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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2316 FRANKLIN AVE   
View2201 MINOR AVE   
View1938-1940 Yale AVE UnknownUnknown
View2624 Eastlake AVE UnknownWashington Legal Escrow, LLC
View1512 Fairview AVE Fryer Knowles WarehouseLake Union Auto Sale/Body Shop
View2001-2007 Eastlake AVE UnknownClar-Ann
View2237-2239 Eastlake AVE UnknownPatrick's Fly Shop
View2626 Eastlake AVE UnknownUnknown
View1520 Eastlake AVE UnknownMaland Communications & 7 others
View2203 Eastlake AVE Odegard UpholsteryFour Seasons Cleaners
View2210 Eastlake AVE UnknownUnknown
View1916-1920 Eastlake AVE UnknownUnknown
View2633 Eastlake AVE UnknownEastlake Professional Center
View2928 Eastlake AVE UnknownState Farm Insurance
View2704 Eastlake AVE Edgar CourtEdgar Court
View2323-2329 Eastlake AVE UnknownRoanoke Court Apartments
View3272 Furhman AVE UnknownRed Robin
View2366 Eastlake AVE UnknownAreis Building
View2936-2948 Eastlake AVE Allison Lakeview Courtsame
View2618 Eastlake AVE nonePatricia Brennan, Architects
View2608 Eastlake AVE noneAnne's Hair Shop
View2001 Minor AVE Kirk Wallace McKinley AssociatesWorld Class Communications
View2009 Minor AVE Lake Union Community Psychiatric ClinicBush, Roed & Hitchings
View200 E Boston ST E Gene Zema, ArchitectR. David Adams Associates
View1945 Yale PL Pacific Architect & BuilderUnited Indians of All Tribes
View2045 Eastlake AVE Boston GrocerySerafina
View2301-2305 Eastlake AVE Hines Public Market14 Carrot Café
View2307 Eastlake AVE Quinn's TavernPazzo's
View3240 Eastlake AVE Skewe's FurnitureThe Martello
View901 E Roanoke ST E Fire Station No. 22 
View2365 Eastlake AVE UnknownYates Court
View2215 Eastlake AVE UnknownEastlake Motel
View2021 Minor AVE Grocery StoreVacant
View2601 Eastlake AVE UnknownUnknown
View2833 Eastlake AVE UnknownSeattle Caviar Company
View100 E Newton ST E UnknownSeattle Day Nrursery Association
View2852 Eastlake AVE UnknownValencia
View1816 Eastlake AVE UnknownMarilyn Apartments
View1264 Eastlake AVE Steinhart, Theriault & Anderson (1956)Unknown
View2355 Eastlake AVE UnknownYates Apartments
View1909 Franklin AVE UnknownVilla Apartments
View1825 E Howe ST E   
View3261 Fuhrman AVE Portage Bay PlazaPortage Bay Plaza
View3240 Fuhrman AVE Lanai ApartmentsLanai Apartments
View2345 Franklin AVE 2345 Franklin2345 Franklin
View3100 Franklin AVE Wembley CourtWembley Court
View1555 Lakeview BLVD C& K ApartmentsLake View Apartments
View2003 Boylston AVE 2003 Boylston2003 Boylston
View2717 Franklin AVE Castlewood ApartmentsCastlewood Apartments
View92 E Lynn ST E Linda Vista ApartmentsLinda Vista Apartments
View608 E Lynn ST E El CerritoEl Cerrito
View2819 FRANKLIN AVE   
View2622 FRANKLIN AVE  Steinbrueck Residence
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