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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View504 26TH AVE   
View2514 S LANE ST S   
View2715 E PIKE ST E   
View1422 27TH AVE   
View208 29TH AVE   
View109 15TH AVE   
View2755 E YESLER WAY E   
View217 24TH AVE   
View2311 E ALDER ST E   
View2317 E ALDER ST E   
View220 23RD AVE   
View123 24TH AVE   
View1416 S JACKSON ST S Shinran Shonin 700th Anniversary Memorial HallSeattle Buddhist Church School Bldg.
View1445 S MAIN ST S Christ Temple ChurchAntioch Baptist Church
View528 29TH AVE   
View532 29TH AVE   
View538 29TH AVE   
View544 29TH   
View805 15TH   
View812 14TH AVE   
View805 30TH AVE   
View2909 E CHERRY ST E   
View111 24TH AVE   
View211 20TH AVE   
View1910 E SPRUCE ST E   
View1415 E FIR ST E   
View119 24TH AVE   
View117 24TH AVE   
View118 24TH AVE   
View120 24TH AVE   
View906 24TH AVE   
View914 24TH AVE   
View1417 15TH AVE   
View1407 15TH AVE   
View826 14TH AVE   
View300 14TH AVE  Operation Nightwatch Apartments
View1419 S JACKSON ST S Rainier OvenCambium Landscape
View1401 S JACKSON ST S Sure Fit Auto Cover 
View1426 S JACKSON ST S Old Yankee Syrup Company 
View817 17TH AVE   
View2915 E CHERRY ST E   
View2913 E CHERRY ST E   
View1432 S JACKSON ST S Safeway DairySan Gennaro Foods
View1515 E MARION ST E   
View828 16TH AVE   
View827 17TH AVE   
View825 16TH AVE   
View1711 E MARION ST E   
View809 18TH AVE   
View810 19TH AVE   
View818 19TH AVE   
View723 19TH AVE   
View719 19TH AVE   
View811 20TH AVE   
View716 16TH AVE   
View1814 E CHERRY ST E   
View702 18TH AVE   
View1619 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View220 24TH AVE   
View152 15TH AVE   
View170 16TH AVE   
View1515 E SPRUCE ST E   
View208 17TH AVE   
View1711 E SPRUCE ST E   
View1626 S LANE ST S   
View1643 S KING ST S   
View1639 S KING ST S   
View416 18TH AVE   
View1705 S MAIN ST S   
View2023 S MAIN ST S   
View1317 29TH AVE   
View2703 E YESLER WAY E   
View905 30TH AVE   
View821 30TH AVE   
View825 30TH AVE   
View2411 E HELEN ST E   
View2605 E HELEN ST E   
View2512 E YESLER WAY E   
View2516 E YESLER WAY E   
View809 15TH AVE   
View831 15TH AVE   
View1415 E MARION ST E   
View810 17TH AVE   
View829 16TH AVE   
View830 17TH AVE   
View817 30TH AVE   
View211 16TH AVE   
View1843 S LANE ST S   
View824 17TH AVE   
View2629 E VALLEY ST E   
View2400 E VALLEY ST E   
View2419 E VALLEY ST E   
View809 24TH AVE   
View719 24TH AVE   
View406 29TH AVE   
View330 24TH AVE   
View311 29TH AVE   
View608 24TH AVE   
View927 25TH AVE   
View931 25TH AVE   
View933 26TH AVE   
View813 25TH AVE   
View2511 S DEARBORN ST S   
View816 26TH AVE   
View807 24TH AVE   
View715 26TH AVE   
View1510 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View1847 S WELLER ST S   
View733 25TH AVE   
View815 20TH AVE   
View2036 S NORMAN ST S   
View2007 S DEARBORN ST S   
View916 20TH AVE   
View2023 S DEARBORN ST S   
View1106 HIAWATHA PL   
View917 HIAWATHA PL   
View930 HIAWATHA PL   
View2610 E ALOHA ST E   
View2600 E VALLEY ST E   
View2822 E HARRISON ST E   
View1432 25TH AVE   
View2515 E UNION ST E   
View1103 26TH AVE   
View1128 25TH AVE   
View1108 25TH AVE   
View928 22ND AVE   
View1640 22ND AVE   
View1473 22ND AVE   
View1617 22ND AVE   
View1444 21ST AVE   
View1432 21ST AVE   
View1422 21ST AVE   
View935 21ST AVE   
View982 21ST AVE   
View953 21ST AVE   
View971 21ST AVE   
View983 21ST AVE   
View927 22ND AVE   
View921 21ST AVE   
View944 20TH AVE   
View956 20TH AVE   
View1414 20TH AVE   
View976 20TH AVE   
View1643 21ST AVE   
View1639 21ST AVE   
View1426 20TH AVE   
View1620 20TH AVE   
View1649 21ST AVE   
View1425 21ST AVE   
View1441 21ST AVE   
View1433 21ST AVE   
View1512 19TH AVE   
View1108 19TH AVE   
View936 19TH AVE   
View955 20TH AVE   
View907 16TH AVE   
View903 16TH AVE   
View1126 17TH AVE   
View2519 E YESLER WAY E   
View110 26TH AVE   
View2613 E YESLER WAY E   
View413 23RD AVE   
View517 23RD AVE   
View1117 24TH AVE   
View1101 23RD AVE   
View315 28TH AVE   
View317 28TH AVE   
View1910 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View1920 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View559 19TH AVE   
View1501 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View348 15TH AVE   
View344 15TH AVE   
View320 15TH AVE   
View317 16TH AVE   
View329 16TH AVE   
View333 16TH AVE   
View448 14TH AVE   
View329 17TH AVE   
View326 18TH AVE   
View324 18TH AVE   
View312 18TH AVE   
View2710 S DEARBORN ST S   
View731 28TH AVE   
View727 28TH AVE   
View925 25TH AVE   
View916 25TH AVE   
View929 20TH AVE   
View971 20TH AVE   
View975 20TH AVE   
View915 16TH AVE   
View917B 17TH AVE   
View621 20TH AVE   
View536 19TH AVE   
View541 19TH AVE   
View518 19TH AVE   
View528 19TH AVE   
View339 17TH AVE   
View352 17TH AVE   
View342 17TH AVE   
View302 18TH AVE   
View313 18TH AVE   
View724 21ST AVE   
View157 27TH AVE   
View1506 29TH AVE   
View3001 E DENNY WAY E   
View1829 27TH AVE   
View2514 E HOWELL ST E   
View2518 E HOWELL ST E   
View123 25TH AVE   
View1837 24TH AVE   
View1109 30TH AVE   
View947 30TH AVE   
View1104 E FIR ST E  SFR
View110 14TH AVE  Group Home
View1302 E YESLER WAY E  Ritz Apartments
View105 14TH AVE St. George HotelSeattle Urban Leage
View415 30TH AVE   
View423 30TH   
View427 30TH AVE   
View1443 22ND AVE   
View1611 E SPRING ST E   
View328 17TH AVE   
View318 17TH AVE   
View316 17TH AVE   
View325 18TH AVE   
View1815 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View1807 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View334 18TH AVE   
View224 24TH AVE   
View1108 24TH AVE   
View933 25TH AVE   
View1617 23RD AVE   
View2311 E SPRING ST E   
View1609 23RD AVE   
View1440 21ST AVE   
View1412 21ST AVE   
View1408 21ST AVE   
View931 21ST AVE   
View958 21ST AVE   
View920 20TH AVE   
View930 20TH AVE   
View1452 20TH AVE   
View936 20TH AVE   
View1446 20TH AVE   
View1438 20TH AVE   
View1475 20TH AVE   
View1473 20TH AVE   
View1413 20TH AVE   
View909 16TH AVE   
View912 16TH AVE   
View1132 15TH AVE   
View1132 16TH AVE   
View1128 16TH AVE   
View1121 16TH AVE   
View422 22ND AVE   
View1525 26TH AVE   
View933 30TH AVE   
View124 13TH AVE  Baldwin Apts
View1108 FIR ST  SFR
View932 19TH AVE   
View905 20TH AVE   
View156 11TH AVE   
View910 E FIR ST E   
View208 25TH AVE   
View221 24TH AVE   
View1831 24TH AVE   
View159 10TH AVE   
View2909 E SPRING ST E   
View1100 FIR ST  SFR
View200 BROADWAY King County Juvenile Detention HomeKing County Medical Society
View302 18th AVE Unknown 
View917 18th AVE Unknown 
View901-905 15th AVE Unknown 
View1618 29th AVE Unknown 
View101 23rd AVE Fire Station No. 6 
View1629 S King ST S Unknown 
View808 14th AVE Unknown 
View216 21st AVE Unknown 
View2108-2110 E Madison E UnknownCentral Area Chamber of Commerce & De'Charlene Beauty Shop & Boutique
View912 16th AVE Unknown 
View316 15th AVE Unknown 
View1622 E Yesler WAY E UnknownUnknow Auto Repair Shop
View114 21st AVE Unknown 
View2908 E Cherry E UnknownPizza Express
View824 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1700 20th AVE UnknownEl Gallito Restaurante
View1658 21st AVE Unknown 
View814 19th AVE Unknown 
View1100 17th AVE Barbara Frietchie, TheBarbara Frietchie
View1238 S King ST S UnknownVictorian Row Apartments
View1417 15th AVE Unknown 
View1440 21st AVE Unknown 
View116 21st AVE Unknown 
View544 18th AVE Unknown 
View809 15th AVE Unknown 
View1106 Hiawatha PL Unknown 
View525 21st AVE Unknown 
View1407 15th AVE Unknown 
View400 23rd AVE James Garfield High SchoolGarfield
View2114 E Pine ST E The CourtPine Street Cottages
View320 15th AVE Unknown 
View2601 Yesler WAY Unknown 
View1114 17th AVE Fleur de Lis, TheFleur de Lis, The
View1428 25th AVE Unknown 
View620 20th AVE St. Mary's Church 
View621 21st AVE Unknown 
View825 15th AVE Unknown 
View1115 17th AVE Martha Anne, TheMartha Anne, The
View123 24th AVE Unknown 
View1907 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View310 15th AVE Unknown 
View1126 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY UnknownRed Apple Market
View800 20th AVE Unknown 
View4111 E Madison ST E UnknownPark Travel & 1 other
View825 24th AVE Unknown 
View1605 E Madison ST E Olympian ApartmentsOlympian Apartments
View415 20th AVE Unknown 
View173 16th AVE Unknown 
View4227 E Madison E UnknownMadison House LTd & 2 others/apts
View500 30th AVE Sunrise HouseCentral Area Senior Center (CASC)
View700 22nd AVE Unknown 
View1528 18th AVE Unknown 
View939 22nd AVE Uknown 
View2406 E Spruce ST E St. Johannes Lutheran Church 
View2011 E Alder ST E Uknown 
View1414 E Columbia ST E Unknown 
View1639 S KING ST S Unknown 
View2012 E Yesler WAY E Unknown 
View817 20th AVE Unknown 
View821 20th AVE Unknown 
View521 21st AVE Unknown 
View1612 23rd AVE Unknown 
View703 22nd AVE Unknown 
View125 23rd AVE Unknown 
View342 17th AVE Unknown 
View1123 24th AVE Unknown 
View306 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View2410 E Cherry ST E Walla Walla SchoolHorace Mann School
View828 23rd AVE Unknown 
View3423-3425 E Denny WAY E UnknownNorman Lundin Studio
View305 19th AVE Unknown 
View1635 S King ST S Unknown 
View212 21st AVE Unknown 
View1414 S Weller ST S Japanese Language School 
View1812 E Madison E UnknownUnknown
View815 26th AVE Unknown 
View165 22nd AVE Unknown 
View404 20th AVE Unknown 
View730-734 17th AVE Unknown 
View1522 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View812 14th AVE Unknown 
View118 24th AVE Unkown 
View2021 S Charles ST S Unknown 
View1400 31st AVE UnknownUnknown
View803 15th AVE 1416-20 E Columbia 
View832 14th AVE Unknown 
View806 24th AVE Unknown 
View904 20th AVE Unknown 
View502 25th AVE Unknown 
View339 17th AVE Unknown 
View811 20th AVE Unknown 
View528 17th AVE Providence Hospital and Steam Plant 
View816 23rd AVE Unknown 
View720 25th AVE Talmud Torah SchoolIslamic School/Cherry Hill Child Develop
View200 17th AVE Unknown 
View2510 E Cherry E UnknownCustom Cherry Cleaners
View815 20th AVE Unknown 
View935 14th AVE Unknown 
View3109 E Madison ST E UnknownIsland Video
View815 20TH AVE Unknown 
View503 Temple PL W. Samuel Chinn House 
View1421 20th AVE Unknown 
View621 20TH AVE Unknown 
View2609 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View815 15th AVE Unknown 
View170-172 20th AVE Herzl Synagogue 
View615 20th AVE Unknown 
View1803 42nd AVE UnknownWendall Lau Architects & 2 others
View198 26th AVE Unknown 
View1733 24th AVE Groce, William house 
View564 12th AVE Commercial Co. Office & Shop BuildingJefferson Bus Base Exchange Office & Shop
View2821 E Arthur PL E Unknown 
View2703 E Yesler WAY E Unknown 
View2520 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View302 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View2018 S Charles ST S Unknown 
View1903 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View915 17th AVE Unknown 
View906 20th AVE Unknown 
View806 27th AVE Unknown 
View510 20th AVE Unknown 
View515 18th AVE Unknown 
View1523 E Madison ST E UnknownUnknown
View208 17th AVE Unknown 
View402 21st AVE Unknown 
View313 18th AVE Unknown 
View1133 17th AVE Unknown 
View422 16th AVE Unknown 
View724 21st AVE Unknown 
View306 24th AVE UnkknownPrince Hall Masonic Temple
View714 24th AVE Unknown 
View1401-1409 Madison UnknownPiecora's & 2 others
View1801 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1707 S MAIN ST S Unknown 
View817 20th AVE Unknown 
View722 18th AVE Firestation #23 
View2820 E Madison ST E UnknownL'Affresco Art
View2119 E Union E Unknown 
View811 20th AVE Unknown 
View523 18th AVE Unknown 
View2009 S Nye PL S Unknown 
View822 23rd AVE Unknown 
View308 20th AVE Unknown 
View155 21st AVE Mortimer Apartments 
View1735 24th AVE Unknown 
View2300 E Yesler WAY E Yesler LibraryDouglass-Truth Library
View802 21st AVE Unknown 
View109 19th UnknownUnknown
View1642 43rd AVE Pioneer HallPioneer Hall
View505 13th AVE Squire ApartmentsMohawk Apartments
View2018-2022 E Union ST E Jones' DairyUnion Place
View113 12th AVE Crane CleanersSAW Gallery
View2308 E Union ST E Richlen's GroceryThompson's Point of View
View2805 E Madison ST E noneGypsy
View1518 22nd AVE Kreyscher/Gent House 
View904 17th AVE Unknown 
View517 21st AVE Unknown 
View2513-2519 S Jackson S UnknownBebe Nails & Waxing & 1 other
View1101 17th AVE Mayfair ManorMayfair Manor
View304 26th AVE Unknown 
View212 17th AVE Unknown 
View932 16th AVE Unknown 
View1646 21st AVE Unknown 
View Bikur Cholum Tabernacle 
View1818 S Weller ST S Unknown 
View1325 E MADISON E UnknownThe Breakroom/Imported Car Parts
View4033 E Madison ST E Paul Kirk ClinicNorthwest Clinic
View1644 21st AVE Unknown 
View1814 E Pike ST E Uknown 
View1319 E Union ST E Algonquin ApartmentsHelen V Apartments
View2214-2224 S Jackson S Grinspan'sIglesia de Dios Penecostes & 3 others
View416 16th AVE Unkown 
View901 20th AVE Unknown 
View1637 S King ST S Unknown 
View1805 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1109 17th AVE The Margola Apartments 
View334 18th AVE Unkown 
View816 14th AVE Unknown 
View216 17th AVE Unknown 
View153 14th AVE Washington Hall 
View101 23rd AVE Firestation #6 
View1212 Remington CT The Greswick 
View2715 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View172 23rd AVE Friends ChurchCurry Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
View345 16th AVE Unknown 
View1902 S Main ST S Continental Baking Company Garage and ShopPratt Fine Arts Center
View814 14th AVE Unknown 
View2305 S Norman ST S Unknown 
View117 24th AVE Unknown 
View1620 26th AVE Tallman House 
View1518 S Washington ST S Unknown 
View304 14th AVE Unknown 
View1622 29th AVE Unknown 
View800 14th AVE Unknown 
View172 20th AVE Herzl Congregation SynagogueOdessa Brown Neighborhood Health Center
View733 25th AVE Unknown 
View619 21st AVE Unknown 
View2419 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View826 14th AVE Unknown 
View311 29th AVE Unknown 
View805 15th AVE Unknown 
View823 15th AVE Unknown 
View802 16th AVE Unknown 
View352 17th AVE Unknown 
View1647 S Weller ST S Unknown 
View1418-1422 31st AVE UnknownSoup Asylum & 1 other
View308 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View820 16th AVE Samuel Brown House 
View1643-1645 S Weller ST S Unknown 
View1622 E Yesler WAY E Unknown 
View715 25th AVE Unknown 
View1649-1651 S King ST S Unknown 
View429 20th AVE Unknown 
View1121 17th AVE Carmona, TheCarmona, The
View1424 15th AVE Temple de Hirsch (Demolished 1992) 
View715 26TH AVE Unknown 
View2601 S Jackson ST S Unknown 
View505 13th AVE Unknown 
View109 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1830 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View220 17th AVE Unknown 
View120 24th AVE Unknown 
View2519 S Jackson S UnknownUnknown
View711 14th AVE Coca Cola Bottling Company (1313 E. Columbia) 
View1506 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View1319 E MADISON ST E Talbot BuildingCallahan's Auto Rebuild
View1414 S Washington ST S UnknownVictorian Landmark
View910 20TH AVE Unknown 
View831 15th AVE Unknown 
View2001 S Charles ST S Grossa, Camile House 
View1920 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View2808 E Thomas ST E Unknown 
View1807 42nd AVE UnknownMadison Park Café
View830 14th AVE Unknown 
View1415 E Marion ST E Unknown 
View1501 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View1911 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View819 15th AVE Unknown 
View723 26th AVE Unknown 
View1412 E Columbia ST E Unknown 
View1818 E Madison E UnknownWashington State DOC
View104 17th AVE Congregation Bikur CholemLangston Hughes Center
View1633 S King ST S Unknown 
View601 21st AVE Unknown 
View919 24th AVE Unknown 
View218 17th AVE Unknown 
View2509 E Cherry E Unknown3 B's Barbeque
View2315 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View2903 E Denny WAY E Unknown 
View810 14th AVE Unknown 
View300 29th AVE Unknown 
View2711 E John ST E Unknown 
View103 23rd AVE Unknown 
View818 23rd AVE Unknown 
View919 17th AVE Unknown 
View536 18th AVE Unknown 
View1832 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View2325 E Union E UnknownGeneral Barbecue
View800-830 18th AVE Churhc of Immaculate Conception 
View107 23rd AVE Unknown 
View914 24th AVE Unknown 
View940 24th AVE Unknown 
View1902 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View905 20th AVE Unknown 
View1810 E Fir ST E Unknown 
View917 17th AVE Unknown 
View1532 24th AVE Unknown 
View1416 18TH AVE Unknown 
View1839-1841 42nd AVE UnknownThai Ginger & 1 other
View619 20th AVE Unknown 
View407 26th AVE Unknown 
View811 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View2603 Jackson ST Unknown 
View317 20th AVE Unknown 
View1826 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View826 20th AVE Unknown 
View1816 26th AVE Washington, James W., Jr. House & Studio 
View210 17th AVE Unknown 
View710 24th AVE Unknown 
View119 24th AVE Unknown 
View3419 E Denny WAY E UnknownUnknown
View2123 E Union ST E Unknown 
View1711 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View204 17th AVE Unknown 
View1643 S KING ST S Unknown 
View1120 17th AVE Betsy Ross, TheBetsy Ross
View139 23rd AVE Unknown 
View2901 E Madison ST E UnknownCafé Flora
View1801 18th AVE Rosina CourtRosina Court
View304 26TH AVE   
View948 27TH AVE   
View923 27TH AVE   
View2716 E UNION ST E   
View2722 E UNION ST E   
View903 25TH AVE   
View823 24TH AVE   
View203 30TH AVE   
View2909 E ALDER ST E   
View1810 E FIR ST E   
View1814 E FIR ST E   
View832 16TH AVE   
View727 19TH AVE   
View703 20TH AVE   
View815 20TH AVE   
View718 16TH AVE   
View2724 S NORMAN ST S   
View731 16TH AVE   
View733 16TH AVE   
View722 15TH AVE   
View724 15TH AVE   
View1612 23RD AVE   
View1438 22ND AVE   
View986 20TH AVE   
View1424 20TH AVE   
View1421 20TH AVE   
View170 11TH AVE Star ApartmentsStar Apartments
View1000 25TH AVE   
View2314 E WARD ST E   
View2617 E ALOHA ST E   
View2629 E ALOHA ST E   
View452 27TH AVE   
View606 26TH AVE   
View356 29TH AVE   
View1426 21ST AVE   
View2524 E WARD ST E   
View952 24TH AVE   
View930 24TH AVE   
View988 21ST AVE   
View921 22ND AVE   
View1447 20TH AVE   
View1437 20TH AVE   
View1433 20TH AVE   
View1502 19TH AVE   
View1506 19TH AVE   
View1436 19TH AVE   
View1422 19TH AVE   
View1412 19TH AVE   
View1120 16TH AVE   
View1905 E UNION ST E   
View1124 16TH AVE   
View1133 16TH AVE   
View1129 16TH AVE   
View910 18TH AVE   
View934 18TH AVE   
View1811 E SPRING ST E   
View2515 E YESLER WAY E   
View914 E FIR ST E   
View918 E FIR ST E   
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