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Self-Verification of Temporary No Parking Zone

NOTICE: SDOT’s Self Verification of Temporary No Parking will be moving to the Seattle Services Portal in January 2020. If you do not already have a Seattle Services Account, there is a one-time account registration process. More details will be provided in early 2020.


    * required

Reason for Temporary No Parking Zone:
  * Reason:
  SDOT Permit#(s):
Temporary No Park Zone Location:
  * Project Address:
  Area of Town:
  * Sign(s) Located On the:   Side of Block #:   
*Prefix *Street Name *Suffix *Post Dir
  To (if multiple blocks):       Block #: 
  Side Of:
  * Number of signs:     (Signs are suggested at least every 30 feet.)
  * Install Date:      * Time Installation Completed:  
            Signs should be placed at least 72 hours in advance of effective date.
No Parking Zone Effective Dates:
  * Start Date:             * End Date:  
  * Daily Start Time:      * Daily Stop Time: 
  * Include Saturday?           * Include Sunday? 
Party Responsible for Self-Verification:
  * Company Name:
  * Contact Name: * First:      * Last:   
  * Street:
  * City:   * State:   
  * Zip:      
  * Phone Number: * Email:   
* Please list the Contact Phone Number posted on the signs:
    * required
I Certify under penalty of perjury under laws of the State of Washington I verified that the temporary no parking signs were properly and accurately installed, notified the public of the temporary no parking zone, and provided a minimum of 24 hours notice of the temporary no parking zone.


SDOT Traffic Permits (206) 684-5086  
  Police Non-Emergency (206) 625-5011  
  Customer Service Bureau (206) 684-CITY