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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1715 RAINIER AVE  Oberto Factory Store
View2307 24TH AVE   
View2307 RAINIER AVE  Remo Borracchini's Bakery & Med. Market
View1708 25TH AVE   
View3430 Rainier AVE UnknownEstelle
View5041 Wilson AVE UnknownPCC Natural Market
View4409-4411 50th AVE UnknownDick O. Bell & 1 Other
View2113 S State ST S Unknown 
View2052 S Hill ST S UnknownStyle Crafters Family Hair Salon
View3828 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3216 Morse AVE   
View5420 Rainier AVE UnknownPaul Luu, M. D.
View5415 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Pharmacey & 2 others
View5401 Rainier AVE UnknownMy-Van Fashion & 1 other
View2436 S Graham ST S UnknownUnknown
View3811 RENTON AVE   
View3333 Rainier AVE UnknownChubby & Tubby
View4535 RAINIER AVE   
View3616 S Genesee ST S UnknownGenesee Fuel Co.
View2810 S McClellan ST S UnknownUnknown
View3600 S Genesee ST S UnknownStephan's Barber Shop
View1531 Bradner PL Monte VergineOur Lady of Mount Virgin Church
View2017 29th AVE   
View2464 S College ST S UnknownUnknown
View4221 34th AVE   
View2013 18th AVE   
View2503 30th AVE   
View5000-5004 S Genesee ST S UnknownQC Cleaners & Kaya Yoga
View5320 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownUnknown
View2819 S HOLGATE ST S   
View3235 Rainier AVE UnknownBrass Plumbing
View3402 WETMORE AVE   
View3836 COURTLAND PL   
View2531 30th AVE   
View9040 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Beach Dental
View2809 26th AVE   
View3659 RENTON AVE   
View3111 27th AVE UnknownTupperware Home Parties
View3859 RAINIER AVE   
View5026 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownKathleen's Apparel & Bridal Service
View2910 Rainier AVE UnknownUS Bank
View1528 Valentine PL Unknown 
View6512 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownUnknown
View3801 S Graham ST S UnknownGeneral Automotive Service
View3871 RAINIER AVE   
View2201 29th AVE   
View1740 23rd AVE Colman Playfield Shelter House 
View2903 S Estelle ST S   
View4103 RENTON AVE   
View4437 Rainier AVE UnknownAlpine Escrow
View3100 Rainier AVE UnknownWells Fargo Bank
View3021 S ESTELLE ST S   
View1527 19th AVE   
View3302 S GENESEE ST S   
View3625 RENTON AVE   
View5503 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownBracy Auto Body
View3316 35th AVE   
View3816 COURTLAND PL   
View3005 Rainier AVE UnknownARCO
View2217 29th AVE   
View2915 Rainier AVE SafewayFirestone
View3214 33rd AVE Unknown 
View2714-2826 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownCompongthom Market & 2 Others
View8430-8432 Rainier AVE Falcon BuildingRainier Dental Center
View3757 Rainier AVE UnknownFine Line Window Tint/Car Stereo
View5028-5044 Wilson AVE UnknownIdeal Pet Shop & 5 others
View1939 Waite ST Unknown 
View4413 LETITIA AVE   
View2019 24th AVE   
View3229 Rainier AVE   
View3536 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3311 YORK RD   
View1924 Rainier AVE Arctic Ice Cream Co.Arctic Novelties
View3208 Rainier AVE UnknownState Farm Insurance
View3315 Rainier AVE York Apts.VanQuach Insurance & 5 others
View8335 Rainier AVE UnknownRose St. Auto Repair
View5715 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownHonda Power Equipment
View2303 29th AVE   
View5300-5304 Wilson AVE UnknownCreative Styles & 1 Other
View4114 34th AVE   
View3540 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3855 S Brandon ST S Sandquist HouseSandquist House
View5120-5124 S Brandon ST S UnknownUnknown
View3812 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3855 38th AVE   
View1801 24th AVE   
View3631 37th AVE   
View1750 19th AVE   
View1535 29th AVE   
View3601-3609 McClellan ST Mount Baker Centersame
View1915 Rainier AVE Potlatch MarketConcepts in Wood
View3647 RENTON AVE   
View5269 Rainier AVE UnknownTwardus Iron and Wire works
View7903 Rainier AVE UnknownAnnamarie Coin Laundry
View2113 S STATE ST S   
View3613 S Spokane ST S Unknown 
View1724 24th AVE   
View3529 ANTHONY PL   
View2401 S WALKER ST S   
View3120 Rainier AVE UnknownBoy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council
View5500-5504 Rainier AVE UnknownVeldyke Realty & 1 Other
View4527 RAINIER AVE   
View4243 Rainier AVE UnknownSpeedy Auto & Window Glass
View1810 17th AVE   
View4531 Rainier AVE UnknownNguyen Marketing, Real Estate & Investment Group
View3235 Rainier AVE   
View9367 Rainier AVE UnknownRossoe Energy Systems
View4547 Rainier AVE UnknownParkway Interiors
View3025 S ESTELLE ST S   
View1521 Valentine PL Unknown 
View3409 25th AVE Unknown 
View4534 35th AVE   
View4029 RAINIER AVE   
View1818 Rainier AVE UnknownCar Care Center
View1771 18th AVE   
View3704 CHEASTY BLVD   
View4526 S Mead ST S Adams HouseAdams House
View6745 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownOtto Rosenau & Assoc., Inc.
View5036 44th AVE Hadley/Weiss HouseHadley/Weiss House
View1900 25th AVE   
View4327 S Morgan ST S Wharton/Little HouseWharton/Little House
View2001 S GRAND ST S   
View6609 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownJohnson Auto Detaililng & 1 Other
View3824 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3815 Rainier AVE UnknownWest Coast Auto Body
View2810 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View1721 BRADNER PL   
View4407 Rainier AVE UnknownSouthern Exposure Catering
View5740 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownFilipino Community Center
View3630 RENTON AVE   
View2931 S Mt. Baker BLVD S Fire Station No. 30 
View5215 S Orcas ST S Stuart House 
View7722 Rainier AVE UnknownFirst Center
View3301 YORK RD   
View1524 19th AVE   
View5512 S Morgan ST S Slauson HouseSlauson House
View3816 CHEASTY BLVD   
View5215 Wilson AVE UnknownDeFranco - Merrill Insurance
View3907 RENTON AVE   
View5530 S Orcas ST S Juhlin HouseJuhlin House
View2324 CHEASTY BLVD   
View4042 31st AVE   
View2310 Rainier AVE Occidental Sheet MetalLiberty Sidecars
View3621 COURTLAND PL   
View3604 S Genesee ST S UnknownFamily Affair Style Center
View1729 32nd AVE Colman Park Storage Building 
View5059 Wilson AVE UnknownRex's Service
View2905 S Estelle ST S   
View5237 Rainier AVE UnknownDamascus Baptist Church Educational Center
View3819 38th AVE   
View3009 S BYRON ST S   
View3080 S ANDOVER ST S   
View1928 S Lander ST S Unknown 
View2811 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View5207 35th AVE UnknownRainier Signs
View2027 19th AVE   
View3006 S ALASKA ST S   
View2100 25th AVE   
View5400 Rainier AVE UnknownOowlo Travel Service
View4225 50th AVE UnknownUnknown
View6334 Rainier AVE UnknownGarden Court Apartments
View6355 Rainier AVE UnknownRainier Auto Body
View2801 S Hanford ST S   
View2006 19th AVE   
View5000 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownCooper Tires
View5236 42nd AVE UnknownUnknown
View4200 36th AVE   
View2023 24TH AVE   
View1734 25TH AVE   
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