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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View4126 BAKER AVE Phillip A. Olson House 
View4407 2ND AVE   
View3910 1ST AVE   
View4003 1ST AVE   
View4511 LINDEN AVE John E. & Lottie M. Gabriel House 
View1109 N 47TH ST N Mary Haggerty House  
View302 N 48TH ST N Max P.H. Mielke House 
View112 N BOWDOIN PL N Arthur W. & Goldie Sprague House 
View3606 DAYTON AVE Walter J. Santmyer House 
View4007 DAYTON AVE Pacific Finance Co. House 
View4221 DAYTON AVE Charles I. Anderson House 
View3832 EVANSTON AVE Frederick M. Cosman House 
View4337 EVANSTON AVE Jorgen H. & Lulu Clausen House 
View4400 FREMONT AVE Gamma Rho Apartments 
View4903 FREMONT AVE Jesse F. Findley House 
View4231 GREENWOOD AVE Albert W. Tallman House 
View919 N 36TH ST N Greene-Stone House 
View1019 N 36TH ST N Oscar A. & Hulda Olson House 
View1023 N 36TH ST N August Lundgren Double House 
View1025 N 36TH ST N Nels A. Nelson/Elenora Barr House 
View211 NW 41ST ST NW John W. & Callie M. Smiley House 
View503 N 42ND ST N Celdon F. Martin House 
View521 N 47TH ST N Alvah B. & Ida B. Miller House 
View133 N 50TH ST N Frederick A. Poitras House  
View4221 LINDEN AVE Alfred Bartlett Residence 
View929 N 36TH ST N Jacob Fuson Double House 
View722 N 49TH ST N Robert A. Elllis House  
View342 NW 49TH ST NW Oscar T. Scheller House 
View111 N 50TH ST N Herbert A. & Eleanor Ward House 
View807 N 50TH ST N Charles M & Viola Neth House 
View115 NW 50TH ST NW Joseph Kehrmann House 
View4313 6TH AVE   
View129 NW 41ST ST NW   
View602 N 41ST ST N   
View302 NW 42ND ST NW   
View500 N 43RD ST N   
View4010 WHITMAN AVE   
View726 N 43RD ST N   
View309 N 46TH ST N   
View315 N 46TH ST N   
View327 N 46TH ST N   
View323 N 46TH ST N   
View319 N 46TH ST N   
View423 N 47TH ST N   
View211 NW 49TH ST NW   
View4227 PHINNEY AVE   
View416 N 36th ST N UnknownM & S Grocery
View4142 3RD AVE Unknown 
View469 N 36th ST N UnknownKwanjai Thai Cuisine
View4111 Fremont AVE Unknown 
View817 N 50TH ST N   
View614 NW 45th ST NW Canal Substation 
View3658 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View202 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View3920 Linden AVE Unknown 
View4267 WHITMAN AVE   
View3633 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View219 N 36th ST N UnknownWright Bros. Cycle Works
View100 NW 36th ST NW UnknownCristy Carner Salon
View4253 WHITMAN AVE Unknown 
View117 N 36th ST N Unknownartist studio
View4465 Fremont AVE UnknownCombined Insurance Services
View4436 Francis AVE Unknown 
View508 N 36th ST N UnknownHoffner Fischer & Harvey
View3625 EVANSTON AVE   
View1060 N 39th ST N UnknownCandles Espresso Bar
View4235 Fremont AVE UnknownSwiftwater
View4038 WOODLAND PARK AVE  Grevstad Apartments
View3612 EVANSTON AVE   
View4118 Evanston AVE Unknown 
View318 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View459 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View4301 Fremont AVE UnknownUnknown
View911 N 36th ST N Nelson, V. HouseNelson House
View4258-4262 Fremont AVE Redwood GroceryBrown's Collector Town
View3507 Evanston AVE Stone Buhr Milling CompanyHalsey Lidgard, Sailmaker
View4201 Fremont AVE Buckaroo TavernBuckaroo Tavern
View4250-4256 Fremont AVE Northfield BlockNorthfield Block
View916 N 36th ST N Goddard HouseDr. Patterson House
View452 N 36th ST N UnknownCaffe Ladro
View4229 3rd AVE Anderson, W.H. HouseAnderson House
View404 N 36th ST N UnknownKao Samai
View475 N 36th ST N UnknownRudy's Barber Shop
View4228 Fremont AVE UnknownSurf Cleaners
View4416 Fremont AVE UnknownMarketime
View4015-4017 Evanston AVE Unknown 
View3829 Linden AVE Fire Station No. 9 
View914 N 35th ST N Unknown 
View221 NW 36th ST NW UnknownLoud Music Co.
View4401 Phinney AVE Fitch HouseFitch/Nutt House
View315 N 50th ST N Ridgeview ApartmentsRidgeview Apartments
View515 N 50th ST N Camelot ApartmentsCamelot Apartments
View4800 Fremont AVE Hawthorne SquareHawthorne Square
View455 N 44th ST N Sunset Heights ApartmentsSunset Heights Apartments
View4255 LINDEN AVE Linden Crest ApartmentsFremont Crest Condominium
View4321 LINDEN AVE Linden Court ApartmentsLinden Court Condominium
View4415 LINDEN AVE Charles & Lena Littlefield House 
View4614 LINDEN AVE Hans B. & Josefine Grevstad HouseFischer/Smith Residence
View4903 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station South
View4915 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station
View4408 PHINNEY AVE Charles A. Wall Residence 
View3829 WHITMAN AVE Chester & Mayme Streckenbach House 
View4711 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View4715 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View4719 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View915 N 48TH ST N Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View3408 WOODLAND PARK AVE B.K. Maybee/John Braida HouseBraida House
View3626 WOODLAND PARK AVE Peter Clausen House 
View3632 WOODLAND PARK AVE Wm. J Steinert Apartment HouseThe Steinert
View3636 WOODLAND PARK AVE Howard P. & Bertha Miller House 
View4122 2ND AVE Thos. & Amelia S. Elliott House 
View4142 3RD AVE William & Mary Crawford House 
View4302 6TH AVE William & Margaret Sanders House 
View811 N 36TH ST N Mary L. Downie House 
View920 N 35TH ST N Smart-Durgan House  
View917 N 36TH ST N Sewell P. & Mary Stone House 
View327 N 48TH ST N Henry E. Compton House 
View602 N 48TH ST N Ira T. Wolfe House 
View712 N 49TH ST N Robert A. & Bessie Ellis House 
View4226 PHINNEY AVE John C. Powell House 
View321 NW 42ND ST NW J.E. Welch House 
View403 NW 42ND ST NW   
View411 NW 42ND ST NW Pontius B. & Inga M. Nelson House 
View950 N 43RD ST N David N. & Sarah Smith 
View705 N 46TH ST N Kennett Apartment House 
View617 N 47TH ST N Fred J. Kerr Co. House 
View726 N 47TH ST N Hans B. Grevstad House  
View911 N 47TH ST N M.W. Twitchell House 
View917 N 47TH ST N William & Mary Denner House 
View602 N 42ND ST N  Hillside Terrace Apartments
View110 NW 35TH ST NW   
View4415 BAKER AVE   
View4220 DAYTON AVE  Fellows Residence
View3631 LINDEN AVE   
View3821 LINDEN AVE   
View4317 LINDEN AVE   
View4417 LINDEN AVE   
View4517 LINDEN AVE   
View808 N MOTOR PL N   
View959 N MOTOR PL N   
View4119 PHINNEY AVE   
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