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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1534 BROADWAY Booth BuildingSouth Annex, Seattle Central CC
View925 E PIKE ST E unknownNeumos
View1500 HARVARD AVE unknownSegal Center, SCCC
View801 E PINE ST E Masonic TempleEgyptian Theater/SCCC
View915 E PINE ST E IOOF TempleOdd Fellows Hall
View1625 BROADWAY Broadway High SchoolBroadway Performance Hall
View1514 BROADWAY unknownBlockbuster
View1518 BROADWAY unknownTaco del Mar
View1515 BROADWAY unknownSeattle central Community College
View916 E PIKE ST E unknownComet Tavern
View1023 E PIKE ST E Lorraine Court AptsWinston Apartments
View705 E PINE ST E unknownLinda's Tavern
View722 E PIKE ST E  War Room/Pho Le
View1512 BOYLSTON AVE Starbird ApartmentsStarbird Apartments
View1101 PIKE ST  Salvation Army
View1530 11TH AVE Sunset Electricvacant
View314 E PIKE ST E Coleman's Used CarsBenson's Grocery/ Victrola Coffee
View1631 BOYLSTON AVE Buena Vista ApartmentsBuena Vista Apartments
View1630 BOYLSTON AVE  Porter Apartments
View1516 MELROSE AVE nonenone
View1517 BELLEVUE AVE Garden StudiosGarden Studios
View1619 BELMONT AVE Consulate ApartmentsConsulate Apartments
View1508 11TH AVE unknownBarca
View1100 E PIKE ST E unknownAnnex Theatre/35th North
View1117 Pike ST  La Panzanella
View1318 E PINE ST E  La Pamzanella
View1115 E PIKE ST E unknownCrescent Down Works
View1110 E PIKE ST E  1110 Pike
View500 E PIKE ST E Mills Motor Company/Greenus BuildingBrocklind Inc.
View400 E PINE ST E Hirsch Cycle Co.Pine Bellevue Building
View1510 MELROSE AVE  vacant
View1422 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View1411 BELLEVUE AVE Lansdale ApartmentsNorthwest School
View1601 13th AVE  State Farm Insurance
View1621 12TH AVE  Velocity Dance Center
View1318 E Pine ST E  vacant
View1100 PIKE ST Hotel AvondaleVilla Apartments
View1535 BOYLSTON AVE Recherche Apartments Recherche Apartments
View1405 11TH AVE  Madison Park Group
View1213 E PINE E  Pine Building
View1522 12TH AVE Dawson Plumbingvacant
View1576 12TH AVE  Public Storage
View1222 E PINE E  State Farm Insurance
View1161 11TH AVE  Life Long AIDS Alliance
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View1517 12TH AVE Ballou & Wright Automotive SuppliesNW Film Forum
View1122 E PIKE ST E Western Auto Supply Co.Post Options
View512 E PIKE ST E  Sun Liquor Distillery
View420 E PIKE ST E First Covenant Church GarageFirst Covenant Church Garage
View415 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Commissary
View1530 MELROSE AVE  Warner Knapp Gallery
View1617 BOYLSTON AVE  Heath Printers
View1507 BELMONT AVE  Salon Lowe
View517 E PIKE ST E  Ragen Associates
View1406 10TH AVE  Capitol Hill Housing
View1607 SUMMIT AVE  Crawford Condominium
View1520 SUMMIT AVE  Steamworks
View1016 E PIKE ST E Seattle Automobile CompanyTen Sixteen Pike
View725 E PIKE ST E  St. John Apartments
View1520 10TH AVE  Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & garage
View1416 10TH AVE  Union Garage
View1521 10TH AVE Nickols Manufacturing CompanyElliott Bay Book Company
View1412 SUMMIT AVE Manchester ArmsManchester Arms
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories, Inc.
View1515 MELROSE AVE  Melrose Market
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories Inc.
View1620 14TH AVE Blewett ApartmentsDel Marco Apartments
View1515 BELMONT AVE Winslow ApartmentsWinslow Apartments
View722 E UNION ST E Knights of Columbus HallKnights of Columbus Hall
View702 E UNION ST E  Fourplex
View405 E OLIVE ST E Stephensberg ApartmentsStephensberg Apartments
View1400 E PIKE ST E  American Artificial Limb Co.
View1420 BOREN AVE Embassy ApartmentsEmbassy Apartments
View1627 BELMONT AVE  Kensington Apartments
View1524 MELROSE AVE SFRapartment
View1633 14TH AVE  Capitol Apartments
View1512 SUMMIT AVE Beaumont ApartmentsSummit Arms Apartments
View814 E PIKE ST E unknownHuitt/Zollars and Fetherston Gallery
View900 E Pine ST E Boone & Company PontiacBlick's Art Supplies
View1417 12TH AVE  Pacific Supply
View506 E PINE ST E UnknownBimbo's Bitchin Burrito Kitchen & 1 other
View1110 E PINE ST E  Richmark Label/WSLCB
View300 E PIKE ST E Gallagher's Fine CarsSix Arms
View1531 MELROSE AVE UnknownMelrose Market
View1401 11TH AVE Engler Car RepairMadison Park Group
View909 E PINE ST E  International Student Center
View501 E PINE ST E UnknownWarn Building/Travelers
View1323 E PINE ST E Chester Apartments Chester Apartments
View1101 E PIKE ST E Liebeck GarageRetrofit Home
View1011 E PIKE ST E Reliable Auto PaintingMario's Pizza
View422 E PINE ST E UnknownAuto Pro
View1519 12TH AVE Overland Pacific BuildingPolice Department East Precinct
View701 E PINE ST E UnknownPine Food Market
View1420 BROADWAY UnknownPerkins Glass and Mirror
View1210 11TH AVE UnknownThe Undre Arms
View1101 E Pine ST E S-E Co.2nd Base & 1 other
View1414 BROADWAY Western Auto WreckingAker's Porsche Service
View1201 PINE ST Central Auto Top BuildingBooker Building
View1134 Broadway UnknownVacant
View300 E Pine ST E Butterworth MortuaryButterworth Mortuary
View824 E Pike ST E Broadway State BankTully's
View1205 E PINE ST E McAlpin-Schreiner CompanyPackard Building
View1021 E PINE ST E Colyear Motor Sales CompanyVelo Bike
View905 E PIKE ST E Tyson Oldsmobile CompanyFrame Central
View1217 E PIKE ST E S. L. SavidgeElysian Brewery
View915 E PIKE ST E Graham Motor CarsShambhala Center of Seattle
View1525 11TH AVE Bocker BuildingValue Village
View1408 12TH AVE Bekins Moving & StorageTrace Lofts
View1205 E PIKE ST E Standard Brands1205 East Pike Building
View1519 BROADWAY Eldridge Tire CompanyBroadway Café
View1314 E UNION E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View301 E PINE ST E Melrose BuildingMelrose Building
View1535 BELLEVUE AVE Timken Roller Bearing Co.Mud Bay
View721 E PINE ST E Safety Service CompanyBill's Off Broadway
View401 E PINE ST E Carr Brothers Auto RepairArea 51
View953 E UNION ST E Otto's Radiator ServiceComplete Automotive Detailing
View1412 12th AVE UnknownAshtanga Yoga & 1 other
View1415-1423 10th AVE UnknownCrescent down works & 4 others
View514 E PINE ST E UnknownKincora Pub & 1 other
View1100 E UNION ST E Chrysler PartsUnion Art Co-op
View1612 BROADWAY UnknownAEI Music
View619 E Pine ST E Paige Building ?R Place
View1130 BROADWAY UnknownGarage
View1401 12TH AVE UnknownFerrari of Seattle
View610 E PINE ST E  Capitol Loans
View1351 E OLIVE WAY E Cornelison Grocery, Paint & HardwareBaltic Room
View510 E PINE ST E UnknownHarry's Grocery
View1611 BOYLSTON AVE Universal Repair Shop Universal Repair Shop
View1001 E PIKE ST E Triangle Auto PartsQuinn's
View611 E PINE ST E UnknownSupreme
View1426 BROADWAY Associated Public GarageCapitol Hill Collision
View1158 BROADWAY  vacant
View1400 Boren AVE Oxford Crest ApartmentsOxford Crest Apartments
View1511 BOYLSTON AVE Glencoe ApartmentsGlencoe Apartments
View1629 HARVARD AVE Lenawee ApartmentsLenawee Apartments
View1520 MELROSE AVE Melrose ApartmentsMelrose Apartments
View1633 MELROSE AVE Sherwood ApartmentsSherwood Apartments
View1631 BELMONT AVE Conrad ApartmentsConrad Apartments
View1509 BROADWAY unknownNeighbors Nightclub
View1400 BROADWAY Johnson & Hamilton MortuaryGilda's Club Seattle
View1121 E Pike ST E  Piston & Ring Building
View1515 13TH AVE  Public Storage
View1510 12TH AVE  Seattle Trading Post
View1628 BELLEVUE AVE Ansonia ApartmentsAnsonia Apartments
View1527 BELMONT AVE SFRApartments
View1410 BELMONT AVE Hambach Rental HouseBelBoy Condominium
View954 E UNION ST E unknownSeattle Museum of the Mysteries
View1415 E OLIVE ST E  Haines Apartments
View1623 14TH AVE  duplex
View1418 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View1531 BELMONT AVE  Annapolis Apartments
View1324 E PIKE ST E A. Buono PlumbingDave's Appliance Repair
View916 E PIKE ST E  Hayden Apartments
View1200 E PIKE ST E  1200 Pike Apartments
View1423 10TH AVE S. L. Savidge storage10th Avenue Building
View1520 BELLEVUE AVE  Golden Lasso
View423 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Headquarters
View417 E PINE ST E Rowland MotorsPortofino
View1533 BOYLSTON AVE  R Place
View1005 E PIKE ST E  Caffe Vita
View1511 14TH AVE  Fandrich Piano Studio
View1515 14TH AVE  Porchlight Coffee
View1525 14TH AVE  60-Minute Express Photo
View1525 13TH AVE  Diagnostic Cytogenetics
View1316 E PIKE ST E  Old School Custard
View715 E PIKE ST E  Neal Apartments
View701 E PIKE ST E  Miller-Warren Apartments
View1521 15TH AVE  Paramount Apartments
View1615 15TH AVE Bancroft ApartmentsBancroft Apartments
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View713 E Olive AVE E  Duplex
View1009 E UNION ST E  Auto Battery & Electric Co.
View1001 E UNION ST E  German Auto Repair
View1002 E SENECA ST E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View1000 E MADISON ST E  Philips Cleaners
View1512 11TH AVE unknownGrim's
View1124 PIKE ST Packard SeattleUtrecht Art Supplies
View414 E PINE ST E  Capitol Club
View1525 BOYLSTON AVE  Phil Smart garage
View1024 E PIKE ST E Smyth Van & StorageMonique Lofts
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