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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View6016 Phinney AVE UnknownVal's Café
View7700-7704 Greenwood AVE UnknownWish
View7009 Greenwood AVE UnknownEntenmann's Bakery Outlet
View6756 Sycamore AVE Unknown 
View8400-8402 Greenwood AVE UnknownRosewood Guitar
View8404 Greenwood AVE UnknownCobblestone Used Furniture
View6200 Phinney AVE UnknownEdward Jones
View6114-6120 Phinney AVE UnknownThe Park Pub
View300 N 85th ST N UnknownCheckers Night Club
View307 NW 86th ST NW Unknown 
View6530 Cleopatra PL Unknown 
View6508 Phinney AVE UnknownHansen Lamps & Shade
View5807-5821 Phinney AVE UnknownWoodland View Apts
View7201 Greenwood AVE UnknownTrue Value Hardware
View8319 Greenwood AVE UnknownA Cut Above Hairstyling
View145 N 85th ST N UnknownGorditos
View5413 SW 6TH AVE SW UnknownUnknown
View7717 Greenwood AVE UnknownPete's Eggnest/Antique Odyssey
View7818 Greenwood AVE UnknownWing Dome
View6711 Greenwood AVE UnknownStalk Exchange
View5914 Phinney AVE UnknownSanta Fe Café
View155 N 85th ST N UnknownBig Apple
View6001 Phinney AVE UnknownDr. Brian Peters
View7034 Cleopatra PL Unknown 
View6712 7th AVE Unknown 
View147 N 82ND ST N   
View7209-7211 Greenwood AVE Church of the BrethrenAnderson Architects
View7212-7220 Greenwood AVE Seventy-Third Street BuildingSeventy-Third Street Building
View8501-8523 Greenwood AVE Brattain BuildingBrattain Building
View8410-8414 Greenwood AVE Becker BuildingGreenwood Antique Mall
View8537-8539 Greenwood AVE Davis BuildingDavis Building
View7910 Greenwood AVE Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253
View11201-11205 Greenwood AVE Waters GroceryFlowers Boxes, Etc.
View8520-8548 Greenwood AVE Holmes Building #2Greenwood Books
View404 NW 60TH ST NW Rasmus Peter Jensen Residence 
View400 N 85th ST N Seattle First National BankBank of America
View6553 4th AVE Unknown 
View8560 Greenwood AVE UnknownAndre Building
View8208 Greenwood AVE UnknownGreenwood Autobody
View6726 Greenwood AVE UnknownKort Haus
View312-316 N 67th ST N UnknownStarbucks/Red Mill Burgers
View8535 Phinney AVE UnknownShamrock Group
View6417-6421 Phinney AVE UnknownPhinney Ridge Florist
View204 N 85th ST N UnknownTaproot Theatre
View5918 Phinney AVE UnknownPhinney Ridge Video
View353 NW 74th ST NW Unknown 
View8205 Greenwood AVE UnknownRhinney Ridge Animal Hopital
View112 N 83rd ST N Unknown 
View6701 Greenwood AVE UnknownFrancine Seders Gallery
View8001-8007 Greenwood AVE UnknownAmerican Dance Institute
View7304 Greenwood AVE Fire Station No. 21 
View7200 Greenwood AVE UnknownTerra Mar
View6547 Dibble AVE Unknown 
View301-305 N 66th ST N UnknownEmerald City Chiropractic
View6208 Phinney AVE UnknownLa Tavola Ceramica
View6202 Phinney AVE Hardanger Apts.Seattle Dental Arts
View8201 Greenwood AVE UnknownHappy Hair
View425 NW Market ST NW I.G.A.StoreLe Gourmand
View8500-8546 Greenwood AVE E. B. Holmes BuildingWashington Mutual Bank
View8420 Greenwood AVE Greenwood BlockUpper Crust Catering
View7601-7613 Greenwood AVE Warrington & Carskadden Desoto-PlymouthPelayo Antiques
View7023 Greenwood AVE Unknown 
View6543 9th AVE Unknown 
View6725 Greenwood AVE UnknownEspresso Dental
View310 N 85th ST N UnknownFred's Canopys
View7311-7321 Greenwood AVE UnknownBirdem Turkish Rugs
View6817 Greenwood AVE Unknown 
View525 N 85th ST N Noonan ClinicGreenwood Senior Center
View6809-6811 Greenwood AVE UnknownVacant
View8417-8421 Greenwood AVE Antika AntiquesPelayo Antiques
View6119 Phinney AVE La BohemeSully's Snowgoose
View6528 Cleopatra PL Unknown 
View6504 4th AVE Unknown 
View312-314 N 85th ST N UnknownVita Salon
View8214-8216 Greenwood AVE Greenwood Hall ApartmentsALC Antique Lighting Co.
View415 N 85th ST N UnknownGreenwood Medical Clinic
View323 N 85th ST N UnknownGeorgia's
View8408 Greenwood AVE UnknownDiscount Antiques
View6500 3rd AVE Berg's IGA StoreAll Aboard 2nd Hand Inc.
View6300 Phinney AVE noneTwelve Step Shop
View7401 Greenwood AVE Unknown74th Street Ale House
View6415 Phinney AVE UknownRudy's Barbershop
View7318-7320 Greenwood AVE UnknownAndora
View7405 Greenwood AVE UnknownFlower Company
View6729 Greenwood AVE UnknownRevive Boutique
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