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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View925 E PIKE ST E unknownNeumos
View1625 BROADWAY Broadway High SchoolBroadway Performance Hall
View1515 BROADWAY unknownSeattle central Community College
View1023 E PIKE ST E Lorraine Court AptsWinston Apartments
View1512 BOYLSTON AVE Starbird ApartmentsStarbird Apartments
View1530 11TH AVE Sunset Electricvacant
View1630 BOYLSTON AVE  Porter Apartments
View1619 BELMONT AVE Consulate ApartmentsConsulate Apartments
View1100 E PIKE ST E unknownAnnex Theatre/35th North
View1117 Pike ST  La Panzanella
View1110 E PIKE ST E  1110 Pike
View500 E PIKE ST E Mills Motor Company/Greenus BuildingBrocklind Inc.
View1422 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View1411 BELLEVUE AVE Lansdale ApartmentsNorthwest School
View1318 E Pine ST E  vacant
View1100 PIKE ST Hotel AvondaleVilla Apartments
View1213 E PINE E  Pine Building
View1576 12TH AVE  Public Storage
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View512 E PIKE ST E  Sun Liquor Distillery
View420 E PIKE ST E First Covenant Church GarageFirst Covenant Church Garage
View1530 MELROSE AVE  Warner Knapp Gallery
View1406 10TH AVE  Capitol Hill Housing
View1016 E PIKE ST E Seattle Automobile CompanyTen Sixteen Pike
View1416 10TH AVE  Union Garage
View1521 10TH AVE Nickols Manufacturing CompanyElliott Bay Book Company
View1412 SUMMIT AVE Manchester ArmsManchester Arms
View722 E UNION ST E Knights of Columbus HallKnights of Columbus Hall
View1420 BOREN AVE Embassy ApartmentsEmbassy Apartments
View1633 14TH AVE  Capitol Apartments
View1401 11TH AVE Engler Car RepairMadison Park Group
View1101 E PIKE ST E Liebeck GarageRetrofit Home
View1011 E PIKE ST E Reliable Auto PaintingMario's Pizza
View1519 12TH AVE Overland Pacific BuildingPolice Department East Precinct
View1420 BROADWAY UnknownPerkins Glass and Mirror
View1134 Broadway UnknownVacant
View300 E Pine ST E Butterworth MortuaryButterworth Mortuary
View1021 E PINE ST E Colyear Motor Sales CompanyVelo Bike
View1217 E PIKE ST E S. L. SavidgeElysian Brewery
View915 E PIKE ST E Graham Motor CarsShambhala Center of Seattle
View1525 11TH AVE Bocker BuildingValue Village
View1519 BROADWAY Eldridge Tire CompanyBroadway Café
View1314 E UNION E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View301 E PINE ST E Melrose BuildingMelrose Building
View721 E PINE ST E Safety Service CompanyBill's Off Broadway
View953 E UNION ST E Otto's Radiator ServiceComplete Automotive Detailing
View1412 12th AVE UnknownAshtanga Yoga & 1 other
View514 E PINE ST E UnknownKincora Pub & 1 other
View610 E PINE ST E  Capitol Loans
View1351 E OLIVE WAY E Cornelison Grocery, Paint & HardwareBaltic Room
View1611 BOYLSTON AVE Universal Repair Shop Universal Repair Shop
View611 E PINE ST E UnknownSupreme
View1400 Boren AVE Oxford Crest ApartmentsOxford Crest Apartments
View1629 HARVARD AVE Lenawee ApartmentsLenawee Apartments
View1509 BROADWAY unknownNeighbors Nightclub
View1400 BROADWAY Johnson & Hamilton MortuaryGilda's Club Seattle
View1515 13TH AVE  Public Storage
View1628 BELLEVUE AVE Ansonia ApartmentsAnsonia Apartments
View954 E UNION ST E unknownSeattle Museum of the Mysteries
View1623 14TH AVE  duplex
View916 E PIKE ST E  Hayden Apartments
View1200 E PIKE ST E  1200 Pike Apartments
View1423 10TH AVE S. L. Savidge storage10th Avenue Building
View423 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Headquarters
View417 E PINE ST E Rowland MotorsPortofino
View1525 14TH AVE  60-Minute Express Photo
View1316 E PIKE ST E  Old School Custard
View1521 15TH AVE  Paramount Apartments
View1001 E UNION ST E  German Auto Repair
View1002 E SENECA ST E  Lifelong AIDS Alliance
View1024 E PIKE ST E Smyth Van & StorageMonique Lofts
View1511 BOYLSTON AVE Glencoe ApartmentsGlencoe Apartments
View1535 BOYLSTON AVE Recherche Apartments Recherche Apartments
View415 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Commissary
View1617 BOYLSTON AVE  Heath Printers
View713 E Olive AVE E  Duplex
View1511 14TH AVE  Fandrich Piano Studio
View1615 15TH AVE Bancroft ApartmentsBancroft Apartments
View1418 BELLEVUE AVE SFRBarokas, Martin & Tomlinson
View1324 E PIKE ST E A. Buono PlumbingDave's Appliance Repair
View1401 12TH AVE UnknownFerrari of Seattle
View422 E PINE ST E UnknownAuto Pro
View506 E PINE ST E UnknownBimbo's Bitchin Burrito Kitchen & 1 other
View1516 MELROSE AVE nonenone
View1510 MELROSE AVE  vacant
View1222 E PINE E  State Farm Insurance
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories, Inc.
View314 E PIKE ST E Coleman's Used CarsBenson's Grocery/ Victrola Coffee
View1414 BROADWAY Western Auto WreckingAker's Porsche Service
View1130 BROADWAY UnknownGarage
View1210 11TH AVE UnknownThe Undre Arms
View1408 12TH AVE Bekins Moving & StorageTrace Lofts
View1124 PIKE ST Packard SeattleUtrecht Art Supplies
View1158 BROADWAY  vacant
View501 E PINE ST E UnknownWarn Building/Travelers
View1517 BELLEVUE AVE Garden StudiosGarden Studios
View1508 11TH AVE unknownBarca
View1005 E PIKE ST E  Caffe Vita
View1400 E PIKE ST E  American Artificial Limb Co.
View1515 14TH AVE  Porchlight Coffee
View1531 BELMONT AVE  Annapolis Apartments
View1426 BROADWAY Associated Public GarageCapitol Hill Collision
View1415-1423 10th AVE UnknownCrescent down works & 4 others
View1612 BROADWAY UnknownAEI Music
View900 E Pine ST E Boone & Company PontiacBlick's Art Supplies
View824 E Pike ST E Broadway State BankTully's
View1405 11TH AVE  Madison Park Group
View1101 E Pine ST E S-E Co.2nd Base & 1 other
View1323 E PINE ST E Chester Apartments Chester Apartments
View1522 12TH AVE Dawson Plumbingvacant
View1517 12TH AVE Ballou & Wright Automotive SuppliesNW Film Forum
View517 E PIKE ST E  Ragen Associates
View1515 MELROSE AVE  Melrose Market
View1515 BELMONT AVE Winslow ApartmentsWinslow Apartments
View1633 MELROSE AVE Sherwood ApartmentsSherwood Apartments
View1115 E PIKE ST E unknownCrescent Down Works
View701 E PIKE ST E  Miller-Warren Apartments
View1410 BELMONT AVE Hambach Rental HouseBelBoy Condominium
View1524 MELROSE AVE SFRapartment
View1620 14TH AVE Blewett ApartmentsDel Marco Apartments
View905 E PIKE ST E Tyson Oldsmobile CompanyFrame Central
View1535 BELLEVUE AVE Timken Roller Bearing Co.Mud Bay
View1201 PINE ST Central Auto Top BuildingBooker Building
View916 E PIKE ST E unknownComet Tavern
View814 E PIKE ST E unknownHuitt/Zollars and Fetherston Gallery
View1518 BROADWAY unknownTaco del Mar
View722 E PIKE ST E  War Room/Pho Le
View1161 11TH AVE  Life Long AIDS Alliance
View1520 SUMMIT AVE  Steamworks
View725 E PIKE ST E  St. John Apartments
View1525 BOYLSTON AVE  Phil Smart garage
View1621 12TH AVE  Velocity Dance Center
View405 E OLIVE ST E Stephensberg ApartmentsStephensberg Apartments
View1520 BELLEVUE AVE  Golden Lasso
View1631 BELMONT AVE Conrad ApartmentsConrad Apartments
View1525 13TH AVE  Diagnostic Cytogenetics
View715 E PIKE ST E  Neal Apartments
View705 E PINE ST E unknownLinda's Tavern
View1531 MELROSE AVE UnknownMelrose Market
View701 E PINE ST E UnknownPine Food Market
View801 E PINE ST E Masonic TempleEgyptian Theater/SCCC
View1001 E PIKE ST E Triangle Auto PartsQuinn's
View1205 E PINE ST E McAlpin-Schreiner CompanyPackard Building
View1533 BOYLSTON AVE  R Place
View1534 BROADWAY Booth BuildingSouth Annex, Seattle Central CC
View1205 E PIKE ST E Standard Brands1205 East Pike Building
View915 E PINE ST E IOOF TempleOdd Fellows Hall
View510 E PINE ST E UnknownHarry's Grocery
View1110 E PINE ST E  Richmark Label/WSLCB
View1500 HARVARD AVE unknownSegal Center, SCCC
View1514 BROADWAY unknownBlockbuster
View1512 11TH AVE unknownGrim's
View1318 E PINE ST E  La Pamzanella
View1510 12TH AVE  Seattle Trading Post
View1121 E Pike ST E  Piston & Ring Building
View1122 E PIKE ST E Western Auto Supply Co.Post Options
View1607 SUMMIT AVE  Crawford Condominium
View702 E UNION ST E  Fourplex
View1507 BELMONT AVE  Salon Lowe
View1520 MELROSE AVE Melrose ApartmentsMelrose Apartments
View1101 PIKE ST  Salvation Army
View1009 E UNION ST E  Auto Battery & Electric Co.
View1000 E MADISON ST E  Philips Cleaners
View1627 BELMONT AVE  Kensington Apartments
View1512 SUMMIT AVE Beaumont ApartmentsSummit Arms Apartments
View909 E PINE ST E  International Student Center
View1018 E SENECA ST E  Copy Mart
View1601 13th AVE  State Farm Insurance
View1520 10TH AVE  Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & garage
View414 E PINE ST E  Capitol Club
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories Inc.
View1527 BELMONT AVE SFRApartments
View1415 E OLIVE ST E  Haines Apartments
View1631 BOYLSTON AVE Buena Vista ApartmentsBuena Vista Apartments
View401 E PINE ST E Carr Brothers Auto RepairArea 51
View400 E PINE ST E Hirsch Cycle Co.Pine Bellevue Building
View1417 12TH AVE  Pacific Supply
View619 E Pine ST E Paige Building ?R Place
View1100 E UNION ST E Chrysler PartsUnion Art Co-op
View300 E PIKE ST E Gallagher's Fine CarsSix Arms
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