 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View218 W Comstock W Unknown 
View1934-1936 12th AVE   
View2120 7th AVE   
View1908 7th AVE Unknown 
View1615 4th AVE Unknown 
View2129 6th AVE   
View2504 9th AVE Unknown 
View2467 4th AVE   
View417 W Raye ST W   
View305 Harrison ST Washington State Coliseum/Coliseum Century 21Coliseum/Key Arena
View3220 Conkling PL   
View320 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View2514 8th AVE   
View408 W Comstock W   
View360 Wheeler   
View2561-2563 4th AVE Unknown 
View1412 Taylor AVE   
View2533 9th AVE Unknown 
View307 W Highland W   
View905 Olympic WAY Kinnear ApartmentsKinnear Apartments
View417 2nd AVE UnknownKallback
View302 W Howe ST W   
View1948 10th AVE Unknown 
View314 Ward   
View1106 1st AVE Unknown 
View202 W Prospect ST W Sparger, Robert, House 
View320 W Galer W Unknown 
View108 W Prospect ST W Miller, Mayor John Franklin, House 
View2917 9th AVE Unknown 
View2707 9th AVE Unknown 
View1407 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2507 4th AVE   
View3214 8th Unknown 
View3623 13th Unknown 
View1532 5th AVE   
View3213 Conkling PL   
View1911 5th AVE Unknown 
View508 Prospect   
View1934 10th AVE Burroughs, Stephanie, House 
View1906 6th AVE   
View118 5th AVE UnknownVacant
View812 W Bothwell W Unknown 
View614 W GARFIELD ST W   
View2307 4th AVE   
View912 W Fulton ST W   
View620 W Lee ST W Nettleton, Walter B. HouseNettleton House
View823 W Fulton ST W   
View424 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View1110 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View431 Smith ST Unknown 
View1518 5th AVE Unknown 
View1832 4th AVE Unknown 
View513 Galer ST Unknown 
View1127 Olympic WAY Alexander Hamilton ApartmentsAlexander Hamilton Apartments
View2421 W Westview DR W Unknown 
View2555 6th AVE Unknown 
View417 Smith ST   
View1529 10th AVE Unknown 
View1802 4th AVE Ryan, John E., House 
View2821 10th AVE Unknown 
View2409 11th AVE Unknown 
View2403-2405 1st AVE   
View2308 1st AVE   
View1519 4th AVE Unknown 
View2905 Mayfair AVE   
View1016 W Bothwell ST W Unknown 
View1414 W Dravus W   
View2106 6th AVE   
View1511 11th AVE   
View3450 15th Unknown 
View2555 8th AVE 7th Church of Christ Scientist7th Church of Christ Scientist
View3426 12th AVE Unknown 
View1911 7th AVE   
View319 W Olympic W   
View2116 5th AVE Unknown 
View2708 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View2707 Mayfair AVE   
View182 Lee ST   
View311 W Garfield ST W Unknown 
View415 W Howe W Unknown 
View1210 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2602 Queen Anne AVE   
View3341 9th Unknown 
View3029 4th AVE Unknown 
View1629 1st AVE Unknown 
View18 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View335 W Nickerson W Unknown 
View2221 2nd AVE Unknown 
View319 W Roy W   
View1807 6th AVE Unknown 
View2001 1st AVE Unknown 
View2403 7th AVE Duffy, Walter & Frances, House 
View1506 1st AVE Unknown 
View1403 2nd AVE Unknown 
View303 Ward Unknown 
View2912 2nd AVE   
View2578 Westview DR Unknown 
View326 W MERCER WAY W Lola Apartments 
View2229 12th AVE Unknown 
View3023 10th AVE Gardner, Robert and Jean, House 
View3295 Conkling PL   
View2414 1st AVE   
View100 W MERCER ST W National Bank of Commerce, Queen Anne BranchBank Of America
View611 W Pleasant PL W Unknown 
View2400-2402 Queen Anne AVE UnknownUrban Pet & Barg French Cleaners
View566 Denny WAY UnknownBank of America
View946 Elliot AVE UnknownSeattle Cycles
View308 Prospect ST Mohundro, James, House 
View2900 1st AVE   
View3028 10th AVE   
View416 W Blaine ST W   
View1625 11th AVE Unknown 
View1624 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2407 4th AVE   
View520 W Howe ST W   
View820 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View909 W Crockett W   
View1021 1st AVE   
View1535 9th AVE Saul, William and Florence, House 
View1931 5th AVE   
View8 W Prospect ST W Graaf House 
View2528 11th AVE   
View2115 8th AVE   
View1817 7th AVE Unknown 
View3247 11th AVE Unknown 
View2022 Nob Hill AVE   
View1503 6th AVE Unknown 
View723 W Dravus W Unknown 
View1015 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View700 W Lee ST W Waechter, O. A., House 
View502 Lee ST   
View2632 Nob Hill AVE   
View1515 Queen Anne AVE UnknownAce Hardware
View1701 4th AVE Williams, O. B. HouseWilliams House
View2512 9th   
View2542 7th AVE Unknown 
View1921 Bigelow AVE   
View363 Lynn ST   
View1601 3rd AVE Unknown 
View375 Mercer ST Civic Arena/ArenaMercer Arena/Mercer Arts Arena
View425 Halladay Unknown 
View934 Elliot AVE UnknownPhillips Scale company Inc.
View23 Prospect ST   
View2129-2131 7th AVE   
View2722 5th AVE   
View2819 10th PL Duplica House 
View458 McGraw ST   
View2561 4th AVE   
View624 W Emerson W Unknown 
View2625 1st AVE Rodgers (David) Park Comfort Station 
View509 W Olympic PL W   
View2216 4th AVE Unknown 
View707 W Prospect ST W Ulrich, Russell and Amy, House 
View2203 Nob Hill AVE   
View2118 7th AVE   
View2268 14th AVE   
View3335 8th Unknown 
View2620 Nob Hill AVE   
View1107 Elliot AVE UnknownGardico, Inc.
View2124 8th AVE   
View2808 9th AVE   
View311 Smith PL Hansen, Harry & Natalie, House 
View3413 10th Unknown 
View719 W McGraw ST W   
View320 Wheeler ST   
View2909 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View1902 Bigelow ST  Landsdowne Building
View1614 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1601 1st AVE   
View2108 10th AVE Unknown 
View2225 1st AVE Dolan, Terris, House 
View2511 4th AVE Unknown 
View2117 6th AVE   
View1914 Bigelow AVE Kingsbury Apartments 
View2540 8th AVE Unknown 
View311 McGraw ST   
View114 Queen Anne DR   
View1240-1242 1st AVE   
View3256 Conkling PL   
View909 4th AVE Elliot View Apartments 
View2008 Nob Hill   
View1110 Elliot AVE Queen Anne Upholstery (1936)Queen Anne Upholstery
View1923 5th AVE   
View323 Ward Unknown 
View2458 Nob Hill AVE   
View1211 2nd AVE Unknown 
View558-560 Highland DR   
View2567 10th AVE   
View2208 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2423 Nob Hill AVE   
View2217 Bigelow AVE   
View119 Tower PL DeMille-Jongeward House 
View1901 4th AVE   
View110 Lee ST Fire Station No. 8 
View615 W Crockett W Unknown 
View570 Mercer ST UnknownSatisfied Sport, Inc.
View710 W Etruria W   
View503 W Prospect ST W   
View2459 5th AVE Unknown 
View314 W Kinnear PL W Unknown 
View3221 14th Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST National Aeronautics and Space Administration BuildingNASA Warehouse
View2707 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2221 1st AVE Unknown 
View837 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View915 Warren AVE   
View461 McGraw ST   
View1939 10th AVE   
View2512 Nob Hill AVE   
View603 3RD AVE Third West Apartments 
View1408-1414 Orange PL   
View514 Lee ST Unknown 
View2466 Nob Hill AVE   
View520 W Raye ST W Arthur A. Wright & Son Mortuary & ColumbariumButterworth Arthur A. Wright Funeral Home
View2529 9th AVE   
View2147 7th AVE   
View411 Galer ST Unknown 
View2570 5th AVE   
View1623 8th AVE Unknown 
View2419 1st AVE Unknown 
View2516 Nob Hill AVE   
View2517 4th AVE   
View2136 6th AVE   
View1906 8th AVE   
View1913 9th AVE Unknown 
View211 Ward ST   
View2602 10th AVE   
View727 W Florentia PL W Unknown 
View1316 3rd AVE Queen Anne Christian ChurchQueen Anne Christian Church
View2207 5th AVE   
View807 W Barrett ST W Unknown 
View2916 5th AVE Unknown 
View2417 1st AVE Unknown 
View2112 5th Unknown 
View2409 10th AVE Bauer, Gustave & Hester, House 
View1922 Nob Hill   
View472 Wheeler ST   
View2552 11th AVE Unknown 
View1509 4th AVE Unknown 
View458 Boston ST   
View1030 Elliot AVE UnknownKollmar Sheet Metal
View353 Highland DR Unknown 
View702 2nd AVE Hamrick Apartments 
View510 Galer ST Unknown 
View373 Highland DR   
View1946-1948 8th AVE   
View1112 4th AVE   
View718 W Howe ST W   
View1611 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1920 Nob Hill AVE MacMillan, Maude, House 
View3050 11th Unknown 
View458 Wheeler ST   
View1017 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2116 6th AVE   
View325 W Prospect ST W Kinnear, Roy, House 
View1520 1st AVE Unknown 
View466 Smith ST Unknown 
View502 Newton ST   
View1523 4th AVE   
View1007 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View2139 7th AVE Unknown 
View2107 9th AVE Stutz, Charles & Marie, House 
View2427 8th AVE Unknown 
View829 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1407 6th AVE Kjos, Ole & Agnes, House 
View407 W Prospect ST W Smith, Herbert & Ruth, House 
View510 W Highland W Unknown 
View2655 8th AVE Unknown 
View3647-3649 13th Unknown 
View1423 Warren   
View356 Halladay Unknown 
View3433 10th Unknown 
View2233 14th AVE Unknown 
View1021 W Howe W Unknown 
View2206 1st AVE   
View310 W Blaine ST W   
View2659 9th AVE Unknown 
View158 Thomas ST Blue Spruce Apartments/Administration BuildingBlue Spruce Building
View811 W Bothwell W Unknown 
View307 Newell   
View150 Mercer ST UnknownVacant
View1921 10th AVE   
View360 - 360 1/2 Queen Anne DR Unknown 
View1412 Willard AVE   
View2908 Mayfair AVE   
View1401 8th AVE Thomas, Harlan, House 
View1918-1920 4th AVE   
View815 W Cremona W Unknown 
View900 W Lee ST W   
View1629 5th AVE   
View715 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View1520 1/2 1st AVE Unknown 
View5 Smith ST   
View2914 9th AVE Unknown 
View452 Boston ST Unknown 
View2929 Mayfair AVE   
View2107 6th AVE Unknown 
View360 Lynn ST   
View2431 1st AVE   
View2008 5th AVE   
View1015 3rd AVE   
View212 Ward ST Unknown 
View1017 W Ruffner ST W Unknown 
View2721 2nd AVE   
View2414 Bigelow AVE   
View3047 13th Unknown 
View2569 4th AVE Unknown 
View2710 Warren AVE Unknown 
View343 W Kinnear PL W   
View1825 7th AVE Unknown 
View3333 9th AVE Unknown 
View1905 5th AVE   
View716 W Etruria W Unknown 
View2455 Nob Hill AVE Davis, Elmer and Ella, House 
View817 W Bothwell W   
View3257 12th Unknown 
View1807 7th AVE   
View414 W Galer W   
View203 W Comstock W The Comstock 
View470 Boston ST   
View2538 9th AVE   
View1227 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View152 Newell ST Unknown 
View223 Kinnear PL   
View417 W Galer W   
View307 Crockett Unknown 
View1512 1st AVE   
View1133 Bigelow AVE   
View2527 7th AVE Unknown 
View918-920 2nd AVE Lyon HouseLyon House
View2918 9th AVE   
View300 W McGraw ST W   
View2146 4th Unknown 
View623 W MERCER PL W  Mercer Manor
View1947 4th AVE Unknown 
View2139 5th AVE   
View163 Garfield   
View361 Newton ST   
View1919 6th AVE   
View1220 7th AVE Donworth, George, House 
View2127 7th AVE   
View102 Galer ST The Marcanna 
View808 W Garfield W   
View2426 8th AVE   
View2717 4th AVE Unknown 
View123 Blaine   
View2005 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View1315 3rd AVE   
View408 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View3317 9th AVE Unknown 
View11 W Aloha ST W Bayview Manor 
View2114 10th AVE Unknown 
View1930 6th AVE   
View3211 10th Unknown 
View3215 1th Unknown 
View1814 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1303 6th AVE Unknown 
View625 W Emerson ST W   
View370 Wheeler ST   
View3326 9th   
View402 Halladay   
View408 Lynn ST Unknown 
View3263 Conkling PL Hanley, Merle & Mae Beth, House 
View1214 Bigelow AVE   
View2572 9th AVE Unknown 
View2503 Nob Hill AVE   
View1951 5th AVE Unknown 
View321 Lee ST Unknown 
View2217 5th AVE   
View553-558 John ST UnknownJoint Council of Teamsters No. 28
View316 Prospect Unknown 
View1822 4th AVE Unknown 
View314 W Galer W Brett/Helm House 
View402 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View3031 1/2 14th Unknown 
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Coporation
View614 W Crockett ST W   
View3448 11th AVE Unknown 
View208 Garfield ST   
View411 W McGraw ST W   
View416 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View2626 Nob Hill AVE   
View1415 Orange PL   
View1524 7th AVE Nilles, John & Marilu, House 
View233 1ST AVE Salvation ArmyGold Summit Sagely Monastery
View1410 Bigelow AVE   
View1901 4th AVE Unknown 
View2624 Warren AVE   
View463 Boston Unknown 
View1957 10th AVE Unknown 
View709 W Dravus W Unknown 
View2574 4th AVE   
View1224 6th   
View216 W ROY ST W   
View1923 7th AVE Unknown 
View518 W Crockett W Unknown 
View914 W Garfield ST W Unknown 
View2211 3rd AVE   
View3258 14th Unknown 
View2101 7th AVE Olympic View 
View1408 1st AVE Unknown 
View716 W Garfield ST W Daub-Olwell House 
View229 Queen Anne AVE UnknownSeattle Mortgage
View16 W Garfield W Unknown 
View1249 Bigelow AVE   
View1903 Nob Hill AVE   
View1517 1st AVE Unknown 
View2707 10th AVE   
View226-232 1st AVE Bressi GaragePottery Northwest/Gardener's Complex
View1317 1st AVE Unknown 
View3270 Conkling PL   
View2401 4th AVE   
View2115 4th AVE   
View1941 5th AVE   
View1515-1517 6th AVE   
View2571 Westview DR Unknown 
View2130 7th AVE Unknown 
View836 W Armour W Unknown 
View405 Lynn ST   
View104 Garfield ST Unknown 
View435 Halladay Unknown 
View323 Prospect Unknown 
View2142 8th AVE Unknown 
View1412 Warren AVE   
View708 3RD AVE C.G. Swanson House 
View9 Crockett ST Unknown 
View3006 14th Unknown 
View108 Newell ST Unknown 
View2707 4th AVE Unknown 
View2430 6th Unknown 
View3246 Conkling PL Unknown 
View1221 2nd AVE Unknown 
View519 W Crocket ST W   
View1407-1409 1st AVE Unknown 
View2714 10th AVE Unknown 
View22 W Armour ST W   
View356 Wheeler Unknown 
View2511 7th AVE Unknown 
View1702 1st AVE   
View202 W HIGHLAND DR W Parkview ApartmentsParkview Apartments
View811 W Newell ST W   
View2580 8th AVE Unknown 
View3262 Conkling PL   
View715 W Etruria W Unknown 
View2106 3rd AVE   
View1615 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1704 1st AVE Unknown 
View308 W Kinnear PL W   
View2900 3rd AVE   
View524-530 1st AVE UnknownNonna Maria Italien Restaurant & GSS Jewelers
View219 W McGraw ST W   
View1928 11th AVE Unknown 
View2516 10th AVE Unknown 
View300 3rd AVE Norway CenterThe Mountaineers
View1516 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View1518 4th AVE   
View2212 5th AVE Unknown 
View360 McGraw ST Unknown 
View2224 1st AVE   
View2716 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2218 Nob Hill AVE   
View2101 10th AVE Unknown 
View418-420 Queen Anne AVE UnknownQueen Anne Auto Body
View2408 4th AVE   
View2111 7th AVE   
View1621-1623 Queen Anne AVE UnknownMcGraw St. Frame Shop & Camille Coliazzo Opticians
View503 W Crockett ST W   
View2540 11th AVE Unknown 
View312 Halladay   
View2511 Nob Hill PL   
View2052 14th AVE Unknown 
View1936 6th AVE   
View406 Galer ST Ballinger House 
View1607 8th AVE   
View1512 1st AVE Unknown 
View1021 W McGraw ST W   
View1012 W Raye W   
View1905-1907 7th AVE   
View214 Garfield ST Unknown 
View3206 11th AVE Unknown 
View411 Smith ST Unknown 
View830 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1927 8th AVE Unknown 
View206 Hayes   
View1908 6th AVE Unknown 
View2576 5th AVE   
View459 Lynn ST   
View318 Lee ST   
View1806 8th AVE Unknown 
View2324 Bigelow AVE   
View319 6th AVE Broad Street Substation Crane Tower 
View511 W Crockett ST W   
View1513 1st AVE   
View2919 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View1635 2nd AVE Unknown 
View100 W Olympic PL W The Ireland 
View2206 5th AVE   
View3655 13th Dixie Jo 
View1017 5th AVE   
View108 Hayes ST Douglass, E. HouseDouglass/Hofreiter House
View739 W Etruria W Unknown 
View357 Lee ST Unknown 
View506 Crockett   
View2112-2114 8th AVE   
View408 Aloha ST Unknown 
View1407 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View2922 Mayfair AVE   
View2711 10th AVE Unknown 
View2418 5th Unknown 
View2502 Nob Hill AVE   
View710 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View902 W Halladay ST W   
View1606 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2406 Bigelow   
View2434 9th AVE   
View302 Halladay Unknown 
View123 Highland DR   
View1702 1st AVE Douglass, E. HouseDouglass/Stine House
View2307 Bigelow AVE   
View1317 Willard AVE Allen, Dr. Eugene, House 
View1227 Warren AVE Unknown 
View832 W Fulton ST W   
View517 Prospect   
View1915 5th AVE Unknown 
View452 Newton ST   
View605-613 Queen Anne AVE UnknownPesos Taco Lounge & Sample Shop
View115 Ward ST   
View835 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View2719 10th AVE Unknown 
View1921 9th AVE   
View1018 1st Unknown 
View127-129 1st AVE UnknownTaqueria Jalisco
View1708 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2017 Nob Hill Unknown 
View2509 Nob Hill AVE   
View416 W Crockett ST W   
View1111 1st AVE   
View1925 9th AVE Ralston, H. HouseRalston House
View1954 4th Unknown 
View3030 4th AVE   
View2703 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2559 9th AVE Unknown 
View2663 9th AVE   
View2505 Nob Hill Unknown 
View421 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View312 Lynn ST   
View311 W Howe W Unknown 
View1824 9th Unknown 
View730 W Etruria W Unknown 
View1901 7th AVE   
View2112 6th AVE Unknown 
View3407 11th Unknown 
View161 Fulton ST   
View2457 1st AVE   
View2313 4th AVE   
View1906 5th AVE   
View801 W Barrett W Unknown 
View2111 11th AVE Unknown 
View511 W McGraw ST W   
View2151 7th AVE   
View2316 1st AVE   
View2402 Nob Hill AVE   
View2130 6th AVE   
View811 W Bertona W Unknown 
View1415 Nob Hill AVE   
View1518 5th AVE Fifth Avenue North ApartmentsFifth Avenue North Apartments
View3047 11th ST Unknown 
View108 Galer ST Unknown 
View1920 6th AVE Unknown 
View2432 1st AVE   
View515 W Crocket ST W   
View2126 11th AVE Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST Monorail OfficeFun Forest Administration Building/Monorail Office/Frontier Gallery
View2706 10th AVE Unknown 
View1017-1019 Taylor AVE   
View1623 10th AVE   
View469 Lynn ST   
View1104 8th AVE Unknown 
View521 W Kinnear PL W   
View412 Lynn ST   
View103 Galer   
View635 Elliot AVE UnknownDarigold/West Farm Foods
View370 Lynn ST Unknown 
View1121 Bigelow AVE   
View354 W Kinnear PL W   
View103 Highland DR Polson, Perry, HousePolson House
View3207 10th   
View309 Lynn ST   
View214 Hayes ST Unknown 
View801 McGraw Unknown 
View1714 2nd AVE   
View3235 10th AVE   
View1009 W Crockett ST W   
View2704 Nob Hill AVE   
View365 Prospect ST   
View2524 1st AVE   
View1017 W Armour W Unknown 
View2559 5th AVE   
View467 Boston   
View444 Smith ST Folts, Arthur & Faye, House 
View301 W Kinnear PL W Albers-Dikeman HouseKohl-Welles House
View1631 1st AVE Unknown 
View1712 1st AVE   
View2129-2131 Queen Anne AVE UnknownHilltop Ale House & Jamba Juice
View2585-2587 Nob Hill AVE   
View1615 9th Unknown 
View15 Newell Unknown 
View1412 8th AVE   
View2303 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View2541 Westview DR White, Raymond, House 
View452 Crockett ST   
View2411 1st AVE   
View2103 4th AVE Unknown 
View2219 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1522 5th AVE   
View621 W Kinnear W   
View702 W Etruria W Unknown 
View1007 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View2438 5th AVE   
View2212 4th AVE Unknown 
View100 W Florentia ST W Unknown 
View2506 Nob Hill AVE   
View471 W Prospect W   
View2420 1st AVE   
View2147 5th AVE   
View1706 Warren AVE   
View3429 10th Unknown 
View1010 W Newell ST W   
View2907 Warren AVE Unknown 
View800 W Fulton W Unknown 
View1952 5th AVE Unknown 
View3 - 3 1/2 Smith ST Unknown 
View2155 7th AVE   
View319 6th AVE Broad Street Substation Shop 
View2716 Mayfair AVE   
View2436 6th   
View506-510 2nd AVE UnknownEmerald Seafood Inc. & Ballard Bratsburn Inc.
View2211 4th AVE Unknown 
View1625 7th AVE Unknown 
View1011 W McGraw W Unknown 
View2524 11th AVE Unknown 
View176 Highland DR Boldt, James & Grace, House 
View360 Wheeler ST   
View1815 5th AVE Unknown 
View2268 14th AVE   
View426 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View916 Warren AVE Walsh, Edward & Ruth, House 
View1421 ORANGE PL Sivesind, C. W. & Lena, House 
View2141 7th AVE   
View511 Galer ST Unknown 
View1920 7th AVE   
View817 W Barrett ST W   
View1610 2nd AVE Unknown 
View159 Blaine ST   
View2657 10th AVE   
View2126 9th AVE Unknown 
View2222 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View369 Galer ST D'Amico, Charles & Dorothy, House 
View1927 7th AVE Unknown 
View203 W Republican W   
View1619 Nob Hill AVE   
View3236 10th AVE Unknown 
View501 2nd AVE UnknownArctic Printing & Graphics Inc.
View1950 7th AVE   
View459 Crockett ST   
View2727 Warren AVE   
View816 W Wheeler ST W   
View1529 1st AVE Unknown 
View2562 10th AVE Unknown 
View1005 5th AVE Walker, George & Bertha, House 
View310 Lynn ST   
View2538 10th AVE Unknown 
View2119 5th AVE   
View2-12 W ROY ST W UnknownCounter Balance Bicycle, Shiki Japanese Restaurant, School of Oom Yung Doe & Reactor +
View2103 5th AVE   
View611 W Comstock W   
View3442 15th   
View2509 9th AVE Unknown 
View1618 1st AVE   
View1924 6th AVE Unknown 
View2810 10th AVE Unknown 
View625 4TH AVE Naomi Apartments 
View3222 10th AVE Unknown 
View158 Prospect ST Knoff, A. E., House 
View1202 W Dravus W Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST International Fountain 
View2216 11th AVE   
View3228 Conkling PL Unknown 
View321 W Highland DR W Abrams-Peasley House 
View2508 Nob Hill AVE   
View459 Wheeler   
View2707 Queen Anne AVE   
View2724 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1215 6th AVE Unknown 
View1501 1st AVE Unknown 
View938 1st AVE   
View1305 1st AVE St. Anne's ConventSt. Anne's Convent
View2652 10th AVE Unknown 
View2608 10th AVE Unknown 
View302 W Howe ST W Carlson HouseCarlson/Hemen House
View2610 10th AVE Unknown 
View733 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View3216-3218 13th AVE   
View1401 1st AVE Unknown 
View502 W Crockett W   
View2107 5th AVE Morris Apartments 
View1824 7th AVE   
View470 Lynn ST   
View515 Ward ST Coralla, Sophie, House 
View2632 1st   
View415 W Fulton W Unknown 
View1911 9th AVE Unknown 
View312 W Olympic WAY W Unknown 
View1707 3rd AVE Unknown 
View715 W Crockett ST W   
View456 Lynn ST   
View2106-2108 8th AVE   
View2406 4th AVE   
View827 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3402 14th   
View3312 8th   
View1928 8th AVE Unknown 
View115 Lee ST Unknown 
View3312 9th Unknown 
View1607 9th Unknown 
View537 1st AVE Bartell'sRacha Noodles
View422 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View2322 Bigelow   
View312 Newton Unknown 
View1228 5th AVE   
View2001 Nob Hill AVE   
View1821-1823 10th AVE UnknownCalhoun & Dejong
View407 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View918 1st Unknown 
View526 Prospect   
View1928 5th   
View3306 9th AVE   
View205 W Lee ST W Montrose Court ApartmentsMontrose Court Apartments
View1223 W Nickerson W Canal Apartments 
View2237-2239 14th AVE Unknown 
View406 W Crockett W   
View410 W Highland DR W Sayre, Willis, House 
View220 Olympic WAY Olympus Manor 
View161 Lee ST Cowlyn-McKenna House 
View3246-3248 14th Unknown 
View2719 9th AVE Unknown 
View702 W Halladay ST W Welch, Michael, House 
View2545 Westview DR Unknown 
View2575 9th AVE   
View1601 2nd AVE McKay, John & Eva, House 
View15 W Garfield ST W   
View1920 2nd AVE Wilke HouseWilke House
View3002 11th   
View416 McGraw ST Unknown 
View2104 4th AVE   
View3243 13th Unknown 
View913 W Raye ST W Powers, George A., House 
View2220 11th AVE   
View25 W McGraw ST W   
View319 W Kinnear PL W McDonald, Donald, House 
View619 W Blaine ST W Domogalla, Guy & Gertrude, House 
View206 Highland DR   
View2500 3rd AVE Reichert, Robert, House 
View678 W Prospect ST W Osgood, Frank H., House 
View1005 W Ruffner W   
View1702 Warren AVE   
View300 W HARRISON ST W UnknownChurch of Scientology of Washington State
View402 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View2724 1st AVE   
View2221 1st AVE Unknown 
View1204 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View2539 8th AVE   
View3448 14th AVE   
View413 3RD AVE UnknownSurefish
View1937 4th AVE Unknown 
View305 Newton ST Unknown 
View3457 13th AVE   
View1006 Bothwell Unknown 
View314 Halladay   
View301-307 Lee ST Unknown 
View1420 Warren Unknown 
View2513 8th AVE   
View2551 6th AVE Unknown 
View1310 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View611 W Crockett W Unknown 
View3239 Conkling PL   
View2501 5th AVE Unknown 
View502 W Crocket ST W   
View1008 W Baler W Unknown 
View2018 1st AVE Unknown 
View2909 2nd AVE Unknown 
View3240 12th AVE   
View611 W Kinnear ST W   
View501 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View2514 5th AVE   
View616 4TH AVE Chelan Apartments 
View2920 2nd AVE   
View317-319 W Republican ST W Berg, A. J., Houses 
View1916 4th Unknown 
View372 Aloha ST Unknown 
View2433 8th AVE   
View519 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View525 W Crockett W   
View607 W Garfield W Unknown 
View2661 8th AVE Unknown 
View2418 Nob Hill AVE Peterson-Schmid House 
View572 Mercer ST UnknownDowntown Automotive Inc.
View400 Highland DR   
View1959 7th AVE   
View421 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View2726 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View19 Prospect ST   
View221-223 W Republican W   
View2140 9th AVE   
View1949 6th AVE Unknown 
View3003 8th AVE Unknown 
View2518 10th AVE Unknown 
View1307 W Boston ST W Unknown 
View3284 Conkling PL   
View507 W McGraw ST W   
View2128 4th AVE   
View2317 5th AVE   
View836 W Fulton W Unknown 
View2108 Nob Hill AVE   
View18 W Armour W Unknown 
View806 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View903 W Fulton ST W Luther, Otto, House 
View3445-3449 14th Unknown 
View1104 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View1403 W Dravus W Unknown 
View2313 Bigelow Unknown 
View409 Newton   
View367 Prospect AVE   
View826 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View2556 10th AVE Unknown 
View350 Queen Anne DR   
View2412 Nob Hill AVE   
View407 Smith ST Unknown 
View1423 Nob Hill AVE   
View2619 10th AVE   
View362 Boston ST   
View1512 10th AVE   
View736 W Etruria W Unknown 
View2668 9th AVE Unknown 
View170 Mercer ST UnknownPeasley Ross & Co.
View2520 10th AVE Unknown 
View212 Queen Anne AVE UnknownErnest Jonson & Co., CPAs
View424 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View805 W Cremona W Unknown 
View11 W dravus ST W Unknown 
View1947-1949 9th AVE Unknown 
View320 W Kinnear PL W Matzen, George, House 
View356 Wheeler ST   
View422 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View202 W Newell W Unknown 
View1007 W Fulton W   
View415 W Comstock ST W Siderius, Raymond & Rosemary, House 
View3203 Conkling PL Unknown 
View3205 8th Unknown 
View2139 6th AVE   
View2806 1st AVE Unknown 
View1928 9th AVE Unknown 
View324 W Kinnear PL W   
View715 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View2908 4th AVE Unknown 
View3223 7th AVE Unknown 
View2557 9th AVE Unknown 
View2125-2127 Queen Anne AVE UnknownParagon Restaurant & Bar and All The Best Pet Care
View360 Boston ST   
View1522 4th AVE Unknown 
View2560 9th AVE Unknown 
View14 W Lee W Unknown 
View453 Boston Unknown 
View2426 1st AVE Moss, George & Dolly, House 
View2527 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2703 4th AVE Unknown 
View2311 Nob Hill AVE Geele, Ralph & Mary, House 
View1813 Warren AVE Unknown 
View117 1st AVE UnknownOtto Enger C. P. A.
View815 W Armour ST W   
View512 Galer ST Unknown 
View808-810 Howe ST   
View1215 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2216 Bigelow AVE   
View904-909 Elliot AVE UnknownCity Team Ministries
View1015 4th AVE Unknown 
View2571 5th AVE Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST Monorail Terminal 
View2214 Nob Hill AVE   
View3243 13th AVE Unknown 
View408 McGraw ST   
View3232 12th Unknown 
View552-554 Ward ST Fourplex 
View404 Comstock PL Unknown 
View2001 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View2140 7th AVE Unknown 
View316 W Raye ST W   
View203 W THOMAS ST W UnknownQueen Anne Beer Hall
View2012 5th AVE   
View2206 Nob Hill AVE Martin, Harry & Zoulou, House 
View221 6th AVE UnknownVacant
View2602 4th AVE Unknown 
View1607 7th AVE   
View2920 10th PL Unknown 
View906 1st AVE Seville CourtSeville Court
View1917 5th AVE   
View711 6th AVE UnknownWizywig
View2431 Westview DR Newbrand, David & Norvella, House 
View2222 Gilman DR   
View810 W Fulton W Unknown 
View2207 Nob Hill AVE   
View2148 8th AVE   
View2580 10th AVE Unknown 
View1635 Queen Anne AVE Queen Anne Apartments 
View400 Ward Unknown 
View1419 Nob Hill AVE   
View153 Prospect ST Wakefield-Kuppler House 
View2227 1st AVE   
View2502 Nob Hill PL   
View471 Wheeler ST   
View410 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View308-310 W Olympic W   
View100 W Kinnear W Stone Cliff Court 
View2923 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View21 Garfield ST   
View1421 2nd AVE   
View3440 15th AVE Unknown 
View717 W Garfield ST W Waechter, H. F., House 
View5 Dravus ST Unknown 
View312 Hayes ST Unknown 
View312 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View1904 9th AVE Unknown 
View945 Elliot AVE UnknownContract Hardware Inc.
View2415 8th AVE   
View807 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View1925 7th AVE Unknown 
View2719 2nd AVE   
View312 W McGraw PL W   
View512-514 2nd AVE UnknownAccurate Safe & Lock & King & Oliason
View921 1st AVE Glen Eden Apartments 
View710 W McGraw ST W   
View305 Harrison ST Washington National Guard Armory/Food CircusCenter House
View1831 11th AVE Unknown 
View910 W Garfield ST W Dorsey, Hilen & Minna, House 
View2257 14th AVE Unknown 
View506 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View2911 Warren Unknown 
View907 W Howe ST W   
View110-112 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View1633 6th AVE Wilson, Charles E. House 
View215 W Lee W Unknown 
View2125 4th AVE   
View1620 Warren AVE   
View2222 Nob Hill AVE   
View1427 Orange PL   
View2217 Nob Hill AVE   
View2211 1st AVE Unknown 
View1012 W Bothwell ST W   
View2323 Bigelow AVE   
View1244 3rd AVE   
View711 W Kinnear PL W Griffiths, Albert & Martha, House 
View3042 15th AVE   
View3017 13th Unknown 
View316-318 Queen Anne DR   
View2939 Mayfair AVE   
View23 Highland DR Chappell, William C., ResidenceJapanese Consulate
View2443 3rd AVE   
View474 Wheeler Unknown 
View1200 5th AVE Unknown 
View2451 5th AVE   
View823 5th AVE Aloha GroceryCrow
View2123 3rd AVE   
View2131 4th AVE   
View3347 9th Unknown 
View320 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View309 W Kinnear PL W Unknown 
View2312 Bigelow AVE   
View456 Wheeler   
View1230 Warren AVE   
View1942 6th AVE Unknown 
View915 W Barrett ST W Bryan, Robert & Jo Ann, House 
View2021 5th AVE   
View1425 Willard AVE Unknown 
View2043 13th AVE   
View310 Aloha   
View3017 13th Unknown 
View1512 Nob Hill AVE Eyler, Ray & Blossom, House 
View1919 6th AVE Unknown 
View3327 8th Unknown 
View2470 Nob Hill AVE   
View1305 Queen Anne AVE   
View2651 10th AVE Unknown 
View2912 10th PL Unknown 
View459 Boston   
View1946 5th   
View404 W Highland W   
View310 W Howe W Unknown 
View2126 7th AVE   
View1508 8th AVE Unknown 
View810 W Dravus W Unknown 
View2436 1st AVE Unknown 
View3008 10th Unknown 
View3274 Conkling PL   
View2913 9th AVE Shippee, Harry & Lulu, House 
View2127 8th AVE Unknown 
View3011 10th Unknown 
View2608 4th AVE   
View1530 2nd AVE   
View2538 11th AVE   
View322 W Highland DR W Kinnear, Ritchey and Brownie, House 
View511 2ND AVE UnknownUptown Creative Services
View3042 10th AVE Grandey, Joseph & Ruth, House 
View1615 3rd AVE   
View15281/2 1st AVE   
View833 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View1237 Warren AVE Unknown 
View3417 9th   
View125-127 W Mercer ST W UnknownSpic'n Span Cleaners
View2212 Bigelow AVE   
View920 4th AVE Unknown 
View218 Hayes ST   
View400 W MERCER ST W Franconia 
View3205 13th AVE Fire Station No. 20 
View2114 7th AVE   
View2921 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2718 2nd AVE   
View150 Prospect   
View2706 Queen Anne AVE   
View2907 1st AVE Unknown 
View220 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View510 W Crockett ST W Hopkinson, Fred & Ella, House 
View1405 4th AVE Ball, James & May, House 
View2415 10th AVE   
View900 W Barrett W   
View2564 9th AVE Unknown 
View1718 3rd AVE Unknown 
View159 Garfield   
View2464 4th AVE Unknown 
View457 Wheeler ST   
View439 Halladay Unknown 
View911 1st AVE The Muse 
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus/ Hastie HouseBakenhus/Hastie House
View727 W Etruria W Unknown 
View159 Hayes Unknown 
View608 W Lee ST W Janson, A. HouseJanson/Anderson House
View517 Crockett ST Stilwell, Samuel and Irene, House 
View360 Newton ST Unknown 
View1928 6th AVE Unknown 
View408 1ST AVE Cunocar Accounting ServiceUnknown
View2566 6th AVE Unknown 
View2508 10th AVE   
View1809 2nd AVE Unknown 
View1021 W Garfield W Unknown 
View1519 4th AVE Unknown 
View2135 4th Unknown 
View1524 5th AVE Unknown 
View3233 Conkling PL   
View2423 1st AVE   
View901 1st AVE   
View2115 10th AVE Unknown 
View1933 7th AVE   
View1502 Queen Anne AVE Unknown5 Spot
View3232 Conkling PL   
View2931 10th PL Unknown 
View417 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View1530 Queen Anne AVE Queen Anne ClubProrobics/Pasta Bella
View615-625 W McGraw ST W Banks & Mock's BakeryMacrina/Fountainhead
View316 Florentia ST Bleitz Funeral HomeBleitz Funeral Home
View621 2nd AVE Puget Sound News Company 
View815 4th AVE Seattle Public Schools Administrative Buildingsame
View618-628 W McGraw ST W Harvey's Cash StoreCastillo's Custom Upholstery
View1420-1428 Queen Anne AVE Galer Crest ApartmentsGaler Crest Apartments
View2-10 Boston ST Standard BakeryBanjara/Chinoise
View1955-1959 6th AVE Home Supply GroceryColorwheel Studio
View1901-1903 10th AVE Cut Rate DrugsThe Vintage
View1834 6th AVE Weddle's IGA 
View610-612 W McGraw ST W Kildall InsuranceP. W. Kerr's
View9-13 Boston ST Northfield BuildingBostonian Barber Shop
View100 W Roy ST W Redding Hall/Queen Anne HallBehnke Center for Contemporary Performance
View17-19 W Thomas ST W Lannon Apartments/Buchman HardwareThe Duke Apartments
View511 QUEEN ANNE AVE Uptown TheaterSIFF Uptown Cinema
View703 6th AVE Tricoach CorporationThe Ruins
View600 Queen Anne AVE Seattle Engineering SchoolMarqueen Hotel
View513-519 QUEEN ANNE AVE noneThai House
View509 Crockett ST   
View3007 10th   
View2909 10th PL Unknown 
View1506 2nd AVE Unknown 
View115 Highland DR   
View1516 4th AVE Unknown 
View2144 7th AVE   
View2518 Nob Hill PL   
View1929 5th AVE Unknown 
View1607 11th AVE Unknown 
View1635 11th AVE Unknown 
View1622 1st AVE Knott, James & Ruth, House 
View10 W Armour W Unknown 
View1217 6th AVE   
View115-117 Warren AVE UnknownVacant
View2569 6th AVE Unknown 
View1410 W Dravus ST W St. Margaret of Scotland ChurchSt. Margaret's Church
View 4th AVE Unknown 
View409 Garfield ST   
View1224 5th AVE Unknown 
View1924 1th AVE Unknown 
View514 Crockett ST Hull, Stephen & Rose, House 
View1017 W Newell ST W   
View2308 3rd AVE   
View2143 6TH AVE   
View209 Highland DR   
View416 W Lee ST W Unknown 
View410 Wheeler ST McGeough, Leo & Cathy, House 
View2200 1st AVE   
View422 W Highland DR W Ferguson, Murray & Betty, House 
View350 Lee ST Unknown 
View2215 1st AVE   
View514 W Crockett ST W Unknown 
View1516-1518 Bigelow AVE   
View3206 13th Unknown 
View2568 10th AVE Unknown 
View1606 Nob Hill AVE   
View711 W Bertona ST W Unknown 
View203 W Crockett ST W Unknown 
View660 W Lee ST W   
View1800 Queen Anne AVE UnknownQueen Anne Animal Clinic
View1511 Warren AVE   
View2152 9th AVE Unknown 
View1929 5th AVE   
View2402 4th AVE   
View1418 Willard AVE   
View3301 9th AVE   
View319 6th AVE Broad Street Substation Control Building 
View1238 Bigelow AVE   
View320 W Prospect ST W Guy, Albert & Dorothy, House 
View717 W Cremona ST W   
View2805 1st AVE   
View909 W Raye W Unknown 
View1505 4th AVE Unknown 
View720 Nob Hill AVE UnknownSeattle Education Association
View2603 2nd Unknown 
View1950-1952 9th AVE   
View1902 8th AVE   
View2411 4th AVE   
View2803 8th AVE   
View111 TOWER PL Griffin, Arthur E., House 
View301 Newton   
View1120 W Blaine ST W Unknown 
View515 W Kinnear PL W Polson, Olaf & Fleta, House 
View2135 6th AVE   
View1008 5th AVE Unknown 
View2553 5th AVE   
View743 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View221-223 1st AVE Taylor Court ApartmentsDonna's Barbershop
View1937 W Gilman DR W Unknown 
View2519 8th AVE Unknown 
View507 W McGraw W   
View305 Harrison ST Sweden Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsNorthwest Craft Center
View1818 4th AVE   
View423 Halladay Unknown 
View2426 9th AVE Soleu, Ole, House 
View3217 11th AVE Unknown 
View420 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View352 Halladat   
View711 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View2656 10th AVE Unknown 
View1937 10th AVE Unknown 
View342 W Kinnear PL W McBride, Henry HouseMcBride House
View2462 Nob Hill AVE Berryhill-Henrickson, House 
View2402 4th AVE   
View2442 5th Unknown 
View2316 Nob Hill AVE   
View3024 4th AVE Unknown 
View1835 7th AVE   
View2927 3rd AVE Unknown 
View409 W Halladay ST W Unknown 
View1623 1st AVE   
View150 Denny WAY UnknownSEIU, Local 6 & KCPSE Local 519
View301 Mercer ST Fine Arts Pavilion/Exhibition HallExhibition Hall/PNB Phelps Center
View412 McGraw ST   
View322 Halladat   
View2428 10th AVE   
View2453 1st AVE   
View103 Garfield ST Sumbardo, Allessandro & Helen, House 
View1810 3rd AVE Tate, Ina, House 
View721 W Crockett ST W   
View2120 8th AVE   
View2425 3rd AVE   
View721 W Florentia W Unknown 
View357 Garfield ST Unknown 
View217 W Galer ST W UnknownD. Peterson & 2 more
View3207 13th Unknown 
View3247 13th Unknown 
View201 Mercer ST PlayhouseIntiman Playhouse
View1931 9th AVE   
View1707 Taylor AVE Donaphilita Apartments 
View107 1st AVE Pauleze ApartmentsArkona Apartments
View2815 10th PL Graham, William & Gladys, House 
View312 McGraw ST Unknown 
View2124 6th AVE   
View1529 2nd AVE   
View2456 4th Unknown 
View2152 6th AVE   
View1012 W Armour ST W   
View333 1st AVE UnknownPremier Pacific Seafood
View3310 9th AVE Unknown 
View609 W Nickerson W Unknown 
View1424 Bigelow AVE Gifford, Yale & Marvel, House 
View2216 5th AVE Unknown 
View1632 4th AVE Collins, Cyril & Mary, House 
View1627 10th AVE Elise 
View207 W Crockett ST W Unknown 
View2807 Queen Anne AVE   
View2272 Gilman DR Unknown 
View2023 13th AVE   
View1228 Bigelow AVE Heflin, Edward & Eleanor, House 
View105 Ward ST Ward Apartments 
View2111 5th AVE   
View109 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View2312 1st AVE Unknown 
View2016 5th AVE   
View2425 1st AVE Brooks, John W., House 
View1020 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View314 W Galer ST W   
View2154 8th AVE   
View1908 4th AVE   
View1243 5th AVE Unknown 
View222 W ROY ST W   
View505 W Kinnear PL W   
View3053 10th AVE   
View1517 7th AVE Unknown 
View1607 10th AVE Unknown 
View1952 11th AVE Unknown 
View515 W McGraw W   
View15 W McGraw ST W Unknown 
View1309 W Dravus W Unknown 
View1510 11th AVE   
View357 McGraw ST   
View3232 13th Unknown 
View1953 7th AVE Unknown 
View171 Garfield Unknown 
View2422 Queen Anne AVE   
View152 Galer   
View1014 W Newell ST W   
View321-323 1st AVE UnknownHecker & Felberg Legal Escrow & Kenneth Selanger Jr. Attorney
View2021 4th AVE   
View1610 11th AVE   
View1110 4th AVE Unknown 
View1631 6th AVE Unknown 
View1929 10th AVE Unknown 
View419 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View225 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVacant
View1209 7th AVE Unknown 
View2581 5th AVE Unknown 
View437 Smith ST Unknown 
View1212 Bigelow AVE Pomeroy, Frank & Josie, House 
View361 Halladay   
View1628 3rd ALY Unknown 
View2122 5th AVE   
View1522 4th AVE Unknown 
View2039 Waverly PL Unknown 
View226 2ND AVE UnknownGlacier Bay Center
View225 Ward ST Unknown 
View802 W Etruria W Unknown 
View1218 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View164 Galer Unknown 
View508 5th AVE UnknownFat City
View2116 10th AVE Unknown 
View621 W Galer ST W Sagamore ApartmentsQueen View Apartments
View701 W Dravus W Unknown 
View330 W Roy W  330 Roy Condominium
View2524 10th AVE   
View2418 6th AVE   
View2126 6th AVE Unknown 
View1831 7th AVE Unknown 
View1937 7th AVE   
View819 W Lee ST W Batley, William & Jessie, House 
View742 W Etruria ST W   
View1239 Bigelow AVE   
View426 Smith ST Unknown 
View2111-13 Nob Hill AVE Craftsman apartments 
View2430 8th AVE   
View365 McGraw ST   
View100 Crockett ST Childrens Orthopedic HospitalQueen Anne Manor
View1900 5th AVE Queen Anne Presbyterian ChurchQueen Anne Presbyterian Church
View18 Newell ST   
View3006 11th AVE Unknown 
View2519 1st AVE   
View2424 9th AVE Unknown 
View3418 13th Unknown 
View3327 9th Unknown 
View2306 4th AVE   
View2551 5th AVE   
View954 Elliot AVE UnknownCoast Products Inc.
View1210 4th AVE Farnsworth, George and Marjorie, House 
View2710 5th AVE Unknown 
View411 Prospect Unknown 
View467 McGraw ST   
View715 2ND AVE The Viking 
View117 Garfield Unknown 
View1812 9th AVE Unknown 
View1834 8th AVE   
View360 Newell AVE Unknown 
View368 Halladay ST   
View2585 8th AVE   
View2309 Nob Hill AVE   
View1513 1st AVE Unknown 
View1514 4th AVE Gaston, Lynn & Shirlee, House 
View2011 5th AVE   
View1627 8th AVE Unknown 
View1110-1112 1st AVE   
View2928 Queen Anne   
View112 5th AVE UnknownBBFM Creative Marketing & Advertising
View1522 Warren Unknown 
View20 W Garfield W Unknown 
View802 W McGraw W   
View1213 6th AVE   
View300 Mercer ST Parking GarageMercer Garage
View118 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View2249 13th AVE Unknown 
View411 W Blaine ST W   
View2142 6th AVE   
View2218 1st AVE   
View2704 Mayfair AVE   
View1525 1st AVE Unknown 
View856 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3307 9th Unknown 
View2231 1st AVE Unknown 
View2441 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View842 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1903 9th AVE Unknown 
View315 McGraw ST   
View2205 Bigelow AVE Barcelona CourtBarcelona Court
View3434 14th AVE   
View2586 4th AVE Unknown 
View2312 Nob Hill AVE   
View3811 13th Unknown 
View315 Galer ST UnknownNorthwest Treatment Associates
View614 W McGraw ST W UnknownNapolitano Spa
View172 Highland AVE Unknown 
View364 Newell Unknown 
View2156 6th AVE   
View3307C 3rd AVE Auditorium BuildingMcKinley Hall
View14-16 Aloha ST   
View2411 7th AVE   
View421 Smith ST   
View2014 Nob Hill AVE   
View2212 2nd AVE Unknown 
View1610 6th AVE Unknown 
View520 W Kinnear PL W Marble HouseMarble/Lindsley House
View200 Queen Anne AVE UnknownUptown China Restaurant
View2614 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1947 5th AVE   
View823 5th AVE The Red & White Stores (1936)United commercial Traveler's Building
View806 W McGraw W Unknown 
View2210 3rd AVE   
View1021 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View620 W Howe ST W Sparkman, J. M., House 
View2202 Nob Hll AVE   
View2012 Bigelow AVE   
View106 W Boston ST W   
View1400 8th AVE   
View2125-2125 1/2 6th AVE   
View1024 5th AVE   
View1920 Bigelow AVE   
View2427 9th AVE Unknown 
View812 W Barrett ST W Case, William & Louise, House 
View213 Kinnear PL   
View2115 7th AVE   
View321 McGraw ST   
View2149 8th AVE Unknown 
View1432 8th AVE   
View2433 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1323 Willard AVE Graham, John, Jr., House 
View1719 2nd AVE   
View2208 2nd AVE   
View1921 3rd AVE   
View2585 9th AVE Unknown 
View2207 1st AVE Unknown 
View2915 1st AVE   
View2539 9th Unknown 
View1818 6th AVE Unknown 
View319 Nickerson ST UnknownFremont Bridge Mini Storage
View715 W Florentia PL W   
View1006 Nob Hill AVE   
View3206 10th AVE Unknown 
View1532 3rd AVE Aronson, Jake & Bella, House 
View3033 4th AVE Unknown 
View67 W Etruria ST W Hazzard/Griggs HouseHazzard/Griggs House
View313 W Olympic PL W Ames, Marie, House 
View303-307 Boston Unknown 
View468-469 Galer ST Unknown 
View311 W Highland DR W Unknown 
View803 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View709 W Cremona ST W   
View900 Nob Hill AVE 900 Nob Hill 
View2504 Nob Hill PL   
View2935 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View411 W Galer ST W James, J. A. HouseJames House
View216 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View357 W Olympic PL W Crockett HouseCrockett House
View2634 Nob Hill AVE   
View2009 1/2 4th AVE Unknown 
View11 W McGraw ST W   
View820 W Lee ST W Garrison, Thomas B., House 
View1012 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View815 W Galer ST W Woodward, Ross & Irene, House 
View3319 8th Unknown 
View552 Denny WAY UnknownTeamsters International Unions
View1621 4th AVE Unknown 
View1112 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View3451 12th Unknown 
View165 W Mercer ST W UnknownOzzie's Diner
View1529 6th AVE del Grosso, Peter & Mary, House 
View2912 3rd AVE   
View2122 4th Unknown 
View2146 6th AVE   
View302 Howe ST   
View929 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View303 W Highland DR W Brygger, Albert & Leila, House 
View3024 10th Unknown 
View2521 6th AVE   
View122 1st AVE UnknownJalisco Mexican Restaurant
View2906 Mayfair AVE   
View309 Hayes ST Unknown 
View2257 14th AVE Unknown 
View19 W Harrison ST W Le TastevinKaspars Restaurant
View319 Smith PL   
View2117 8th AVE Unknown 
View403 W Prospect ST W McElwaine, Myron & Irene, House 
View3218 Conkling PL   
View1913 6th AVE   
View1007 W McGraw ST W Unknown 
View1416 Bigelow AVE Birkeland-Gibbons House 
View1805 7th AVE Unknown 
View20 Armour ST Unknown 
View2562 4th AVE Unknown 
View33 Galer ST UnknownTop O' the Stairs
View169-181 Western AVE UnknownBullseye Graphics, Lambda Lighting & Western Avenue Woodworkers
View411 Wheeler ST   
View165 Valley ST German Evangelical ChurchPresent Time
View312 Wheeler Unknown 
View1918 8th AVE   
View2705 3rd AVE   
View346 W Kinnear W   
View508 W Kinnear W   
View1945 5th AVE   
View1022 1st AVE Unknown 
View3252 10th AVE   
View2586 Westview DR Unknown 
View2529 8th AVE   
View2438 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View2637 2nd   
View352 Roy ST UnknownThai Heaven Restaurant
View2420 9th AVE Unknown 
View2465 Nob Hill AVE   
View2407 7th AVE Oxford, Russell and Lucile, House 
View1004 W Newell ST W   
View1949 7th AVE   
View316 W Newell ST W   
View2121 8th AVE Unknown 
View168 Ward ST   
View1320 Queen Anne AVE Anhalt Apartments 
View2202 5th AVE   
View2326 Bigelow Unknown 
View1628 5th AVE Unknown 
View2421 4th AVE   
View2901 1st AVE   
View3020 10th AVE Unknown 
View366 Ward Unknown 
View402 W Crockett ST W Taulbee, Charles & Eldean, House 
View410 W Lee ST W   
View1400 Bigelow AVE Hart-Monteith House 
View1516 4th AVE Unknown 
View2265 12th AVE Unknown 
View1022 Howe ST Unknown 
View1619 6th AVE Unknown 
View403 W Howe W Unknown 
View1919 Bigelow AVE   
View1825 7th AVE   
View473 McGraw ST   
View2419 1st AVE   
View501 W Highland DR W Emmanuel, Samuel, House 
View2611 9th AVE   
View1906 4th AVE   
View814 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View123 Garfield Unknown 
View119 Ward ST Unknown 
View2223 Nob Hill AVE   
View372 Roy ST UnknownOzaki Café and Apartment
View1822 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1919 4th AVE   
View735 W Florentia PL W Unknown 
View1605 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2207 1st AVE   
View365 Halladay ST Rogers, John E., House 
View1918 5th AVE   
View304 Lynn ST   
View2216 14th AVE Unknown 
View2134 6th AVE   
View2419 9th AVE Unknown 
View2931 3rd AVE   
View1419 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2565 8th AVE   
View2117 5th AVE   
View2153 4th AVE   
View2546 11th AVE   
View1409 2nd AVE Unknown 
View1509 1st AVE Unknown 
View1506 3rd AVE Myhre HouseMyhre House
View557 Roy ST UnknownSeattle Business Center
View315 Boston Unknown 
View521 2nd AVE UnknownEaster Seals
View519 W ROY ST W Sea View ApartmentsSea View Apartments
View1503 3rd AVE UnknownUS West
View916 Queen Anne AVE Leona ApartmentsParkridge Apartments
View2440 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View1901 8th AVE Unknown 
View1412 Nob Hill AVE   
View1722 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2706 1st AVE   
View2507 10th AVE Christensen, Walter & Hilma, House 
View1402 4th Unknown 
View307 Queen Anne AVE The Kenneth 
View719 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View839 W Etruria ST W   
View164-174 Denny WAY UnknownDigicopy 'n' Print, Nail Center, Allstate & H & R Block
View1716 1st AVE Unknown 
View1528 6th AVE Larsen, Lars & Marie, House 
View3118 8th AVE Unknown 
View357 Galer ST Deibert-Turner House 
View3017 10th AVE McBride, John & Anne, House 
View320 W Galer ST W Brett HouseBrett/Jones House
View1629 8th AVE Unknown 
View2571 10th AVE Unknown 
View444 Elliot AVE UnknownGoodyear Tire Center
View351 Lee ST   
View1818 3rd AVE   
View814 W Cremona W   
View14 W Armour W Unknown 
View918 W Newell ST W   
View1831 8th AVE Unknown 
View1011 W Armour W   
View409 McGraw ST Unknown 
View1912 5th AVE Sargent Apartments 
View2623 3rd   
View1931 6th AVE   
View19-21 Prospect ST Sherman, Mrs. A. B. HouseSherman House
View460 McGraw ST   
View2434 8th AVE Charouhas, Gus & Ruth, House 
View416 Smith ST Unknown 
View900 Queen Anne AVE   
View507 W Crockett W   
View319 Ward Unknown 
View1007 W Newell ST W   
View457 Garfield ST   
View403 Galer ST UnknownKerrihards House
View2100 Nob Hill AVE   
View125 Lee ST   
View656 W Galer ST W Burwell, Austin and Mary, House 
View1422 8th AVE   
View815 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View405 McGraw ST Nordhoff House 
View25 W Highland DR W Narada ApartmentsNarada Apartments
View1626 1st AVE Culver, R.C. HouseCulver/Meagher House
View318 N Nickerson ST N UnknownNickerson Street Saloon
View1506 3rd AVE   
View1722 1st AVE   
View3279 Conkling PL   
View2203 4th AVE   
View1523 1st AVE   
View3131 Western AVE UnknownNorthwest Work Lofts & Aspen Window Tinting
View1906 Bigelow AVE   
View2555 10th AVE   
View2157 7th AVE   
View1519 10th AVE Unknown 
View3246 11th AVE Unknown 
View1324 4th AVE Halvorsen, Alexia, House 
View1504 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View1522 Taylor AVE   
View1621 Warren AVE Newell, John & Ida, House 
View1116 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View1607 1st AVE   
View2022 3rd AVE Unknown 
View815 W Garfield W   
View218 W Kinnear PL W Pratt, Arthur & Dora, House 
View1616 8th AVE   
View1115 9th AVE Gillespie, Thomas and Ella, House 
View1824 5th AVE   
View1944 8th AVE   
View11 W Garfield ST W   
View1420 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View850 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View148 Valley ST Warren Avenue North Pump Station 
View615 W Highland DR W Ohrbeck, Phyllis, House 
View522 W Crockett ST W   
View123 Prospect ST Myers, H. A. P., Residence 
View174 Roy ST UnknownRoy Street Bistro & Apartments
View1921 8th AVE Unknown 
View1612 1st AVE Unknown 
View2934 1st AVE   
View1211 6th AVE   
View3027 13th Unknown 
View303 Blaine ST Unknown 
View1717-1719 1st AVE   
View2420 8th AVE   
View1001 5th AVE Unknown 
View1807 9th AVE   
View1723 3rd AVE   
View3228 8th Unknown 
View1626 2nd AVE   
View420 Wheeler ST   
View2133 7th AVE   
View3309 6th Unknown 
View300 W Kinnear PL W Rhea-Lloyd House 
View14 W Comstock ST W   
View1618 10th AVE   
View903 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View1215 7th AVE   
View1713 3rd AVE   
View1932 5th AVE   
View2617 4th AVE Unknown 
View6 W Armour W Unknown 
View2000 14th AVE Unknown 
View119-125 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View2202 2nd AVE Unknown 
View913 W Newell W Unknown 
View428 Smith ST Unknown 
View1417 10th AVE Unknown 
View823 W Garfield ST W   
View117-123 John ST Pittsburgh Apartments #2The Pittsburgh
View1815 9th AVE   
View1009 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View420 Halladay   
View665 W Highland DR W Black, Lyman and Marion, House 
View2466 4th AVE   
View1947 6th AVE   
View1107 7th AVE Harp, Franklin, House 
View416 W Blaine ST W Unknown 
View1956 7th AVE Unknown 
View1916 10th AVE Carlson, Gustaf & Hanna, House 
View1623 Taylor AVE   
View1806 11th AVE Maher, Michael & Estelle, House 
View3002 4th AVE Unknown 
View309 Newton Unknown 
View818 W Armour W   
View1611 1st AVE Unknown 
View325 W Kinnear PL W Cawsey, C. C. HouseCawsey House
View3238 14th AVE   
View318 Halladay   
View627 4TH AVE Charmaine Apartments 
View2502 8th AVE Unknown 
View3031 14th Unknown 
View2635 Nob Hill AVE   
View3260 10th   
View2103 9th AVE   
View559 Galer ST Unknown 
View459 Newton   
View1205 W Olympic WAY W Unknown 
View1016 2nd Unknown 
View415 W Crockett W Unknown 
View1240 Begelow AVE   
View2045 13th AVE   
View2561 10th AVE Unknown 
View364 Halladay Unknown 
View1528 7th AVE Unknown 
View2441 1st AVE   
View822 W Barrrett ST W Unknown 
View1616 5th AVE Nelson, Findlay & Sigrid, House 
View421 Ward ST   
View2568 7th AVE Unknown 
View1949 8th AVE Toby, Thomas & Lizze, House 
View1418 3rd AVE   
View1004 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2525 8th AVE   
View2117 7th AVE   
View2721 4th AVE Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST International Commerce & Industry BuildingsColiseum North Court Rooms/Northwest Rooms
View817 W Armour W Unknown 
View1506 Queen Anne AVE UnknownMarqueen Garage
View1511 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2302 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View2517 10th AVE   
View2112 5th AVE Adams, Fred & Marion, House 
View1020 Howe ST Unknown 
View1910 9th AVE Unknown 
View1223 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View2523 1st AVE Unknown 
View2925 Warren AVE Dowd, Frank, House 
View2405 Nob Hill AVE   
View1907 5th AVE Unknown 
View604 W Kinnear PL W Unknown 
View2119 5th AVE   
View2731-2733 Nob Hill AVE   
View124 Denny WAY UnknownChampion Party Supply
View2604 1st AVE   
View1532 6th AVE Unknown 
View308 McGraw ST Unknown 
View600 W Howe ST W   
View714 1st AVE Gross, Emma, House 
View3219 10th AVE Galeno, Fred & Amelia, House 
View2610 1st   
View811 W Etruria ST W Gaffikin, James P., House 
View1617 Warren AVE Robinson, Stella, House 
View1629 5th AVE Unknown 
View3311 6th AVE   
View1811 5th AVE Unknown 
View1310 W Dravus W Unknown 
View2137 10th AVE   
View2664 10th AVE   
View2116 8th AVE   
View1803 7th AVE Lancaster, Leland & Thelma, House 
View3447 13th AVE   
View225 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View1411 1st AVE Hamel, Floyd & Margaret, House 
View1111 W Nickerson ST W   
View2903 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2201-2203 Queen Anne AVE S & N MarketRavenna Gardens
View1415 Willard AVE Wiltsie-Muehe House 
View365 Lynn ST   
View111 Blaine   
View821 W Barrett W Unknown 
View1018-1022 W Crockett ST W   
View464 Crockett ST Unknown 
View2207 4th AVE   
View2225 1st AVE   
View606 Lee ST Moore-Hartshorne House 
View1908 1/2 4th AVE   
View3410 11th AVE Unknown 
View2136 7th AVE   
View8-10 W Mercer ST W UnknownStar Chiropractic & Scissors Palace Barber Shop
View425 Smith ST Lackner-Turley House 
View2800 10th AVE   
View2412 6th Unknown 
View2563 10th AVE   
View1307 6th AVE Unknown 
View124 WARREN AVE Queen's CourtQueen's Court
View2814 1st AVE   
View2705 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2619 9th AVE Unknown 
View412 Queen Anne AVE UnknownRoy Potter Insurance Co.
View409 Roy ST UnknownBahn Thai Restaurant & Apartments
View2564 7th AVE Unknown 
View168 Aloha ST Unknown 
View3304 7th Unknown 
View719 W Lee ST W Magnuson, Warren & Jermaine, House 
View2425 10th AVE Williams, Dayton & Mary, House 
View3447 12th AVE Unknown 
View2320 1st AVE   
View417 Highland DR Unknown 
View1802 5th AVE   
View1911 6th AVE   
View403 W Comstock ST W Davidson, James & Annie, House 
View2515 4th AVE Unknown 
View328 W Kinnear W   
View2572 8th AVE Unknown 
View16 W Fulton ST W   
View1311 W Newton ST W Unknown 
View1722 Nob Hill AVE Bakenhus, D. House DELETEBakenhus/Hastie House
View1423 7th AVE Foss, Arthur and Ellen, House 
View2712 4th AVE   
View210 Queen Anne AVE UnknownNational Association of Letter Carriers
View1512 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View109 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View1249 5th AVE   
View2608 Mayfair AVE   
View2407 4TH AVE McGovern, Hugh, House 
View2149 5th AVE   
View1015 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View2109 4th AVE   
View100 Denny WAY Champion Wine CellarTini Big's Lounge
View902 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View2002 Nob Hill AVE   
View2556 1st AVE   
View2415 1st AVE Unknown 
View2434 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View2111 8th AVE   
View169 Etruria ST Unknown 
View415 McGraw ST Chase, Fred & Violet, House 
View505 Harrison ST UnknownPolly Esther's Culture Club
View3287 Conkling PL   
View1216 6th AVE   
View3013 3rd AVE UnknownAAA Fire & Safety Co.
View1404 3rd AVE Tower Apartments 
View3252 Conking PL Unknown 
View811 W Fulton ST W   
View2112 10th AVE Unknown 
View1525 6th AVE Wynn, Lucy HouseWynn/Manter House
View1628 11th AVE   
View3322 8th AVE Unknown 
View2133 7th AVE Munson, Mark HouseMunson House
View833 W Etruria ST W   
View1500 8th AVE Unknown 
View1613 4TH AVE Kensley HouseKensley House
View2419 10th AVE   
View2431 7th AVE   
View2607 9th AVE Unknown 
View507 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View1525 10th AVE Unknown 
View308 Hayes ST Unknown 
View2402 9th AVE Unknown 
View2700 Mayfair   
View1922 9th AVE   
View2106 5th AVE   
View2559 6th AVE Unknown 
View1312 3rd AVE Shinkle, Ira and Lydia, House 
View2018 2nd AVE Curtis, John S. HouseCurtis House
View2229 1st AVE   
View1206 Queen Anne AVE   
View1236 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View2926 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2612 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View806 W Bothwell W Unknown 
View3027 4th AVE Unknown 
View1004 W Armour W Unknown 
View2424 8th AVE   
View3044 11th AVE Unknown 
View 4th AVE Queen Anne Pump Station 
View2539 9th AVE Unknown 
View1606 1st AVE Unknown 
View1920 4th AVE Bakenhus/Bowen HouseBakenhus/Bowen House
View350 Elliot AVE UnknownShanty Café
View3041 11th   
View1005 W Garfield ST W Unknown 
View510 W Galer W Unknown 
View2221 Warren AVE Schnebele, Edwin & Esther, House 
View3104 5th AVE   
View720 W Etruria W   
View155-161 Western AVE UnknownAlpha Building & NW Worklofts
View1521 2nd AVE Unknown 
View3251 11th AVE Unknown 
View1001 WARREN AVE Mengedoht, Carl, House 
View1519 5th AVE   
View1930 9th AVE Unknown 
View2667-2669 10th AVE   
View802 W Crockett ST W Tomlinson, Harvey & Myrtle, House 
View515-517 Aloha ST UnknownWood Photo
View2120 1st AVE COH Nurses' QuartersAmerican Cancer Society
View1953 11th AVE Olson, Ole, House 
View2118 8th AVE   
View2208 14th AVE Kellogg HouseKellogg House
View1916 Nob Hill AVE Waits, Walter & Hilda, House 
View120 Prospect ST Cline, A. C. HouseCline House
View1949 5th AVE   
View1925 6th AVE   
View1611 9th Unknown 
View1406 Orange Unknown 
View1931-1933 10th AVE Unknown 
View1621 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1611 10th AVE Unknown 
View120 Howe ST Unknown 
View24 W Lee ST W Kleinogel, Thomas, House 
View2506 4th AVE   
View1411 4th AVE Unknown 
View512 W Barrett ST W Seattle Pacific College House 
View113 1st AVE UnknownMillionaire Club
View2808 Queen Anne AVE   
View10 W Garfield ST W   
View1958 8th AVE   
View1907 8th AVE Unknown 
View2423 3rd AVE   
View216 W Boston W   
View836 W Etruria ST W Jenkins, Frederick & Muriel, House 
View2148 7th AVE Unknown 
View611 W Emerson W   
View715 W Halladay ST W Brooks, Orren & Mary, House 
View3249 10th   
View1008 W Armour W Unknown 
View2156 8th AVE Westmoreland ApartmentsWestmoreland Apartments
View309 W Prospect ST W Randall, Francis & Lucia, House 
View2501 9th AVE   
View3218 10th AVE   
View2721 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2426 10th AVE Unknown 
View345 W OLYMPIC PL W Spalding, Joseph & Drucilla, House 
View361 Wheeler ST Hurley-Chester House 
View705 2nd AVE Halmark Apartments 
View2728 3rd AVE   
View2604 Mayfair Unknown 
View334 W Kinnear W   
View416 W Comstock ST W Spalding, A. W. HouseSpalding/Wilson House
View2621 Nob Hill AVE   
View408 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View1814 4th AVE Unknown 
View1525 7th AVE Unknown 
View131 Taylor AVE UnknownDV8
View1958 8TH AVE Voswinkel/Anderson HouseVoswinkel/Anderson House
View1508 Warren   
View3247 12th Unknown 
View2616 Queen Anne   
View2537 Warren AVE Unknown 
View356 Galer ST   
View157 Roy ST Power Control CenterRetired Power Control Center
View1951 8th AVE   
View2408 6th AVE   
View400 Blaine ST Four Hundred Blaine Apartments 
View7-11 Mercer ST UnknownTitle Wave Books, Creations in Gold & Kit's Cameras
View2709 2nd AVE   
View3027 4th AVE Uknown 
View825 Taylor AVE UnknownA. LE. Breton Building
View165 Lee ST Lindenmeyer, Paul & Carol, House 
View1949 6th AVE   
View100-120 W Highland DR W Victoria ApartmentsThe Victoria
View324 W Nickerson ST W Bell, Robert & Elizabeth, House 
View2308 Nob Hill AVE   
View2217 4th AVE Unknown 
View2550 Warren AVE   
View204 WARREN AVE Sacred Heart SchoolSacred Heart School
View312 Lee ST Butterworth, Frederick & Anna, House 
View218 W ROY WAY W   
View2714 Queen Anne AVE   
View2631 3rd AVE   
View2437 5th Unknown 
View1420 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View318 W Galer ST W Unknown 
View1009 W Howe W Unknown 
View611 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View601 W Comstock W   
View421 W Highland DR W Kerry, Albert S., HouseKerry House
View2602 9th AVE Unknown 
View124 W Garfield ST W The Murette Apartments 
View1427 3rd AVE   
View201 Thomas ST Nile Temple Building/Club 21Pacific Arts Center/Seattle Children's Theatre
View2534 8th AVE Unknown 
View321 W Blaine W Unknown 
View125 Warren AVE Pittsburgh ApartmentsPittsburgh Apartments
View2701 Queen Anne AVE   
View303 W Prospect ST W Hager, George and Beatrice, House 
View2501 Nob Hill PL   
View309 Wheeler ST   
View721 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View519 W McGraw ST W   
View305 Harrison ST Great Britain Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsSeattle Art Museum Pavilion/Seattle Center Pavilion
View360 Halladay   
View2012 1st AVE Unknown 
View115 Tower PL   
View3442 14th AVE   
View1532 7th AVE Unknown 
View111 W Prospect ST W Robinson, Willis & Jessie, House 
View1528 7th AVE Johnson, Maurice HouseJohnson/Blomskog House
View127 MERCER ST Thurmond BuildingPacific Desserts & Family Custom Tailoring
View912 2nd AVE Ankeny HouseGowey House
View806 W Burnett ST W Unknown 
View308 Lee ST   
View2711 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2512 11th AVE Unknown 
View305 Harrison ST The Seattle Mural/Century 21 MuralHoriuchi Mural and Stage/Mural Amphitheatre
View166 Roy ST UnknownBrenneke School of Massage - Clinic & Bookstore
View3323 8th Unknown 
View1922 10th AVE Ross, James & Margaret, House 
View2926 Mayfair AVE   
View1108 9th AVE Franca Villa ApartmentsFranca Villa Apartments
View1919 Queen Anne AVE UnknownPete's Pizza
View2511 10th AVE   
View306 Queen Anne AVE Aasten House 
View652 W Galer ST W Whalley, John and Clara, House 
View3026 4th AVE Unknown 
View2224 Queen Anne AVE   
View167 Prospect ST Beam-Waltz House 
View3034 10th AVE Van Hollebeke, George and Helen, House 
View606 W Blaine ST W Griffin, Hazel, House 
View2605 Warren   
View1506 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View213 W Comstock ST W Jones, Algernon and Mary, House 
View3290 Conkling PL   
View3307A 3rd AVE Red Brick BuildingAlexander Hall
View2311 5th AVE Stewart, Kenneth & Mary, House 
View2111 5th AVE   
View633 4TH AVE Marianne Apartments 
View2576 Aurora AVE CanlisCanlis
View301 W John ST W UnknownRadar Inc. Building
View2447 1st AVE   
View365 Newell   
View2611 1st Unknown 
View1610 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1709 2nd AVE   
View2433-2435 7th AVE UnknownUnknown
View1821 11th AVE Terrace View Apartments 
View365 Wheeler ST   
View4302 6TH AVE Unknown 
View2415 Bigelow AVE Brown, Stephen & Florence, House 
View3322 9th AVE Unknown 
View811 W Cremona W   
View1901 5th AVE   
View1817 9th AVE   
View318 W Galer ST W Brett/Petersen HouseBrett/Petersen House
View357 Garfield ST Unknown 
View304 W Highland DR W Hamel, Emil and Agnes, House 
View1824 4th AVE Unknown 
View118 W Mercer ST W UnknownTup Tim Thai Cuisine
View1405 6th AVE   
View2715 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View2534 10th AVE   
View827 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View600 W Olympic PL W Skyline HouseSkyline House
View1321 Queen Anne AVE Queen Vista ApartmentsQueen Vista Apartments
View515 1ST AVE  
View526 1ST AVE  
View711 4TH AVE  
View902 6TH AVE  
View919 TAYLOR AVE  
View923 TAYLOR AVE  
View527 1ST AVE Gordon Apartments 
View205 2ND AVE Rectory, Sacred Hearth Catholic Church 
View605 5TH AVE Auditorium Apartments 
View300 QUEEN ANNE AVE Aasten's GroceryMailbox
View710-712 TAYLOR AVE  Werner's Crash Shop
View520 VALLEY ST   
View22 JOHN ST Avalon ApartmentsAvalon Cooperative
View505 1ST AVE Wedgewood Courty ApartmentsInn at Queen Anne
View815 6TH AVE  
View920 6TH AVE Myllymaki Apartments 
View561 ALOHA ST  Laredos, former Taylor Ave Market, Apartments
View1038 ELLIOTT AVE Wilson Machine Works Wilson Machine Works
View10 HARRISON ST Century BuildingCentury Building
View26 HARRISON ST Dalmasso ApartmentsDalmasso Apartments
View7 HARRISON ST Strathmore ApartmentsStrathmore Cooperative
View563 HIGHLAND DR Sheryl CourtSheryl Court
View105 MERCER ST Maxine ApartmentsMercer Apartments
View522 QUEEN ANNE AVE Eba's Mutual GroceriesMud Bay
View526-528 QUEEN ANNE AVE Mecca CafeMecca Café, Athena Grill
View530-534 QUEEN ANNE AVE Union Hardware Co.; Uptown Florists 
View15 ROY ST St. Paul's Church St. Paul's Church
View119 W ROY ST W Chandler Hall 
View403 ROY ST Delmonte Apartments Delmonte Apartments
View199 THOMAS ST Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchSacred Heart Catholic Church
View565 VALLEY ST  
View221 W MERCER WAY W Betty May 
View312 W REPUBLICAN ST W New Washington Bakery Co.; Queen City Floor Co., Inc.  
View325 2ND AVE  
View401 1ST AVE 100 W Harrison South Tower 
View401 2ND AVE  
View410 4TH AVE  
View410 ELLIOTT AVE Northwest Auto Supply 
View415 W MERCER ST W  
View503 1ST AVE The GrexThe Grex
View612 1ST AVE Buena Vista ApartmentsQueen Anne Arms
View712 3RD AVE West Coast Arms 
View715 1ST AVE Leonard Apartments Leonard Apartments
View508 DENNY WAY  
View200 W THOMAS ST W  
View413 FIRST AVE 100 W Harrison North Tower100 W Harrison North Tower
View571 VALLEY ST Zadra ApartmentsParker Place
View200 1ST AVE First West Building 
View516 VALLEY ST  
View522 VALLEY ST  
View633 W MERCER PL W  
View706 TAYLOR AVE  Jim's Crash Shop
View700 WARREN AVE  Studio V
View704 WARREN AVE   
View708 WARREN AVE   
View567 VALLEY ST  
View509-521 4TH AVE 4th West Apartments
View1023 6TH AVE   
View1110 6TH AVE  
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