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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1482 NW 77th ST NW Unknown 
View2220 NW Market ST NW KressDollar Plus + 2 others
View5416 20th AVE W. H. Murphy BlockChristian Science Reading Room
View2010 NW Market ST NW Seattle First National Bank - Ballard BranchBank of America
View825 NW 51st ST NW Unknown 
View6412 32nd AVE UnknownRain City Video
View6734 27th AVE Unknown 
View2246-2248 NW Market ST NW Manning's Coffee & TeaAnn's Teriyaki & Olsen's Scandinavian Foods
View6554 20th AVE Bowman HouseBowman House
View5429 32nd AVE UnknownNorthwest Senior Center
View5600 24th AVE UnknownBallard Eagles
View2000-2006 NW Market ST NW Ballard Masonic TempleAll the Kings Flags
View6415-6427 32nd AVE UnknownRegnors Pottery, Complete Family Hair Care, Susent Garden Center
View6022 8th AVE Iverson HouseIverson House
View6034 Seaview AVE UnknownShilshole Bay Healing Arts
View8499 Seaview PL Golden Gardens Park Bathhouse & Concession 
View2517 NW 67th ST NW Unknown 
View1752 NW Market ST NW UnknownMedicine Man Pharmacy (vacant)
View2020 NW Market ST NW UnknownWashington Federal Savings & Loan
View1420 NW Market ST NW UnknownSunset Bowl & Restaurant
View1763 NW 57th ST NW UnknownLiving Traditions Dance
View1743 NW 62nd ST NW Unknown 
View6534 25th AVE Unknown 
View2032-2040 NW Market ST NW UnknownRadio Shack + 3 others
View521 NW 43rd ST NW Unknown 
View6536 25th AVE Unknown 
View2600 NW Market ST NW Limback Lumber Co.Limback Lumber Co.
View1522 NW Market ST NW UnknownUnknown
View2240-2242 NW Market ST NW Nelson's FoodlandBest Regards
View4230 NW LEARY WAY NW Triangle GroceryUnknown (vacant)
View5706 17th AVE UnknownUnited States Post Office
View2443 NW 61st ST NW Unknown 
View6404 24th AVE UnknownViking Tavern
View2101 NW 77th ST NW Loyal Heights Field HouseLoyal Heights Community Center
View6716 25th AVE Unknown 
View6401-6405 32nd AVE UnknownArt Chix, Body Intelligence, Sunset Hill Green Market
View7013 22nd AVE Unknown 
View4216-4218 6th AVE UnknownCollectible Doll Co.
View2041 NW 64th ST NW Unknown 
View7342 Alonzo AVE Unknown 
View1132 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View6301-6311 24th AVE UnknownCopper Gate
View5716 20th AVE UnknownWhite's Denture Clinic
View5431 32nd AVE Jerry Dean Court ApartmentsNorthwest Senior Center
View834 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View1730-32 NW 57th ST NW Unknown 
View8729 15th AVE King County Fire District No. 9 StationFire Station No. 35
View6418-6420 24th AVE UnknownB & J Auto Rebuild (vacant)
View7227-7231 3rd AVE UnknownUnknown
View7351 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1716 NW 60th ST NW Unknown 
View6533 20th AVE Stalnaker HouseStalnaker House
View8008 15th AVE UnknownFamily Dentistry & Birthright
View2446 NW Market ST NW UnknownWestern Fire & Safety
View646 NW 52nd ST NW Unknown 
View1737 NW 58th ST NW Unknown 
View2119 NW 65th ST NW Unknown 
View2612 NW 64th ST NW Unknown 
View2060 NW Market ST NW  Tullys/Ballard Court Apartments
View6728 26th AVE Unknown 
View2852 NW 68th ST NW Unknown 
View7001-7005 3rd AVE UnknownBodies in Balance Conditioning Studio/Eric Thorsen Construction
View3005 NW 54th ST NW Jack Johnson Beer ParlorLock Spot
View1120 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View2107 NW 65th ST NW Unknown 
View6541 23rd AVE Unknown 
View6728 25th AVE Unknown 
View2018-2018 1/2 NW 57th ST NW UnknownHarris Accounting
View7709 14th AVE Unknown 
View2026 NW Market ST NW Ballard Carnegie LibraryBallard Library
View2200-2218 NW Market ST NW Ballard Eagles BuildingBallard Block
View2116 NW Vernon PL NW Stimson Mill OfficeStimson Mill Office
View8000 15th AVE Daily Food StoreBogart Bremmer & Bradley
View5911-5919 15th AVE Fifteenth Avenue ApartmentsFifteenth Avenue Apartments
View3127 NW 85th ST NW Mattson's GroceryThe Gob Shop
View1836 NW Market ST NW SafewayBallard Camera
View8749 Dayton AVE Seely HouseSeely House
View8316 12th AVE Unknown 
View3212 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View601 6th AVE UnknownDemolition Derby Auto Repair
View1701-1703 NW Market ST NW UnknownSeattle Eyewear
View2227 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View7303 26th AVE Unknown 
View2848 NW 58th ST NW Unknown 
View2244 NW 56th ST NW UnknownDanderson's Chiropractic Clinic
View7045 Alonzo AVE Unknown 
View640 NW 52nd ST NW Unknown 
View6513 Jones AVE Unknown 
View1706 NW Market ST NW Ballard IOOF TempleBallard IOOF Temple
View6539 21st AVE Unknown 
View6406-6408 32nd AVE UnknownWalter's café & Barber Shop
View2008 Canoe PL Unknown 
View929 NW 49th ST NW Unknown 
View1554 NW 50th ST NW Dean HouseDean House
View641 NW Market ST NW UnknownCreative Hair Stylists
View2825 NW 67th ST NW Unknown 
View3208 NW 59th ST NW Sobey, J. HouseSobey House
View6512 25th AVE Unknown 
View5601-5611 24th AVE UnknownHawley Realty
View6550 16th AVE Unknown 
View1132 NW 59th ST NW Foster/Bogart HouseFoster/Bogart House
View9556 3rd AVE Mitchell HouseMitchell House
View3217 NW 62nd ST NW Unknown 
View5514 24th AVE Twigg BuildingClassic Consignment
View6122 8th AVE Unknown 
View2017 NW 61st ST NW Uknown 
View5501 15th AVE Denny's DinerDenny's Diner
View2034-2036 NW 56th ST NW UnknownFull Circle
View8032 15th AVE Olympic Hill Substation 
View6201-6209 15th AVE Del Ray ApartmentsUnknown
View2001 NW Canoe PL NW Salmon Bay Park Comfort Station 
View2839 NW Market ST NW UnknownStone Gardens
View2012-2016 NW Market ST NW UnknownNorse Imports: Scandanavian Gift Shop
View2202 NW 60th ST NW Unknown 
View2226 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View2232 NW 64th ST NW Unknown 
View2421 NW 59th ST NW Unknown 
View8712 28th AVE Unknown 
View5816-5818 24th AVE Bob's Ballard TVArchitecture office & Massage Clinic
View7002 17th AVE Unknown 
View7037 13th AVE Unknown 
View3039 NW 58th ST NW Unknown 
View7042 19th AVE Unknown 
View6706 22nd AVE Bonkowski HouseBonkowski House
View3002 NW 58th ST NW Fleury HouseFleury House
View923 NW 54th ST NW Gilman Playfield Shelter House 
View907 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View6316 32nd AVE UnknownLee E. Lott, C. P. A.
View6750 25th AVE Unknown 
View4775 BALLARD AVE Ballard Hotel / O'Donnell Block 
View5100 BALLARD AVE A.L. Palmer Building 
View5101 BALLARD AVE Swan Hansen BuildingDock St. Brokers
View5108 BALLARD AVE Hatch & Kirk Complex 
View5140 BALLARD AVE Owl Saloon/Owl Cafe [The Owl] 
View5144 BALLARD AVE Club Tavern 
View5229 BALLARD AVE Ballard Hardware & Supply Co.King's Hardware/Rudy's
View5231 BALLARD AVE Malmen's Fine FoodsHattie's Hat
View5233 BALLARD AVE Sankey & Grub Dry Goods Store 
View5305 BALLARD AVE Peterson Hardware Co.Bastille
View5320 BALLARD AVE Wilson Motor Co. 
View5412 BALLARD AVE Eagle Block / Fitzgerald & Hynes Building 
View5420 BALLARD AVE Glenn J. Twigg BuildingEidem Upholstery
View5425 BALLARD AVE Vik Apartments 
View5439 BALLARD AVE Jernigan GroceryBallard Smoke Shop
View5443 BALLARD AVE Markusen Building / Princess HotelPrincess Apartments
View5449 BALLARD AVE Halverson's Department Store 
View4821 20TH AVE States Batteries Inc..Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel complex
View5000 20TH AVE Cors & Wegener Block 
View5006 20TH AVE Anchor Cafe 
View5221 BALLARD AVE J.L. Andstrom Block 
View7558 32ND AVE  
View7554 32ND AVE  
View7302 22ND AVE  
View7307 23RD AVE  
View7341 23RD AVE  
View2845 NW 64TH ST NW  
View3017 NW 61ST ST NW  
View8323 15TH AVE  
View8340 16TH AVE  
View7706 32ND AVE  
View3323 NW 71ST NW  
View6542 67TH AVE  
View7749 32ND AVE  
View7755 33RD AVE  
View3303 NW 71ST ST NW  
View7003 34TH AVE  
View8011 29TH AVE  
View1102 NW 83RD ST NW  
View6755 25TH AVE  
View3041 NW 72ND ST NW  
View8303 13TH AVE  
View8302 13TH AVE  
View1031 NW 65TH ST NW  
View7343 ALONZO AVE  
View3206 NW 77TH ST NW  
View3403 NW 70TH ST NW  
View7745 33RD AVE  
View7737 33RD AVE  
View3404 NW 68TH ST NW  
View7003 26TH AVE  
View7042 27TH AVE  
View913 NW 64TH ST NW  
View2046 NW 62ND ST NW  
View1111 NW 64TH ST NW  
View5105 BALLARD AVE Oscar's Auto Repair Shop 
View5200 BALLARD AVE Junction Block [DeCurtin/Lombardini Block] 
View5205 BALLARD AVE J.W. Godwin Pool Room 
View5310 BALLARD AVE Kutzner Block / Queen HotelQueen Building
View5313 BALLARD AVE Peterson Hardware & Plumbing Co. 
View5323 BALLARD AVE G.B. Sanborn Block 
View5345 BALLARD AVE Bourgett Block / Bartell Drug Store #4 
View5354 BALLARD AVE Kelsey Building / Armstrongs' Dry GoodsOld Olsen Furniture Store
View5403 BALLARD AVE Portland HotelPortland Building
View4800 20TH AVE Klokstad Bros. - Cabinet ShopCorich & Williams complex
View7303 23RD AVE  
View7040 MARY AVE  
View7042 26TH AVE  
View6202 22ND AVE  
View1411 NW 70TH ST NW  
View3032 NW 69TH ST NW  
View3219 NW 60TH ST NW  
View7530 13TH AVE  
View8319 21ST AVE  
View2806 NW 60TH ST NW  
View7000 15TH AVE  
View6201 15TH AVE  
View1521 NW 60TH ST NW  
View5814 22ND AVE  
View3008 NW 58TH ST NW  
View2838 NW 58TH ST NW  
View3203 NW 60TH ST NW  
View3310 NW 80TH ST NW  
View2701 NW 65TH ST NW  
View2613 NW 63RD ST NW  
View8001 25TH AVE  
View6507 12TH AVE  
View8312 24TH AVE  
View3208 NW 64TH ST NW  
View7702 30TH AVE  
View1527 NW 64TH ST NW  
View1531 NW 62ND ST NW  
View2423 NW 61ST ST NW  
View2107 NW 65TH ST NW  
View1102 NW 64TH ST NW  
View2207 NW 61ST ST NW  
View2017 NW 61ST ST NW  
View1757 NW 60TH ST NW  
View2223 NW 60TH ST NW  
View943 NW 60TH ST NW  
View7716 30TH AVE  
View7036 18TH AVE  
View7042 18TH AVE  
View7305 18TH AVE  
View1911 NW SLOOP PL NW  
View7019 19TH AVE  
View7545 25TH AVE  
View8020 25TH AVE  
View8002 JONES AVE  
View5129 BALLARD AVE American Flag & Decorating Co.  
View5130 BALLARD AVE Chopard BuildingKathy Casey Studios
View5135 BALLARD AVE Ballard Livery & TransferLagerquist & Morris Architects
View5136 BALLARD AVE Theisen BlockKathy Casey Studios
View5201 BALLARD AVE Barthelemy Bros. HardwareNew York Fashion Academy
View5335 BALLARD AVE Fremont Saloon 
View5411 BALLARD AVE Dill Meat Market Volterra
View5424 BALLARD AVE Enquist Block / Anderson Furniture Co. 
View5433 BALLARD AVE Berg Realty Co.Sunset Tavern
View5333 BALLARD AVE Bavery Building 
View5336 BALLARD AVE Morrison Building 
View5341 BALLARD AVE Pioneer Houses
View5344 BALLARD AVE A. W. Anderson Building 
View5348 BALLARD AVE Bowie Electric Co. 
View7205 28TH AVE  
View8331 32ND AVE  
View7748 23RD AVE  
View5215 BALLARD AVE Deep Sea Fishermen's BuildingInternational Schooner Tavern/Tractor Tavern
View5232 BALLARD AVE Matthes Block / Elks Temple BuildingOlympic Athletic Club
View5239 BALLARD AVE Bank of Ballard 
View5300 BALLARD AVE Scandinavian American Bank / Canal BankBallard Inn
View5301 BALLARD AVE Ballard Savings & Loan Association 
View5429 BALLARD AVE Hopkins Block  
View2301 NW MARKET ST NW Stewart Commercial Building 
View7314 11TH AVE  
View7356 12TH AVE  
View5807 20TH AVE  
View7757 23RD AVE  
View2007 NW 61ST ST NW  
View7323 17TH AVE  
View6100 17TH AVE  
View5330 BALLARD AVE Lyman Building 
View5421 BALLARD AVE Frank Pyle Building 
View2215 NW MARKET ST NW Gerkes Pharmacy / Bartell Drugs - Store No. 4Matador
View3311 NW 71ST ST NW  
View7748 33RD AVE  
View2852 72ND ST  
View8030 20TH AVE  
View6827 34TH AVE  
View6705 35TH AVE  
View6721 35TH AVE  
View6400 11TH AVE  
View7726 10TH AVE  
View6013 20TH AVE  
View7734 JONES AVE  
View2002 NW 60TH ST NW  
View6742 20TH AVE  
View5816 24TH AVE  
View1138 NW 63RD ST NW  
View7502 28TH AVE  
View5334 BALLARD AVE L.J. Shaffer Building 
View2817 NW 69TH ST NW  
View7558 16TH AVE  
View3031 NW 59TH ST NW  
View8341 12TH AVE   
View3036 NW 66TH ST NW  
View7542 25TH AVE  
View3233 NW 65TH ST NW  
View6754 15TH AVE  
View7740 33RD AVE  
View3111 NW 80TH ST NW  
View7744 33RD AVE  
View8320 19TH AVE  
View8026 31ST AVE  
View7311 26TH AVE  
View8042 11TH AVE  
View2848 NW 72ND ST NW  
View3224 NW 61ST ST NW  
View7353 15TH AVE  
View7100 28TH AVE  
View1712 NW 63RD ST NW  
View7007 25TH AVE  
View2044 NW 62ND ST NW  
View1725 NW 64TH ST NW  
View3002 NW 58TH ST NW  
View3210 NW 80TH ST NW  
View8034 32ND AVE  
View7734 22ND AVE  
View7533 31ST AVE  
View6512 25TH AVE  
View6542 27TH AVE  
View8027 DIBBLE AVE  
View8343 32ND AVE  
View3208 NW 59TH ST NW  
View8029 25TH AVE  
View7706 22ND AVE  
View2015 NW 61ST ST NW  
View7720 30TH AVE  
View7013 17TH AVE  
View7354 18TH AVE  
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